Tuesday 8 March 2011

We’re still in Libya…

Features and Essays – Alex Majoli: Libyans Flood Tunisia’s Border Zone (Newsweek: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Christopher Morris: Muammar Gaddafi’s Tripoli (TIME: March 2011)

Features and Essays - Moises Saman: Libyan Crisis (Magnum: March 2011)

NYT’s Libya gallery updated with photos from yesterday

Earlier today, I was reading March 14 issue of TIME with a lot of Yuri Kozyrev’s photos from Libya and Yemen…

See Kozyrev’s updated Libya gallery on Time’s website here.

His Yemen work..It was interesting to compare the photos online and in print…Something I noticed regarding these Yemen ones, was that the frames in print didn’t look half as punchy as online…Love the toning…

Features and Essays – Yuri Kozyrev: On the Ground in Yemen (TIME: February 2011)

Emphas.is has launched..

Crowdfunding - Emphas.is

Articles – NYT: Financing Photojournalism by Subscription (NYT Lens: March 2011)

Kadir van Lohuizen’s ViaPanAm is one of the Emphas.is projects…

Features and Essays – Kadir van Lohuizen:  ViaPanAm (Project website: 2011)

Features and Essays - Graeme Robertson: Guatemalan street children (Guardian: March 2011)

I seem to recall that Boston Globe’s Big Picture has been doing several of these monthly round-ups of Afghanistan in the past… these are from February…

Features and Essays – Boston Globe: Afghanistan February 2011 (Boston Globe Big Picture: March 2011)

Speaking of Afghanistan, I just started reading Sebastian Junger’s War… First 30 pages really sucked me in…

Features and Essays – Steve Davis: Elegy for a Small Idaho Town (NYT Lens: March 2011) Davis’ website

Bruce Haley on NYT Lens and New Yorker Photo Booth…

Features and Essays - Bruce Haley: Rebuilding Lives in Former Soviet Lands (NYT Lens: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Bruce Haley: Postcard from Nagorno-Karabakh and beyond (New Yorker: March 2011)

Haley’s website

Features and Essays – Mark Ovaska: The Search For Glacier Gold (NPR: March 2011)

Talent calls…

Agencies – Magnum Photos issues annual submission call (BJP: March 2011)

MagazinesFOAM Magazine Talent Call

Loads of interviews…

Interviews - Bruce Gilden (BJP: March 2011) Exclusive video: Bruce Gilden goes “head on” in Derby

Interviews - Stanley Greene (Youtube)

Interviews - Steve McCurry (Pro Photographers in Ireland Vimeo: 2011)

Interviews - Brent Lewin (Msnbc.com: March 2011)

Interviews - Nina Berman (APE: March 2011)

Interviews – Nick Turpin on street photography’s challenges (BJP: March 2011)

Interviews Michael Wolf welcomes World Press Photo controversy (BJP: March 2011)

Interviews - Lu Guang (Greenpeace Vimeo)

Magnum Foundation has a new website…

AgenciesMagnum Foundation

Articles - BBC: Right Here, Right Now: At the Format Festival in Derby (BBC: March 2011)

Back in time…

Articles - NYT: Tom Waits and Robert Frank, New York City, 1985 (NYT Magazine: March 2011)

Articles - Guardian: The big picture: Whitechapel 1972 (Guardian: March 2011)Ian Berry’s photograph, commissioned by the Whitechapel Gallery, captures a key moment of change in an area long used to a shifting population

PhotographersTodd Bigelow

Veronica got herself a new website…

Photographers - Veronica Sanchis Bencomo

Photographers - Nick Ballon

PhotographersAnnemarie Scholz

PhotographersNicole Tung

Copyright issues…

Articles - BJP: Photographers’ Gallery finds itself at centre of copyright row (BJP: March 2011)

Articles – Jeremy Nicholl: Dear Photographers, Lady Gaga Wants The Copyright On Your Work. Oh, And By The Way, So Do We (photographer’s blog: March 2011)

VideosSimon  Roberts uploaded  new 120 Seconds short films from the last couple of weeks (Simon Roberts Vimeo: March 2011)

Articles - Verve: Boris Heger (Verve: March 2011)

Workshops - Very affordable workshop with Joseph Rodriquez in Cardiff 21-24 March, organised by Third Floor Gallery

Exhibitions and Books – The month in photography (Guardian: March 2011) The Observer New Review’s monthly guide to the 20 best photographic exhibitions and books

Resources - LinkedIn …. I’ve had a LinkedIn profile for about a year, but I never got around to finishing my profile and adding contacts until recently…and I’ve noticed that not only is the site good for virtual networking with colleagues I know, but also with ones I don’t. I’ve managed for instance to find names of loads of  photo editors at different newspapers and magazines through my Linked In contacts, which is pretty useful (There is of course Agency Access but you have to pay for that)…and I guess that’s what the whole linking-in is about…

Speaking of LinkedIn… I noticed that VII Photo’s LinkedIn profile starts, maybe slightly peculiarly, with: ” The third most-important entity in photography”…as one might expect something more on the lines of, say ‘one of the most important entities in photography’…anyway…if VII are the third most important entity (finding the word entity a bit odd too), then I couldn’t help but thinking what are the two most important? Magnum Photos must one of the two for sure. The other? International Center of Photography was suggested on Twitter last night as were Getty…  Not trying to pick on VII here, of course…just food for funny thought.

