Thursday 28 October 2010

Terrific work by Ian Teh on Panos Pictures website… The below photograph is from Mumbles Pier in Swansea, in Wales, a city I used to live in for four years….

Features and Essays – Ian Teh: The Island (Panos: October 2010) “This project is a road trip around the coastal regions of England, Wales and Scotland, which together make up an island that is the largest in Europe and the ninth largest in the world.”

Features and Essays - Timothy Archibald: Echolilia: A Father’s Photographic Conversation with His Autistic Son (TIME: October 2010)

Features and Essays – Martin Roemers: Kabul Portraits (Panos: October 2010)

Panos are really active posting tear sheets on their website… I like that… It’s nice to see how photographs are used in print in different publications, many of which I don’t ever or often get to see…

Agencies - Panos Pictures : Tear Sheets

BJP’s IPA single image winner turned out to be quite controversial decision… One of the judges explains why it was chosed as the winner..

Articles - BJP: A prize-winning image? (BJP: October 2010) The single image winner of BJP’s International Photography Award generated an unprecedented response this year, much of it questioning why the shot was chosen. Here Nick Galvin, archive manager of Magnum London and one of the judges, gives his thoughts.

Duckrabbit comments on the image

Features and Essays – Andy Spyra: Postcard from Kashmir (New Yorker Photo Booth: October 2010)

Joao Silva is in good spirits…

Articles - NYT Lens: ‘I’m Good, Baby,’ Joao Silva Says (NYT Lens: October 2010)

InterviewsMoises Saman (CJR: October 2010)

Events - Jonas Bendiksen to speak at BJP’s Vision 2010 conference, November 2010,  in London (BJP: October 2010)

Kirsten Luce in NYT Lens Turning Point… I met Kirsten in Mexico D.F. during the inaugural Foundry workshop back in 2008…

Interviews - Kirsten Luce (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Parallelo Zero photographer Sergio Ramazzotti has a new book out…

Check Parallelo Zero news

The work in L’Espresso…

Features and Essays – Sergio Ramazzotti: Afghanistan 2.0 (L’Espresso: October 2010)

Saw this via @panospictures

Articles – History Today: Sheila Corr explains how she researched the pictures for the cover article of the November 2010 issue of History Today (History Today: 2010)

TwitterParallelo Zero

TwitterGetty Images Global Assignment

Twitter - Claudia Hinterseer : NOOR

Jobs -  NOOR : Director of Editorial Sales

Interviews - Claudia Hinterseer : NOOR (Youtube)

BlogsThe Annenberg Space for Photography

Twitter The Annenberg Space for Photography

Tutorials - Freelance Journalism : A Survival Guide (Owni.fr)

And now for something completely different…. I’ve never been a huge Rolling Stones fan, but having visited one of my favourite bookshops in Brighton yesterday and seeing Keith Richards’ autobiography Life on the bookshelf, I realised it was calling me… Read the first 100 pages so far and it has proved a proper treat…

The cover’s shot by David LaChapelle by the way…

TIME has a gallery of photographs…

Features and Essays – TIME: Photo Riff on Keith Richards (TIME: October 2010) “A gallery of images to flesh out the Stones guitarist’s autobiography”

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October 28, 2010 at 11:13 am

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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Shot with iPhone Hipsta…

Features and Essays - Nicholas Hegel McClelland: Tea Party Souvenirs (TIME: October 2010)

I posted a link to a Shaul Schwarz feature on TIME.com yesterday… Just saw @benjaminras point out on Twitter, there’s also a video….

Features and Essays - Shaul Schwarz: Narcocorridos: Singing Songs of Drug Violence (video) (TIME: October 2010)

Joao Silva is in our thoughts…

NYT Lens has an interview that Mike Kamber did with Joao Silva late last year…

InterviewsJoao Silva : “Acting Despite Fear” (NYT Lens: October 2010) “Joao Silva, 44, a contract photographer for The New York Times who was severely injured on Saturday when he stepped on a mine in Afghanistan, woke up from sedation at a German hospital on Monday. He was able to speak with his wife and others in the room.
The following interview was conducted in Baghdad on Dec. 9, 2009, by Michael Kamber, a seasoned conflict photographer himself (“Hard Lessons From Somalia,” “A Long and Dangerous Road,” “Minders, Fixers, Troubles”). He is working on a book about photojournalism and war photography. This condensed version of their conversation begins with Mr. Silva describing his background.”

Articles - BJP: Friends of injured photographer Joao Silva set up support fund (BJP: October 2010) Friends of Joao Silva, the New York Times photographer who has been severely injured last week when he stepped on a mine in Afghanistan, have set up a support fund.

