Thursday 24 February 2011

Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain…. now Libya….

New York Times have several photographers on the ground..Scott Nelson, Ed Ou, Moises Saman, as well as Tyler Hicks…

Photo: Scott Nelson

Features and Essays – NYT (Scott Nelson, Tyler Hicks, Ed Ou and Moises Saman): Libyans Call for Qaddafi to Step Down (NYT: February 2011)

The day before…

Features and Essays – NYT (Ed Ou, Scott Nelson et al): Turmoil Continues in Libya (NYT: February 2011)

Two days ago…

Features and Essays – NYT (Ed Ou, Scott Nelson et al): Towns Slip From Qaddafi’s Control (NYT: February 2011) Libya

Egypt …

Features and Essays – Moises Saman: How Far Will a Revolution Reach? (NYT: February 2011) Egypt


Features and Essays – Yuri Kozyrev: Crackdown in Bahrain (TIME: February 2011)

Yuri Kozyrev’s Egypt work now also on NOOR website…Truly extraordinary…

Features and Essays – Yuri Kozyrev: Egypt’s Tumult (NOOR: February 2011)

Tumult in Wisconsin…

Features and Essays – Shaul Schwarz: Showdown in Wisconsin (TIME: February 2011) Union protests

Features and Essays – Adam Patterson: Another lost child : an escape from south London gang life (Guardian: February 2011) An exhibition at the Photofusion gallery in South London shows how a friendship with photographer Adam Patterson changed the life of one former gang member

Features and Essays – Edward Burtynsky: Pentimento/Gulf Oil Spill (FT: 2011)

Articles – NYT Lens: What Does Mercy Look Like? (NYT Lens: February 2011) Mercy is commonly defined as compassion, forgiveness, kindness or an act of piety. But photographs of prisoners reaching through bars, a wrestler being contorted by masked men and an infant dressed for burial are among the many interpretations of the word in the book “The Mercy Project/Inochi,” created and curated by James Whitlow Delano.

Features and Essays – Patrick Witty: Mr Presidents (PDN: February 2011)

Incredibly powerful piece on the Medevacs in Afghanistan by cameraman Vaughan Smith…

Videos – Vaughan Smith on life and death on the frontline in Afghanistan (psmithjournalist.com: February 2011)

Another Google Street View project…. Which I actually.. shock shock horror… kinda like!

Articles – BJP: The View from the Streets (BJP: February 2011)

Articles – BJP: National Portrait Gallery investigated judge-winner relationship (BJP: February 2011)

Features and Essays – Boston Globe Big Picture: New York Fashion Week: Behind the scenes (Boston Globe: February 2011)

Loads of interviews to share… I love reading, watching, listening ’em..

First two I never posted last month even I meant to…

Interviews James Nachtwey : Photographing the Birds of Hope: An Army Medevac Unit in Afghanistan (TIME: January 2011) video

Neither posted this…

“If you do this long enough, you will eventually find yourself in a bad situation”

Interviews Moises Saman (Columbia Journalism Review: 2010)

Some interviews I just discovered via Twitter or by email…

“I am a journalist and I think my job usually is to document a reality not to make it pretty.”

Interviews Shaul Schwarz (Commarts.com: February 2011)

Interviews Melissa Golden (Thisisthewhat: February 2011) @_MelissaGolden

Interviews Sally Mann (NPR: February 2011)

Interviews Andrew Testa (Zorye: 2011)

InterviewsBrian Ulrich (Vimeo)

InterviewsSteve McCurry (Irish Times: 2011)

Interviews Yumi Goto (Sojournposse: 2011)

InterviewsRoger Ballen (e-photoreview: February 2011)

Interviews – Bruce Gilden meets Jake La Motta (BJP: February 2011)

Interviews Celia Talbot Tobin (NYT Lens: February 2011)


Awards – NYT Lens: Unveiling the Pictures of the Year (NYT Lens: Februry 2011)

Articles – Jeremy Nicholl: World Press Photo’s Afghan War (Jeremy Nicholl blog: February 2011)

Articles / Tutorials – PDN: How to Distribute Your Self-Published Book (PDN: February 2011)

Articles – BJP: Photographers’ Gallery raises £325,000 in auction (BJP: February 2011)

Articles – BJP: US Marines pull the plug on photojournalism experiment (BJP: February 2011)

Articles – Guardian: Photographer Adam Patterson takes shots as the crew lowers its guard (Guardian: February 2011)

Articles – Professional Photographer: Robert Frank Profile (Pro Photo mag: 2010)

Articles – Professional Photographer: Bruce Weber Profile (Pro Photo mag: 2010)

Articles – Guardian: Elliott Erwitt’s law of intended consequences (Guardian: February 2011) Elliott Erwitt’s photo sequences leave his subjects multiply exposed, as the mood of one frame is shattered in the next

Agencies Demotix : Recently joined forces with both PA and Newscorp to distribute images

AgenciesBurnham-Niker (commercial agency in London)

Joerg Colberg of Conscientious is back on Twitter…

Twitter @jmcolberg

One of the links shared by Mr Colberg…

Blogs – Beikey.net: Sunset soldiers (Beikey.netL February 2011)

Photographers Salem Krieger

PhotographersLisa Krantz

Interviews and Talks / Tutorials and Tips – Guardian: Ask the experts: How to become a professional photographer (Guardian: February 2011) Have an eye for a good picture and the skill to turn your passion for photography into a career?

Articles / Tutorials – Solar Power! Charging your photo gear out in the wild

Articles / Tutorials – BBC: How to make money from your photos (BBC: February 2011)

Services Touch Me (UK) : they make websites

Jobs – One week left to get your applications in for the Panos Pictures multimedia internship

War of words: “Copy editors the world over remember the battle of Gaddafi vs. Khadafy vs. Qadhafi.” – @mikerrr

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