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Photojournalism Links turned 4 years in the end 2011, but let’s begin the fifth by looking back at the past year, shall well…

Features and Essays

New York Times Pictures of the Year….

Cover* by Moises Saman….   (*at least online. Don’t know how the selection was printed in the paper.)

New York Times: 2011: The Year in Pictures |

Slide 14 by Tyler Hicks looked familiar…

Photo: Tyler Hicks. Fighters reacted after an airstrike near Ras Lanuf, Libya, on March 11, where rebel lines began to crumble before an onslaught of artillery fire.

Seems to have been taken moments before or after Yuri Kozyrev’s famous one…See for yourself…

My initial thought was that Hicks’ frame surely must have been taken before Kozyrev’s, as there is that photo of him running away, and in which Kozyrev can still be seen shooting… But: I started thinking more about the stronger smoke seen in Hicks’ frame and why we don’t see it in Kozyrev’s if indeed that was taken later. The other possibility is that Kozyrev’s photo shows the airstrike mentioned in Hicks’ caption, and that  in fact Hicks’ one is taken after and it shows rebels having returned to the scene after running away and being defiant in some kind of adrelanine rush.. Hicks’s caption mentions: “after airstrike”. Kozyrev’s caption says  “Rebels flee under fire from the Libyan army”. There might have been several airstrikes/attacks of course and if Kozyrev’s is taken after, it could show a different strike/attack..in which case the stronger smoke in Hicks’ photo might be explained partly by camera angle and time.. the smoke we see in his frame could be the same as in Kozyrev’s photo..only in Kozyrev’s one the smoke had already slightly cleared.. Can’t decide which one it is… before or after….not that important anyway, but it’s interesting how different emotions we see at the same scene in two photos taken very close to each other…Tyler Hicks’ photo shows such defiance by the knife-wielding rebel, who is seen running for cover in Yuri Kozyrev’s one.

You can tweet your answers to this little ‘before/after’ puzzle @photojournalism.

LightBox compiled a yearbook for 2011, picking a photo for each day of the year…below frame from February 4, 2011 from South Sudan by Pete Muller, who was chosen by Time picture editors as the best photographer on the wires

Photo: Pete Muller / AP. February 4, 2011. Southern Sudanese from the pastoralist Taposa tribe take part in a nationalist celebration in the remote area of Kapoeta.

Lightbox: LightBox 365: A Year in Photographs

LA Times: The Year in Pictures (Framework blog)

Guardian: Photographs of the Year 2011

You can find links to loads more Year in Pictures/Best Photos of the Year galleries at Monroe Gallery’s blog

Really interesting slideshow on Lighbox about scenes and situations documented by more than one photographer…

photo credits: Daniel Berehulak—Getty (left); Kevin Frayer—AP (right)

Time Lightbox: Two Takes: One Picture, Two Photographers

Fritz Hoffman: The Cold Patrol (NGM)

Adam Ferguson: Getting Ahead in Dharavi (NYT)

Dominic Nahr: Still Born in Somalia (Magnum)

Sven Torfinn: Rape on the Rise in Somalia (NYT)

Republican Presidential campaign….

Lars Tunbjork: Iowa Caucus (Lightbox)

Danny Wilcox Frazier: Election 2012: The Path to Iowa (Lightbox)

Josh Haner: On the Campaign Trail in Iowa (NYT Lens)

Brendan Hoffman: The Iowa Caucus in Two Minutes (Lightbox) multimedia

Evan Vucci: Iowa Voters (whosay.com)

Paula Bronstein: Myanmar, an Isolated Country Undergoing Change (NYT Lens)

Yann Gross: An American Dream in Switzerland (NYT Lens)

James Whitlow Delano: Cherry Blossoms (Newsweek) Japan After Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Disaster: Cherry Blossoms Return

Todd Heisler: War’s Inner Wounds (NYT) multimedia

Balazs Gardi & Teru Kuwayama: Afghanistan (Newsweek)

Adam Ferguson: The Afghan National Army (Lightbox)