About Twitter. I noticed I passed the 2,000 tweets mark yesterday. I got my profile on 19 January 2009, which based on my rough calculations means something like 2,6 tweets a day. The first ever tweet of mine? “Loves Paolo Pellegrin’s DC piece at Magnum in Motion http://tinyurl.com/8n5q64” – @photojournalism

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Thursday 3 March 2011

I’m back from a two day flat hunting visit to London. I have really enjoyed the last few months in Brighton and going to miss the sea, but it makes more sense to live in the capital work-wise.. So gonna be moving yet again… hopefully for the last time in a while…Tired of packing and unpacking boxes… anyway, just to give you guys a heads up…from mid-March onwards your blog host will be London-based…Can’t wait… I guess now have to start planning some kind of a promo offensive to coincide with the move there…

But now to the links…with only two updates a week recently, I have – as always – loads to share…


The New York Times have put all their Libya photo coverage in one handy gallery…There’s 130 photos in it  as I’m writing this, but I’d imagine it continues to be updated…

Photo: Tyler Hicks

Features and Essays – NYT (various photographers): Scenes in Libya (NYT: March 2011)

Still amazed by Yuri Kozyrev’s work… He had some of the strongest photos coming out of Egypt and same can definitely be said for his Libya work…

Features and Essays - Yuri Kozurev: Libya (TIME: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Yuri Kozyrev: Workers Lost in Libya’s Turmoil (TIME: March 2011)

Features and Essays - Luis Sinco: Libya (LA Times: March 2011)

Features and Essays - Alvaro Ybarra Zavala: Libya (ABC: March 2011) By the way, he was just featured on 500 Photographers

Interviews –  Platon : Photographing Gaddafi (TIME: February 2011)

Interviews - Lynsey Addario : At a Deadly, Shifting Front in Libya (NYT Lens: March 2011)

InterviewsMoises Saman : At an Eerie Crossroads in Tripoli (NYT Lens: March 2011)


Ivor Prickett has put his Egypt work on his website, including the 6×6 photos… Not to be missed…

Features and Essays - Ivor Prickett: Days of Anger (Photographer’s website: March 2011) Egypt

Interviews – Chris Hondros of Getty Images, reflecting on his coverage of the revolution in Egypt (Chicago Tribune Assignment Chicago: February 2011)


Articles - Guardian: Featured photojournalist: John Moore (Guardian: February 2011) Bahrain

Features and Essays – Hazel Thompson: Measure of a Woman (NYT Lens: March 2011) Finding a Place in Bahraini Society

BagNewsNotes coverage of the Middle East turmoil…

Features and Essays – BagNewsNotes (various photographers): Middle East Uprising (BNN: 2011)

Agnese Da Col from Cesuralab got in touch last week about some of the collective’s photographers’ features from North Africa… Never got around to sharing those links…so here they are..

Gabriele Micalizzi: Tunisian Revolution (Cesuralab: February 2011)

Gabriele Stabile: Mare Nostrum (Cesuralab: February 2011)

Andy Rocchelli: Algeria (Cesuralab: February 2011)

Gabriele Micalizzi: Cairo Turmoils (Cesuralab: February 2011)

To central Africa…

Features and Essays – Marcus Bleasdale: Kony’s Children (Newsweek: 2011) LRA

Features and Essays - Marcus Bleasdale: One Voice, One Thousand Children [part 1] (VII Magazine: March 2011)

Features and Essays - Pete Muller: Justice for Rape Victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo (TIME: March 2011)


Features and Essays – Lana Slezic: A Window Inside (Panos: March 2011) Portraits of Aghan women

Features and Essays – Lorenzo Tugnoli: Dog Fighting in Afghanistan (TIME: March 2011)

Interviews Louie Palu talks about his 5 years covering Afghanistan (BBC: March 2011)

Only got around checking the latest National Geographic Magazine features the other day… the features gallery is usually updated around 15th of every month with series from the following month’s magazine… So these are from the March issue…

Features and Essays – Michael Christopher Brown: Alaska Yukon Trek (NGM: March 2011)

Features and Essays - NGM (various photographers): Age of Man (NGM: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Fritz Hoffman: Battle for the Soul of Kung Fu (NGM: March 2011)

Features and Essays - Nick Cobbing: The Ocean Acid (Discover: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Martin Schoeller: Up Close and Personal (The Age: 2011)

Have to put a link up to this Parr series on Slate.. the photos are old, but any excuse to share a photo from Finland is a good one…

Features and Essays – Martin Parr: Bored Couples (Slate: 2011)

Features and Essays – Markel Redondo: In God’s Hands (Panos: February 2011) Hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans risk their lives each year trying to reach the United States.

Format Festival opens today in Derby…Two related slideshows…

Features and Essays Joel Meyerowitz at the Format International Photography Festival – in pictures (Guardian: February 2011)

Features and Essays - BBC News – In pictures: Format Festival of Photography (BBC)

Features and Essays – Conor O’Leary: Glimpse (Photographer’s website: March 2011)

Projects JR is launching a global collaborative art project Inside Out

Awards – PDN30 2011

CrowdfundingTomas van Houtryve : 21st Century Communism

AgenciesVII Photo March Newsletter

Agencies – Magnum Photos – March Newsletter

Articles - Vladimir Vyatkin: What’s wrong with global photojournalism? (Russia Beyond the Headlines: 2011)

Going to Foundry this summer? I’m gonna… with Veronica… Check out the list of instructors…

Workshops - Foundry Photojournalism Workshop : Buenos Aires 2011 : Updated list of instructors

Would love to go to Eddie Adams too, if they’d only take me…

Workshops - Eddie Adams workshop : Apply

World Press Photo of the Year 2010 reduced to marketing spiel?

