Thursday 20 January 2011

I was reading the latest TIME magazine issue on the plane on Monday, and it had Shaul Schwartz’ photos from Haiti…only two (!) though, so it was nice to see there’s a slideshow on the website….The ones printed were this one below and slide 11/13.

Features and Essays – Shaul Schwarz: Haiti One Year Later (TIME: January 2011)

I know how some people and media feel a bit iffy about considering White House Photographer Pete Souza’s work to be used in journalism due to his official status, but he sure can take a mean picture…

Features and Essays – Pete Souza: Obama’s First Two Year’s in Office (TIME: January 2011) Chief Official White House photographer Pete Souza shares his favorite images from his coverage of the first half of the Obama administration. An intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the multilayered world of the President.

Features and Essays – Alec Soth: Portraits From a Job-Starved City (New York Times Magazine: January 2011) Rockford, Ill

I saw New Statesman’s Photo Editor Rebecca McClelland post this earlier on Facebook…This must be the first ever link to New Statesman here on Photojournalism Links…I used to be an avid reader of the magazine back in the day when I was still studying politics. They didn’t have many photos back then, though. I think Rebecca is actually the magazine’s first ever PE.

Features and Essays - Alixandra Fazzina: Soldiers, rebels and unlikely heroes (New Statesman: January 2011) Pakistan

David Arnott, who moved from his editor job at Panos Pictures to take a new role as multimedia producer at Msnbc in the new year, sent me this…

Features and Essays – Majid Saeedi: Scars of War: Mine Victims (MSNBC: January 2011) Afghanistan

Articles – BJP: UNESCO, French government call for investigation of Lucas Dolega’s death (BJP: January 2011)

Articles – NYT Lens: A ‘Liberated’ Joao Silva Takes In the Sights (NYT Lens: January 2011)

Articles – Nieman Lab: Alan Taylor brings “Big Picture” prowess to The Atlantic (Nieman Lab: January 2011)

Interviews – Sébastien Van Malleghem (NYT Lens: January 2011) Van Malleghem’s website

Features and Essays - Amnon Gutman: An Israeli Photographer Among Palestinians (NYT Lens: January 2011)

Movies - NME: Gemma Arterton to star in Robert Capa biopic (NME: January 2011) Michael Mann will direct the story of the war photographers life

Couple of pieces from late December that I never had the time to share on the blog before the break….

Features and Essays 2010 - TIME: Photojournalism at the Crossroads (TIME: December 2010) From last of Kodachrome to iPhone,analog&digi responses to changing landscape

Features and Essays 2010 - Dominic Nahr: Southern Sudan on the Eve of the Referendum (TIME: December 2010) Volatile region prepares to vote on its independence

Features and Essays 2010 - Guardian: Pictures of the Year 2010 (Guardian: December 2010) Adrees Latif’s photo http://bit.ly/fimrun from Pakistan, must be one of the most memorable

Features and Essays - WSJ: Photos of the year 2010 (WSJ: December 2010)

Features and Essays - Tim Freccia: George Clooney in Sudan (TIME: December 2010)

Articles – A Photo Editor:  Chicago Nanny Discovered To Be Master Street Photographer (APE: December 2010)

Interviews - Matt Lutton and Rachel Hulin (Wonderful Machine: December 2010)

And finally…

Workshops - Austin Center for Photography : Maggie Steber Workshop :  February 26 to March 2, 2011 : “Reinventing Your Photographic Storytelling
A five-day shooting workshop with Maggie Steber”

Big thanks to all the people who sent me nice messages on Twitter welcoming me back from my break…

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January 20, 2011 at 5:53 pm

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Tuesday 18 January 2011

I’m back from Venezuela and time for some long overdue updates….first ones for 2011….I’m sure I’ve missed loads of good stuff while I’ve been gone, but thanks to @tammydavid, who promised to keep an eye for important PJ features while I was away, I didn’t  miss everything. I also received a lot of emails during the hiatus, and I will be sharing a lot of those links during the coming days….

Michael over at BagNewsNotes put up an interesting piece two days ago…

Articles – BagNewsNotes: Big Media Sent 3 Of My Favorite War Photographers to Afghanistan And What They Brought Back Were The Near-Same Medevac Shots (BNN: January 2011)

The works he is talking about….

