Tuesday 2 August 2011

Features and Essays

Paolo Pellegrin had work in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine…I wonder if the series was shot during the Postcards from America roadtrip…the Magnum Winnebago did visit El Paso

Paolo Pellegrin: Border Crossers (New York Times Magazine: July 2011)

Very strong work from Somalia by Ed Ou….photographed for Save the Children…

Ed Ou: Humanitarian Efforts in Somalia (Reportage by Getty Images for Save the Children: July 2011)

Tyler Hicks’ is also in  the Thorn of Africa for the NYT covering the same issue…

Tyler Hicks: Amid Famine, Dangers Hinder Aid to Somalia (NYT: August 2011)

Eugene Richards reflects back on 9/11 with words and images….

Eugene Richards: Stepping Through The Ashes (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2011) 9/11

Platon’s series from Cairo done for Human Rights Watch on New Yorker…

Platon: Pictures from a Revolution : Egypt (New Yorker: July 2011)

From TIME Lightbox…

Adam Ferguson: From Afghan Dust to the Meandering Mekong (TIME LB: August 2011)

Lightbox also has more from work the summer double print issue…

Carolyn Drake: Travel Through Islam: Fragments of Kazakhstan (TIME Lightbox: July 2011)

Lucia Herrero:  Moros y Cristianos (TIME Lightbox: July 2011)

Chiara Goia: Memory of the Maldives (TIME LB: July 2011)


Daniel Berehulak: Pakistan Floods, 1 Year on (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2011)

Alixandra Fazzina: Pakistan : The Waters Will Rise Again (FT: July 2011)

Katharina Hesse’s project about prostitution in Thailand on the Stern site…

Katharina Hesse: Human Negotiations (Stern: August 2011)

Daniel Berehulak:  Tibetan Government in Exile (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2011)

Abbas: Hindus in Nepal (Magnum: July 2011)

John D McHugh: Sudanese Government Attacks on South Kordofan, Sudan (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2011)

Trevor Snapp: Sudan’s Nuba Mountains Conflict (BBC: July 2011)

More  Basetrack Afghanistan coverage on Foreign Policy…

Teru Kuwayama: Heavy Metal (FP: July 2011)

Rita Leistner: Female Engagement (FP: July 2011)

Omar Mullick: See No Evil (FP: August 2011)

Tivadar Domaniczky: Outside the Wire (FP: July 2011)

Jason Larkin: Cairo Divided (Panos: July 2011)

Yuri Dojc: Last Folio (Time LB: July 2011)

Paul S Amudsen: A Memoir of a Boy – In Search of a Normal Life (burn: July 2011)

Laura El-Tantawy: I’ll Die for You (NYT Lens: July 2011)

Dominic Nahr: The Awakening : Japan (Leica Vimeo: July 2011)

Jake Price: Japan : The Road Back (BagNewsNotes: July 2011)

Brent Lewin: Tattooed Faces of Burma’s Chin Province (National Post 2011)

Karen Mirzoyan: Unrecognised Island of Caucasus (Magnum Emergency  Fund: 2011)

Bit of early 2012 Olympics coverage.. I live right next door to where they are building the Atheletes’ Village…

Jason Orton: London 2012 (Telegraph: July 2011)

The Independent (Finlay Mackay and Emma Hardy): Road to 2012 (Independent: July 2011)

Interviews and Talks 

@duckrabbitblog posted a link this morning to the entire ‘On Being a Photographer’…an interview book with David Hurn and Bill Jay…

““Life as it unfolds in front of the camera is full of so much complexity, wonder and surprise that I find it unnecessary to create new realities. There is more pleasure, for me, in things as-they-are.”  – David Hurn

David Hurn in conversation with Bill Jay : On Being a Photographer 

Magnum: advice to Young photographers (Ideas Tap: July 2011)

Ewen Spencer (Perpectives: July 2011)

Bit of McCullin and Richards interview audio related to last week’s PDN piece…

Don McCullin and Eugene Richards  interview audio (PDN: July 2011)

Seamus Murphy (Ideas Tap: 2011)

Lisa Pritchard :  Photographers should never give away their copyright (worldphoto.org: July 2011)

Leah Millis (NYT Lens: July 2011)


Joao Silva shoots his first assignment since losing his legs in Afghanistan…

NYT Lens: Back in Action and Back on Page 1 (NYT Lens: July 2011)

NYT Lens: Crow-dsourcing the Magnum Archive (NYT Lens: July 2011)

A video examination of Israel’s photojournalism apparatus in East Jerusalem and the West Bank….

Columbia Journalism Review: The Ritual by Andrew Lampard (CJR: July 2011) Lampard’s website

Chip Litherland: on self-assignments (with a side of mud, booze, and rednecks) (Photographer’s blog: July 2011)

How did Leica end up financing projects shot by Magnum Photos and the Facing Change collectives? BJP’s Olivier Laurent found out…

photo: Alex Majoli

BJP: Financing projects with Leica’s help (BJP: July 2011)

Guardian: Too much Photoshop : L’Oréal’s Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington ad campaigns banned (Guardian: July 2011)

NYT Lens: Parting Glance: Jerome Liebling, 1924-2011 (NYT Lens: July 2011)

The Photowork: 26 Best Essays on Photography (The Photowork)

Guardian: Featured Photojournalist: Jorge Dan Lopez (Guardian: July 2011)

Darius Himes: What is a document and what is a style? (Photographer’s blog: 2011)

Verve: McNair Evans (Verve Photo: August 2011)

Verve: Graeme Williams (Verve Photo: August 2011)

Crowd FundingMariella Furrer: My Piece of Sky: Memories of Child Sexual Abuse (KickStarter: July 2011)


VII Photo issues call for submissions

VII Newsletter July 2011

NOOR Call for submissions


Magnum Contacts Sheets (Thames and Hudson)

Jörg M. Colberg: Conversations with Photographers 1: Brian Ulrich, Hellen van Meene, Christopher Anderson (Consctientious Tumblr: July 2011)

ExhibitionsWestminster MA Photojournalism Show 2011 : Habeas Corpus : PV 1 September  6pm : Exhition open 2 -4 September : Ambika P3

WorkshopsMagnum Professional Practice weekend course, London 10-11th Sep

Awards, Grants, and Competitions – Katie Orlinsky Named POYi Emerging Vision Recipient (POYi)

Fiona Rogers’ Firecracker…

multiMediaFirecracker August 20211 : Featured photographer Mona Simon

Resources ScanUnit : scanning at Roof Unit : Bethnal Green, London


VII is hiring a fund raiser

Falmouth looking for Senior Lecturer in Press & Editorial Photography

Barking and Dagenham College is now looking for a part time photography technician

Sales Consultant at Spectrum Photographic : Brighton, United Kingdom


A lot of people praised Chiara Goia’s Maldives work on Twitter last week… her website…

Chiara Goia

Lucia Herrero

Suki Dhanda

Emma Hardy

Jon Goering

Kian Lovett

To finish off….

Texas Wurstfest by Axel Gerdau

Bad ad placement or e a bored photo editor? Check this out

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