“Photo settings: D3, AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G, ISO 800, 1/40 at f/3.2″

I always thought the Bieber shot was 645, as the dimensions aren’t 6×4/35mm…(more like 6×7 actually), and also because I seem to remember seeing a video of her shooting 645…Anyway…Looking at a photograph such as this and then to be talking about the equipment, doesn’t quite feel right to me, whether it’s the Nikon blog or me doing it…So I’m not going to dwell on this…

Articles - I Am Nikon: World Press Photo of the Year 2010 (Nikon blog: March 2010)

InterviewsJan Grarup on Photojournalism  (Fotosidan.se: 2011)

Interviews - Andy Clark : The Gulf War remembered (Reuters photo blog: February 2011)

Interviews - Christian Hansen (NYT Lens: March 2011)

Photographers - Reinaldo Loureiro

PhotographersJulie Dermansky

BooksThe Photo Book Club

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Sunday 27 February 2011

This is probably one of the longest blog posts so far, at least in terms of number of links, so better get started right away…

Let’s start off with Yuri Kozyrev…The photographer sure seems to move a lot…First he impressed with his Egypt work, then he was in Bahrain, and now he is already in Libya…

Features and Essays - Yuri Kozyrev: Libya in Revolt (TIME: February 2011)

The New York Times have a very impressive line-up of photographers working for them in Libya, most recent addition being Lynsey Addario…Here’s the most recent (at the time of writing) NYT slideshow on Libya including work by Moises Saman,Ed Ou, Scott Nelson, Tyler Hicks, and Lynsey Addario….

Photo: Moises Saman

Features and Essays – NYT: As Embassies Close, People Flee Libya (Ou, Saman, Hicks, Nelson, and Addario)

Libya elsewhere…Tweeted by @TelegraphPics earlier today…

Features and Essays - Julian Simmonds: Libya (Telegraph: February 2011) “Exclusive pictures from Libya by Telegraph photographer Julian Simmonds”

From yesterday…

Features and Essays - Guardian: Libya (Guardian: February 2011)

This is from two days ago..

Features and Essays – Boston Globe Big Picture: Libya: Unrest and uncertainty (Boston Globe: February 2011)


Features and Essays - Gianni Cipriano: Lampedusa Flooded by Migrants from Tunisia (TIME: February 2011)

Liz Hingley’s Under Gods project  about different religions along one single Birmingham road,  which will be published as a book by Dewi Lewis later this month, was featured in a big way in Saturday’s Guardian Weekend Magazine…18 photos on six pages, plus one on the contents page… Here’s an iPhone snap of the opening spread…

And now go and see some of the photos here….

Features and Essays – Liz Hingley: Revolutionary road (Guardian: February 2011) Article by John Harris | Photographer Liz Hingley spent 18 months visiting Soho Road, Birmingham capturing the people who live here – people who have their roots in around 170 countries

Features and Essays – Steve McCurry: Desert Storm’s Surreal Final Days (TIME: February 2011) McCurry recounts the scene in Kuwait 20 years ago

Features and Essays - Kate Holt: Boost hospital in Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan – audio slideshow (Guardian: February 2011) @katjaeholt | website

Features and Essays – Alixandra Fazzina:  Newborn Health and Survival: Spotlight on Pakistan (Heathlynewbornnetwork: February 2011) via @alixfazzina

Features and Essays - TIME – Pictures of week (TIME: February 2011)

TIME’s Pictures of the Week opens with a strong photo from DRC by Pete Muller…and I had to look up his personal website…

PhotographersPete Muller

The below link doesn’t seem to work at the time of writing this, but hopefully later again…

Features and Essays - Gabriela Bulisova: Iraqi Refugees (Burn: February 2011)

Features and Essays - Lori Waselchuk: Grace Before Dying (Project website)

Foto8 Story of the Week…Not keen on how the slideshows for these weekly features are often put together……random audio put on changing slides..rather distracting…Was happy to learn about Maja Daniels’ work though.. Her work was previously unknown to me…

Features and Essays - Maja Daniels: The Freetown (Foto8: February 2011)

Daniels’ website is worth looking at… especially her Into Oblivion project…

PhotographersMaja Daniels

Features and Essays – Kate Brooks: A Decade of Photographs from the Middle East (New Yorker Photo Booth: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Raghu Rai: India (Guardian: January 2011)

Interviews - Raghu Rai (Guardian: January 2011) via @wemarijnissen

“Shooting a portrait is like making love by surprise” – Raghu Rai

Interviews - Raghu Rai (Tehelka: 2011)

AwardsWHNPA : Eyes of History 2011 winners

Awards - Days Japan 2011 winners

AwardsThe Amnesty Media Awards 2011 : Deadline 1 March 2011 via @StephenSidlo

InterviewsTim Hetherington (TIME: February 2011)  An Oscar Nominee’s Book of Infidel Photographs

All the best to @TimHetherington at the Oscars tonight…

Articles - Huffington Post: From the Korengal Valley to the Kodak Theatre: The Long Journey of Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington’s Oscar-nominated Restrepo (Huffington Post: February 2011)

Interviews - Rob Horstra (Telegraph: 2011)

InterviewsElliott Erwitt (Dazed: February 2011)

Grants - David Campbell has a useful list of grants on his website

GrantsManuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation Grant

Festivals – Documentary photographers have until 31 March to submit work to the Noorderlicht Photofestival (BJP: February 2011)

Events – The Social’s back on Monday 28th Feb - join BJP and the Photographers’ Gallery at Barrio Central, Poland Street, London

DuckRabbit have been looking into Marco Vernaschi again…

Articles - DuckRabbit: Faking it – how to win a World Press Award but get banned from a wildlife comp for life (Duckrabbit: February 2011)

Articles – Guardian: Unreal cities: Sohei Nishino’s magical photographic maps of London, Tokyo and utopia (Guardian: February 2011) On Eyewitness page you can see one of his pieces big.