Features and Essays – James Nachtwey: Wings of Mercy: Medevac in Afghanistan (TIME: January 2011) TIME photographer James Nachtwey photographs the men of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 214th Regiment

Features and Essays – Louie Palu: Afghanistan (Toronto Star: January 2011)

Features and Essays - Tyler Hicks: Speeding the War Wounded to Care (NYT: January 2011) Afghanistan

More Afghanistan in NYT….

Features and Essays - Michael Kamber: Deeper Into Fathomless Afghanistan (NYT Lens: January 2011)

Also in National Geographic….

Features and Essays - David Guttenfelder: Afghanistan’s Opium Wars (NGM: February 2011) A key step to securing peace will be to wean Afghan farmers off growing poppies.

Features and Essays – Stephen Alvarez: Paris Catacombs (NGM: February 2011) Getting there? It involves manholes and endless ladders. What to wear? Miner’s helmets are good. What to do? Work, party, paint—or just explore the dark web of tunnels.

Features and Essays - Baptiste Giroudon: Guantanamo (ReportagesPhotos.fr: 2011)

InterviewsEmily Berl : Despondent Moment in a Small Texas Town (NYT Lens: December 2010)

My friend Tim Fadek joined Twitter….

TwitterTimothy Fadek

He has a great essay on the  Foreign Policy website….

Features and Essays - Timothy Fadek: Gucci in the Land of Genghis Khan (FP: January 2011)

Articles – Guardian: Zed Nelson turns the heat on Big Oil : Shelter in Place (Guardian: January 2011) photographer Nelson’s first documentary, exposes malpractices in the petrochemical industry in Texas

A special London screening of the film above on Wednesday 26th January in London : screened by the Curzon Soho as a double-bill with Petropolis – will be followed by a Q&A with the director (Zed Nelson) and the Producer (Hannah Patterson) : Where: Curzon Soho, Shaftesbury Avenue, W1 : When: Wednesday 26th January Time: 6.40pm

Check out BBC World Service tomorrow…

Radio – BBC World Service: Open Eye (BBC: January 19, 2011) Photographer Dalia Khamissy uncovers what happened to the 17,000 people who were kidnapped during the Lebanese civil war.

Charlie Mahoney got in touch about a new collective he has started with a group of his friends and colleagues…

Agencies - Prime Collective

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Happy New Year

Just a little New Year’s message…2010 and third full year of Photojournalism Links is now behind us. The site has been growing nicely throughout the year in terms of visitor numbers, with roughly 30,000 views a month since the summer. The Twitter feed has 9 300+ followers. It’s great to know there’s an audience for the type of blogging I’m doing. Makes me all the more determined to continue.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch during 2010. I appreciate all the feedback as well as links to new projects and features. Keep them coming. Thank you.

I’ll be starting 2011 with a visit to Venezuela…writing this on my iPhone at Heathrow…and I’m not sure if I have a chance/time to do any updates until I get back mid-January…but you can be sure that Photojournalism Links will continue to be updated regularly also in 2011, maybe not daily like in the past, but at least 2-3 times a week as during the last two months.

Once again, very happy New Year to everyone. May 2011 be prosperous to all both personally and professionally.

All the best.

Your blog host,

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January 1, 2011 at 11:13 am

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Tuesday 28 December 2010

Great interviews on Emphas.is blog…

Interviews - Tomas van Houtryve (Emphas.is: December 2010) “People are willing to change the way they consume and pay for news”

InterviewsMichael Kamber (Emphas.is: December 2010) “This is not the future, this is now”

InterviewsKadir Van Lohuizen (Emphas.is: December 2010) “They say people don’t care anymore, I say they are wrong”

InterviewsAaron Huey (Emphas.is: December 2010) “It feels like a lottery these days and I’m tired of buying the tickets”

Features and Essays - Damon Winter: Unhurt by Two Mines, but Not Untouched (NYT Lens: December 2010)

Features and Essays - David Gilkey: In Afghanistan, Visiting Kabul’s Old City (NPR: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Jaka Adamic: The Builders of Afghanistan (Zorye: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Toby Smith: Scottish Renewables (Reportage by Getty Images: 2010) Smith was featured on Verve Photo blog recently