Donald Weber: War is good | Kurdistan after Saddam (VII)

Anastasia Taylor-Lind’s latest now as multimedia on VII Magazine…

Anastasia Taylor-Lind: The National Womb (VII Magazine)

Karim Ben Khelifa’s work from Yemen on Le Monde…Some nice frames, but was quite distracted by the brush tool marks visible in the skies of  several of the frames…Not sure what happened there…

Karim Ben Khelifa: Zinjibar, Yemen (Le Monde)

Marcus Bleasdale: Tuberculosis in Tanzania (VII)

Michael Hollahan: Momma Doc (zReportage)

Renee C. Byer: Foreclosure (zReportage)

Craig F. Walker Mahala Gaylord: Welcome Home : The Story of Scott Ostrom (Denver Post)

NYT Lens (various photographers): Portraits of Artists

Brent Clark: Deconstructing Santa

NatGeoMag January 2012 cover story…

Jodi Cobb: Twins (NGM)

Martin Schoeller: Twins (NGM)

More twins by this month’s featured Firecracker photographer Maja Daniels…

Maja Daniels: Monette and Mady (Firecracker) Firecracker newsletter 

Some pretty incredible as well as disturbing photographs from Serengeti…

Michael Nichols: Field Test : Serengeti (NGM)

John Vink: Cambodia: Borei Kela Relocation (Photographer’s website)

Paul Jeffers: The Holy Land Experience (Foto8)

Sarah Amy Fishlock: Middlemen (Foto8)

Ilse Frech: Nika’s Journey Growing Up With HIV (Lightbox)

Stephanie Sinclair: Les Americains a table (Le Monde M Magazine) Still story was originally published in NYT Mag. 

Jonathan Torgovnik: JR’s Street Art in Los Angeles (GQ) Torgovnik’s time-lapse of JR working on Getty Reportage Tumblr

Amanda Rivkin: Baku (Le Figaro) Azerbaijan

Myrto Papadopoulos: Tajikistan (NYT Lens)

Peter Dench has a slideshow on Time.com about London building for this year’s Olympics..Several frames from my neck of the woods in Stratford, east London…

Peter Dench: London Builds for 2012 (Time)

Daniel Etter: My Year in Pictures (Photographer’s website)

Todd Heisler: A Day With Stephen Colbert (NYT Magazine)

Ryan McGinley: Sweet Birds of Youth (Vanity Fair)


Jack Van Antwerp : WSJ’s Director of Photography discusses how the WSJ photo department culled the best of photos of 2011 (WSJ) video

Philip Wolmuth : Adapt to survive: A photographer’s view of the market today (BBC)

Bruno de Cock (Emphas.is)

Kai Löffelbein : Unicef Photograph of the Year Winner (Leica blog)

Giles Duley (BBC)

Guy Martin (BBC Radio Cornwall) Starts at 1:33:45

Melanie Burford (BBC)


R.I.P Eve Arnold.

NYT: Photojournalist Eve Arnold Dies at 99

photo: Eve Arnold. CUBA. Havana. Bar girl in a brothel in the red light district. 1954.

Guardian: Photographer Eve Arnold dies aged 99 | Arnold’s portfolio on Magnum Photos

Pres release and memorial slideshow on Magnum Photos

BJP: Magnum photographer Eve Arnold dies

Really nice quite in the Lightbox profile…

“I look for a sense of reality with everything I did,” she once said. “I didn’t work in a studio, I didn’t light anything. I found a way of working which pleased me because I didn’t have to frighten people with heavy equipment, it was that little black box and me” – Eve Arnold

Lightbox: Eve Arnold: 21 April 1912 – 4 January 2012

PDN: Photographer Eve Arnold Dies

Telegraph: Steve Bent, the photographer, who died on Christmas Day aged 53

NPPA: Lynsey Addario’s 2011: From Libyan War Captive To New Mother

NPR: Basil Al-Sayed, Who Chronicled The Syrian Uprising, Is Dead | Basil al-Sayed, a Syrian citizen journalist lost his life documenting the uprising in Homs.