Articles – Guardian: Photographer Michael Hess’s best shot (Guardian: February 2011)

Articles - BJP: Magnum Photos partners with Leica (BJP: February 2011)

ArticlesCorbis Sygma set to destroy 12 million photographs

Projects Nuru Project : Nuru Project leverages photography as an agent for social change in the developing world.

ProjectsThe Darkroom Project

Projects - Sacha Project

Universities - Press and Editorial Photography : University College Falmouth

Articles - Black Star Rising: To Succeed in Photography, Today’s Students Must Chart Their Own Course | response: Sorry, Photography Students, But It’s Time to Find Something Else to Do (Black Starr Rising: February 2011) via @jeremycowart

Articles - Clancco: Why Are Model Release Forms So Important? (Clancco: February 2011)

Tutorials and Tips – Mike Davis: How to Avoid Making A Cliche (Mike Davis blog: February 2011)

Tutorials and Tips – Mathieu Grandjean: Tips for a Successful Long-Term Project – How to Keep Motivated & Refine Your Process‘ (WorldPhoto.org: 2011)

Kodak has a new Portra400 out, which replaces the NC and VC versions of the old Portra400…Saw @AmberMaitland tweet this, and couldn’t help but take a peek..

Equipment – Kodak Portra 400 pushed to 3200 by Jonathan Canlas

To finish off…

…a joke: “Facebook asks me what I’m thinking. Twitter asks me what I’m doing. Foursquare asks me where I am. Conclusion: the internet is my girlfriend” from @rmedina

…and some Sunday amusement from Observer’s New Review…miniature street art here

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Thursday 24 February 2011

Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain…. now Libya….

New York Times have several photographers on the ground..Scott Nelson, Ed Ou, Moises Saman, as well as Tyler Hicks…

Photo: Scott Nelson

Features and Essays – NYT (Scott Nelson, Tyler Hicks, Ed Ou and Moises Saman): Libyans Call for Qaddafi to Step Down (NYT: February 2011)

The day before…

Features and Essays – NYT (Ed Ou, Scott Nelson et al): Turmoil Continues in Libya (NYT: February 2011)

Two days ago…

Features and Essays – NYT (Ed Ou, Scott Nelson et al): Towns Slip From Qaddafi’s Control (NYT: February 2011) Libya

Egypt …

Features and Essays – Moises Saman: How Far Will a Revolution Reach? (NYT: February 2011) Egypt


Features and Essays - Yuri Kozyrev: Crackdown in Bahrain (TIME: February 2011)

Yuri Kozyrev’s Egypt work now also on NOOR website…Truly extraordinary…

Features and Essays – Yuri Kozyrev: Egypt’s Tumult (NOOR: February 2011)

Tumult in Wisconsin…

Features and Essays – Shaul Schwarz: Showdown in Wisconsin (TIME: February 2011) Union protests

Features and Essays – Adam Patterson: Another lost child : an escape from south London gang life (Guardian: February 2011) An exhibition at the Photofusion gallery in South London shows how a friendship with photographer Adam Patterson changed the life of one former gang member

Features and Essays - Edward Burtynsky: Pentimento/Gulf Oil Spill (FT: 2011)

Articles - NYT Lens: What Does Mercy Look Like? (NYT Lens: February 2011) Mercy is commonly defined as compassion, forgiveness, kindness or an act of piety. But photographs of prisoners reaching through bars, a wrestler being contorted by masked men and an infant dressed for burial are among the many interpretations of the word in the book “The Mercy Project/Inochi,” created and curated by James Whitlow Delano.

Features and Essays – Patrick Witty: Mr Presidents (PDN: February 2011)

Incredibly powerful piece on the Medevacs in Afghanistan by cameraman Vaughan Smith…

Videos – Vaughan Smith on life and death on the frontline in Afghanistan (psmithjournalist.com: February 2011)

Another Google Street View project…. Which I actually.. shock shock horror… kinda like!

Articles – BJP: The View from the Streets (BJP: February 2011)

Articles - BJP: National Portrait Gallery investigated judge-winner relationship (BJP: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Boston Globe Big Picture: New York Fashion Week: Behind the scenes (Boston Globe: February 2011)

Loads of interviews to share… I love reading, watching, listening ‘em..

First two I never posted last month even I meant to…

Interviews - James Nachtwey : Photographing the Birds of Hope: An Army Medevac Unit in Afghanistan (TIME: January 2011) video

Neither posted this…

“If you do this long enough, you will eventually find yourself in a bad situation”

Interviews - Moises Saman (Columbia Journalism Review: 2010)

Some interviews I just discovered via Twitter or by email…

“I am a journalist and I think my job usually is to document a reality not to make it pretty.”

Interviews - Shaul Schwarz (Commarts.com: February 2011)

Interviews - Melissa Golden (Thisisthewhat: February 2011) @_MelissaGolden

Interviews - Sally Mann (NPR: February 2011)

Interviews - Andrew Testa (Zorye: 2011)

InterviewsBrian Ulrich (Vimeo)

InterviewsSteve McCurry (Irish Times: 2011)

Interviews - Yumi Goto (Sojournposse: 2011)

InterviewsRoger Ballen (e-photoreview: February 2011)

Interviews Bruce Gilden meets Jake La Motta (BJP: February 2011)

Interviews - Celia Talbot Tobin (NYT Lens: February 2011)


Awards – NYT Lens: Unveiling the Pictures of the Year (NYT Lens: Februry 2011)

Articles - Jeremy Nicholl: World Press Photo’s Afghan War (Jeremy Nicholl blog: February 2011)

Articles / Tutorials – PDN: How to Distribute Your Self-Published Book (PDN: February 2011)

Articles – BJP: Photographers’ Gallery raises £325,000 in auction (BJP: February 2011)

Articles - BJP: US Marines pull the plug on photojournalism experiment (BJP: February 2011)