Smith is part of Roof Unit…

CollectivesRoof Unit Collective : London

Interviews Gali Tibbon (CPN: December 2010) Photographer tells story behind church in Jerusalem where 6 Christian denominations collide

Interviews - Ernesto Bazan (Kodak)

Articles/Tutorials - Jasmine DeFoore: Self-Promotion (jasminedefoore: December 2010)

Articles – NPR: The Mystery Of The Mexican Suitcase: A Trove Of Unseen Photos (NPR: December 2010)

Rangefinder love by Jonathan Eastland…

Articles – BJP: Back home on the range (BJP: December 2010)

Videos – Al Jazeera: World Press Photo exhibition (Al Jazeera: December 2010) Starts 13 minutes into the video

InterviewsKatharine Hesse (e-photoreview: December 2010)

InterviewsBruce Gilden (Photoradar.com: December 2010)

Interviews - Christian Hansen (Photopol.us: December 2010) He submitted his portfolio to the NYT in a pink DVD case with a black and white photograph of a toilet on the cover | Hansen’s website

GrantsFotoVisura Grant 2010 winners (FotoVisura blog: December 2010)

PhotographersJukka Lehtinen

This made me giggle….

Videos - David Burnett ads for the Canon AE1 Program from 1981 and 1984 (David Burnett’s Vimeo: 2008)

I found this somewhat amusing too…although I don’t doubt McNally’s grip instructions…

Tutorials – Joe McNally: Camera Grip (Youtube)

Twitter - Enrico Bossan

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Thursday 23 December 2010

Quite a big post coming up…Night before Christmas Eve back here in Finland, when I’m writing this…just keeps getting colder…-29 degrees celsius at the moment…

Couple of amusing Christmas related photos to start with…

InterviewsChris Steele-Perkins (Photoradar.com: December 2010) To celebrate the festive season, we catch up with three top photographers at Magnum Photos to get their thoughts on photography at Christmas. Today, it’s Chris Steele-Perkins…

This Parr one is actually from Finland…

InterviewsMartin Parr (Photoradar.com: December 2010)

I posted several Best photos of 2010 galleries on Sunday already, but here are some more…I love this photograph by Moises Saman… Almost like a Caravaggio…

Features and Essays – New York Times: 2010: The Year in Pictures (NYT: December 2010)

TIME has done a second ‘best of’ gallery.. which they call ‘the most unforgettable images of the year’…not quite sure what’s different to the earlier one… I presume this gallery includes images, that have not necessarily been published/printed in TIME….

Features and Essays – TIME: Pictures of the Year 2010 (TIME: December 2010)

Features and Essays – New Yorker: Ten Memorable Documentary Photos from 2010 (New Yorker Photo Booth: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Getty Images: Year in Focus (Getty: December 2010)

Photoshelter listed some of the best blog posts of the year…

Articles – Photoshelter: Our Favourite Photo Blog Posts (Photoshelter blog: December 2010)

Features and Essays - Tomas van Houtryve: Best of 2010 (Photographer’s website: 2010)

Features and Essays – Brent Stirton: The Telltale Scribes of Timbuktu (NGM: December 2010) The caravan city harbors a world of intrigue

Features and Essays – Randy Olson: Population 7 Billion (NGM: December 2010) Includes frames by Hawkes,Stanmeyer,Nahr,Bendiksen,Arthus-Bertrand, Richardson, and Hoffmann

Features and Essays – Teun Voeten: Cuidad Juarez (multimedia) (Panos: December 2010) Make sure to check out Voeten’s photo essay Days of the Dead, which is very strong. I actually prefer that to the multimedia.

Features and Essays - Shiho Fukada: Reinventing the Sadrists (NYT: December 2010) Cleric’s Anti-U.S. Forces Poised for Gains in Iraq

I have a lot of respect for wire dudes…It’s cool Guardian has been showing some love towards wire photographers lately with their Featured Photographer series, and now TIME has unofficially chosen their favourite wire photographer of the year…

Features and Essays – TIME: Wire Photographer of the Year: Mauricio Lima (TIME: December 2010) “Of the millions of photographs moving through the news services (a.k.a. wires) this year, the work of AFP’s Mauricio Lima stood out. A small selection from the remarkable body of work he produced on his first trip to Afghanistan.”


