Tuesday 25 January 2011

Different edits of Tim Fadek’s Mongolia work have been published several times during the last few months, but not all have necessarily done great justice to the work in my opinion. You can always trust on the TIME picture desk to make  a terrific edit though. They have put an edit 16 photos of Tim’s Mongolia work on their website. Didn’t see this in the latest (31 Jan) print issue, though…maybe in the next one…

On a slightly different note, I wish TIME would update their photo galleries a bit… It makes slow viewing when each photo is on a different page….the NYT Lens blog format is far smoother and faster for example…

Features and Essays – Timothy Fadek: Mongolia Marches Slowly Towards Modernity (TIME: January 2011)

Alex Majoli has the cover of 31 January issue of Newsweek with his work from Tunisia…It’s interesting all the photos have been converted to black and white for the magazine, but are in colour on the Newsweek website…

Features and Essays – Alex Majoli: Postcards from the Revolution (Newsweek: January 2011) Tunisia

Features and Essays – Diego Levy: Mayhem as Sculpture in Buenos Aires (NYT Lens: January 2011)

Features and Essays – Yvette Marie Dostatni: Stuffed, Bearded, Tattooed and Mop-Topped (NYT Lens: January 2011) Her website

Kudos to BJP for this series…

Tutorials – BJP: 11 Tips for 2011: Only buy the gear you need, says photographer Jonathan Eastland (BJP: January 2011)

Tutorials – BJP: 11 Tips for 2011: Getting your finances on track is primordial, accountant Barry Leibovitc tells photographers (BJP: January 2011)

Tutorials – BJP: 11 Tips for 2011: Donald Weber, who has received $178,000 in grants, tells us how to write better applications (BJP: January 2011)

Tutorials – PhotoShelter: The Price of Prints: part 3: 14 ways to increase photo print sales (PS: January 2011)

InterviewsEamonn McCabe (Phaidon blog: January 2011) ‘What makes a picture last?’ – Eamonn McCabe on photography in the digital age

One of my favourite’s, Shaul Schwarz, was featured on Verve Photo earlier this week….

Articles – Verve Photo: Shaul Schwarz (Verve: January 2011)

Articles – NYT: David Bailey, A Photographer Who Broke Molds (NYT: January 2011)

Talks – Open-1 : Live Webinar with Emphas.is Tuesday 1 Feb 12.00-13.30 GMT

Crowd funding…

Articles – Tomas van Houtryve: New funding models, Part IV – Crowdfunding: The Good, The Bad and The Awkward(Photographer’s blog: January 2011)

Articles – BBC: Crowd funding in Photojournalism (BBC Viewfinder blog: January 2011)

Articles/Tutorials – Daniel Cuthbert: Ideas for Crowd funding (Photographer’s blog: January 2011)

Videos – Tim Hetherington: Sleeping Soldiers (Photographer’s Vimeo: 2011)

Videos – Tim Hethertington: Diary (Photographer’s Vimeo: 2011) ‘Diary’ is a highly personal and experimental film that expresses the subjective experience of my work, and was made as an attempt to locate myself after ten years of reporting. It’s a kaleidoscope of images that link our western reality to the seemingly distant worlds we see in the media.

Promo – Ben Lowy : January 2011 promo

Kodachrome love….

Blogs – David Burnett: Adios Amigo (Photographer’s blog: 2011) Kodakchrome

Regarding Seamus Murphy’s video on NPR , that I posted on Saturday, my friend Conor O’Leary (@conoroleary) pointed out that Murphy has now his own website too.

Photographers Seamus Murphy

Conor also sent me these below three links… Cheers dude!

InterviewsStephen Mayes (PDN: 2011)

InterviewsJoni Karanka (Blake Andrews blog: 2011)

Articles – BJP : Photographer wins first Open Shutter Award (BJP: 2011)

Articles – Nick Turpin: One year with Leica M9 (Photographer’s blog: January 2011)

Blogs – Greg Funnell: Recent Photoshoot with Jeff Bridges (Photographer’s blog: January 2011)

Videos On Show; War Photography; Anastasia Taylor-Lind (Youtube)

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