Wednesday 22 September 2010

Beautiful work from Greeland by Andrea Gjestvang on the NYT Lens blog…

Features and Essays – Andrea Gjestvang: Greenland, Beautiful and Buffeted (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Features and Essays – Ed Ou: Dancing With The Dead (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010) Madagaskar

Features and Essays – Alfredo Caliz: Los Cocineros (Panos Pictures: September 2010)

Features and Essays – Adam Ferguson: In Afghanistan, Passing as a Boy (NYT: September 2010) Where Boys Are Prized, Girls Live the Part

photo: Marcus Bleasdale

About fashion, photography, and photojournalism…

Ben Lowy posted several links on his Facebook page yesterday to Fashion Week work he shot for Vogue.com…and once I retweeted this info on my @photojournalism feed…some people seemed to take issue with it, as if posting something related to fashion wasn’t appropriate for the feed or for this blog…. now, I don’t want to get into any discussions on what is photojournalism and what is not… I would only like to point out that if I have a great admiration towards Ben Lowy as a photographer as I do, I’m interested in seeing whatever he shoots, and I’m sure there are others out there feeling the same way… so I think it’s completely valid to post it both on my Twitter and here… but my main point is that I like good photography, PJ or not, and if it’s done at a fashion show, I don’t care…And talking about good photography… some of the visually most stunning pieces I can remember from the past couple of years have actually been done of fashion shows…. the features Christopher Anderson (here) , Marcus Bleasdale (here), Paolo Pellegrin (here), and Lowy (here) did for New York Magazine…

@benrobertphoto chipped in to the little Twitter debate about fashion and photojournalism by posting a link to this interesting video on Agence Vu website…the page has loads of links to lot of other very interesting looking pieces as well…

InterviewsLars Tunbjörk – Beyond Backstage (Agence Vu)

Still haven’t had the chance to see Restrepo… Guernica interviewed its co-director, photographer Tim Hetherington…

Interviews Tim Hetherington (Guernica: September 2010)

Awards – Picture Editors’ Guild Awards : Guardian’s Martin Argles wins Photographer of the Year at inaugural awards (Journalism.co.uk: September 2010)

Articles – Wired: New Web Platforms Make It Easy for You to Fund Photojournalism (Wired: September 2010)

Capa’s, Taro’s, and Chim’s Mexican Suitcase going on show at ICP this weekend…

Articles – BBC Viewfinder: The Mexican Suitcase on show (BBC: September 2010)

Loved this in Perpignan when it was screened…

Features and Essays – Finbarr O’Reilly: White Poverty in South Africa (Reuters: September 2010)

Reviews – Joerg Colberg: Review: From Here to There by Alec Soth (Conscientious: September 2010)

Interviews Andrew Phelps (e-photoreview: September 2010)

Veronica is volunteering for the Brighton Photo Biennial… I heard Martin Parr is giving a talk to the organisers and the volunteers tonight… I’m hoping to catch some of the talks once the Biennial kicks off..

Twitter Brighton Photo Biennial

Features and Essays – Sean Hayes White: Village Rowner (multimedia) (Photographer’s website: 2010) For 25 years Gosport’s Rowner Estate has been a point of contention, and after much deliberation demolition has begun and residents are leaving through choice or eviction.

Sean’s blog

James Edward Bates got in touch about his KKK Project…

Features and Essays – James Edward Bates: KKK Project (Project website: 2010)

Articles – Verve Photo: Jenn Warren (Verve: September 2010)

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