Interviews - Martin Usborne (BJP: October 2010)

Features and Essays – Urial Sinai: Numbered (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2010) Auschwitz prisoners

Articles – Telegraph : Joni Karanka: David Hurn: Passing Time (Telegraph: October 2010)

I was boasting during the weekend that I had some work in the FT. Today, the editors added a slideshow of six of my photographs to go along with the article online…none of which were printed in FT Weekend’s Life & Arts section on Saturday… Do have a look..

Features and Essays - Mikko Takkunen: On Holiday with Martin Parr (FT: October 2010)

Interviews - Adam Howe (Zorye: October 2010) Andy Howe, British soldier in Afghanistan talking about war and photography, Prvic, Croatia

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Monday 25 October 2010

You can tell I haven’t had any assignments, since I’m doing updates every day again…perfect time to immerse myself in some good personal project in my new neck of the woods… Plenty of inspiration among these links today…

Great feature on TIME website by Shaul Schwarz..

Features and Essays - Shaul Schwarz: Are Narcocorridos the Latin gangsta rap? (TIME: October 2010)

Second installment of John Moore’s work on NYT Lens…

Features and Essays – John Moore: Detained [2] (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Greg Marinovich on his friend Joao Silva..

Blogs - Greg Marinovich: Joao Silva (Photographer’s blog: October 2010)

Update on Joao Silva on BJP…

Articles - BJP: New York Times photographer severely wounded in Afghanistan (update 3) (BJP: October 2010)

AgenciesVII Photo November 2010 Newsletter

Remember the Chilean miners…

Features and Essays – Adam Patterson: Camp Hope | To Hell and Back (Panos Pictures: October 2010) Chilean miners

Articles – Guardian: Featured photojournalist: Natacha Pisarenko : Chile miners (Guardian: October 2010)

I saw Melanie Friend give a talk along with Nick Turpin in Brighton last week… Her work was completely unknown to me before…

Photographers - Melanie Friend

Lens Culture takes a preview on Paris Photo..Would love to visit the festival again myself… Only been there once in 2006.

Festivals – Lens Culture: Paris Photos 2010 (Lens Culture: October 2010)

FestivalsFotoweek DC 2010

My friend Amanda Rivkin has some work on show during the Fotoweek too as part of the Georgetown Second Annual Student Exhibit.

Twitter - Brian Ulrich

ServicesMainchimp : They provide e-newsletters

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Sunday 24 October 2010

Update on Joao Silva’s condition on NYT Lens..

Articles – NYT Lens: Times Photographer Joao Silva’s Injuries in Afghanistan Have a Widespread Impact (NYT Lens: October 2010) Related on NYT At War blog.

Features and Essays - Moises Saman: Iraq Legacy (Magnum: October 2010)

Features and Essays - Marcus Bleasdale: Lord’s Resistance Army: Central African Republic (VII: October 2010)

Features and Essays - Sanjit Das: Learning Curve: American Colleges Rush to Set up Shop in India (TIME: October 2010)

Very cute for a dog lover like me…

Features and Essays – Martin Usborne: Mute Faces (Foto8: October 2010) Dogs in cars

PhotographersMartin Usborne

I was eyeing on Don McCullin’s biography at Waterstone’s in Brighton City centre earlier today…tempting…tempting…

Interviews - Don McCullin (Telegraph: October 2010)

Yesterday’s Financial Times Magazine had this interesting piece about Annie Leibovitz and the art market…

Articles – FT: How Annie got shot (FT: October 2010)

A couple of Twitter feeds I just started following…

TwitterPatrick Witty : International Picture Editor at TIME

TwitterFT Life and Arts

Twitter - David Holloway

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Saturday 23 October 2010

Just saw this on Twitter….awful news from Afghanistan… New York Times is reporting today that Joao Silva has been severely injured after having stepped on a landmine.