Articles – Guardian: Photographer Adam Patterson takes shots as the crew lowers its guard (Guardian: February 2011)

Articles – Professional Photographer: Robert Frank Profile (Pro Photo mag: 2010)

Articles – Professional Photographer: Bruce Weber Profile (Pro Photo mag: 2010)

Articles - Guardian: Elliott Erwitt’s law of intended consequences (Guardian: February 2011) Elliott Erwitt’s photo sequences leave his subjects multiply exposed, as the mood of one frame is shattered in the next

Agencies - Demotix : Recently joined forces with both PA and Newscorp to distribute images

AgenciesBurnham-Niker (commercial agency in London)

Joerg Colberg of Conscientious is back on Twitter…

Twitter - @jmcolberg

One of the links shared by Mr Colberg…

Blogs - Beikey.net: Sunset soldiers (Beikey.netL February 2011)

Photographers - Salem Krieger

PhotographersLisa Krantz

Interviews and Talks / Tutorials and Tips – Guardian: Ask the experts: How to become a professional photographer (Guardian: February 2011) Have an eye for a good picture and the skill to turn your passion for photography into a career?

Articles / Tutorials – Solar Power! Charging your photo gear out in the wild

Articles / Tutorials - BBC: How to make money from your photos (BBC: February 2011)

Services - Touch Me (UK) : they make websites

Jobs One week left to get your applications in for the Panos Pictures multimedia internship

War of words: “Copy editors the world over remember the battle of Gaddafi vs. Khadafy vs. Qadhafi.” – @mikerrr

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Sunday 20 February 2011

Before we kick off with this week’s second instalment of Photojournalism Links, I’d like to draw your attention to the right hand side of the screen. I’m thrilled to announce I have two new sponsors: Newswear, a company many of you are probably familiar with, and Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, equally known to most of you, I’m sure.

Now to the links…


Features and Essays – Yuri Kozyrev: Crackdown in Bahrain (TIME: February 2011)

Features and Essays - Rick Loomis: Unrest in Bahrain (LA Times: February 2011)

This is from a couple of days ago…when it all kicked off in Pearl Square…

Features and Essays – Andrea Bruce: Crackdown in Pearl Square (NYT: February 2011)


Features and Essays - Kim Badawi: Egyptian Revolutionaires (Reportage by Getty Images: February 2011) Portraits

Features and Essays - Benedicte Kurzen: Egypt – Freedom of Speech (VII Network: February 2011)

I watched the below Guy Martin slideshow and interview a couple of days ago… the link doesn’t seem to work at the moment (when I’m posting this), but I’ll just put this down here, just in case it’s OK later…

Features and Essays – Guy Martin: Tahrir Square (Foto8: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Todd Heisler: Uganda Election Posters (NYT: February 2011)

Msnbc.com has a  32 photo (!) edit of Shaul Schwarz’s  long term project on Mexican Narco culture up on their website…I’ve seen some of the photos previously on Schwarz’ NGM piece, Troubled Spirits, and the TIME piece, Narcocorridos, last year,  but it’s great to see photos from those two features put together into one big edit with previously unseen Narco culture work…

Features and Essays – Shaul Schwarz: Narco Culture (Msnbc.com: February 2011) Mexico/US

An Irishman’s take on England…

Features and Essays - Seamus Murphy: Think of England (VII Network: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Majid Saeedi: Afghanistan Bodybuilders (In Focus: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Maciek Nabrdalik: Chernobyl’s Outskirts (VII Network: February 2011)

Some of the most recent features on the Panos Pictures website…

Features and Essays - Karla Gachet and Ivan Kashinsky: Land of Fire (Panos: February 2011) Patagonia, Argentina

Including…. new work from World Press Photo winner Andrew McConnell….

Features and Essays – Andrew McConnell: Gaza Rubble Co. (Panos: February 2011)

Features and Essays - Hossein Fatemi: Landmine Legacy (Panos: February 2011)

Features and Essays - Zackary Canepari and Drea Cooper: Uppercut (Panos: February 2011) multimedia

Features and Essays – Brent Stirton: Gold’s Costly Dividend (Reportage by Getty Images: February 2011) Papua New Guinea

Features and Essays – Oxana Onipko: Islamization of Russia (Reportage by Getty Images: February 2011)

Marcus Bleasdale…

Articles/ Videos - Telegraph: Victims of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army (Telegraph: February 2011)

Articles / Features and Essays - NPR: Picturing Pakistan’s Floods: Photographer Daniel Berehulak Looks Back (NPR: February 2011)

The World Press Photo of the Year debate continues…

Articles - Duckrabbit: Maggie Steber accuses duckrabbit of conducting a witchunt on Jodi Bieber. (duckrabbit: February 2011)

Articles – Paul Hoffman: Award-winning War in Afghanistan photo series raises debate: Is photojournalism an objective practice? (Editorsweblog.org: February 2011)

Articles – Rachel Somerstein: The “Year’s Best” Photojournalism: What It Is, and Why (Some of It) Still Matters (Guernica: February 2011)

Articles - Independent: Rebel with a camera: Dennis Hopper’s stunning photographic archive is revealed (Independent: February 2011)

Articles – PDN: Photographer Seamus Murphy Directs PJ Harvey Video (PDN: February 2011)

Articles - PDN: Fair Fee for Photo of Arizona Shooting Victim? Or Price Gouging? (PDN: February 2011)

Articles - Jen Bekman: Portfolio Review Do ‘ s and Don ‘ ts (One Reviewer ‘ s Opinions) (Jen Bekman blog: May 2010)

Articles – Guardian: Featured photographer: Kevin Frayer (Guardian: February 2011)

InterviewsCheryl Newman : Photographic Director, Telegraph Magazine (Professional Photographer)

