Sunday 15 August 2010

I saw certain someone post a link to this on Facebook last week… The subject matter is pretty terrific as are a lot of the frames…Had never heard of the photographer before…

Features and Essays – Jörg Brüggemann: Same Same But Different (Photographer’s website) “Within the last decade backpacking has literally become a global youth movement. Every year millions of young people from first world countries travel the planet taking with them nothing more then their backpacks. They are hoping to find freedom, cultural exchanges and a lot of fun. It has become a tourist industry on its own that has developed its very own touristic infrastructure” | slideshow on Food For Your Eyes Vimeo

I’ve since been told that Jörg Brüggemann was one of the finalists of Magnum Expression Award.

Features and Essays – Massimo Berruti: Floods in Pakistan (Agence Vu: August 2010)

Why this… well… It’s Sunday…

Features and Essays – Jason Bell: An Englishman in New York (Guardian: August 2010)

Related… InterviewsJason Bell (Guardian: August 2010)

“The website of international New York and London based celebrity photographer Jason Bell.”

I don’t know about you… But the tagline celebrity photographer sounds silly to me….I mean the idea of being one… Although, the way the PJ industry is going, I guess a lot of so called PJs are going to have to do celebrity photography too… now… or soon… Just have to read the quote from Mary Ellen Mark in yesterday’s post…Don’t get me wrong though… I think Bell’s work is great… it’s just thinking about this celebrity obsessed culture of ours  can get a bit depressing at times..

This is also for Sunday…

Tutorials – Gizmodo: Here’s A Way To Make Your iPhone 4 Really Look Like A Leica Camera (Gizmodo: August 2010)

Features and Essays – Francesco Zizola: Sarino Damiano (NOOR: August 2010)

Features and Essays – Kadir van Lohuizen: Gaza Water Scarcity (NOOR: August 2010)

Powerful piece of multimedia…

Features and Essays – MediaStorm (Laurentiu Diaconu-Colintineanu, Natasha Elkington, Leah Thompson): Exodus (MediaStorm: August 2010) Exodus tells the story of Diana Ortiz, 45, who spent over half her life in prison.

Features and Essays – James Whitlow Delano: The Changing Face of Sumo Wrestling (TIME: August 2010)

Photographers James Whitlow Delano

Features and Essays – Ben Lowy: The Fish Are Flying — Literally — at the Redneck Fishing Tournament (TIME: August 2010)

Editorial Photographers UK are now on Twitter and they are mad: “Outrageous copyright grab by photographic body who should know better” .. Feeding off the Corpse of Photojournalism…. Naughty naughty LPA

About Aisha portrait still…Do have a read of this…

Articles – The Vigilante Journalist: The Face That Launched a Thousand Drones? (The Vigilante Journalist: August 2010)

….And then listen to Jodi Bieber talk on CBC…

Interviews Jodi Bieber (CBC: August 2010) audio

TwitterICP Store

TwitterICP Museum

TwitterAndy Levin

Photographers Siddharth Jain

Tammy.. how the hell do you find these???? The Bismarck Tribune ?!?!?!?  Articles – The Bismarck Tribune: The last roll: Photos of DeNiro, Brooklyn, India send off Kodachrome (The Bismarck Tribune: August 2010)

Did you know that: “Established in 1873, the Bismarck Tribune is the official newspaper of the state of North Dakota, county of Burleigh and city of Bismarck. It is published daily.” ?  No. I didn’t know it either.

No links on Monday… I’m gonna sort out the archive instead..

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