Saturday 13 November 2010

First updates since Wednesday..Been interesting couple of days… Visiting London on Thursday for  Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize show at National Portrait Gallery… a bargain for £2…

and World Press Photo 2010 exhibition opening at Royal Festival Hall…

I bumped into Olivier Laurent (who showed me some 5D footage he had done recently while following Bruce Gilden do his thang in Derby…I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the edited piece soon on BJP website) and a couple of other friends at the opening…nice evening. Got back to Brighton very late but had to return to London early Friday morning  for an assignment (why I didn’t  take my gear with me and stay for the night, I can’t understand) and then jump straight back on the train in the afternoon to make it to the Magnum Expression Awards ceremony held at Brighton university. Dead tired afterwards…I slept 11(!) hours last night…Been editing all morning. Now finally some time for my hobby…

By the way, in case you didn’t hear it already, the 2010 Magnum Expression Award final shortlist of three – out of the publicly shown shortlist of 20 – was Rob Hornstra, Yvonne Venegas, and Julian Roeder and the winner… announced by Martin Parr who was in the jury…  is Yvonne Venegas ..



Features and Essays - Moises Saman: Haiti’s Second Calamity: Scenes from the Cholera Outbreak (TIME: November 2010)

Features and Essays - Spencer Platt: Haiti Cholera (MSF: November 2010)

Features and Essays – Paul Smith: Lost (Panos: November 2010) Colombia

Features and Essays - Lynsey Addario: TB Crisis (audio slideshow) |  TB Crisis (stills) (New Yorker Photo Booth: November 2010)

InterviewsLynsey Addario (CNN: November 2010)

More on TB…

Features and Essays - David Rochkind: TB Moldova (BBC: November 2010)

Prix Pictet shortlist…My favourites are Edward Burtynsky and Mitch Epstein…I posted this Burtynsky one before when his Oil was on Foreign Policy , but man, I’d love to see a print of this…

Awards / Articles – FT: Windows on the World (FT: November 2010)  An exhibition of selected works runs until November 27 at Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris.  For more information on the Prix Pictet, go to www.prixpictet.com

Awards - The shortlisted artists for the third Prix Pictet prize in photography and sustainability are named (Guardian: November 2010)

Articles - Telegraph: Asian Women Photographers (Telegraph: November 2010) Curator Yumi Goto decribes her selection for this year’s Angkor Photo Festival.

Interviews / Tutorials - Lisa Pritchard: Ask an Agent: What work wins commissions? (BJP: November 2010)

Sean Gallagher was following David Cameron on the Prime Minister’s recent trip to China…

InterviewsSean Gallagher (BBC: November 2010)

Interviews -  Ryan Henriksen : 64th College Photographer of the Year (CPOY: November 2010)

BJP Vision 2010 conference is next Friday…. Gonna attend…although haven’t booked for the portfolio reviews…

Portfolio reviewsBJP Vision 2010

My friend Amanda Rivkin has a little print sale going on…

Photographers – Amanda Rivkin: Holiday Print Sale (Photographer’s blog: November 2010)

TwitterJeremy M Lange

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November 13, 2010 at 2:09 pm

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Wednesday 10 November 2010

@WorldPressPhoto just tweeted that the photo stories by the 2010 masterclass participants are now online…

Features and Essays - World Press Photo: Joop Swart Masterclass 2010 essays (WPP: November 2010)

There’s now a proper website to support injured photographer Joao Silva

InitiativesSupport Joao Silva

Awards – BJP: David Chancellor wins Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (BJP: November 2010)

Alex Webb’s National Geographic August 2010 issue essay The Iron Silk Road now in its entire glory – 81 photos! – on Magnum website

Features and Essays - Alex Webb: The Iron Silk Road (Magnum: November 2010)

Features and Essays – Ashley Gilbertson: Down (VII Magazine: November 2010)

Features and Essays - Shiho Fukada: Nightlife Still Lively in Baghdad Neighborhood (NYT: November 2010) Article: Savoring Baghdad, Where Each Night Is a Battle

World Press Photo exhibition private view tomorrow night and open to the public from Friday…One of the winners on Guardian Eyewitness…

Blogs – Guardian Eyewitness: Joan Bardeletti : It’s a dog’s life (Guardian: November 2010) This image of a Mozambican family on a day out at the beach came second in the daily life section of the World Press Photo awards. All the winners can be seen at the Royal Festival Hall, London from this Friday until 5 December

My friend Yasmina Reggad is organising a collectives encounter at Format 2011..

