Features and Essays | 8 June 2012

Yuri Kozyrev has recently been to Libya for a road trip with a Time writer Abigail Hauslohner…Great work as always…

Photo © Yuri Kozyrev

Yuri Kozyrev: After The Revolution: Libya (Lightbox)

Alixandra Fazzina’s Flowers of Afghanistan featured recently both on Lightbox and CNN Photo blog… This Lightbox opener is really stunning…

Photo © Alixandra Fazzina

Alixandra Fazzina: Flowers of Afghanistan (Lightbox)

Alixandra Fazzina: Flowers of Afghanistan (CNN)

Kozyrev’s Afghanistan series which ran on latest Time magazine, includes a frame that gave me a flashback earlier this week…

Yuri Kozyrev: Afghanistan Now (Lightbox)

Seamus Murphy: Death and Love: The Poetry of Afghanistan’s Women (VII)

Christopher Morris: America’s Last Living POW (Lightbox)

Really enjoyed these Gillian Laub’s prom portraits on Lightbox.. Actually prefer to Mary Ellen Mark’s recent Prom series… Location portraits far more interesting than the sterility of studio…There’s a video too, in which Laub talks about the assignment.

Photo © Gillian Laub for TIME

Gillian Laub: Last Dance: American Proms (Lightbox)

New Yorker Tim Fadek based in Berlin, currently spending some time in Athens…quite an opener to this slideshow…

Photo © Timothy Fadek

Timothy Fadek: Something’s Rotten in China (Foreign Policy)

Here are links to Moises Saman’s Egypt work in three different places… Take your pick…Impressive work..

Photo © Moises Saman

Moises Saman: Egyptian Elections (Magnum)

Moises Saman: Egypt’s Choice (NYT)

Moises Saman: Egypt (Newsweek)

Giorgios Moutafis: Syria’s Free Army (Newsweek)

Seamus Murphy: Syrian Spring (VII Magazine)

Oliver Hartung: Signs of Syria (NYT Lens)

Photo © David Chancellor

David Chancellor: Predator and Prey (New York Times Magazine)

Damon Winter: Learning to Heal, One Memorial Day at a Time (NYT)

Tyler Hicks: Islamists in Northern Mali (NYT)

Kiana Hayeri: Young Women in Iran (NYT Lens)

Irina Ruppert: Tracing Memories in Kazakhstan (Lightbox)

Michael Zumstein: Looking Forward in Liberia (Newsweek)

Dominic Nahr’s Sudan Border Wars, some of which was published in Lightbox, includes Photojournalism Links’ first Image of the Month, posted end of May. Plenty of other great frames as well.  Do take a look…

Photo © Dominic Nahr

Dominic Nahr: Sudan Border Wars (Magnum)

Goran Tomasevic: Nuba Mountains (Guardian)

Phil Moore: DRC Crisis (Al Jazeera)

Andrea Bruce: Afghan Americans (NOOR)

Kadir van Lohuizen: The Cold End of the World (NOOR)

Jon Lowenstein: The Masks We Wear (NOOR)

Photo © Mae Ryan

Mae Ryan: Pentecostal Rehab Aids Adddicts in Russia (CNN)

Maxim Dondyuk: Tuberculosis Epidemic in Ukraine (CNN)

Davide Monteleone: Portraits of Russian Activists (New Yorker)

Giuliano Camarda: The Return of Los Indignados (Foreign Policy)

Joseph Rodriguez: Portraits from Another America (New Yorker)

Tom Stoddart: Britons (Reportage by Getty Images)

Peter Dench: The Diamond Jubilee (New Yorker)

Martin Parr: Up and Down Peachtree (Magnum)

Chris Steele-Perkins: Xiangshawan, Mongolia (Magnum)

Photo © Adam Dean

Adam Dean: Burma: Winds of Change (Panos)

Lana Slezic: Young in Old Delhi (Newsweek)

Ivan Kashinsky and Karla Gachet: A Tasting Tour of Salts Around the World (Smithsonian)

Shiho Fukada: Great Hall of the People, China (Panos)

Andrew Testa: Binge Britain (Panos)

Seamus Murphy: Growing Body Parts (VII)

Photo © Tomas Bravo / Reuters

Tomas Bravo: Mexico’s Front Line (Reuters)

Don Bartletti: Mexicali’s Hotel of the Deported Migrant (LA Times Framework)

Doug Rickard: A New American Picture (Daily Mail)

Anders Petersen’s Soho work that we featured in the Tearsheet of the Day posts…here on CNN Photo blog…

Photo © Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen: Soho, London (CNN)

Kate Holt: Life on the Margin (zReportage)

Andrew Dickinson: Fighting the Addiction (zReportage)

Renee C. Byer: Picking Up the Pieces (zReportage)

Laura Pannack: Ukraine (Independent)

Photo © David Alan Harvey

David Alan Harvey: Rio (CNN)

Graham McIndoe: Missing Posters (NYT Lens)

Jeremy Suyker: Generation Wave: The Burmese Youth Fighting for Democracy (Foto8)

Jan Brykczynski: The Last Primeval Forest (Foto8)

Photo © Rebecca Norris Webb

Rebecca Norris Webb: My Dakota (Lightbox) Same in New Yorker

Richard Misrach: Cancer Alley (Lightbox)

Christine Osinski: Staten Island (Lightbox)

Always loved this image…Exhibition on at the recently re-opened Photographers’ Gallery in London’s Soho…

Photo © Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky: Oil (Guardian)

Zanele Muholi: South Africa’s Lesbian Community (New Yorker)

Myra Greene: Race and Identity (NYT Lens)

Baptiste Giroudon: Hello Mister President (Photographer’s website)

Simon Roberts’ Let This Be a Sign on shown in Swiss Cottage as part of the London Festival of Photography. Still need to pop down there, as I was busy on the private view night… Here’s some of the work on BBC website…

Photo © Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts: Let This Be a Sign (Telegraph)

Theodore Kaye: Turkey: Kyrgyz Nomads Struggle to Make  (Eurasianet)

Photo © Zed Nelson

Zed Nelson: Hackney (BBC)

Elizabeth D. Herman: Tracing Present Scars to Past Traumas (NYT Lens)

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