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So far in April…

Beginning with 85+ features…

Features and Essays

Alex Majoli from Egypt for the National Geographic Magazine’s May issue…

Alex Majoli: Nile Journey (NGM)

From Lightbox….It’s been great seeing James Nachtwey’s work posted frequently on there recently…

James Nachtwey: Japan Tsunami Anniversary at Minor Kai (Lightbox)

James Nachtwey: Aung San Suu Kyi’s Path to Victory (Lightbox)

Friday saw the sad one year anniversary since the deaths of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros (PJ Links’ ‘In Memoriam ‘post from last year with extensive links, here) . Yuri Kozyrev recently visited Misrata, the city where the two men were killed.

Yuri Kozyrev: Revisiting Misrata, After Tim and Chris (Lightbox)

photo: Lynsey Addario

Time (various photographers): Almost Dawn in Libya (Lightbox)

photo: Paul Lowe

Time (various photographers): 20 Years Later: The Bosnian Conflict in Photographs (Lightbox)

Time (various photographers): Portraits of Influence: Faces of TIME 2011 (Lightbox)

Peter Hapak: The Victims of Assad (Lightbox)

Yuri Kozyrev: The New Islamists (Lightbox) Morocco

Diana Markosian: The Girls of Chechnya (Lightbox)

Oded Balilty: Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel (Lightbox)

Ambroise Tézenas: Dark Tourism (Lightbox)

Andrew Kaufman: Faces of Protest for Trayvon Martin (Lightbox)

Narciso Contreras: Kachin Independence Army (Lightbox)

Marco Grob: International Mine Action Day  Portraits (Lightbox)

Pablo Conejo: Little Europe on the Outskirts of Shanghai (Lightbox)

New on Reportage by Getty Images…Both Stirton’s and Cahana’s series shot originally for Nat Geo…

Brent Stirton: The Tuareg Nation (Reportage)

Kitra Cahana: American Teenage Brain (Reportage)

Zalmai: Peace at War: Afghanistan’s Circus Children (Reportage)

From New Yorker..

Peter van Agtmael’s and Ashley Gilberton’s Iraq War related photos in New Yorker’s Photo Booth…Look at this beautiful image by Ashley Gilbertson and then go and read the caption (it’s slide 19/25)…harrowing…

photo: Ashley Gilbertson

New Yorker (photos by Peter van Agtmael and Ashley Gilbertson): Generation Iraq: The Journalists Who Covered America’s War 

This Winogrand photo is so surreal…

photo: Garry Winogrand

New Yorker Photo Booth blog (various photographers): Beautiful Tourists 

Gilles Peress: Siege of Sarajevo (New Yorker)

Kate Simon: Bob Marley (New Yorker)

Gitta Seiler: About Girls (New Yorker)

From Newsweek…

Alejandro Cartagena: Mexican Workers Commute (Newsweek)

Trevor Snapp: The Hunt for Joseph Kony (Newsweek)

Jared Moossy: Beirut: A Vibrant City of Contradictions (Newsweek)

Recent features on the New York Times Lens blog…

Mary Ellen Mark: The Prom (NYT Lens) Related

Annabel Clark: A Most Intimate Bond (NYT Lens)

Eric Thayer: GOP Campaign Trail (NYT Lens)

Lijie Zhang: Rare Illnesses (NYT Lens)

Sven Torfinn: Mogadishu (NYT Lens)

Sean Kernan: Breaking Into Prison (NYT Lens)

Max Whittaker: Unincorporated Towns (NYT Lens)

Abir Abdullah: ‘Death Traps’ in Dhaka (NYT Lens)

Ilona Szwarc: Girls and Their Dolls (NYT Lens)

Ozier Muhammad: Portraits of Harlem’s Clergy (NYT Lens)

Richard Perry: The New York Commute (NYT Lens)

Michael Keating: A Friend’s Life (NYT Lens)

Angelos Tzortzinis: Street Clashes in Greece (NYT Lens)

Garry Winogrand: 1960 DNC (NYT Lens)

Jared Soares: Hip-Hop Culture in Small-Town America (NYT Lens)

Jim Cummins: Picturing Jimi, Janis, Miles and Duke (NYT Lens)

From New York Times itself…

Meridith Kohut: In Venezuela, A Shortage of Staples (NYT)

Adam Ferguson: Myanmar Elections (NYT)

Sven Torfinn: In Somalia’s Capital, Hope and Reconstruction (NYT)

Benedicte Kurzen: Nigeria Population Rise (NYT)

Jehad Nga: In Libya, Militias Become a Political Force (NYT)

From Magnum..

Surprising topic,but always eager to see Pellegrin’s work..

