10 Oeuvres Aspiring Photographers Should Ignore (La Pura Vida blog: May 2010)

12th Press:  Summary of current issues plaguing photojournalism, with lots of links (12th Press: September 2009)

30 Photos that changed the world (photographyschoolsonline.net: April 2010)

50 Classic Examples of the Decisive Moment in Photography (Cretique.com)


Abbott,Berenice: Photography At The Crossroads, 1951 (A Photo Student blog: January 2010)

Ach, Brian: So, You Want To Be A Wire Service Photographer? (JPG Magazine: 2008)

AFP: Is Photojournalism Dead? Photojournalists grim as festival marred by industry gloom(Canada.com: August 2009)

American Photo: Emerging Artists 2008 (Popphoto.com)

Anderson, Christopher : Covering the Presidential Inauguration (Magnum Blog: January 28, 2009)

Anger, Tim: The Beauty and the Darkness (Tim Anger blog: June 2010) Jack Picone and Steven Dupont are photographers who share a friendship developed over two decades.

Alvarez, Stephen: Life on Assignment (Photographer’s blog: April 2010)


Aperture Portfolio Prize 2009 winner and runner-up portfolios online (Aperture: February 2010)

Aperture: – Announcing the 2009 Aperture Portfolio Prize Winner and Runners-Up (Aperture: November 2009)

Aperture Portfolio Prize 2008: Winner: Michael Corridore, Angry Black Snake Runners-up: Jowhara AlSaud, Out of Line; Colin Blakely, Somewhere in Middle America; Joe Johnson, Mega Churches; Hector Mata, Limbo; Elizabeth Pedinotti, Inside

Aperture: Portfolio Prize 2007 winners awarded (Aperture 12/07)

A Photo Editor

A Photo Editor: VII Magazine – Photojournalism Transitions From Supplier To Publisher (APE: July 2010)

A Photo Editor: Luceo Images – Documenting Small Town America (APE: July 2010)

A Photo Editor: Showing Wedding Photography With Editorial And Commercial Work (APE: June 2010)

A Photo Editor: A Very Close Look At A Tragic Moment In Haiti And The Photographers Who Witnessed And Covered It (APE: March 2010)

A Photo Editor: Stop Accepting $200 Assignments (APE: March 2010) Related blog piece my Stephan Alvarez “When to Walk Away”

A Photo Editor: Pricing & Negotiating For Photographers – Tag-teaming with TV crews on ad shoots (APE: March 2010)

A Photo Editor: Terry Richardson Getting Lit Up By The Blogs For His Lewd Behavior (APE: March 2010)

A Photo Editor: Ask Anything – Does a photographer need a rep and do they really get you work?(APE: March 2010

A Photo Editor: – Jim Krantz May Have Finally Gotten His Attribution (A Photo Editor: January 2010)

Arthur, Olivia: Getting Too Close (Magnum Blog: March 30, 2009)



BBC Viewfinder: The Mexican Suitcase on show (BBC: September 2010)

BBC: Reunited with the Vietnamese ‘girl in the picture’ (BBC: May 2010) Kim Phuc, the girl in one of the unforgettable images of the Vietnam War, has been reunited for a BBC radio programme with Christopher Wain, the ITN correspondent who helped save her life 38 years ago.

BBC: Voyeurism, surveillance and the camera | photos (BBC: May 2010) Tate exhibition

BBC World Service : Copyright protection in the age of the internet is discussed by Stuart Franklin & Olivier Laurent (BBC: May 2010)

BBC Viewfinder: Photographer chosen as the official election artist (BBC Viewfinder: March 2010)

BBC Radio 4: Are Haiti Pictures Too Graphic? (audio) (BBC: January 2010)

BBC World Service: Magnum gallery in Paris (BBC: November 2009)

Beckman, Rachel: These Aren’t Your Everyday Prom Polaroids (text plus slideshow) (WP: June 4, 2008) “On April 26, Mary Ellen Mark and her entourage of assistants set up a makeshift photo studio in a small room next to the school’s gymnasium. Mark is working on a three-year project called “Prom.” Charlottesville High was the seventh of 12 schools she is photographing. Next weekend, Mark will speak at the Look3 Festival of the Photograph here, where her Charlottesville photos will be on display. “Prom is a slice of Americana for me,” Mark said. “You learn about a culture and how different racial groups bring their own style to prom.” Mark, 68, has made a career of photographing the famous and the un-famous. Her pictures of celebrities (Johnny Depp, Maya Angelou and Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few) appear in publications such as the New Yorker, the New York Times and Rolling Stone. But her social-documentary photographs are the heart of her work, including mental patients in Oregon, circus performers in India and refugees in Ethiopia. One of her most famous images, taken in 1983, is of a 13-year-old Seattle prostitute named Tiny.”

Jonas Bendiksen’s Best Shot (Guardian: May 31, 2007) It seems the photo he is talking about is not available on the Guardian site. He is talking about this image, if I’m not completely mistaken.

Benson, Robert: Why They Still Shoot Film (Robert Benson blog: January 2010)

Bey, Dawoud: Advice to a Young Artist (Dawoud Bey blog: December 20, 2008)

Bismarck Tribune: The last roll: Photos of DeNiro, Brooklyn, India send off Kodachrome (The Bismarck Tribune: August 2010)

Black Star Rising: 12 Excuses for Shooting Photos for Free — and Why They’re Bogus (A Black Star Rising: August 2010

Blind Spot : Collapsing Images : PART III Truth and Authenticity in Photography. Audio from New York Public Library. “How does a photographer negotiate between “documenting” and “creating?” What is “truth” in photography? Other issues to address are the commodification of biography and the viewer/consumer’s visceral hunger for vicarious experience and search for authenticity via the artist” Panelists:  Mitch Epstein, Paul Graham, Katy Grannan, Danny Lyon, and Tod Papageorge (audio) (NYPL: November 3, 2007)

Blurb: Announcing the 2010 PBN Winners! (Blurb: September 2010)

Brian Lehrer Show (New York Public Radio): Rules for the Street with Bruce Gilden (audio)(Lightstalkers) WNYC’s Street Photos project

British Journal of Photography

Injured New York Times photographer recovering (BJP: November 2010)

VII Network adds Venetia Dearden (BJP: November 2010)

David Chancellor wins Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (BJP: November 2010)

Morel to pursue legal case as AFP tries to settle (BJP: November 2010)

Friends of injured photographer Joao Silva set up support fund (BJP: October 2010) Friends of Joao Silva, the New York Times photographer who has been severely injured last week when he stepped on a mine in Afghanistan, have set up a support fund.

BJP: A prize-winning image? (BJP: October 2010) The single image winner of BJP’s International Photography Award generated an unprecedented response this year, much of it questioning why the shot was chosen. Here Nick Galvin, archive manager of Magnum London and one of the judges, gives his thoughts.

BJP: New York Times photographer severely wounded in Afghanistan (update 3) (BJP: October 2010)

BJP: Alec Soth and the Democratic Jungle (BJP: October 2010)

BJP: AFP v. Morel: The Important Questions (BJP: October 2010) What did Agence France Presse know when it distributed without permission freelance photographer Daniel Morel’s images? What was Getty Images’ role? And why isn’t TwitPic in court?

BJP: Peter DiCampo wins IPA 2010 body of work prize (BJP: October 2010)

BJP: Magnum to make its photographers more contactable (BJP: August 2010)

BJP: Independent thinking (BJP: August 2010) The editorial market is changing. With fewer pages reserved for photography and declining revenues, independent photo agencies have been forced to adapt, testing strategies that will help them survive the downturn.

BJP: The dust man settles (BJP: August 2010) David Maisel

BJP: Exodus : BJP profiles five different photographers whose stories focus on the realities of migration, shot by Alixandra Fazzina, Moises Saman, Lauren Greenfield, Kadir van Lohuizen and Espen Rasmussen (BJP: August 2010)

BJP: Prostitution in Morocco subject of 20th Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize (BJP: July 2010) “Photographer Tiana Markova-Gold and writer Sarah Dohrmann have won this year’s highly prestigious Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize for their investigation of female prostitution in Morocco”

BJP: Pay to display? (BJP: July 2010) Who goes to graduation shows? And does it matter? Diane Smyth asks whether final year exhibitions have had their day.