Features and Essays – Tomas van Houtryve: Inside Facebook (Photographer’s website: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Martin Schoeller: Inside Facebook (TIME: December 2010)

My dear friend Poulomi’s work on Inge Morath Magazine…

Features and Essays – Poulomi Basi: To Conquer Her Land (Inge Morath Magazine: December 2010)

Features and Essays - Meridith Kohut: Vintage American Cars in Venezuela (NYT: December 2010)

On-going and constantly updated…

Features and Essays – Damon Winter: A Year at War (NYT: December 2010)

Features and Essays – A Yin: Mongolian Diptychs (NYT Lens: December 2010)

Features and Essays - Julio Mitchell: ‘South of the Border,’ Unsettling Views (NYT Lens: November 2010)

More on the UNICEF Photo on the Year, that was mentioned on Sunday’s post,  in the Guardian…

Features and Essays – Guardian: Unicef Photo of the Year 2010 (Guardian: December 2010) The winners of this year’s Unicef Photo of the Year contest have been announced in Berlin. The prize is awarded to outstanding photos that best depict the personality and living conditions of children

Michael Kamber is not only a one helluva photographer but a great writer…

Articles – Michael Kamber: Joao Silva – Bearing Witness (NYT: December 2010)

Articles – Michael Kamber: Eyes Open, Back Into the Afghan Crucible (NYT Lens: December 2010)

Also related to Afghanistan…

Articles – Finnbar O’Reilly: Embedded in Afghanistan (Reuters blog: December 2010)

Articles – NYT Lens: Covering Marines at War, Through Facebook (NYT Lens: December 2010)

Interviews – Edmund Clark (Telegraph: December 2010) Clark has received international acclaim for his recent Guantanamo project

InterviewsTim Hetherington (PBS program on Youtube: 2010) War Photographer Tim Hetherington Captures Combat and Downtime in ‘Infidel’ | Restrepo now available on DVD by the way

InterviewsBenjamin Rasmussen (Daylight Magazine: December 2010)

Articles – Wired Raw File blog: New Magnum Fund Pays Out for Deep Photo Stories (Wired: December 2010)

CompetitionsFocus Project 2010

One of my favourite agencies, Panos Pictures, is turning 25 in 2011…some of their achievements listed on their blog…The below photograph by Espen Rasmussen being of their World Press Photo awarded… Kinda warms me up nicely looking at this…

Agencies - Panos: The First 25 Years (Panos: December 2010)

Finnish photographer bumped into last week in Helsinki…

Photographers - Perttu Saksa

Twitter - Jessica Dimmock

Twitter - Andrew McConnell

multiMedia / InitiativesNorwegian Journal of Photography

TwitterNorwegian Journal of Photography

VideosMoving Stills (1978) (David Burnett’s Vimeo: 2010) “”Moving Stills” is a film made by Behnam Attar in the spring of 1978, to show the inner workings of a New York photojournalistic agency – Contact Press Images -… one of it’s photographers – David Burnett, and the staff, including Robert Pledge, Guy Cooper, and Behnam Attar. Made in cooperation with the School of Visual Arts.”

Videos – Joe McNally : Empire State Building (Youtube)

AppsVincent Laforet Visuals

Apps - Massive Dev Chart


Articles – St. Louis Today: Last roll of Kodachrome visits Missouri State Fair (stltoday.com: 2010)

And to finish off the post…some Photoshop tips…

Videos – College Humour: Photoshop Tutorial Rap (Collegehumour.com: December 2010)

Just passed 500k all time views for the blog…

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everybody!

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Sunday 19 December 2010

I’m back….Today’s edition comes from rural Finland…Rather nippy -18 degrees celsius outside (so glad about the triple glazing)…so I’m quite happy to stay in and spend part of this Sunday to do some long overdue updates….and with UN Security Council holding an emergency session to discuss tensions on the Korean peninsula, what a better way to kick off  than by looking at Adam Dean’s work from North Korea…

Features and Essays - Adam Dean: Inside North Korea (Panos: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Luca Locatelli: In the Kingdom of Women (Guardian: December 2010) Italian photographer Luca Locatelli documents the lives of the Mosuo tribe, often described as one of the last matriarchal societies in the world

Features and Essays - Shiho Fukada: A New Front Line (NYT: December 2010) Iraq

Features and Essays – Peter Menzel: Around the World via a Day’s Worth of Food (TIME: December 2010) In their new book, What I Eat, photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D’Aluisio present thought-provoking portraits of individuals around the globe and the food that fuels them over the course of a single day.