PDN: Swedish Photographer, Reporter Convicted in Ethiopian Show Trial

photo: Finbarr O’Reilly

NYT Lens: Afghanistan Veteran Recalls Meeting a War Photographer

AP: Wounded Marine inspires AP photographer’s search

MSNBC: Photographer reunited with Marine injured in Afghanistan

PDN: CPJ Says Missing New York Times Driver is Dead

BBC: Libya blast photographer Guy Martin hosts display

Independent: Risking their lives in a warzone: is this the next generation of reporters? | The Arab Spring offered unprecedented access to freelance journalists on a tight budget

Duckrabbit: Tim Hetherington’s last photos and their presentation on the Guardian

photo: Lucas Jackson

Guardian: Featured Photojournalist: Lucas Jackson 

PhotoShelter: The Best Photography Blog Posts of 2011

Lightbox: Time’s Best of 2011: The Photobooks We Loved

Lightbox: Best Photos…of Photos 2011

NYT Mag 6th Floor blog: Our Top Ten Photo Books of 2011

Telegraph: Review of the year 2011: pictures of Libya and Egypt by Telegraph photographers

NYT Lens: Photo From North Korea Funeral Was Doctored (NYT Lens)

Time International ran the doctored photo as their weekly double spread Lightbox photo, without the acknowledgement of the frame being doctored….Credited to KCNA/Reuters… It seems the kill notice didn’t go out fast enough…

Time International photo editor Patrick Witty wrote about it….

Lightbox: The Aesthetics of a Dictatorship: North Korea’s Photoshopped Funeral

Doctoring of different kind…

NYT Lens: Pavel Maria Smejkal’s Iconic Scenes, Revisited and Reimagined

Related.. Jorg Colberg: A Theme with Variations

Kinda related to doctoring as well..

NYT: Apropos Appropriation

NYT: Harold Ross: Sculpting a Photograph With Light

Poynter: AP, 28 news orgs launch NewsRight to collect licensing fees from aggregators

BJP: Photography on the iPad: The Road to Success?

BBC: A question of ethics: Photographers in the spotlight

LightBox:  Top 10 Posts of 2011

NPR: Richard Avedon’s New Year’s Eve, Revisited

Observatory: A New American Picture: Doug Rickard and Street Photography in the Age of Google

New Yorker: Vince Aletti’s Top 10 Photo Shows

Telegraph: The Firecracker Diary | To raise funds for a new photographic grant, Firecracker has produced an illustrated 2012 diary showcasing work by women photographers.

Lightbox: A Package of Protest

BJP: Kodak to seek bankruptcy protection?

Verve: Andrew McConnell

Verve: Anne Ackerman

Digitaltechparis: The Correct Copyright Notice on a Photographer’s Website

IdeasTap: How to Photoblog


Self-assessment test for frontline journalists (conflict-study.com)


Life Force Magazine January issue is out

Flakfoto has a new website


Guy Martin – Shifting Sands : 10 January 2012 to 14 January : The Poly, 24 Church Stree : Falmouth TR11 3EG

Awards, Grants, and Competitions

Registration deadline for World Press Photo is January 6, 2012 at 23:59 (Central European Time)

Magenta Flash Forward 2012

Lightbox: Best in Show: Valerio Spada’s Book Gomorrah Girl | Photography Book Now competition’s $25,000 Grand Prize winner

The Magnum Foundation is pleased to announce 4 scholarships for the 2012

Source Graduate Photography Online 2012


Condition One by Patrick Chauvel (Emphas.is)


MediaStorm’s summer internship application deadline is January 15.

Agencies and Colletives

Luceo Best of 2011


NOOR photographer Pep Bonet’s revised and renewed website..

Pep Bonet

Eduardo Castaldo

William Daniels

Thomas Haugersveen

Josh Haner

Brent Clark

Philip Wolmuth

Kai Löffelbein

Sarah Amy Fishlock

Paul Jeffers

Jodi Cobb

See also Photo Follies of 2011

and How Photographers Actually Spend Their Time

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