Paolo Pellegrin:Turkish Oil Wrestlers (Magnum)

Martin Parr: No Worries (Magnum)

From VII…

Gary Knight: Rat Hole Mining in Meghalaya (VII)

Ed Kashi: Photojournalisms (VII Magazine)

Seamus Murphy: Inside Syria (VII)

Erin Trieb: Battle Company (VII Mentor)

Giovanni Cocco: Islam Denied (VII Mentor)

Sim Chi Yin: Burmese Spring (VII Mentor)

From Panos Pictures…

Warrick Page: Pakistan’s Hungry Children (Panos)

Fernando Moleres: A Life of Devotion (Panos)

Christian Als: Exposed (Panos) multimedia

Stephan Vanfleteren: Sao Paulo – The World in a City (Panos)

Oleg Klimov: Along Russia’s Shores (Panos)

Dan White: Sak Yant – Sacred Tattoos (Panos)

From NOOR..

Alixandra Fazzina: The Flowers of Afghanistan (NOOR)

Jon Lowenstein: Female Chain Gang (NOOR)

From Reuters…

Andrew Biraj: Brothel Bonds That Bind (Reuters)

Damir Sagolj: Surviving Japan’s Tsunami Disaster (Reuters)

Marcos Brindicci: Falklands at Last (Reuters)

From zReportage..

Bahram Mark Sobhani: Going the Distance (zReportage)

David Ryder: The Tallest Hurdle (zReportage)

From Institute…

Simon Norfolk: Erbil, Iraq (Institute)

From Foto8…

Marcus Bleasdale: The Voices of the Children of the LRA (Foto8)

Alessandro Vincenzi: The School Hidden in  a House (Foto8)

Claudia Leisinger: The Last Days of the Billingsgate Porters (Foto8)

Mark Esplin: Tropical Storm Sendong (Foto8)

From Global Post…

Will Baxter: Kachin Conflict (Global Post)

Will Baxter: Myanmar: Suu Kyi fever (Global Post)

From various sources…

The below Martin Parr photo made me think of others he has taken in similar vein, and I did a quick little experiment by digging into the Magnum Photos archives…in the end I found less very similar ones I had thought, but he sure loves fast food and ice cream..Take a look here.

Martin Parr: American South (CNN photo blog)

Glenna Gordon: Reality Kony2012 Missed (Wired Raw File blog)

From April NGM that I didn’t share the last time…

Phyllis Galembo: African Masks (NGM)

Alejandro Chaskielberg: Turkana (Dazed and Confused)

Polly Braden: Decade in China (Telegraph)

Barat Ali Batoor: The Exploitation of Afghanistan’s ‘Dancing Boys’ (Washington Post)

Thorne Anderson: Afghanistan the Beautiful (Foreign Policy)

Kayte Brimacombe: Autism (Guardian)

John Vink: Cambodia: Year of the Dragon on Bokor Mountain  (Photographer’s website)

Mae Ryan: Transactivations (KPCC, Los Angeles Public Radio, Vimeo)

Interviews and Talks

Sebastian Junger (Outside)

Lauren Greenfield (Filmfestivaltraveller.com)

Mary Ellen Mark : Simple Portraits, Complex Camera (NYT Lens)

Mary Ellen  Mark (Profoto Vimeo)

Weegee (Soundportraits)

Rene Burri (Phaidon)

Bruce Davidson (New Yorker)

Kathy Ryan (Overdose.am)

Kathy Ryan (FOAM)

Kadir Van Lohuizen (Nikon blog)

Kristen Ashburn (aday.org)

Gary Knight (PDN)

Joel Meyerowitz (Leica Vimeo)

Ed Kashi : misuse of photographs (Soros.org)

photo: Lynsey Addario, 2008 Getty Grants winner

Jamie Penney : Senior Photo Editor Getty Images, on applying for Getty Grants (Getty blog)

Eamonn McCabe (BBC)

David Bailey, Don McCullin, Terry O’Neill and Harry Benson (BBC Radio Front Row)

Patrick Brown (VICE)

Mark Power (IdeasTap)

Don McCullin (BBC)

Richard Mosse (PDN)

Tom Stoddart (Leica blog)

Lynsey Addario (Charlie Rose)

Mark Seliger (GQ)

W.H. Hunt (burn)

News, Articles, and Reports

Washington Post: Tim Hetherington’s legacy: A mother’s perspective on her son’s war photography

James Brabazon: Remembering Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros (Newsweek)

PDN: Tim Hetherington, Chris Hondros: Remembering Them As They Lived

Tim Hetherington : Photographs Not Taken (Lightbox)

BJP: Photographers honoured with Pulitzer Prizes | Full list of Pulitzer winners and finalists at Pulitzer.org

NYT Lens: Pulitzer Prizes: The Effects of War at Home

BBC: Photo of Afghan girl after bomb attack wins Pulitzer

PDN: Anton Hammerl’s Remains May Have Been Unearthed in Libya

CNN: Almost Dawn in Libya (Youtube video)

CNN: Paul Conroy footage of escaping Homs

Poynter: MaryAnne Golon named Washington Post’s new director of photography

Photoshelter: The 7 Common Tax Mistakes Made By Photographers

PhotoShelter: How We Hire Photographers: New York Magazine

Independent: Bruce Davidson’s photographs captured Harlem street life in the 1960s

