Thursday 3 March 2011

I’m back from a two day flat hunting visit to London. I have really enjoyed the last few months in Brighton and going to miss the sea, but it makes more sense to live in the capital work-wise.. So gonna be moving yet again… hopefully for the last time in a while…Tired of packing and unpacking boxes… anyway, just to give you guys a heads up…from mid-March onwards your blog host will be London-based…Can’t wait… I guess now have to start planning some kind of a promo offensive to coincide with the move there…

But now to the links…with only two updates a week recently, I have – as always – loads to share…


The New York Times have put all their Libya photo coverage in one handy gallery…There’s 130 photos in it  as I’m writing this, but I’d imagine it continues to be updated…

Photo: Tyler Hicks

Features and Essays – NYT (various photographers): Scenes in Libya (NYT: March 2011)

Still amazed by Yuri Kozyrev’s work… He had some of the strongest photos coming out of Egypt and same can definitely be said for his Libya work…

Features and Essays – Yuri Kozurev: Libya (TIME: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Yuri Kozyrev: Workers Lost in Libya’s Turmoil (TIME: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Luis Sinco: Libya (LA Times: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Alvaro Ybarra Zavala: Libya (ABC: March 2011) By the way, he was just featured on 500 Photographers

Interviews –  Platon : Photographing Gaddafi (TIME: February 2011)

Interviews Lynsey Addario : At a Deadly, Shifting Front in Libya (NYT Lens: March 2011)

InterviewsMoises Saman : At an Eerie Crossroads in Tripoli (NYT Lens: March 2011)


Ivor Prickett has put his Egypt work on his website, including the 6×6 photos… Not to be missed…

Features and Essays – Ivor Prickett: Days of Anger (Photographer’s website: March 2011) Egypt

Interviews – Chris Hondros of Getty Images, reflecting on his coverage of the revolution in Egypt (Chicago Tribune Assignment Chicago: February 2011)


Articles – Guardian: Featured photojournalist: John Moore (Guardian: February 2011) Bahrain

Features and Essays – Hazel Thompson: Measure of a Woman (NYT Lens: March 2011) Finding a Place in Bahraini Society

BagNewsNotes coverage of the Middle East turmoil…

Features and Essays – BagNewsNotes (various photographers): Middle East Uprising (BNN: 2011)

Agnese Da Col from Cesuralab got in touch last week about some of the collective’s photographers’ features from North Africa… Never got around to sharing those links…so here they are..

Gabriele Micalizzi: Tunisian Revolution (Cesuralab: February 2011)

Gabriele Stabile: Mare Nostrum (Cesuralab: February 2011)

Andy Rocchelli: Algeria (Cesuralab: February 2011)

Gabriele Micalizzi: Cairo Turmoils (Cesuralab: February 2011)

To central Africa…

Features and Essays – Marcus Bleasdale: Kony’s Children (Newsweek: 2011) LRA

Features and Essays – Marcus Bleasdale: One Voice, One Thousand Children [part 1] (VII Magazine: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Pete Muller: Justice for Rape Victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo (TIME: March 2011)


Features and Essays – Lana Slezic: A Window Inside (Panos: March 2011) Portraits of Aghan women

Features and Essays – Lorenzo Tugnoli: Dog Fighting in Afghanistan (TIME: March 2011)

Interviews – Louie Palu talks about his 5 years covering Afghanistan (BBC: March 2011)

Only got around checking the latest National Geographic Magazine features the other day… the features gallery is usually updated around 15th of every month with series from the following month’s magazine… So these are from the March issue…

Features and Essays – Michael Christopher Brown: Alaska Yukon Trek (NGM: March 2011)

Features and Essays – NGM (various photographers): Age of Man (NGM: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Fritz Hoffman: Battle for the Soul of Kung Fu (NGM: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Nick Cobbing: The Ocean Acid (Discover: March 2011)

Features and Essays – Martin Schoeller: Up Close and Personal (The Age: 2011)

Have to put a link up to this Parr series on Slate.. the photos are old, but any excuse to share a photo from Finland is a good one…

Features and Essays – Martin Parr: Bored Couples (Slate: 2011)

Features and Essays – Markel Redondo: In God’s Hands (Panos: February 2011) Hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans risk their lives each year trying to reach the United States.

Format Festival opens today in Derby…Two related slideshows…

Features and Essays – Joel Meyerowitz at the Format International Photography Festival – in pictures (Guardian: February 2011)

Features and Essays – BBC News – In pictures: Format Festival of Photography (BBC)

Features and Essays – Conor O’Leary: Glimpse (Photographer’s website: March 2011)

Projects – JR is launching a global collaborative art project Inside Out

Awards – PDN30 2011

CrowdfundingTomas van Houtryve : 21st Century Communism

AgenciesVII Photo March Newsletter

Agencies – Magnum Photos – March Newsletter

Articles – Vladimir Vyatkin: What’s wrong with global photojournalism? (Russia Beyond the Headlines: 2011)

Going to Foundry this summer? I’m gonna… with Veronica… Check out the list of instructors…

Workshops – Foundry Photojournalism Workshop : Buenos Aires 2011 : Updated list of instructors

Would love to go to Eddie Adams too, if they’d only take me…

Workshops – Eddie Adams workshop : Apply

World Press Photo of the Year 2010 reduced to marketing spiel?

“Photo settings: D3, AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G, ISO 800, 1/40 at f/3.2”

I always thought the Bieber shot was 645, as the dimensions aren’t 6×4/35mm…(more like 6×7 actually), and also because I seem to remember seeing a video of her shooting 645…Anyway…Looking at a photograph such as this and then to be talking about the equipment, doesn’t quite feel right to me, whether it’s the Nikon blog or me doing it…So I’m not going to dwell on this…

Articles – I Am Nikon: World Press Photo of the Year 2010 (Nikon blog: March 2010)

InterviewsJan Grarup on Photojournalism  (Fotosidan.se: 2011)

Interviews Andy Clark : The Gulf War remembered (Reuters photo blog: February 2011)

Interviews Christian Hansen (NYT Lens: March 2011)

Photographers Reinaldo Loureiro

PhotographersJulie Dermansky

BooksThe Photo Book Club

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