Interviews – William Albert Allard : Five Decades (National Geographic) (Youtube)

Interviews - Sally Mann (NPR: February 2011)

Interviews – Malick Sidibé (ASX: 2009)

Jon Levy…

Interviews – Jon Levy : Getting your work publishedPhotojournalism as art : On photography competitionsTechnology as a means to an end (Open College of Arts Vimeo)

Great interview with Tim Hetherington..done by Levy…

InterviewsTim Hetherington (Professional Photographer: January 2011)

Interviews - Peter Turley on 60 Minutes in the late 90s (The Online Photographer)

Interviews - Sophia Spring (The Right Exposure Project: 2011)

Couple more interviews..Ended up  looking at Damon Winter’s personal site the day after reading on PDN he had won the POYi Newspaper Photographer of the Year…

…after which I surfed over to Too Much Chocolate blog to re-read this great interview of him from 2009…

InterviewsDamon Winter (TMC: 2009)

Another good Winter interview from late 2009 here (Columbia College Today: 2009)

Photographers - Luca Sage

Photographers - Sarah Lee

PhotographersMartyn Aim

Luca Tommasini has updated his site.. go and have a look…

Photographers - Luca Tommasini

PhotographersTom Szustek


Articles - Guardian: In the mood for love: Ed van der Elsken’s Love on the Left Bank (Guardian: February 2011) The Dutch photographer’s groundbreaking book – just reprinted – captures the birth of rebellious youth culture in 1950s Europe, blending reportage with seductive fantasy

Agencies - NOOR February 2011 Newsletter

Articles - Artinfo:  British Photo Judge Investigated For Giving Prize to His Partner (Artinfo.com: February 2011)

Paris Photo is going through some changes…

Articles - BJP: Former Magnum Photos’ director appointed to head up Paris Photo, which will move out of Le Louvre (BJP: February 2011)

Articles – BJP: Magnum Photos’ tagging game (BJP: February 2011)

Events / Workshops – Spend a day and a half with Simon Norfolk, Rob Hornstra and Zed Nelson exploring documentary filmmaking, self publishing, fine art commissions and the business of photograph : London : May 14-15 (Institute)

Not as random as I thought after reading the below title…

Articles – PDN: PDN Video Pick: William Eggleston Plays the Piano (PDN: 2011)

Articles- 5 Reasons Why You Should Post Pricing on Your Photography Website (Current Photographer.com: 2011)

Articles – TUAW: AP photographer uses MyWi to cover Bahrain protests (TUAW: February 2011)

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February 20, 2011 at 5:26 pm

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Wednesday 16 February 2011

Let’s start with some World Press Photo winners’ interviews…

Interviews - Daniel Morel (BJP: February 2011)

Interviews - Jodi Bieber (Mediaclubsouthafrica: February 2011)

InterviewsAndrew McConnell (Msnbc: February 2011) Photoblog exclusive: Interview with World Press Photo winner Andrew McConnell

InterviewsMichael Wolf (BJP: February 2011) World Press Photo: Is Google Street View photojournalism?

Photographers - Michael Wolf

I took another look at the winners gallery on the Word Press Photo site, and I couldn’t feel a bit baffled that the 1st prize sports story went to photographer Adam Pretty for ‘sports portfolio’… his photos were great, but how portfolio can be seen as a story, I don’t understand…I preferred the 2nd prize winner Tomasz Gudzowaty’s Mexico Car Frenzy piece in the sense that it was a clear story and very, very strong… Had to check out his personal site…

Photo: Tomasz Gudzowaty

PhotographersTomasz Gudzowaty

Wasn’t familiar with his work before…Neither did I know of these photographer…no that they were the only ones…

Daily Life 2nd prize singles winner…

PhotographersMalte Jaeger

Daili life 2nd prize stories winner…

PhotographersFernando Moleres

It was nice to see some smiles in the World Press Photo winners gallery too..Such a great and simple idea by Amit Madheshiya…

The above is from Arts and Entertainment: 1st prize stories

Interesting fact, if true, in Scott Strazzante tweet yesterday…”All you need to know about subjectivity of contests- World Press Photo of the Year voted out in 1st round of POYi portrait judging”

Articles – BagNewsNotes: What’s Wrong with the World Press Choice of “Photo of the Year”? (BNN: February 2011)

Articles – DuckRabbit: World Press or Propaganda? (Duckrabbit: Februrary 2011)

Articles - Joerg Colberg: It is that time of the year again(Conscientious: February 2011)

Photos: Jodi Bieber (left); Steve McCurry (right)

Articles – David Campbell: Thinking Images v.10: Jodi Bieber’s Afghan girl portrait in context (David Campbell blog: February 2011)

Articles – Jeremy Nicholl: An Unfortunate Event At World Press Photo (Jeremy Nicholl blog: February 2011)

Articles - Greg Ruffing: On Technology and Photography: Damon Winter in POY, Michael Wolf in World Press (Photographer’s blog: February 2011)


Articles - PDN: Damon Winter Wins Newspaper Photographer of the Year at POYi (PDN: February 2011)

Bill Allard on photo contests…

Articles - William Albert Allard: Awards (Photographer’s blog: February 2011)

PhotographersWilliam Albert Allard

Back to Cairo….

Photo: Alex Majoli

Features and Essays - Alex Majoli: The Agony and Ecstacy (Newsweek: February 2011) Egypt

Photo: Peter Turnley/Corbis

Features and Essays - Peter Turnley: Turning Point of Revolution in Egypt (Photographer’s website: February 2011) Same series on The Online Photographer with interesting notes by Turnley himself.