BBC: Pricing nature and protecting journalists : Toby Smith and Sophie Gerrard

PDN: Collector Sues Eggleston Over New Prints of Limited Edition Works

PDN: Q&A: Art Collector Jonathan Sobel Explains His Beef with William Eggleston

Knight Digital Media Center: 8 Tips for Telling Beautiful Multimedia Stories

Poynter: What journalists should know about Instagram, bought by Facebook

BJP: The Photographers’ Gallery to celebrates London 2012 Olympics

PDN: Quincy Jones Denies Copyright Infringement Claim

Lucy Davies in Telegraph: Arnold Newman: the art of sitting still | Even the most camera-shy creative powerhouses would stop everything for Arnold Newman

Sean O’Hagan in Guardian: Roger Ballen, photographer: are you ready to enter his world? | The American photographer has been taking photographs in South Africa for much of the past 40 years – but the brutal conceptualism of his work leaves me cold

Lightbox: Danny Lyon: The World Is Not My Home

Lightbox: The Search for the Best New Black-and-White Photographers

Kathy Ryan with the back story behind Steve Schapiro’s photograph of Muhammad Ali..

Kathy Ryan: Muhammad Ali Meets His Wife (New York Times Magazine 6th floor blog)

NYT Mag 6th Floor blog: On Simon Roberts’ ‘Let This Be a Sign’

Guardian: The Month in Review

Guardian: Featured photojournalist: Pedro Ugarte

Guardian: Featured photojournalist: How Hwee Young

Guardian: Photographer John Myers’ best shot

Verve: James McKay

Verve: Lara Ciarabellini

BJP: French organisation of professional photographers has launched a controversial campaign for photographers’ rights

Fstoppers: On the Set with Annie Leibovitz

The Literate Lens: Magnum and the Dying Art of Darkroom Printing

NPR: Paintball Journalism? Former Ranger, Journalists Trade Shots With Hezbollah

If this really works, this is very cool! Stolen Camera Finder

Events and Workshops

This Wednesday…23 April…See you there?

SlideLuck PotShow London, 81 Leonard Street

This should be very cool…

Frontline Club Photo Week 2012

Photo week 2012: VII Photo Seminar

This weekend in London…

World Photo London : April 27-29 : All events : free events  : The Business of Photography Seminar

London Festival of Photography Programme

Foto8 events (PDF)

Donald Weber is organising another grant writing workshop

Grant Writing Workshop with Donald Weber  in Los Angeles, June 16 & 17

Magnum Professional Practice London

Agencies and Collectives

Was looking at some advertising photography the other day… Check out Art Department…It represents Steve McCurry, Mary Ellen Mark, and Platon for commercial work…

Art Department

VII: April newsletter

VII: iSee prints for sale

Reportage by Getty Images: Giulio di Sturco joins roster as a Featured Contributor

Magnum Photos: April Newsletter

Magnum Foundation:   Foundation Launches Partnership with Mother Jones

Prime Collective : April newsletter

Aletheia Photos

Press & Editorial Photography course at University College Falmouth have an agency, Cartel Photos, for their current undergraduates and alumni. Mentored by Panos Pictures. Check out this YouTube clip for more info.

Cartel Photos introduction (Youtube)


Magnum crew on the road again…

Postcards From America (Tumblr blog)

Polish Documentary Photography Links

Awards, Grants and Competitions

Congratulations to all the people selected to this year’s Joop Swart Masterclass

photo: Ilvy Njiokiktjien

Joop Swart Masterclass 2012 Participants announced (World Press Photo)

Rory Peck Awards 2012

Canon Female Photojournalist Award 2012

Enter Foto8 Summershow, get a chance to exhibit work in London, attend a great party, and most importantly, support the work Foto8 do…

Foto8 Summershow 2012 

Marie Claire International Photography Award

2012 Guggenheim Fellowships Awarded to Ten Photographers (PDN)

Getty Grants

Arles Photography Open Salon

Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award on International Photography : Call for submissions (PDF) : entry form (PDF)

Les Rencontres Prix Bayeux-Calvados for War Correspondents

BJP: Mono winners announced

London Festival Fringe  : London Photography Award 2012 shortlist 

Moving Walls 20 :  Documentary Photography Project at the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project at the Open Society Foundations : annual exhibition of social-issue documentary photography.

Open Society  2012 Production Grant to Individuals  from Central Asia, the South Caucasus, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Pakistan


Aaron Siskind Fund

Emerging Photographer Fund

KL Photo Awards 2012 Shortlisted

Apps and Books

World Press Photo 2012 App (iTunes)

Really want to get VII Photo’s Questions Without Answers book…

photo: Alexandra Boulat

Geo (GER): Questions Without Answers by VII Photo

CNN: Review on Questions without Answers 

James Whitlow Delano: Black Tsunami ( e-book)



Ben Lowy : Spring 2012 promo

Kayte Brimacombe

Phyllis Galembo

Jane Stockdale

Carl Court

Alessandro Vincenzi

Mark Esplin

Claudia Leisinger

To finish off…as usual..some quirkyness…

Check out Story Wheel… pretty cool site for all Instagram users…

Related… Mastergram

Also… Virtual Lighting Studio

WSJ’s Best and Worst Jobs 2012

Airplane Lavatory Self-Portraits

And Doonesbury on unpaid work

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