Articles – NYT: Times Photographer Wounded in Afghanistan (NYT: October 2010)

The news on BJP

Silva’s personal website

Features and Essays – John Moore: In American Custody (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Features and Essays - Chris Hondros: 101st Airborne in Afghanistan (Newsnet5.com: October 2010)

Photographers -Krisanne Johnson

PhotographersMarc Vallee

TwitterSusana Raab

Some of my own work…Two photographs I took of Magnum photographer Martin Parr in Isle of Wight  four weeks ago are published today in the  Financial Times along with an article ‘Life through a lens’ written by Catherine Nixey, in the Life & Arts section… Online you can only see one of the photos, and it’s quite heavily cropped, but I’m glad they printed it in full on the paper…Check the FT Weekend in print for the entire article and the other photograph…

Articles – Financial Times : Catherine Nixey: On holiday with Martin Parr (FT: October 2010)

A bit of Saturday fun…I got myself that iPhone two weeks ago, and I’ve enjoyed taking some snaps with it…

Blogs - 10 Of The Best Photo Apps for iPhone (Triphp Blog: 2010)

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Friday 22 October 2010

Friday’s links..First of all, huge congratulations to Darcy Padilla for receiving the W. Eugene Smith 2010 grant!

Articles - NYT: Darcy Padilla Wins W. Eugene Smith Grant (NYT Lens: October 2010) | Related from New Yorker

Photographers - Darcy Padilla

Features and Essays - Lynsey Addario: As Afghanistan Turns (NYT Magazine: October 2010) Afghanistan’s first TV soap opera

Noor photographers Greene and Bonet have been in Haiti…

Features and Essays - Stanley Greene: Nightmare Republic (NOOR: October 2010) Haiti

Features and Essays - Pep Bonet: Hospice (NOOR: October 2010) Haiti

Features and Essays - Brian Sokol: Fighting the Naxals: India’s Enduring War (TIME: October 2010)

Features and Essays – Adam Dean: A Ghost Town in China (NYT: October 2010)

Features and Essays - David Walter Banks: The Collapse of a Community Bank (TIME: October 2010)

Sean Gallagher got in touch about a new interactive website featuring his Pulitzer Center work on China’s wetlands…

ProjectsThreatened Waters


Features and Essays - Sean Gallagher: Education In The Mangroves (Vimeo: 2010)

Dean C.K. Cox’s work on Eurasianet.org….

Kyrgyzstan: Protests as Party Questions Result (Eurasianet.org: 2010)

Heightened Security, Calm Kyrgyz Elections in Osh (Eurasianet.org: 2010)

Kyrgyzstan: Internal Migrants Lack Voting Papers (Eurasianet.org: 2010)

Articles – Guardian: Nadav Kander’s Yangtze photographs show a people sold down the river (Guardian: October 2010)

Articles - Guardian: Featured photojournalist: Ramon Espinosa (Guardian: October 2010)

Interviews - Amanda Rivkin (Fortnighthjournal.com: October 2010)

ServicesArlo : they make websites

Twitter - Aga Luczakowska

Twitter - Anton Kusters

AwardsCzech Press Photo

Articles - NYT: Picturing the Crisis (NYT: October 2010)

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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Michael Shaw over at BagNews has a very good audio slideshow interview with Michael Kamber….

InterviewsMichael Kamber : Military Censorship (Bagnewsnotes: October 2010)

Features and Essays – Lisa Wiltse: Bolivia’s Cholita Wrestlers (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2010)

Features and Essays - Rodrigo Abd: R an R at Kandahar Airfield (TIME: October 2010) Afghanistan

Features and Essays - Andrea Bruce: Italy’s “Gypsy Emergency” (VII Network: October 2010)

New Magnum in Motion essay…

Features and Essays - Bruce Gilden: Picnic with Sergey (Magnum in Motion: October 2010)

Features and Essays – Ed Kashi: Oil and Conflict in the Niger Delta (VII Magazine: October 2010)

Features and Essays – Ian Flanders: Cruising (Fatuusmorgana.com: 2010)

Features and Essays - Will Baxter: In Cambodia, No Land Title, No Rights (WSJ: October 2010)

Features and Essays - Ayman Oghanna: In Iraq, Business Starts To Bounce Back (NYT: October 2010)

Photographers Ayman Oghanna

JR got a Ted Prize…

Articles - NYT: Award to Artist Who Gives Slums a Human Face | slideshow (NYT: October 2010) JR given TED Prize

Peter van Agtmael in NYT Lens Turning Point series…

InterviewsPeter van Agtmael (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Interviews - Paolo Woods (e-photoreview: October 2010)

Brian Cassey got in touch about an Australian Fotostrada collective that I wasn’t familiar with before….


PhotographersBrian Cassey

Naughty, naughty Republicans…

Articles – BJP: Republican party candidates accused of copyright infringement (BJP: October 2010)

Awards – Lens Culture Awards 2010 winners gallery

WorkshopsVII Photo workshops in NYC for free!

Articles – BJP: Alec Soth and the Democratic Jungle (BJP: October 2010)

Photographers - Ehrin Macksey

TwitterIvor Prickett

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