Features and Essays – Emil Gataullin: Russian Photos in Painterly Strokes (NYT Lens: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Iva Zimova: Afghan Portraits (Panos: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Carla Gachet: Love and Tango (Panos: December 2010) Karla Gachet won a World Press Photo award for this story in 2010.

Features and Essays – Alfredo D’Amato: The Sound of Kuduro (Panos: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Martin Schoeller: Mark Zuckerberg – Person of the Year (TIME: December 2010) A portfolio of portraits

Features and Essays – Stanley Greene: Hunting the Fish Into The Light (NOOR: December 2010) Victoria Lake, Kenya

Features and Essays – Constantine Manos: A Soldier’s Pictures (Magnum: 2010) In 1955 Constantine Manos was a Private in the U. S. Army

More articles from BBC Viewfinder blog…

Articles – Adrian Evans: On Future Funding of Photojournalism (BBC Viewfinder: December 2010

Articles – Ciara Leeming: Coming at photojournalism from a different angle (BBC Viewfinder: December 2010)

Articles – David Rochkind: Photojournalism on a wider platform (BBC Viewfinder: December 2010)

Related from BJP…

Articles – BJP: Photojournalism: Wait. Worry. Who cares? (BJP: December 2010) Is photojournalism dead? The debate has been raging for decades, and, ever since former Magnum Photos director Neil Burgess called time of death, it has taken the web by storm. But do young and emerging photographers really care?

I posted some best books of the year lists on Tuesday…..here’s one more, by Joerg Colberg, over at Conscientious…

Books – Joerg Colberg: The Best Photobooks 2010 (Conscientious: December 2010)

From BagNews…

Features and Essays – Brenda Ann Kenneally: Troy, New York – An American Community (BNN: December 2010)

Features and Essays - BagNewsNotes: Nina Berman/Alan Chin: Broke-Beck Mountains of Madness (BNN: December 2010)

CollectivesLacuna Media

AwardsUnicef Photo of the Year 2010 winner is Ed Kashi (Unicef: December 2010)

Grants New Orleans Photo Alliance Offers Second $5000 Michael P. Smith Fund for Documentary Photography Grant (cdsporch.org: 2010)

FestivalsLook2011 site now live

InterviewsAaron Huey (Emphas.is: December 2010)

Articles – Guardian: Featured photojournalist: Roberto Schmidt (Guardian: December 2010)

2010 in pictures….this below one by Shaul Schwarz on TIME’s Best Photos of 2010 is one of the most memorable from the past year to me personally…

Features and Essays – TIME – The Best Photos from Time 2010 (TIME: December 2010)

Features and Essays – TIME: Unexpected, Unusual, Underexposed: The Most Surprising Pictures of 2010 (TIME: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Boston Globe Big Picture: 2010 in Photos Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Boston Globe: December 2010)

Features and Essays – LA Times: 2010 The Year in Pictures (LAT: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Peter Turnley: The Year in Pictures 2010 (YouTube)

Features and Essays – Amanda Rivkin: The Year in Pictures 2010 (Photographer’s archive: December 2010)

Features and Essays – Wendy Marijnissen: A Year in Pakistan – 2010 (Photographer’s Vimeo: December 2010) “This video gives a short recap of my past year in Pakistan. Included are some photographs on childbirth and maternal health, the aftermath of the floods and Hamida’s camp pregnancy. More images and stories can be seen online: wendymarijnissen.com

Blogs - Leon Neal: A Quick Dash to the Karzai (Photographer’s blog: December 2010) Covering British PM David Cameron’s recent trip to Afghanistan

Interviews - Alec Soth : Minnesota Photographer Soth Finds Beauty in the Unexpected (PBS: December 2010)

Articles - FT: A strong market for photographs (FT: 2010)

InterviewsTom Hunter (BJP: December 2010)

Features and Essays - George Voulgaropoulos: The Old City – Damascus (Photographer’s website: 2010)

multiMediaPiel de Foto

Photographers - Michael Rizzo

PhotographersAdam Hinton

Tutorials – PDN: Great iPad Apps for Photographers (PDN: December 2010)

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Tuesday 14 December 2010

BBC Viewfinder Blog is doing a series of articles this week, each one by a different author looking at the world of photojournalism from a number of angles….

