Saturday 14 August 2010

I’ve linked to this Sinclair work at least three times… first when it was on New York Times Magazine back in March 09… another time when it was in National Geographic Mag and third time when it won a POYi award… but having seen it on the VII website and having looked at it again and noticing there’s some new frames in there, I think it deserves yet another spotlight…

Features and Essays – Stephanie Sinclair: Polygamy in America: An intimate look into the FLDS (VII: August 2010)

Back to the future.. From tomorrow’s NYT Magazine…

Features and Essays – Pieter Hugo: A Global Graveyard for Dead Computers in Ghana (NYT Mag: August 2010)

Features and Essays – Lynsey Addario: A Failure to Feed (NYT: August 2010) With the Poor Still Starving, India Rethinks Safety Net

Features and Essays – NYT: India Faces Broader Revolt in Kashmir (NYT: August 2010) Photographer’s name not mentioned… for security reasons possibly

Third posting to Alixandra Fazzina’s Pakistan Flood photos..This time a slideshow on YouTube…

Features and Essays – Alixandra Fazzina: Pakistan Floods (YouTube: August 2010)

Features and Essays – Justin Jin:  The Uranium Hunters (Panos Pictures: August 2010)

Features and Essays – Alex Webb: The New Silk Road is Made of Iron (NPR: August 2010) The Southern Caucasus

“Q: You do a lot of documentary work or photojournalistic work. …

Mary Ellen Mark : “Well there’s no such thing as photojournalism anymore. That’s over, except in newspapers. I respect newspapers but the reality is that magazine “photojournalism” is finished. They want illustrations, Photoshopped pictures of movie stars.””

Interviews Mary Ellen Mark (The Oregonian: August 2010)

InterviewsZed Nelson (Professional Photographer: August 2010)

InterviewsLaura Pannack (Wired Raw File blog: August 2010)

Still very much looking forward to my first visit to Visa Pour L’Image…

FestivalsVisa Pour L’Image program (PDF)

Canon Professional Network events in Perpignan

Photo: Maisie Crow

Blogs – Save the Children: Ian Parry Scholarship Giving Young Photographers a Helping Hand (STC: August 2010)


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About the archive.. I haven’t added anything to the archive since 31 July….So I’m running roughly 10 posts late…..it’s just that I’ve been enjoying the Finnish summer as well as working on a commission – would you believe it – and making the posts alone takes quite a bit of time.

Thanks to all who have sent me links. There’s still loads I haven’t put up, so please bear with me. I usually put up a majority of the links I receive, but recently I’ve been swamped with so much stuff, that I simply don’t have the time to use everything, unless I make myself a full time blogger…which I don’t want… I still try to be a photographer… despite how difficult  it seems at times..

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