Festivals /Collectives – Call for expressions of interest : Collectives Encounter 2011 at FORMAT International Photo FestivalDeadline: 20 November 2010 Expressions of interest should be sent by email only: collectives@photo-festivals.com

Articles – BJP: Morel to pursue legal case as AFP tries to settle (BJP: November 2010)

Articles - NYT: Ansel Adams or Not? More Twists (NYT: November 2010)

Books – Island of the Spirits by John Stanmeyer (VII)

Timothy Archibald had his work on his autistic son on TIME and NYT Lens recently…here’s an interview with him..

InterviewsTimothy Archibald (popphoto.com: 2010)

Brighton Photo Biennial closes soon…Phaidon interviewed Martin Parr about it…

Interviews - Martin Parr (Phaidon: November 2010)

InterviewsDonald Weber (Colinpantall.com: 2010)

AgenciesNOOR November 2010 newsletter

PhotographersEnrico Bossan

Twitter - Mario Tama

TwitterLauren Heinz

TwitterCorbis Images

TwitterHollandse Hoogte

Veronica joined Twitter too!

Twitter - Veronica Sanchis Bencomo

Random thing we realised with Veronica having visited a bookshop in central Brighton…

[VENEZUELA. Caracas. 2006. A man in a devil costume runs around the streets of La Vega before a rally for Chavez. The act is to make fun of the idea of the "red devil of socialism."]

A crop of  Chris Anderson’s photo from his Capitolio series based in Venezuela is used on the cover of Bret Easton Ellis’ latest novel Imperial Bedrooms…

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November 10, 2010 at 3:30 pm

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Monday 8 November 2010

Features and Essays – Lynsey Addario: Suicide in Herat (NYT: November 2010) Afghanistan

Features and Essays - Ruben Reyes: An Ancient Culture in Mountainous Mexico (NYT Lens: November 2010)

Photographers – Ruben Reyes : website

Features and Essays – Rian Dundon: To Be Young and Cool in Burma (TIME: November 2010) The twenty-somethings who will inherit the country’s future

Exhibitions - Guardian: The month in photography (Guardian: November 2010) Guide to the 20 best photographic exhibitions and books

World Press Photo exhibition is opening in London this week…BBC’s Culture Show is going to have a piece on it on Thursday, and two of the UK winners (there were others too, of course), Nick Cobbing and Zed Nelson, should be on camera….

I saw the exhibition already in Perpignan, but the London opening event includes an interview session with several winners and judges from the 2010 World Press Photo Contest moderated by Jon Levy, founder of Foto8, so I’ll definitely go and of course the winning photographs are worth seeing again… including this…

Nature: 2nd prize singles:  Nick Cobbing, United Kingdom, for Greenpeace International.

TV - BBC Culture Show : Thursday, 19:00 on BBC Two (England, Scotland only) : Sarfraz Manzoor investigates the winning images of the 2010 World Press Photo competition, and Paul Auster talks about his latest book Sunset Park.

Interviews - Lauren Greenfield (Institute: 2010)

Competitions - BD Hope for a Healthy World Photo Competition : November 30, 2010

Kael Alford told me about this…

multiMediaEl Puercoespin : a new website based in Buenos Aires committed to publishing a new photo essay every two weeks. They are always looking for submissions. Some of the previous submissions.

Thanks Kael!

Articles - BBC: The funeral photographer (BBC: November 2010) “A professional photographer from London has found a niche in the market for taking family pictures. Priscilla Etienne has started up a business charging £500 to take photos at funerals. She says she wants to “descarify” the grieving process.”

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Saturday 6 November 2010

Features and Essays – Anthony Suau: A Detroit Food Bank Gets Food To Where It’s Needed Most (TIME: November 2010)

Ashley Gilbertson’s work of President Obama, originally shot for New York Times Magazine now also on VII website… 26 photographs… more than originally in ‘Inside the West Wing’on NYT.com…

Features and Essays – Ashley Gilbertson: President Obama (VII Network: November 2010)

Have I posted this before… not sure…

Features and Essays – Nina Berman: Party Till the Last Drop (NOOR: 2010) Las Vegas

I featured this last week when this was on TIME… now on NYT Lens…

Features and Essays – Timothy Archibald: Son and Father Pierce Autism’s Veil (NYT Lens: November 2010)

Features and Essays - Joao Silva: Bushmen Resettle on Outskirts of Reserve (NYT: November 2010)

Features and Essays –  Kadir van Lohuizen: Fragile Process (NOOR: November 2010) Iraq | Originally published in TIME

