Friday 3 September 2010

Two days left of Visa Pour L’Image… It’s been awesome…although somewhat exhausting having spent every night at Cafe la Poste until late…last night until 4am..But I’ve done some work too…Showed my portfolio to New York Times, MSF, Colours, Polka…today to IHT, Polaris Images, Panos Pictures, ANI (French association of photo editors)…tomorrow at least Le Monde… Not really trying to sell anything… more to build the connections for future work…Also, had the pleasure to talk to more photographers and people from our business…(let the name dropping begin).. Frank Evers… Christopher Morris.. . (both of whom are, it turned out, avid followers of Photojournalism Links)…some of whom I’ve met previously , like Timothy Fadek..Ben Lowy… but mostly new acquaintances such as…Jason P. Howe…Per-Anders Pettersson…Davide Monteleone…Ziyah Gafic..Brendan Hoffman…Peter di Campo.. Andy Spyra… Matt Lutton…among others…. also briefly bumped into Stephanie Sinclair, who taught me in the first Foundry workshop in Mexico D.F. back in 08… and Alixandra Fazzina… even Paolo Pellegrin…

I’m also proud to reveal my second sponsor, Neon Sky, company making websites..I’ve been their client since December 2008, so it’s great to have them as a Photojournalism Links sponsor.

Now to the real stuff…

Features and Essays – Massimo Berruti: Scenes from the Pakistan Floods (TIME: September 2010)

Features and Essays – Guillaume Herbaut: Slavic Union (English Russia: 2010)

“It’s vital to work with something you care about.”

Articles – Guardian: Photographer Zed Nelson’s best shot (Guardian: September 2010)

BJP’s Olivier Laurent has been kept his Visa schedule busy by doing loads of  interviews… more of which I’ll be linking here for sure, once I have more stable wireless access..been having trouble getting online… now using wireless at Quick Burger (!).. but here’s one Olivier did with NYPD-cop-turned-photographer Antonio Bolfo…

Interviews Antonio Bolfo (BJP: September 2010)

Interviews Ron Haviv (DVA foto: September 2010)

Alixandra Fazzina on her Pakistan work…

InterviewsAlizandra Fazzina (BJP: September 2010)

Just noticed A Photo Student tweet this interesting looking Martin Parr interview, which I have to admit only looked at very briefly.

“Boundaries Merely Exist in People’s Minds”

Interviews Martin Parr (APS: September 2010)

NB Due to the troubles getting online I have loads of emails I haven’t responded to, so if you wrote me during the last couple of days, bear with me, and I’ll get back to you soon.

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September 3, 2010 at 7:04 pm

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