Sunday 5 September 2010

Last night in Perpignan. I’m flying back to UK tomorrow evening. It’s been great nine days. I was one of the first to arrive Saturday morning a week ago, and I’m probably one of the last to leave by departing Monday evening. I just had a nice meal – an Entrecôte with chips if you must know – in the city centre with Olivier Laurent and Anastasia Taylor-Lind, and Perpignan seemed very quiet without the Visa crowd. It was weird walking through Plaza Republique at 10pm and not seeing masses watching the nightly Visa screenings. Went to see the exhibitions at Couvent de Minimes earlier today as I hadn’t been there yet. Saw Stephanie Sinclair’s Polygamy in America, for which  – correct me if I’m wrong – she won the Visa d’or Feature Award this year. Looked fantastic as was to be expected. Another highlight was Antonio Bolfo’s NYPD Impact. Hopefully Reportage by Getty Images will put the feature back online, unless they have done so already. I prefer to see concise bodies of work like Sinclair’s and Bolfo’s exhibited over photographers’ ‘Best of’ shows,  but both William Klein’s and William Albert Allard’s retrospectives worked well. Klein’s somewhat better as there were short series from New York, Rome, Moscow and China, whereas Allard’s photographs were singles from all over the world and several different decades.

Today’s links…

Now that US combat missions in Iraq have officially finished, I’m looking forward to seeing how the situation in the country develops. Should be an interesting time to document photographically…

Features and Essays – Peter van Agtmael: Iraq Going Forward (TIME: September 2010)

I recently said that wars have always been the bread and butter of our industry, but Ashley Gilbertson’s piece on the New York Times website about military ratios gives somewhat new meaning to this way of thinking…

Features and Essays – Ashley Gilbertson: A Taste of Home in Foil Packets and Powder (NYT: September 2010) Troops from nearly 50 lands dine on combat meals in Afghanistan — each reminding them of where they’d rather be.

Features and Essays – Marcus Bleasdale: Lord’s Resistance Army , DR Congo (VII: September 2010)

Features and Essays – Tomas van Houtryve: Storm in the Swat Valley (VII Magazine: September 2010)

Features and Essays – Christoph Bangert: Shooting Film in an Afghan Police Station (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Klein on Visa and photojournalism…

Interviews William Klein (BJP: September 2010) Visa Pour L’Image

One of this year’s Visa discoveries…who was also up for Visa d’or Feature award…

InterviewsAndrea Star Reese (BJP: September 2010)

Interviews Athit Perawongmetha (Visa Pour L’Image: 2010) Getty Images

Interviews Adam Ferguson (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Getty has been giving money away again…

Grants Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography recipients

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September 5, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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