Interviews - NYT: Anton Corbijn (NYT T Magazine: November 2010)

Fotoweek DC is on…New Yorker Photo Booth blog features “100 Portraits/100 Photographers” projected during the week…including this one by Simon Roberts…

Articles - New Yorker: Monumental Portraits (New Yorker Photo Booth: November 2010) Fotoweek DC

Articles - New Yorker: Frames from Fiction : Hunters (New Yorker: November 2010)

Articles – Guardian: William Eggleston: the wonder of hue (Guardian: November 2010) William Eggleston’s thoroughly deserved retrospective, Democratic Camera, looks back at the ‘unhurried’ career of the father of fine-art colour photography

Articles – Telegraph: Bottom of ‘Da Boot: Kael Alford (Telegraph: November 2010) Photographer Kael Alford presents her short film on the people that live at the Bottom of ‘da Boot, Louisiana’s southeastern coast.

Articles – NPR: 100 Words: Matt Eich’s On An American Solstice (NPR: November 2010)

ResourcesMagnum Foundation: Emergency Fund

Twitter - EmergyFund : “The Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund sustains the coverage of critical issues through its support of independent photographers.”

TwitterLouise Clements

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Thursday 4 November 2010

Burmese general election is coming up on 7 November… Earlier today I received an email from a Panos Pictures photographer who is working inside the country undercover… Some of his work is up on the Panos website… He asked me not to name him… as Panos haven’t either…not to jeopardise his ability to continue working…

Features and Essays – Anonymous: Election Week in Burma (Panos: November 2010)

I’m gonna brag a little more… I had the pleasure to see a 70+ edit of Timothy Fadek’s brilliant Mongolia work on his iPad in Perpignan…. Now, some of  that work is published in Le Figaro in France.. I just wish they’d put more images online…and none of my favourites are included… but maybe the edit makes sense for the article… which I cannot understand…

Features and Essays - Timothy Fadek: Mongolia (Le Figaro: November 2010)

Features and Essays - Edmund Clark: If The Light Goes Out (Guardian: November 2010) Guantanamo | “Photographer Edmund Clark’s latest body of work is a series of pictures examining the institutional spaces of Guantánamo naval base and the psychological after-effects experienced by detainees. It is displayed in an exhibition at Flowers East Gallery in London, as well as being available in a book published by Dewi Lewis”

US mid-elections came and went, but Jason Andrew’s brilliant Tea Party Express series is up on New Yorker Photo Booth and still worth checking out….

Features and Essays – Jason Andrew: Riding With the Tea Party (New Yorker: November 2010)

Pakistan floods aftermath…

Features and Essays - Gideon Mendel: Pakistan floods: water torture (Guardian: October 2010)

Daniel Berehulak has added some of his Pakistan floods work on his website…Do have a look.

Stuart Freedman…

Photographers - Stuart Freedman has a new website and I just found out he is on Twitter too

AgenciesGill Turner : Commercial representation

New issue of Visura Magazine is out…

multiMediaVisura Magazine, issue 11

Chiara Oggioni Tiepolo got in touch about a Foiano Fotografia festival in Italy…

Festivals - Foiano Fotografia : “The Dreamers:” 6-28 November 2010 : Exhibitions: Casta Diva – Emanuele Cremaschi (Luz) Diario – Various Authors (cured by Maurizio Garofalo) Dusha, Russian soul – Davide Monteleone (Contrasto) Greenland, disappearing Ice Age – Andrea Gjestvang (Moment) (Joop Swart Masterclass) Haiti, the melancholy of shadows – Moises Saman (Magnum) Stories in 3 shots – Various Authors (cured by Carlo Madesani and Eva Zamboni) The Bosnian Identity – Matteo Bastianelli (winner of the first edition of Foianofotografia award) Whatever – Beatrice Mancini (Posse Photo)

UK prime minister David Cameron got a lot of stick earlier this week for appointing a ‘personal photographer’…

Articles – Guardian: David Cameron forced to defend appointment of ‘personal photographer’ (Guardian: November 2010)

This Andrew Parsons guy, who was appointed, is very good, so I guess Cameron has an eye…

Features and Essays – Andrew Parsons: David Cameron (Guardian: November 2010)

More from the Guardian…

Articles - Guardian: Photographer Steve Schapiro’s best shot (Guardian: November 2010)

Articles - Guardian: Photographer Robert Bergman: Outsider looking in (Guardian: November 2010)

Really good read by Justin Mott on his blog again, about cockiness in photography….No need to take it too seriously tho…

Blogs – Justin Mott: What’s Cocky in Photography (Photographer’s blog: November 2010)

Blogs – David Campbell: Thinking Images v.3 (Davidcampbell.org: November 2010)

MJR collective is on Tumblr now…

Blogs - MJR Tumblr

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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Brilliant street photography in NYT Lens by Matt Stuart yesterday…

Features and Essays - Matt Stuart: London, Very Dry, With a Twist (NYT Lens: November 2010)

Stuart’s website

Just in….