BJP: Can we be of any assistance? (BJP: July 2010) Who wants to be a photography student? Now is possibly the worst time to try to break into an industry that offers no safety net to aspiring graduates, which is why two organisations are trying to help

BJP: Protect & survive (BJP: July 2010)

BJP: Hello, world: Social networking for photographers (BJP: July 2010)

BJP: Martin Parr presents the Brighton Photo Biennial (BJP: July 2010)

BJP: Alixandra Fazzina wins United Nations $100,000 award (BJP: July 2010) from UNHRC website

BJP: Swedish photographer Jens Olof Lasthein wins Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2010 (BJP: July 2010) Oskar Barnack portfolios on Vimeo

BJP: Sharing is new focus of Visa festival (BJP: July 2010)

BJP: Magnum Photos adds two photojournalists (BJP: July 2010

BJP: Photographers get $15,000 grants from Getty Images (BJP: July 2010) “British photographer Sam Faulkner and US photographer Annie Marie Musselman have won this year’s Getty Images’ Grants for Good, which comes with a $15,000 commission”

BJP: Alixandra Fazzina joins Noor (BJP: July 2010)

BJP:  Civil rights photographer Bill Hudson dies (BJP: July 2010)

BJP: Magnum Photos welcomes new member, nominees (BJP: June 2010)

BJP: Self Publish, Be Smart (BJP: June 2010)

BJP: Vanessa Winship receives top PhotoEspaña prize (BJP: June 2010)

BJP: Magnum Photos Collection opens to public (BJP: June 2010)

BJP: Paul Shambroom receives $100,000 award (BJP: June 2010)

BJP: Last NCTJ photojournalism course closes down (BJP: June 2010)

BJP: Celebrated British photographer Brian Duffy has died (BJP: June 2010) Duffy’s photos in Telegraph

BJP: Visa plans crackdown on Photoshop (BJP: June 2010) “The debate over the use of Photoshop in photojournalism is set to become an integral part of this year’s largest photojournalism festival, as Visa Pour l’Image announces its programming for this year’s event. Olivier Laurent talks to Jean-François Leroy, the festival’s director”

BJP: From stills to motion (BJP: June 2010) “The biggest switch is with your mind” – seven pioneering photographers on shooting video alongside still images

BJP: French photographer honoured at last night’s New York Photo Awards, despite severe technical problems (BJP: May 2010) Nominees on the final round were (NYPH)

BJP: NYPH 2010: Marc Garanger’s Femmes Algériennes (BJP 1854 blog: May 2010)

BJP: Young photographers reflect on the high price of some contests and competitions. Are they worth the money? (BJP 1854 blog: May 2010)

BJP: Edward Burtynsky has won the photography title in this year’s And/Or Book Awards with “Oil”(BJP: April 2010)

BJP: Agence France Presse’s slap to photographers (BJP: April 2010)

BJP: Alamy is launching a 24/7 news feed, in a bid to offer editorial photographers with new avenue to sell images (BJP: April 2010)

BJP: Freelance photographers urged to “just say no” to Guardian News & Media new rates (BJP: April 2010)

BJP: Are photojournalists in danger of producing images aimed more at competitions instead of the press? (BJP: April 2010)

BJP: In-Public, a collective set up to promote street photography, is turning 10, organises London show (BJP: April 2010)

BJP: ♯BuyMyPic (BJP: March 2010) Buying images from social networking sites

BJP: British photographer Simon Roberts becomes the first official elections photographer (BJP: March 2010)

BJP:  Sophie Ristelhueber has been awarded the 2010 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, collecting £30,000 (BJP: March 2010)

BJP: Disqualified World Press Photo winner speaks out, says his retouching was legitimate. (BJP: March 2010)

BJP: French photographer Sophie Calle wins €100,000 Hasselblad Foundation International Award (BJP: March 2010)

BJP: Photographer Stepan Rudik has been disqualified by World Press Photo for removing “an element” from his photos (BJP: March 2010) World Press Photo disqualification: Stepan Rudik speaks out and explains what happened (BJP: March 2010)

BJP: British Photographers Win Big at World Press Photo (BJP: February 2010)

BJP: After Shocks (BJP:February 2010) Haiti

BJP: Photojournalist : one of the worst jobs in 2009 (BJP 1854 blog: January 2010)

BJP: Hollywood’s most celebrated photographer Bob Willoughby has died. Retrospective on his life’s work (BJP: December 2009)

BJP : Stefano di Sturco portrays religious strife to poignant effect (BJP: November 2009)

BJP:  Some photo agencies are contributing to the death of photojournalism, Jean-François Leroy says.(BJP: May 2009)

BJP’s 1854 blog: Le Monde 2 talks about Anthony Suau’s World Press Photo images (1854 blog: February 15, 2009)

BJP: Anthony Suau wins World Press Photo of the Year 2008(BJP Online: February 13, 2009)

Bloomberg: Dell Buys Magnum Photo Print Archive Valued Over $100 Million (Bloomberg: February 1, 2010) / Related NYT Lens slideshow / Related NYT article /  Related Magnum Photos text and slideshow

Boston Globe: Photography review: Framing lives in war or peace (Boston Globe: May 2010) “Susan Meiselas: In History,’’ at Dartmouth College’s Hood Museum of Art through June 20, 2010

Boston Globe: HCB at MOMA (Boston Globe: April 2010)

Burgess, Neil: Former World Press Photo chairman Neil Burgess reflects on photojournalism and digital manipulation (BJP: April 2010)

burn: Carl De Keyzer profile (burn: June 2010)

Burnett, David: Closing the Circle (March 7, 2009)


David Campbell

Thinking Images v.3 (Davidcampbell.org: November 2010)

Campbell, David: Dead or Alive? The State of Photojournalism (David Campbell: October 2010)

Campbell, David : Revolutions in the Media Economy (David Campbell blog: September 2009)

Chesterton, Benjamin: On the Blindfolded Photographer (Nieman Storyboard: 2010)

CNN: The Story of Dan Eldon (CNN: Dec. 7, 1997)

Cogan, Joshua (photos) Kwame Dawes (text): Learning to Speak: The New Age of HIV/AIDS in the Other Jamaica(VQR: Spring 2008)

Colberg, Joerg: On Statements (Conscientious Extended: June 2010) On artist statements

Colberg, Joerg: What Makes a Great Portrait? Part 1Part 2 (Conscientious: 2010)

Joerg Colberg

Colberg, Joerg: 57 Reviews (Conscientious: April 2010) Thoughts on doing portfolio reviews at Houston FotoFest

Colberg, Joerg: Why We Must See (Conscientious: March 2010)

Colberg, Joerg: Some thoughts on the visual language of photojournalism (JM Colberg – Conscientious blog: October 28, 2008)

Colberg, Joerg: Some more thoughts on the visual language of photojournalism(JM Colberg – Conscientious: October 29, 2008)

Cole, Carolyn: Someone Won’t Be Coming Home Tonight (VQR: Summer 2007)

Conrad, Fred R.: In a War Zone, With Film (NYT Lens blog: August 2009)

CPN (Canon Professional Network)

Five experts from World Press Photo’s 2010 Joop Swart Masterclass give advice for young photographers (CPN: November 2010)

Canon 2010 AFJ Award Winner is Martina Bacigalupo (CPN: August 2010)

CPN: Ian Parry Schorlarship 2010 winners (CPN: July 2010)

CPN: The Photojournalists’ Favourite Kit (CPN: Technical)

CPN Road Test: Gary Knight and the 1D mkIII (CPN: Roadtest)

Christian Science Monitor (The,): ‘The Aftermath Project’: Photographers go back after the war (CSM: February 2010)

Cuthbert, Daniel: Visa Pour L’Image (Verbal.co.za: September 2010)


Davis, Mike: What is Good? (Mike Davis blog: September 2010) What makes a great photograph?

