Friday 15 October 2010

I’ve worked a lot during the last couple of days to bring the PJ Links archive up to date. Just a few days ago I was over a month behind putting links into it, but now it’s all in order and you should be able to find all the links, including today’s, in the appropriate category, whether it be Features and Essays, Articles, Interviews, or Photographers, etc. So in case your website was linked to in the updates during the last month or so and you were wondering why it wasn’t filed also under the Photographers page, it should be now.

Here are today’s offerings….

Features and Essays – Kadir van Lohuizen: Iraq’a Fragile Progress (TIME: October 2010)

InterviewsStephen Mayes – VII Photo and Canon: Finding new ways of reaching new audiences  (BJP: October 2010)

Articles – NYT: An F.S.A.-Style Collective for Troubled Times (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Features and Essays – Zed Nelson: Drones (Institute: October 2010)

NEWS – David Burnett to chair the 2011 World Press Photo jury : “We are proud to announce that photojournalist and founding member of Contact Press Images, David Burnett (USA), has accepted our invitation to chair the 2011 World Press Photo jury. Since he began working as an intern at Time magazine in 1967, Burnett has spent over 30 years building an impressive career, in which he covered various conflicts, the US presidential elections, every Summer Olympic Games since 1984 and much more. Read the biography of David Burnett here.”

InterviewsSteve McCurry (Phaidon: 2010) The legendary photo-journalist and Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry spoke to Phaidon.com about the stories behind some of his iconic photographs taken from around the world.

Naomi Harris interview from 2007…

Interviews Naomi Harris (BJP: 2007)

I’m still bitter for not having been accepted to Eddie Adams…just kidding…. here’s multimedia from EAW 2010…

WorkshopsEddie Adams Workshop 2010 Multimedia (Vimeo: 2010)

Originally published in TIME couple of months ago without photographer’s name probably for security reasons…. and I always wondered who took the photos as I think they are great…. well now we know…

Features and Essays – Christian Holst: Life Under Military Regime of Burma (Myanmar) (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2010)

Photographers Christian Holst

Features and Essays – Lalo de Almeida: Inside the City of God (NYT: October 2010) Brazil

PhotographersLalo de Almeida

Articles – Foto8: In Memory of Maurice Broomfield (Foto8: October 2010)


Articles – NYT: Titled ‘Burn,’ but Printed on Paper (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Articles – Guardian: Julian Schnabel’s Polaroids: ‘Smoke and mirrors and happy accident’ | slideshow (Guardian: October 2010)

My mate Conor told that ubyu Books site is now live… I’ve never done any books myself… Maybe the time to try… Anyone getting books done by Ubyu, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the quality…

Services Ubyu Books :  “ubyu is the advanced online service for anyone wishing to create and publish their own high quality books. ”

You ever been cropped… I mean CROPPED?

Based on his Facebook update, Per-Anders Pettersson wasn’t too impressed by this Newsweek crop

of his original

Similar experiences?

PhotographersNeil Hodge

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