Photo: David Degner

Features and Essays - WSJ (David Degner and Guy Martin): Celebrations Follow Resignation in Egypt (WSJ: February 2011)

More photos added since Saturday to the Cairo gallery by Dominic Nahr on the TIME website…

Features and Essays – Dominic Nahr: Uprising in Cairo (TIME: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Etienne De Malglaive: Fort Liberty in Tahrir Square (Photographer’s archive: February 2011)

Articles - BJP: Dispatches from Tahrir Square – Photographers recount their experiences in Cairo and look at the future (BJP: February 2011)

Photo: Francesco Alesi

Features and Essays – Francesco Alesi: The Limbo Nation (Parallelo Zero: 2011) Nagorno Karabakh, South Caucasus

Features and Essays - Ed Kashi: The Leaves Keep Falling (VII Magazine: February 2011) Legacy of Agent Orang

Features and Essays – Richard Nicholson: London’s Last Darkrooms (Telegraph: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Evan Joseph: New York City At Night (Telegraph: February 2011)

Features and Essays – David Trilling: Turkmenistan: While Officials Frolic, Caspian Gas Mecca Rusts and Groans (Eurasianet.org: 2011)

Features and Essays - Sebastien van Malleghem: Police (burn: February 2011)

Poulomi Basu’s To Conquer Her Land now in Guernica….

Features and Essays - Poulomi Basu: To Conquer Her Land (Guernica: February 2011)

Daniel Cuthbert’s Bushmen on BBC…

Features and Essays - Daniel Cuthbert: South Africa’s Bushmen under threat (BBC: February 2011)

Eugene Richards interview Gerry Badger did with him in 2009…related to his War is Personal work and book

InterviewsEugene Richards (BJP: 2009)

Speaking of books…Congratulations again to Ben Lowy …

Photo: Ben Lowy

Articles – BJP: Benjamin Lowy wins First Photography Book Prize (BJP: February 2011)

Articles - CDS Awards: William Eggleston Selects Benjamin Lowy to Win First Book Prize in Photography (CDS: February 2011)

More books…

BooksDewiLewis : new 2011 catalogue is now available to download.

Interviews - Larry Clark (Guardian: February 2011)

InterviewsPhilip Lorca di Corcia (NYT: February 2011)

Interviews - Jon Levy (Vimeo)

Intervews - Misha Erwitt (Leica blog: 2011)

Saw Andrew Burton tweet this: “If you work, contribute or are interested in any form of media, entertainment or journalism, READ THIS:”

Articles - NYT: David Carr: At Media Companies, a Nation of Serfs (NYT: February 2011)

Articles – NYT: War Photographer Remembered at Paris Show (NYT: 2011)

Articles - A Photo Editor: Recent Facebook Changes Are Bad For Professional Photographers (APE: February 2011)

Articles - Verve Photo: Rachel Mummey (Verve: February 2011)

My friend Conor O’Leary, is probably even a bigger PJ hound than me… tweeted this the other day…

“New website and new work from Mikhael Subotzky”…better check it out then…

The above is from Subotzky’s couple of years old Beaufort West series

PhotographersMikhael Subotzky … the new work

Photographers - Will Berridge

AgenciesVII Network February 2011 newsletter

InterviewsEdward Linsmier (Tampabay.com: February 2011) St. Petersburg Times photo intern Edward Linsmier

Resources - Shakodo

TutorialsHow to shoot video for News and documentary (iTunes)

Resources - The Pocket Locator | more info

Videos / InterviewsPhotographer Alec Soth on a Life of Approaching Strangers (Youtube)

Grants - Michael P. Smith Fund For Documentary Photography

To finish off, a joke… “So this SEO expert walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor…” via @pud

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February 16, 2011 at 12:55 pm

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Saturday 12 February 2011

I was supposed to begin with World Press Photo links, but after last night’s events in Cairo, I think it’s only right to start with Egypt…

Photo: Marco Longari

Features and Essays - NYT Lens: Pictures of the Day: Egypt and Elsewhere (NYT: February 2011)

The New York Times Egypt gallery again….

Features and Essays - NYT: Protests in Egypt (NYT: February 2011)

Photo: Alan Chin

Features and Essays - Alan Chin: Mubarak No More (BNN: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Ed Ou: Young Egyptian’s Spread Their Message (NYT: February 2011) video Cairo’s Facebook Flat

Features and Essays – Magnum: Egypt by Magnum photographers (Magnum: February 2011)

From Los Angeles Times…

Features and Essays – Michael Robinson Chavez: Firsthand account of Cairo clashes (LAT: February 2011) Times photographer Michael Robinson Chavez recounts his experiences covering the bloody clashes as thousands of supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak attacked anti-government protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Wednesday.

Photo: Moises Saman

InterviewsEd Ou and Moises Saman : Photographing the Celebration in Cairo (NYT Lens: February 2011)

Great piece by Stephen Farrell on the Lens blog the other day…still relevant as an insight into how difficult it was for a lot of photojournalists to work in Cairo…

Interviews - Stephen Farrell : What Not to Bring to Tahrir Square (NYT Lens: February 2011)

Interviews - Ron Haviv : Reading faces in Tahrir square (MSNBC: February 2011)

Now to World Press Photo…Congratulation to Jodi Bieber for winning the top prize this year!

Awards - World Press Photo 2011 Winners Gallery

Photo: Jodi Bieber

Articles - CPN: Jodi Bieber wins World Press Photo of the Year 2010 (CPN: February 2011)

InterviewsJodi Bieber (World Press Photo: February 2011) A phone call to Jodi Bieber
World Press Photo managing director called South African photographer Jodi Bieber to tell her the news that her photo was selected as the World Press Photo of the Year 2010.)

Great World Press Photo coverage by BJP’s @OliviercLaurent yesterday….