NEWSWorld Press Photo 2011 Jury : “Nineteen recognized professionals in the field of press photography worldwide will judge the entries at the World Press Photo office in Amsterdam from 29 January until 10 February 2011.”

Some ‘polaroid’ work on the Reuters Full Focus blog…. Jim Young hasn’t gone the iPhone route as a lot of photographers lately, but chose the Fuji Instax as his tool…

Features and Essays – Jim Young: Presidential Polaroids (Reuters Full Focus blog: November 2010)

US mid-term elections coming up…Suau and Miller on TIME

Features and Essays – Anthony Suau: Scenes from the Stewart Colbert Rally (TIME: November 2010)

Features and Essays - Greg Miller: The Poll Workers (TIME: October 2010) The men and women charged with ensuring the integrity of the voting process

Features and Essays - Sven Torfinn: Proposed Road in Serengeti National Park (NYT: October 2010) Tanzania

Magnum Photos is now selling photos from Paolo Pellegrin’s first NatGeo assignment, Waters Wars,  published in National Geographic  Magazine in April this year…and which was also shown on NYT Lens and NPR Pictureshow… still worth checking this one out, as there are images which weren’t included on the three previous platforms…

Features and Essays – Paolo Pellegrin: Waters Wars (Magnum: 2010)

Features and Essays – Hossein Fatemi: The Surge (Panos: October 2010) Afghanistan

Features and Essays – Steve Pyke: Philosophers | article (NYT: October 2010)

InterviewsJR : Ted Prize (Ted: 2010)

Interviews - Christopher Morris : Mr President (VII Magazine: October 2010)

InterviewsAnastasia Taylor-Lind (Digital Photo Pro: 2010)

InterviewsLiz Hingley : A journey through Soho Road (Telegraph: October 2010)

I only recently discovered  – after having worked for the FT myself –  that the paper has a really good Life and Arts section on Saturday’s… The FT Magazine is great too…

Articles – Financial Times: Photographer Larry Clark’s muses (FT: October 2010)

TwitterGideon Mendel

Check this out!

EquipmentBlast Boxers

As a final note… 30,524 views in October… Thank you!

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Saturday 30 October 2010

Saturday’s offerings…Happy Halloween everybody!

Features and Essays - Kael Alford: Bottom of ‘da Boot (Panos: October 2010) Kael Alford’s long-term project documents the remote coastal communities in Louisiana affected by environmental degradation, land loss and the BP oil spill.

Same in multimedia…

Features and Essays – Kael Alford: Bottom of ‘da Boot (Foto8: October 2010) Kael Alford presents her short film on the people that live at the Bottom of ‘da Boot,  Louisiana’s southeastern coast.


Features and Essays - Yuri Kozyrev: Kandahar (NOOR: October 2010) Afghanistan


Features and Essays – Ayman Oghanna: A New Attitude in Sadr City (NYT: October 2010) Baghdad’s Shiite Heart Beats Freely as War Ebbs

Features and Essays - Jan Johanessen: It’s All About Jobs (Panos: October 2010)

Features and Essays – Caroly Drake: Astonishing Confluences in Central Asia (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Just found this via @ciaraleeming

Features and Essays – Laura Pannack: The secret world of young British naturists (Guardian: October 2010)

Related article…

Articles – Guardian: Laura Pannack’s Young British Nudists (Guardian: October 2010) Photographer Laura Pannack stripped off to gain access to the secret world of young British nudists

Articles – Guardian: Featured Photographer: Chris Hondros (Guardian: October 2010)

On Joao Silva….

Articles – NYT: Courage, Recognized: The Infantry and Joao Silva (NYT: October 2010)

Articles - Mail&Guardian: No end to Silva streak (Mail&Guardian: October 2010) ” ‘He’s just so fast, man!” was the judgment of internationally acclaimed photographer James Nachtwey, on João Silva’s photo-journalism.”

Awards, Grants, and Competitions Magnum Expression Awards 2010 shortlisted (Magnumphotos.com: October 2010)

Twitter - World Bank Photos

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