Davis, Mike: Can you edit your own photography? (Mike David blog: April 2010)

Dean, Adam: Witness to an Assassination (DJ 02/08)

[debates] – AFP v Morel | Duckrabbit: Why AFP, Getty, Jean-Francois Leroy, CNN, ABC, CBS love photographs but have no time for photographers, or ‘it wasn’t rape your honor because she was in the room and I was horny’(DuckRabbit: September 2010) Daniel Morel claim against AFP | JF Leroy: ‘My position here is that of an insurance company.’ (DuckRabbit: September 2010) |DuckRabbit: Dear Mr Leroy (DuckRabbit: September 2010) |Duckrabbit: Is Getty wearing Leroy’s trousers? (Duckrabbit: September 2010) | JF Leroy: I am Listening (Duckrabbit:  October 2010) | BJP: AFP v. Morel: The Important Questions (BJP: October 2010) What did Agence France Presse know when it distributed without permission freelance photographer Daniel Morel’s images? What was Getty Images’ role? And why isn’t TwitPic in court?

[debates] – TIME: The Plight of Afghan Women: A Disturbing Picture (TIME: July 2010) | Salon: Time’s brutal, brutally effective new cover image (Salon: July 2010) The shocking picture of a mutilated Afghan woman may be a struggling magazine’s plea for attention — but it works |Joerg Colberg: Afghanistan, Women, and the War (Conscientious: July 2010) | Michael Shaw: What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan? …Try, What’s Happening on this Cover??(Bagnewsnotes: July 2010)

[debates] :  Illegal exhumation – A debate about Marco Vernaschi´s methods (Lightstalkers: 2010) | Travel Photographer: POV Marco Vernaschi Child SacrificePulitzer Center Crisis in Ethics (adevelopingstory.org: 2010) | Marco Vernaschi: Uganda: Babirye, The Girl from Katugwe (Pulitzercenter.org: April 2010) |  The Pulitzer Center and Marco Vernaschi statemement posted on Pulitzer’s “Untold Stories“ (Pulitzer Center: April 2010) | Was it right for a photographer to have a child exhumed to take a picture? (Guardian: April 2010) | Interview with Marco Vernaschi Retracted (Vigilante Journalist: April 2010) | Marco Vernaschi: Uganda: Response to Critics (Pulitzer Center: April 2010) Related:Uganda: A lawyer’s brief, a mother’s grief | – Open Letter to The Pulitzer Center and Mr. Vernaschi (Vigilante Journalist: April 2010)  |

Dissent Magazine : Susie Linfield: What’s Right with This Picture? (Dissent: August 2010) Aisha portrait discussion

Downing, Larry: Welcome aboard Air Force One (Reuters Photo Blog: March 6, 2009)

Durrer, Hans: On Framing Photographs (Soundscapes.info: July 2010)

Durrer, Hans: How Photos Prevent Seeing (Soundscapes: 2010)

Durrer, Hans:  Book Review: Los Angeles – Portrait of a City (Double Exposure: March 2010)

Durrer, Hans: World Press Photo 2010 (Soundscapes: February 2010)

Eich, Matt: Attending The Joop Swart Masterclass (NPPA Visual Student: November 2009)

Emmett, Arielle: Too Graphic? (AJR: March 2010) Haiti coverage

Empire Online: Akerman & Phillippe Join Bang-Bang Club : Biopic about South African photographers (Empire Online 9 March 2009)


Financial Times

A strong market for photograph (FT: November 2010) related graph

How Annie got shot (FT: October 2010)


MOG: Back to the Future (Foto8: Noevember 2010)

Foto8: In Memory of Maurice Broomfield (Foto8: October 2010)

Foto8: Perpignan 2010 report 1 2 (Foto8: September 2010)

Foto8: audio review of My Friend the Mercenary by James Brabazon (Foto8: July 2010)

Foto8: Heavy Duty and Razor Sharp: Arles 2010 (Foto8: July 2010)

Foto8: Jodi Bieber’s Soweto : review (Foto8: July 2010)

Foto8: Toppled by Florian Gottke (Foto8: June 2010)

Foto8: Magnum Archive at Harry Ransom Center (Foto8: June 2010)

Foto8: Max Houghton:  A Look Back at Agnes Dherbeys’ Work on Thai Political Turmoil (Foto8: May 2010)

Foto8: Leo Hsu: March Garanger  and NYPH10 (Foto8: May 2010)

Foto8: High Profile (Foto8: May 2010) About Panos Pictures

Foto8: Documentary photography on the op-ed page: Alec Soth’s Ash Wednesday (Foto8: April 2010)

Foto8: Colin Jacobson: Manipulation (Foto8: April 2010 )

Foto8:  Colin Jacobson on World Press Photo (Foto8: March 2010)

Foto8: Leo Hsu: Photo Contents / Photo Contexts (Foto8: March 2010)

Foto8 : Jon Levy : Foto 8 book review on Marcus Bleasdale’s The Rape of a Nation (Foto8: March 2010)

Foto8: The Best and the Worst of 2009 (Foto8: January 2010)

Franklin, Stuart: Philip Jones Griffiths 1936-2008 (Magnum Blog: March 19, 2008)

Freedman, Stuart: Ethics and photojournalism (EPUK: April 2010)

Fremson, Ruth:  Camp Taliban (from The Digital Journalist 12/01)

Friend, David: Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive Moment (DJ 12/04)

Fuchs, Martin:  Cornell Capa 1918-2008 (Magnum Blog: May 23, 2008)

Fuchs, Martin: Burt Glinn 1925-2008 (Magnum Blog: April 9, 2008)


Galbraith, Rob: Alex Majoli Points and Shoots (Rob Galbraith DPI 2005)

Gallagher, Sean: Probably the Best Photography Blogs in the World (Photographer’s blog: September 2010)

Gallagher, Sean: Great advice about researching complicated photo essays from Pulitzer grant winner Sean Gallagher.

Garcia, Alex: 10 Key Traits of Winning Photojournalists (Chicago Tribune : Assignment Chicago blog: May 2010)

Gefter, Philip: Snapshots From the American Road (About Robert Frank’s The Americans) (NYT: December 12, 2008)

Getty Images Tearsheets : “Every day, the world’s leading magazine, newspaper and book publishers use our images to create eye-catching covers, front pages and features – and keep budgets in check. See how our powerful creative and editorial images can help set your coverage apart.”

Gilbertson, Ashley: Last Photographs(VQR: Summer 2007)

Globe and Mail: Film vs. digital, handling cold, and more: Your photo questions answered (Globe and Mail: October 2010)


Deutsche Börse photography prize 2011: the shortlist  slideshow (Guardian: December 2010)

Do the Deutsche Börse prize jury really get photography? (Guardian: December 2010) All four shortlisted photographers are said to ‘interrogate the photographic medium’. Is this a prize just for conceptualists?