Articles - BJP: Jodie Bieber wins World Press Photo (BJP: February 2011)

Articles - BJP: Independent photographers win big at World Press Photo (BJP: February 2011)

Photo: Olivier Laban-Mattei

Articles – BJP : World Press Photo judges about the shocking images in this year’s result (BJP: February 2011)

Articles - NYT Lens: Is This the Best News Picture in the World? (NYT Lens: February 2011

Damon Winter/3rd place POYi/Hipstamatic debate…

Articles – Poynter: Chat replay: What role do image apps like Hipstamatic have in photojournalism? (Poynter: February 2011)

Photo: Damon Winter

Interviews – Damon Winter: Through My Eye, Not Hipstamatic’s (NYT Lens: February 2011)

Interviews – Damon Winter : Winter explains process, philosophy behind award-winning Hipstamatic photos (Poynter: February 2011)

Articles – Chip Litherland: There’s an App for Photojournalism (Photographer’s blog: February 2011)

Articles – DVA Foto: Some thoughts on iPhone pictures and POYi (Dva Foto: February 2011)

About POYi in general…

Articles - NYT: And the Winnner Is…. Anonymous (NYT Lens: February 2011)

And don’t forget to read the latest from Shit Photojournalists Like…

Blogs - SFL: Photography Contests (SFL: February 2011)

And to other things…

Photo: Steve McCurry

Features and Essays – Steve McCurry: The Last Roll of Kodachrome (Vanity Fair: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Christopher Anderson: A Little Goes a Long Way (Magnum in Motion: February 2011) Hunger in America

Features and Essays – Peter DiCampo: Life Without Lights (Project website) Project blog

Features and Essays – Christian Lutz: Tropical Gift (MSNBC: February 2011)

Features and Essays - Kevin Frayer/AP: A Bird’s-eye View of Afghanistan (TIME: February 2011) Helmand province as seen from the air

Features and Essays – Brent Stirton: Gold’s Costly Dividend (Human Rights Watch: 2011)

Features and Essays - Katie Orlinsky: Persevering in Ciudad Juárez (NYT: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Brian Cassey: Cyclone Yasi – CAT 5 (Fotostrada: February 2010) Queensland, Australia

Sad news from Afghanistan…

News – PDN: Photojournalist Giles Duley Gravely Injured in Afghanistan (PDN)

Always worth checking out the Month in Photography…Guardian’s multimedia guide to best exhibitions and books….

Photo: Balazs Gardi

Exhibitions and Books – Guardian: The Month in Photography

Articles - Telegraph: Sony World Photography Awards 2011 – professional finalists and shortlisted images (Telegraph: February 2011) Same in New Yorker

Fundraising - The Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall (Indiegogo)

BlogsThe Atlantic : In Focus

Articles – Guardian: Featured photojournalist: Carlos Barria (Guardian: February 2011)

InterviewsPeter Turnley interview on Ceausescu, Honecker,Tiananmen, Mubarak (CNN: February 2011)

Interviews - Yumi Goto (e-photoreview: February 2011)

Interviews - Mike Berube (e-photoreview: January 2011)

Interviews - Jonathan Taggart (NYT Lens: February 2011)


Competitions - Foam Magazine is accepting submissions from under 35yo photogs for their Talent Issue.

Grants - Judges named for Getty Images Grants for Good. Photographers may apply by March 1.

FestivalsThe New York Photo Festival now open for submissions Deadline FEB 25 2011 Theme: Provocation

Festivals – Noorderlicht : Voices of the Middle East : Call for submissions

Workshops/Events - Rhubarb-Rhubarb : See expecially their seminars page here : Next two seminars: Title: Photography Still Moving Date: 19th March 2011 Time:10.30am – 4.30 pm Venue: The Box, QUAD Market Place Cathedral Quarter Derby DE1 3AS UK AND Title: The Crossing : WM Date: 26th March 2011 Time: 11am – 6pm Venue: The Theatre , The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Digbeth, Birmingham . B9 4AA

Equipment - Thuraya

Equipment - BGAN

Articles - Todd Bigelow: 10 things photo assistant should pay attention to (Todd Bigelow blog: February 2011)

Articles - Wada Laube: Some lessons from Leibovitz (Wada Laube blog: February 2011) Found via @LucasJacksonRTR

Articles - Casey Templeton: Bringing Your Vision to Your Clients Brand (Photographer’s blog: February 2011)

I’m ashamed to state this… but I can’t help but recognise myself in the people in Tim Fadek’s photo below…. I might be out with Veronica and our friends having a great time or something and I still can’t stop fiddling my iPhone…

Photo: Tim Fadek

Articles/Features and Essays – Tim Fadek: Is Social Media Destroying Public Interaction? (BNN: February 2011)

Photographers - Victoria Will

PhotographersBen Cannon

Photographers - Spencer Murphy

PhotographersCharles Ludeke

Agencies - The Church of London

I saw @timfadek tweet this… “Viber is great, free phone calls to other members on iPhone. Like skype but more reliable” http://www.viber.com/ Have to check it out, definitely….

@valerioberdini tweeted this….pretty funny… How To Be Cool at a Gallery Opening

Gotta love Bill Cunningham…Probably first time I’ve seen Anna Wintour without sunglasses…She looks pretty… the sunglasses always gave me a mean vibe of her…

Trailer - Bill Cunningham New York

News - Alec Soth diversifies into print & scan photography services.

Nearly 2,5K views yesterday…all time record…and I didn’t even do updates…I think it was all those people googling “Jodi Bieber” that brought most of the traffic..

To finish off, a joke: “A man goes to doctor..”I’m addicted to Twitter”, he says…Doctor says: “I’m sorry, I don’t follow you” via @JemimaGoldsmith

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