Articles – Michael Kamber: Photojournalism Today (BBC Viewfinder: December 2010)

Articles -  David Campbell: Photojournalism in the age of image abundance (BBC Viewfinder: December 2010))

Articles – Guardian: The Month in Photography (Guardian: December 2010) New Review’s monthly guide to the 20 best photographic exhibitions and books, with images by William Eggleston, Gerda Taro, Bill Brandt, W Eugene Smith, Richard Avedon and many more.

Books…books…..and books…..

A lot of talk about these couple of booklists during the last few days…

Articles / Books – Guardian: Sean O’Hagan: 2010’s best photography books: my personal pick (Guardian: December 2010)

Articles / Books – Guardian: Photography books of the year – reviews (Guardian:  December 2010)

Books The Friends of Phonar Book List (Phonar: December 2010) “We contacted some of the worlds most inspirational photographic practitioners, thinkers, authors and publishers and asked them for a book nomination that “is notable/ inspiring/ seminal/ provocative, in it’s narrative structure/approach or perhaps in it’s ‘discussion’ of narrative” “

Another two book lists…

Articles - Little Brown Mushroom: Alec Soth’s Top 10+ Photobooks of 2010 (LBM: December 2010)

Blogs Best PhotoBooks of 2010 by Jeff Ladd (5B4 blog: 2010)

Damon Winter has done a series 360 degrees panoramas of US Soldiers in Afghanistan for the New York Times’ A Year At War series

Features and Essays – Damon Winter: Panoramas: Views From a Year at War (NYT: December 2010)

Features and Essays - TIME: The Best Portraits from TIME 2010 (TIME: December 2010)

Features and Essays - Camine Galasso: Too Painful to Remember, or to Forget (NYT Lens: December 2010) the book

Features and Essays - Katja Heineman: Living with HIV (AARP: 2010)

Features and Essays - Danny Wilcox Frazier: Detroit (burn: December 2010

Features and Essays – Shiho Fukada: Christians in Iraq (NYT: December 2010)

Features and Essays - Tyler Hicks: Blast in Kandahar Kills Six (NYT: December 2010)

Kudos to New York Times…….they commit to hiring Joao Silva, full time…

Articles - Nicholas D. Kristof: What Makes an Employee Proud (NYT: December 2010)

Articles – NYT Lens: A Special Visit for Joao Silva’s Recovery (NYT Lens: December 2010)

Articles – Guardian: Photo Editor Roger Tooth: William and Kate: Mario Testino fails his history test (Guardian: December 2010) If the royal family must commission official portraits, let’s have some stiff formality – not this 80s sofa warehouse effort

VideosThe Genius of Photography (Youtube: 2010)

Interviews and Talks - Joop Masterclass 2010 Masters Jodi Bieber and Alejandro Castellote (WPP: 2010)

InterviewsEamonn McCabe (PDN: December 2010) What makes a lasting image, and how choosing photographs for a history book differs from choosing images for daily news stories.

InterviewsMatt Craig (Leica blog: 2010) Matthew Craig, a professional photographer and photo editor, lives in the core of the Big Apple — New York, NY. A founding member of MJR and Page One Photo Editor for The Wall Street Journal.

InterviewsAdam Patterson (LCC Head of College blog: December 2010)

PhotographersUlysse Lefebvre

Grants – PDN: Grant deadline: Humble Arts Foundation accpeting applications for $1,000 grant until Dec 30. (PDN: December 2010)

Parallelo Zero has a added yet another photographer to their roster

Agencies – Parallelo Zero photographers: Simone Cerio (PZ: 2010)

Amanda Rivkin on Verve Photo….

Articles – Verve Photo: Amanda Rivkin (Verve: December 2010)

Awards - BJP: Canadian photographer wins Travel Photographer of the Year title (BJP: December 2010)

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