Photographer Raymond Cauchetier’s best shot (Guardian: December 2010)

Featured photojournalist: Finbarr O’Reilly (Guardian: November 2010)

Featured photojournalist: Eric Thayer (Guardian: November 2010)

Guardian: Patti Smith wins National Book Award with Robert Mapplethorpe story (Guardian: November 2010) Singer-songwriter’s memoir of life with photographer and within 1960s New York scene wins prestigious US prize

Guardian: Photography so good it hurts (Guardian: November 2010) Susie Linfield says modern writers dismiss images of suffering. But photojournalism forms a basis for our human rights debates

Eyewitness: Joan Bardeletti : It’s a dog’s life (Guardian: November 2010) This image of a Mozambican family on a day out at the beach came second in the daily life section of the World Press Photo awards. All the winners can be seen at the Royal Festival Hall, London from this Friday until 5 December

William Eggleston: the wonder of hue (Guardian: November 2010) William Eggleston’s thoroughly deserved retrospective, Democratic Camera, looks back at the ‘unhurried’ career of the father of fine-art colour photography

Photographer Steve Schapiro’s best shot (Guardian: November 2010)

Photographer Robert Bergman: Outsider looking in (Guardian: November 2010)

David Cameron forced to defend appointment of ‘personal photographer’ (Guardian: November 2010)

Nadav Kander’s Yangtze photographs show a people sold down the river (Guardian: October 2010)

Featured photojournalist: Ramon Espinosa (Guardian: October 2010)

Laura Pannack’s Young British Nudists (Guardian: October 2010) Photographer Laura Pannack stripped off to gain access to the secret world of young British nudists

Featured Photographer: Chris Hondros (Guardian: October 2010)

Featured photojournalist: Natacha Pisarenko : Chile miners (Guardian: October 2010)

Nadav Kander’s Yangtze photographs show a people sold down the river (Guardian: October 2010)

Featured photojournalist: Ramon Espinosa (Guardian: October 2010)

Julian Schnabel’s Polaroids: ‘Smoke and mirrors and happy accident’ slideshow(Guardian: October 2010)

Edward Burtynsky: Deepwater Horizon from the air (Guardian: 201

Outcry as Paris bans under 18s from Larry Clark exhibition (Guardian: October 2010)

Too hot to handle? Larry Clark’s controversial photographs (Guardian: October 2010) “Some regard him as a brilliant artist who flirts with the boundaries of acceptability; others as a creepy voyeur. But, according to the Mayor of Paris, Larry Clark’s photographs are not suitable for children. Because of the explicit nature of some of his images, city hall has decided to ban under-18s from a new retrospective – despite the fact that many of them are decades old, and even though this hands Clark the publicity coup of a lifetime. Fair cop or heavy-handed? You decide …”

Photographer Uta Kögelsberger’s best shot (Guardian: October 2010)

Can Martin Parr work his magic on the Brighton Photo Biennial? (Guardian: October 2010)

Photographer Guillaume Herbaut’s best shot (Guardian: September 2010)

Photographer Katrin Koenning’s best shot (Guardian: September 2010)

The genius behind Alec Soth’s Brighton biennial success (Guardian: September 2010) Photographer Alec Soth was denied permission to work in the UK earlier this year. So he handed over the reins of his latest exhibition to a new collaborator: his seven-year-old daughter

Panayiotis Lamprou: the casual power of an intimate portrait (Guardian: September 2010)

Photographer Oscar Fernando Gómez Rodríguez’s best shot (Guardian: September 2010)

Hard-hitting Taylor Wessing prize shortlist takes in prostitution, obesity and hunting(Guardian: September 2010)

Corinne Day: she added grit to the glamour of fashion photography (Guardian: September 2010)

Photographer Zed Nelson’s best shot (Guardian: September 2010)

Photo-reportage’s thwarted potential (Guardian: August 2010) Photographs of disasters have become mainstream images in the media, leaving us jaded. So what can seize our minds?

Photographer Horace Ové’s best shot (Guardian: August 2010)

Herman Leonard obituary (Guardian: August 2010) Photographer famed for his jazz images that captured the very essence of the music

Photographer Lynne Cohen’s best shot (Guardian: August 2010)

Photographer Dmitri Kasterine’s best shot (Guardian: August 2010)

book review: The Sound of Two Songs by Mark Power (Guardian: August 2010)

Harold Chapman’s Best Shot |Chapman talking about the shot (Guardian: August 2010)

Photojournalism is dead – agency boss laments the passing of an era (Guardian: August 2010) Original comments on the EPUK website

Photographer Rena Effendi’s Best Shot (Guardian: July 2010)

Photographer Martin Parr’s best shot (Guardian: July 2010) Martin Parr describes shooting Russia’s nouveau riche at the Moscow Millionaire Fair

Was John Szarkowski the most influential person in 20th-century photography?(Guardian: July 2010) An insightful critic as well as a visionary curator, Szarkowski filled New York’s Museum of Modern Art with the colour photography of William Eggleston, and championed the transgressive work of Diane Arbus and Lee Friedlander. Everyone who cares about photography is in his debt

Photographer Ron Haviv’s best shot (Guardian: July 2010)

The readers’ editor on… giving credit where it’s due (Guardian: July 2010) The photographer who took the ‘greatest picture of the war’ should have been acknowledged for his bravery

Steve McCurry: Go with the flow (Guardian: June 2010) Steve McCurry’s Best Shot(Guardian: 2008)

Photographer Sally Mann’s best shoot (Guardian: 2009)

Joker in the pack: Bruce Davidson’s photographs of a Brooklyn gang (Guardian: June 2010) slideshow

Photographer Sally Soames’s best shot (Guardian: June 2010)

‘Sally Mann: The Family and the Land’ (Guardian: June 2010)

Photographer Brian Griffin’s best shot (Guardian: June 2010)

Outside Inside by Bruce Davidson (Guardian: June 2010) This retrospective by the Magnum photographer is an epic chronicle of postwar America

Photographer Mark Power’s best shot (Guardian: June 2010)

Self-publish or be damned: why photographers are going it alone (Guardian: June 2010)

Photographer Giacomo Brunelli’s best shot (Guardian: June 2010)

Photographer Larry Clark’s best shot (Guardian: May 2010)

Masahisa Fukase’s Ravens: the best photobook of the past 25 years? (Guardian: May 2010)

The big picture: Brigitte Bardot visits Pablo Picasso in Cannes, 1956 (Guardian: May 2010)

Photographer Jeff Wall’s Best Shot (Guardian: May 2010)

Guardian director of photog on covering UK election (Guardian: May 2010) Insight into how visuals produced

Artist and photographer Sophie Ristelhueber’s best shot (Guardian: April 2010)

Was it right for a photographer to have a child exhumed to take a picture? (Guardian: April 2010)

Photographer Nigel Shafran’s best shot (Guardian: April 2010)

Why street photography is facing a moment of truthslideshow (Guardian: April 2010)

Ryan McGinley: nude in New Yorkslideshow (Guardian: April 2010)

Photography’s bodies of evidence (Guardian: April 2010)

Photographer Dorothy Bohm’s best shot (Guardian: April 2010)

Sean O’Hagan celebrates the classic photography of Henri Cartier-Bresson (Guardian: April 2010)

Lauren Greenfield’s Best Shot (Guardian: March 2010)

Rene Burri’s Best Shot (Guardian: March 2010)

Charles Moore Obituary (Guardian: March 2010)

Vital oil: photographer Ed Kashi captures Nigeria’s toxic legacy (Guardian: March 2010)

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson accused of sexually exploiting models(Guardian: March 2010)

Has the Deutsche Börse turned into a conceptual art prize? (Guardian: March 2010)

Ed Kashi’s Best Shot (Guardian: March 2010)

Civil Rights Photographer Charles Moore Dies (Guardian: March 2010)

Viewer or voyeur? (Guardian: March 2010)  The morality of reportage photography Do you look away from images of real-life horror, or look closer? A series of shocking photographs from Somalia asks disturbing questions about the ethics of bearing witness

The Street Art of JR (Guardian: March 2010)

Photographer Stephen Gill’s best shot (Guardian: March 2010)

Raghu Rai’s best shot (Guardian: February 2010)

Posed and poised: the portraits of Irving Penn (Guardian: February 2010)

The day we clicked : Pioneers of rock photography talk through their favourite shots(Guardian: February 2010)

Photographer Anna Fox’s Best Shot (Guardian: February 2010)

Just Kids by Patti Smith (Guardian: February 2010)

Deutsche Börse Prize 2010, Photographers’ Gallery, London (Guardian: February 2010)

Don McCullin Imperial War Museum North, Manchester (Guardian: February 2010)

review: Shaped by War: Photographs by Don McCullin : Imperial War Museum North, Manchester (Guardian: February 2010) slideshow

Photographer Michael Ruetz’s best shot (Guardian: February 2010)

John Bulmer: a photographer who captured the north’s true colours (Guardian: February 2010) A new show exhibits luminous and delicate 1960s photographs by the man who proved it’s not always grim up north

Photographer Rineke Dijkstra’s best shot (Guardian: January 2010)

A Better Place: Dash Snow’s Polaroids in pictures (slideshow) / Dash Snow’s Polaroids: life, or art? (article)  (Guardian: January 2010)

Dennis Stock obituary (Guardian: January 2010)

Photographer Elinor Carucci’s Best Shot (Guardian: January 2010)

Donovan Wylie: Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2010 (nominee) (Guardian: January 2010)

William Eggleston: 21st Century (exhibition review)  (Guardian: January 2010)

William Eggleston: king of the album cover photo (Guardian: January 2010)

William Eggleston: 21st Century (Guardian: January 2010) Eggleston’s new exhibition 21st Century, selected from work made over the last decade, opens this week at the Victoria Miro gallery in London.

