Tuesday 27 July 2010

Haven’t seen this work in ages. The last time might have been at VII’s London Seminar back in spring 2007 at Royal Geographic Society.  Stunning series…

Features and Essays – Joachim Ladefoged: Albanians (VII Magazine: July 2010) Ladefoged’s website … Haven’t seen much new work from him the last couple of years… at least not many new features on VII’s website. The last one I remember is this one about Shakira back in 2009.

One a different note, I wish VII would bring the show back in town. To London, that is…

News – CNN: Experts: Ansel Adams photos found at garage sale worth $200 million (CNN: July 2010)

Features and Essays – Andrew McConnell: Ghosts of the Sahara (FT Magazine: July 2010)

Features and Essays – John Vink: 30 Years for a Trial (Magnum in Motion: July 2010)

Features and Essays – Magnum Photographers: Khmer Rouge Leader Found Guilty (Magnum: July 2010)

Interviews Donovan Wylie (BJP: July 2010)

Interviews Nadav Kander (Hatjecantz.de: July 2010)

Interviews Nick Turpin (BJP: July 2010)

Interviews and Talks Marcus Bleasdale (YouTube) Conflict in Congo – The Challenges of Visual Journalism

Articles – Jim Johnson: Changing Conventions in War Photography Part 1 | Part 2 (politicstheoryphotography.blogspot.com: July 2010)

Shooting Robert King now streaming on Snag Films’ website..

I watched it on BBC iPlayer the other week, and can recommend the documentary wholeheartedly. I think it’s fair to say, Robert King is quite a character. Robert is represented by Polaris Images

Features and Essays – Charlie Mahoney: An End to Bullfighting (Photographer’s PhotoShelter Archive) | Looming Bullfighting Ban in Barcelona (Corbis: 2010) ” In the 1900’s Barcelona was one of the world’s most celebrated bullfighting cities. With its three bullrings, it hosted more bullfights than any other Spanish city. Today, Barcelona’s Plaza Monumental is Catalonia’s only remaining active bullring and faces a referendum in the Catalonian Parliament that would ban bullfighting in the region. An animal rights group, Prou (pronounced “pro”), forced the debate after gathering more than 180,000 signatures.”

AgenciesReportage by Getty Images Emerging Talent now includes also Patrick Russo (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2010)

GalleriesThird Floor Gallery : Twitter : Cardiff…. Currently showing work by Carolyn Drake

I like these flick throughs….You can see my favourite photo at 1:21…

Books – George Georgiou: Fault Lines/Turkey/East/West (YouTube: 2010)

Articles – BJP: Can we be of any assistance? (BJP: July 2010) Who wants to be a photography student? Now is possibly the worst time to try to break into an industry that offers no safety net to aspiring graduates, which is why two organisations are trying to help

PhotographersAmnon Gutman

If you’ve seen a link in the posts this past week, but can’t find it in the archive, the reason is that I’m currently running 7 days behind putting stuff in the archive. So all the photographers’ websites, features and essays et cetera, will eventually be included in the relevant archives. I’m simply running out of time…

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July 27, 2010 at 7:50 pm

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