Is Elinor Carucci right to turn the camera on her children? (Guardian: January 2010) Her intimate portraits of family life make for intriguing viewing, but raise unsettling questions about the dark side of photography | slideshow

Why conceptual photography is having a prized moment (Guardian: November 2009)

Outrage at circumcision picture (Guardian: March 30, 2009)

Review on Magnum’s Magnum Magnum (Guardian: Dec 8, 2007)

Daniel Radcliffe to play Dan Eldon (Guardian: Dec. 30, 2007)

Guy Tillim’s Avenue Patrice Lumumba (Foto8: March 25, 2009)


Ernst Haas (1921-1986): Letter To Wilson Hicks Editor of Life Magazine, November 1949 ”There are two kinds of photographers – the ones who take pictures for a magazine to earn something, and the others who gain by taking pictures they are interested in. I am the second kind. I don’t believe in the in-between success of becoming famous as quickly as possible. I believe in the end success of a man’s work as developing into a real human being, aware of the connection in life between earth and the cosmos; a person able to understand the mistakes, and to admire the achievements, of other people.I have always felt better taking a risk than an easier route for what I believe in. I am young enough to do that, and I am full of energy and hope to reach my goal. I prefer to be noticed, someday, first for my ideas and second for my good eye. Maybe you will think I have not got my two feet quite on the ground, but if a photographer wants to show an overall view, he must find a point higher up. What I want is to stay free, so I can carry out my ideas. I don’t think there are many editors who can give me the assignments I give myself.” This letter was written in response to being offered a staff position at Life magazine – at the time it was the most significant picture magazine in the world.

Halstead, Dirck: Hell on a Small Island (Digital Journalist: February 2010) Haiti

Harvey, David Alan: Sean Gallager – The recipient of David Alan Harvey Fund for Emerging Photographers (DAH: Road Trips blog)

History of Photography (Time line, photos, audio) (National Geographic: 2009)

Hondros, Chris: Haiti, Fallen (VQR: April 2010)

Hondros, Chris – Going to Court in Iraq (DJ 12-07)

Hondros, Chris – Me and Joseph Duo (DJ 11/05)

Hondros, Chris – Polio Rebounds in Nigeria (DJ 05/05)

Hondros, Chris – Election Day (DJ 02/05)

Hondros, Chris – A Window on Baghdad (VQR: Summer 2007)

Houghton. Max: Uprooted From The Real Photographers Without A Stance (Foto8: February 2010)

Houghton, Max: How a Nation Controls its Image: Georgia on My Mind (Foto8: December 2009)Thoughts on Magnum’s Georgian Spring project

Houtryve, Tomas van: Secret Journey to North Korea, Part III: NoKo Chocolate Factory (TIME: August 2009)

Howe, Peter: The Attention Seeker (on Antonin Kratochvil) (DJ 05/05)


ICP: 26th Annual Infinity Awards (ICP: March 2010)

ICP: Concerned Photographer Cornell Capa, 1918-2008 (ICP: May 23, 2008)

The Independent: Patti Smith memoir ‘Just Kids’ a eulogy for photographer Mapplethorpe(The Independent: January 2010)


Jacobson, Julie: Crossing the Line: From Still to Video—to Both at the Same Time (Nieman Reports: 2010)

Januszczak, Waldemar: War photography: Truth is the first casualty (Times: November 23, 2008)“Can war photography ever be trusted? Our critic sees an unsettling show about Robert Capa and his legacy”

Jarecke, Kenneth: Photographer’s Life is a Juggling Act (tiffinbox.org: August 2010)

Jarecke, Kenneth: First, Get a Million Dollars… (Photographer’s blog: May 2010) “Kenneth Jarecke has an excellent post about how the difficulty in being a successful, professional photographer today starts with knowing the value of your work.” – via APhotoADay

Jarecke, Kenneth: Broken Things (Photographer’s blog: January 2010) On Haiti

Jarecke, Kenneth: Cowboys and Photojournalists (NYT: August 2009)

Johnson, Jim: Changing Conventions in War Photography Part 1Part 2(politicstheoryphotography.blogspot.com: July 2010)

Johnson, Jim: James Nachtwey & the Campaign Against XDRTB ~ Caught in the Conventions of Photojournalism (politicstheoryphotography blog:  October 29, 2008)

Johnson, Jim: On the Ethics of Representation: Missing the Point Entirely(politicstheoryphotography: March 2010)

Johnson, Jim: The Psychology of Compassion (Politicstheoryphotography blog: 11 October 2007)

Johnston, Matt: Why is free a four letter word? (Photographer’s blog: August 2010)

Junger, Sebastian: The Right and Left Are Wrong About My Movie (Daily Beast: July 2010) Relatedfrom Miami Herald


Kamber, Michael: How Not to Depict a War (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Kamber, Michael : On Assignment (NYT Lens: February: 2010) Working in Yemen

Casey Kelbaugh visits Visa Pour L’Image 2008(Slideluck Potshow blog). Very extensive blog entry by the Slideluck Potshow founder Kelbaugh on this year’s Perpignan event. If you haven’t ever been there, you definitely want to go after reading this.

Kashi, Ed: Using Your Photo Archive: Looking Back To Look Forward (Tiffinbox: September 2010)

Kashi, Ed: Beyond Multimedia – to create change storytellers must conquer multiple media platforms (liveBooks Resolve blog: September 2009)

Kashi, Ed: Travel Notes – A return to the Niger Delta reiterates the challenges of overseas photojournalism (liveBooks Resolve Blog: July 2009)

Kashi, Ed: Caught between home and the next assignment (liveBooks Resolve blog: May 2009)

Kennedy, Randy: Yard Sale in Kentucky Yields a Trove of Weegee Images (NYT: June 3, 2008) Slideshow: Weegee Found.

Kennedy, Tom: Thoughts on promise and challenge of multimedia photojournalism (Kennedy Media: November 2009)

Kimmelman, Michael: The Polaroid: Imperfect, Yet Magical (NYT: December 28, 2008) Slideshow :Ordinary Pictures – Forgotten Lives. “ Images are a selection of photos from the book “Found Polaroids,” published by Found Magazine, 2006.”

Knight, Gary: KORANGAL: A NARROW FIELD OF VIEW (Dispatches: June 2009)

Kratochvil, Antonin and Michael Persson: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography : They are identical mediums, sending different messages.(Nieman Reports: 2010)

Kuwayama, Teru: How to Shoot (And Not Get Shot) In a Warzone (Gizmodo: August 30, 2009)


Lane, Guy: Jeff Wall: The Complete Edition (Foto8: January 2010)

Lange, Christy on the limitations of photojournalism and the ethics of artistic representation (Frieze Magazine: 2010)

Lange, Christy: Shooting Gallery (APS: June 2010) The limitations of photojournalism and the ethics of artistic representation

LeDuff, Charlie: Robert Frank’s Unsentimental Journey (Vanity Fair: April 2008)

Lens Culture: World Press Photo Winners (Lens Culture: February 2010)

Lens Culture: Helen Levitt : New York Streets 1938 to 1990s (Lens Culture 2007)

Leongard, John: The Role of the Picture Editor (Scott Kelby blog: 2010)

Lightstalkers: Advice for first-time embeds to Afghanistan (LS: May 2010)

Litherland, Chip: Open letter to newspaper photographers (Photographer’s blog: November 2010)

liveBooks Resolve: Lisa Wiseman’s ‘The New Polaroid’ (liveBooks Resolve blog: November 2009)

liveBooks: Powerful multimedia (Resolve blog: July 2009)

liveBooks: opportunities for former staff photographers (Resolve blog: August 2009)

liveBooks Resolve: A fascinating new model for NGO images – Do1Thing (liveBooks Resolve: April 1, 2009)

liveBooks Resolve: Tips From 2008 Emerging Photographers Grant Winner Sean Gallagher (liveBooks Resolve blog: March 26, 2009)

Los Angeles Times : When it paid to photograph hard truth (LA Times: June 2010) The 10 photographers in ‘Engaged Observers,’ opening June 29 at the Getty Museum, are bound by a personal perspective and an endangered profession. |Another Engaged Observers exhibition related article on LA Times

Lowe, Paul: Why Study Photography (BJP: December 2009)

Lyon, Danny: The End of the Age of Photography (APS: August 2010)

Lyon, Danny  – Stubbornly Practicing His Principles of Photography by Randy Kennedy (NYT: April 26, 2009)


Magnum Photos: News from the 2010 Annual General Meeting (Magnum: July 2010) PDN:Magnum Adds Two News Photographers As Nominees (PDN: July 2010)

Magnum: Winners of the 2010 Inge Morath Award Annouced (Magnum: June 2010)

Magnum Photos:  In Memoriam: Dennis Stock, 1928-2010Biography (Magnum Photos: January 2010) Parting Glance (NYT Lens blog: January 2010)

Mail&Guardian: No end to Silva streak (Mail&Guardian: October 2010) “ ’He’s just so fast, man!” was the judgment of internationally acclaimed photographer James Nachtwey, on João Silva’s photo-journalism.”

Mann, Sally on her work (1998)

Marshall, Peter: Flattry, Thieving and Photojournalism (Photographer’s blog: August 2010)

McCullin, Don: Ten of the greatest: Epoch-defining photographs (Daily Mail: June 2010)

Tim McGirk: Riding with Raza Khan (TIME The Middle East blog: May 2009) “Nothing is more valuable to a reporter than a good driver and a fixer, someone who can get you into a dangerous place and get you out –-fast. In the pantheon of world-class driver/fixers there was hardly anyone better than Raza Khan from Peshawar who drove a battered Toyota taxi with a cracked windshield, had quick darting eyes that (I thought) never missed a trick, and a roguish charm. Raza died last week in a car crash, ferrying two photographers on the insanely scary road from Peshawar back to Islamabad. They survived the accident; Raza didn’t.”

Medecins du Monde: Luis Valtuena International Humanitarian Photography Winners 2007

Mayer, Aric: Some Further Thoughts on Vernaschi’s Sacrifice Photos (Aric Mayer blog: June 2010)

Milnor, Daniel: The Portfolio Review (Smogranch blog: November 2009)

Moore, John: The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto (DJ 02/08)

Morris, David J. : Trophy Town (text with photos) (VQR: Winter 2008)

Morris, David J.: The Big Suck: Notes from the Jarhead Underground (text with photos) (VQR: Winter 2007)

Morris, Errol: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (NYT: January 25, 2009) “The traveling pool of press photographers that follows presidents includes representatives from three wire services — AP (The Associated Press), AFP (Agence France-Presse) and Thomson Reuters. During the last week of the Bush administration, I asked the head photo editors of these news services — Vincent Amalvy (AFP), Santiago Lyon (AP) and Jim Bourg (Reuters) — to pick the photographs of the president that they believe captured the character of the man and of his administration. ”

Morris, Errol: Thought Experiment No.2(NYT: January 2010) We we should be sensitive about how photographs are presented. Changes in captions can radically alter how we see a photograph and what it means

Morris, Errol: Whose Father Was He? (Part One) (NYT: March 29, 2009)

Morris, Errol – On Roger Fenton’s The Shadow of Valley of Death Part 1; Part 2 (NYT: 2007)

Morris, John G. : Passing Thoughts, Paris, May 31, 2008 (Dispatches) “This letter was written by legendary photo editor John G Morris to his friends on the passing of Cornell Capa.”

Mott, Justin: Friends and Competition: How much information should we share (Photographer’s blog: October 2010)

Murabayashi, Allen: Photography Websites: How to design a website that image buyers will love (Photoshelter blog: February 18, 2009) “Introducing the results of our annual PhotoShelter Image Buyer Survey – Photography Websites: What Buyers Want Now.  We gathered website intelligence from over 550 commercial and editorial photo buyers at the world’s most recognized magazines, ad agencies, corporate design groups, and book publishers.  Today, we’re giving that research report to you at no cost.”

Murabayashi, Allen: Paolo Pellegrin Turns in a Great Performance of His Own (Photoshelter blog: February 6, 2009)

Murphy, Michael David: Two Thousand Odd Words on Robert Frank’s “The Americans” (2point8 blog: April 13, 2008)


Nabokov, Dominique : on Robert Frank’s Americans (The New York Review of Books: December 2009) Audio slideshow 4:20

NPPA: Jay Colton Dies In Brazil At Photo Workshop (NPPA: September 2010)

NPPA :  Eugene Richards Wins 2009 Amnesty International Media Award (NPPA: June 2009)

New Yorker

Monumental Portraits (New Yorker Photo Booth: November 2010) Fotoweek DC

Frames from Fiction : Hunters (New Yorker: November 2010)

New Yorker: Joel Sternfeld in Focus (New Yorker: July 2010)

New Yorker : Peter Schjeldahl: Picture Perfect: An Henri Cartier-Bresson retrospective. (New Yorker: April 2010) MOMA

New Yorker – Anthony Lane on Robert Frank’s The Americans / Slide show (New Yorker: September 2009)

New York Magazine: Fashion Photographer Corinne Day’s Death Confirmed (NY Magazine: August 2010)

New York Photo Awards 2010 winners slideshow (NYPH: July 2010)

New York Photo Festival: Different ways of engaging with contemporary photography: NY-LON Part 5 (NYPH: April 2010)

The New York Review of Books: Review of two new books on Dorothea Lange

New York Times

Lens: ‘It’s the Photographer’ (NYT: November 2010) Joao Silva | “This slide show is taken from the memory card that was in Joao Silva’s camera on Oct. 23 when he stepped on an antipersonnel mine at Checkpoint 16, near the village of Deh-e-Kuchay, Afghanistan.”

A Footstep, Then an Explosion and an Urgent Call: ‘Medic!’ (NYT: November 2010) On Joao Silva

Ansel Adams or Not? More Twists (NYT: November 2010)

Times Photographer Wounded in Afghanistan (NYT: October 2010)

Darcy Padilla Wins W. Eugene Smith Grant (NYT Lens: October 2010) | Related from New Yorker

Piiccturing the Crisis (NYT: October 2010)

Courage, Recognized: The Infantry and Joao Silva (NYT: October 2010)

Lens: ‘I’m Good, Baby,’ Joao Silva Says (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Lens: Times Photographer Joao Silva’s Injuries in Afghanistan Have a Widespread Impact (NYT Lens: October 2010) Related on NYT At War blog.

Times Photographer Wounded in Afghanistan (NYT: October 2010)

Darcy Padilla Wins W. Eugene Smith Grant (NYT Lens: October 2010) | Related from New Yorker

Picturing the Crisis (NYT: October 2010)

Award to Artist Who Gives Slums a Human Faceslideshow (NYT: October 2010) JR given TED Prize

An F.S.A.-Style Collective for Troubled Times (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Titled ‘Burn,’ but Printed on Paper (NYT Lens: October 2010)

One in 8 Million Wins an Emmy (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Spain’s Civil War, Inside a Suitcase (NYT Lens: September 2010)

If Photojournalism Is Dead, What’s Luceo? (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Civil Rights Photographer Unmasked as Informer (NYT: September 2010)

The ‘Housewives’ Husband Who Wishes He Said No (NYT: August 2010) Charles Ommanney

Framing the Afghan Debate With a Magazine CoverPortrait of Pain Ignites Debate Over Afghan War (NYT: August 2010)

On The Economist’s Cover, Only a Part of the Picture (NYT: July 2010) Same from PDN

Battle Company: Loving Life, Making War (NYT: June 2010) New York Times review on Restrepo

Combing Cambodia for Missing Friends (NYT: June 2010) Tim Page is searching the remains of his friend Sean Flynn, who disappeared during the Vietnam War.

photographer Peter Sekaer : Finding Other America in Slums and on Farms (NYT: June 2010)

Dennis Hopper, 74, Hollywood Rebel, Dies / slideshow (NYT: May 2010) | slideshow in TIME

The Joys of Jumpology | photos (NYT: May 2010) Philippe Halsman’s ‘Jump’

For Photographers, the Image of a Shrinking Path (NYT: March 2010) | Follow-up article: Pros and Amateurs Debate: Is Photography in Trouble? on NYT

Lens: The Pulitzer Prizes (NYT Lens: April 2010) |  Photography Pulitzers Announced (NPR: April 2010)

Art Review | Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century A Photographer Whose Beat Was the World (NYT: April 2010) | Cartier-Bresson in NYT Lens

Video Shows U.S. Killing of Reuters Employees (NYT: April 2010) | the video

Lens: Remembering Namir Noor-Eldeen (NYT Lens: April 2010)

What the Still Photo Still Does Best (NYT: March 2010)

Jim Marshall, Photographer of Rock Stars, Dies (NYT: March 2010)

Lens: Altered and Out (NYT Lens: March 2010) WPP disqualifying | Edgar Martins NYT Mag digital manipulation story from last year (NYT Lens: July 2009) Edgar Martins’ response (NYT Lens: July 2009)

Miroslav Tichy: An Ogling Subversive With a Homemade Camera (NYT :February 2010)

Lens: World Press Photo 2010 (NYT: February 2010)

Lens: Behind the Scenes: On the Road With a VJ (NYT Lens: February 2010)

Lens: Essay: Too Many Angles on Suffering? (NYT Lens: February 2010) Thoughts on photographers working in Haiti

NYT:  Review:  Just Kids By Patti Smith Illustrated. 284 pp. Ecco/HarperCollins Publishers. (NYT: January 2010)

NYT: Dennis Stock,  Photographer of Intimate Portraits, Dies at 81 (obituary) (NYT: January 2010)

Larry Sultan, California Photographer Dies at 63 (NYT: December 14, 2009) Larry Sultan dies at 63(PDN Pulse)

Lens: – David Alan Harvey and Burn Magazine featured on Lens blog (NYT: November 2009)

Evelyn Hofer, Subtle Photographer of People and Places, Dies at 87 (NYT: November 10, 2009)Slideshow on NYT Lens blog

Magazine : Should Photos Come With Warning Labels ? (NYT Magazine: October 2009)

Irving Penn, Fashion Photographer, Is Dead at 92 (NYT: October 6, 2009)

Lens: Not Just One Picture (NYT: October 2009)

Robert Frank at the MET Slideshow

Lens: Alexandra Avakian : A Camera as Therapy (NYT: October 2009) Dealing with breast cancer

Lens:  Is it right to graphically depict wartime casualties among American troops? (NYT Lens: September 2009) Examples from the past

Lens: A MacArthur for Addario (NYT Lens: September 2009)

Lens blog: “Embarrassed and humiliated” David Hume Kennerly fumes about Newsweek’s crop of his photo(NYT Lens blog via PDN Pulse Twitter)

Lens blog: Perpignan (NYT: September 2009)

Lens Blog: To Publish or Not ? (NYT: September 2009) AP held a photo of a mortally wounded Marine in Afghanistan for 3 weeks before releasing it this morning.

Lens Must See – A New Kind of News (NYT: August 2009)

Lens Showcase: Dhiraj Singh (NYT: August 2009)

Lens Showcase: Oleg Videnin (NYT: August 2009)

A Brief History of Photo Fakery (NYT: August 2009)

Lens:  Must See – Compelling Web Sites -17 (NYT: August 2009)

Lens: Showcase: The Bang-Bang Club Part 1 Part 2 (NYT Lens : August 2009)

NYT: A new book asserts that Capa’s “Falling Soldier” couldn’t have been made the way admirers and heirs have claimed (NYT: August 2009)

Lament for a Dying Field: Photojournalism (NYT: August 2009)

Lens: On Assignment: Afghanistan with David Guttenfelder (NYT: July 2009)

Lens: On Assignment: The Big Ring. What’s the best way to photograph a colorful circus character? Photos by Damon Winter

Lens: The Times photographer Stephen Crowley offers snapshots of President Obama’s Middle East trip.

Lens:  Must See: Compelling Web Sites (June, 2009) Incl. Caeshel Sue Rae Allen, Jens Olof Lasthein, Timothy Fadek, 100 Eyes

On Salgado – Jori Finkel: Back to Nature, in Pictures and Action (NYT: May 31, 2009)

Lynsey Addario – On Assignment: Taking Time Out to Heal (NYT: May 18, 2009)

Capa’s Mexican Suitcase (NYT: April 29, 2009) Slide show

A Coffin, a Flag, a Photograph (NYT: April 5, 2009) “For the first time in 18 years, the Pentagon granted the news media access on Sunday night to cover the arrival of a coffin to Dover Air Force Base from overseas.”

Viewing Journalism as a Work of Art (NYT: March 24, 2009)

Helen Levitt, Who Froze New York Street Life on Film, Is Dead at 95 (NYT: March 30, 2009)

Baghdad Bureau:  Abu Ghraib (NYT: February 21, 2009)

editorial: A Record of Sacrifice (NYT: February 15, 2009) “New York Times editorializes on photos of U.S. military war dead returning home.” via PDNonline Twitter

Cornell Capa, Photographer, Is Dead at 90 (NYT: May 24, 2008)

The Capa Cache (Robert Capa’s lost negatives found) slideshow (NYT: Jan. 27, 2008)

Philip Jones Griffiths, War Photojournalist, Diest at 72 (NYT:March 19, 2008)

Nicholl, Jeremy: And Now For Something Completely Different: Is Photojournalism Dead Yet?(Photographer’s blog: August 2010)

Nieman Journalism Lab: Photojournalism site Emphas.is wants to leverage the crowd through the romanticism of its craft (Nieman Journalism Lab: 2010) The Nieman Journalism Lab is a collaborative attempt to figure out how quality journalism can survive and thrive in the Internet age.

Nieman Reports: Visual Journalism (Nieman Foundation for Journalism in Harvard: 2010)

NPPA – WKU’s Carl Kiilsgaard Wins Cliff Edom’s “New America Award”


NPR: 100 Words: Matt Eich’s On An American Solstice (NPR: November 2010)

NPR: Is Photojournalism Dead? We Almost Hate To Ask (NPR: August 2010)

NPR: Lost And Found: Yard Sale Ansel Adams (NPR: July 2010

NPR: Exposed: The Last Roll Of Kodachrome (NPR: July 2010)

NPR:  Harassment of journalists covering Gulf oil disaster (NPR: July 2010)

NPR Pictureshow: 100 words: Suzanne Opton’s Soldier Billboard Project (NPR:  March 2010)

NPR: Charles Moore, Photographer of the Civil Rights Movement, Dies at 79 (NPR Pictureshow: March 2010)

NPR:  Robert Frank’s Elevator Girl Sees Herself Years Later (text and audio 4:51) (NPR All Things Considered: August 30, 2009)

NPR All Things Considered: Helen Levitt Captured Perfect Moments, Unnoticed (text, audio, gallery) (NPR: March 30, 2009)

NPR – All Things Considered: The Vietnam War, Through Eddie Adams’ Lens (txt, gallery, audio 5:20) (NPR: March 24, 2009)

NPR: Dorothea Lange: ‘Daring to Look’ (text and 4 minute audio) (NPR: July 20, 2008) “There’s a black-and-white photograph that is one of the most enduring images of the Great Depression. Titled “Migrant Mother”, it shows a poor farmworker. Her hand touches her face in worry, and two ragged children cling to her shoulders. A baby is wrapped in cloth in the mother’s lap. Migrant Mother” anchors a new book about Lange’s Depression-era chronicles. Daring to Look: Dorothea Lange’s Photographs and Reports from the Field, written by MIT professor Anne Whiston Spirn, documents hundreds of Lange’s photos and the descriptions she wrote of them.”

NRC:British Photo Journalist Alixandra Fazzina Awarded in Geneva (NRC: October 2010)

Nuri, Auyb: At War, at Home, at Risk (NYT Magazine: July 29, 2007) Interesting article by an Iraqi who started to work as a fixer for NYT journalists covering the US invasion to Iraq.


O Magazine: The 2010 O Power List: Number 12: Lynsey Addario (O Magazine: September 2010)

O’Reilly, Finbarr: Death All Around (text with photos) (Reuters blog: December 3, 2008) Topic: Congo

Orr, Francine: Uganda (DJ 7/05 and again 1/08)

Outside Magazine: My Toughest Shot (Outside Magazine: September 2009) Tales from Anderson, Kratochvil etc.


Panzer, Mary: Photojournalism for the Web Generation (article about MediaStorm) (Wall Street Journal: July 8, 2008)

Parr, Martin: how to take better holiday photographs (Guardian: August 2010)

Photo District News

PDN: Sebastian Liste Wins Ian Parry (PDN: July 2010)

PDN: What Are You Packing For the World Cup? (PDN: June 2010)

PDN: Was Annie Leibovitz a Victim of Fraud? (PDN: May 2010)

PDN:  An LA photog who faces criminal charges stemming from a shoot has set up a fund to help with his legal defense. (PDN: May 2010)

PDN: Anatomy of a Successful Grant Proposal: Krisanne Johnson’s Coming of Age Story (PDN: May 2010)

PDN: Insult to Injury: AFP Suing Photographer It Stole Photos From (PDN: April 2010)

PDN: AP Hiring Out Top Staff Photographers (PDN Pulse: April 2010)

PDN: Stylized Photojournalism: Where to Draw the Line? (PDN Pulse: March 2010)

PDN Pulse: How Bad is Online Infringement? (PDN Pulse: March 2010)

PDN: Photographer Louie Psihoyos Wins Oscar (PDN: March 2010)

PDN: 2010 ICP Infinity Award Winners Announced (PDN: March 2010)

PDN Pulse: Yet Another Photo Doctoring Scandal (PDN Pulse: March 2010) WPP ‘disqualifying

PDN’s 30 2010

PDN: The 2010 World Press Photo winners have been announced (PDN: February 12, 2010)

PDN: Verve Fee Policy Sparks Debate About Blog Business Models (PDN Pulse: January 2010)

PDN:  What It Takes to Win an Aftermath Project Grant(PDN: December 2009)

PDN: Inside The Celebrity Portrait (PDN: December 2009) “Veteran celebrity portrait photographers talk about what they did to get create a great image when Plan A broke down”

PDN Pulse : How News Work Today : VII Seminar at PPE (PDN: October 2009)

PDN –  VII Photo Panel: Why Photojournalism Still Matters (PDN Pulse: October 2009)

PDN –  Photojournalist Lynsey Addario wins $500,000 MacArthur Fellowship (PDN: September 22, 2009)

PDN:  Fake Photo Essay Wins Paris Match Prize (PDN Pulse: June 2009) “Paris Match magazine recently awarded its annual grand prize for photo reportage to a pair of art students who admitted they staged the whole project.”

PDN : – Neda: Turning Point for Conflict Reporting?(PDN Pulse: June 2009) “On Saturday, a shocking video of a young woman bleeding to death appeared on social networking sites. Anonymous and impossible to trace, the clip went viral with a story attached: The woman is Neda, an opposition protester in Iran, who was gunned down by a government sniper Saturday on the streets of Tehran. We don’t know how much of this is true. There is no way to verify even basic information about the video. But the clip proved too strong to be bogged down by fact-checking. The witnesses heard in the clip express shock, then desperation, then utter helplessness, passing through an emotional arc in 40 seconds. A viewer can’t help but imagine being there, powerless to do anything other than keep the camera on.”

PDN: The 2009 PDN Photo Annual winners gallery is now online.

PDN Online: World Press Photo: Before Anthony Suau, Gus Chan (PDN Online: February 13, 2009)

PDN: 2009 Infinity Awards Winners (PDN Online: February 6, 2009)


PDN’s 30 – 2009


PDN District News 30 – 2008

Photo District News: 30 – 2007

Photo District News: 30 – 2006

Photophilanthropy: War photographer: a dangerous idolatry (Photophilanthropy: 2010)

Petapixel.com: World Press Photo Disqualifies Winner (Petapexal: March 2010)

Photography Post : Question of the Day: What’s Your Standout Image from 2009? (PP: February 2010)


Using the iPad as a photography portfolio (Photoshelter: November 2010)

PhotoShelter: Top 10 Ways To Piss-off a Photographer (PhotoShelter: June 2010)

PhotoShelter: 10 Ways a Photographer Can Improve Business By Trusting Their Clients(PhotoShelter: May 2010)

PhotoShelter: Flash websites (PhotoShelter: May 2010)

PhotoShelter: 10 Ways to Make A Photo Editor Fall In Love With You (PhotoShelter: May 2010)

PhotoShelter: 13 Ways to Piss Off A Photo Editor (PhotoShelter: May 2010)

PhotoShelter: Photoshop ‘Content-Aware Fill’ (PhotoShelter: March 2010)

Platt, Spencer: Journey Through Cholera (BNN: November 2010)

Platt, Spencer: The Drive (DJ 05/03 and again 01/08)

Platt, Spencer: CAR (Central African Republic): ‘A Land Abandoned’ (DJ 02/08)

Pomerantz, James: Song About Photography (Daily Telegraph: January 2010)

Professional Photographer: 100 Most influential photographers of all time (Professional Photographer: April 2010)


Quart, Alissa: Flickring Out. What will become of photojournalism in an age of bytes and amateurs? (Columbia Journalism Review: July/August 2008)


Rafiqui, Asim: How To Take Photos Of Africa Or Where Intent And Ideas Collide (rafiqui blog: March 2010)


Reuters: Behind the glass: The secret of the remote camera (Reuters: October 2010

Reuters: A Shot in the Dark (Reuters: April 2010)

Reuters:  Nir Elias: The China I met: A land of contradictions (Reuters Photo Blog: April 2010)

Reuters: Lucy Nicholson: Street photography is like falling in love (Reuters photo blog: April 2010)

Reuters: Jim Young and Obama’s secret trip to Afghanistan (Reuters: March 2010)

Reuters: Chile: The earthquake picture I never sent (Reuters photo blog: March 2010)

Reuters: How to squeeze a decade into 100 pictures (Reuters: January 2010)

Reza : healing a country’s war wounds by training photojournalists (liveBooks Resolve blog: April 7, 2009)

Roberts, Ben: AmericanSuburbX – When does fair use become a copyright infringement? (Photographer’s blog: April 2010)

Roberts, Simon: We English (Project blog: August 2009) UK Photographer Simon Roberts’ blog about his new photo book and exhibition, We English

Rosengarten, Ruth: Elinor Carucci (London Grip: 2010)

Ryan, Kathy: Photo Finish | The Year’s Best Books (T Magazine / NYT: December 2009)


Save the Children: Ian Parry Scholarship Giving Young Photographers a Helping Hand (STC: August 2010)

Schwabsky, Barry: How Soon Was Now? (Nation: January 2010) Polaroid nostalgia

Slaby, Matt: Legal Left, Meet Creative Right –Collections Pt. 1 (Luceo Images: May 2010)

Smahing Mag: The Gradual Disappearance Of Flash Websites (Smashing Mag: April 2010)

Smeets, Alice: Advice for  Other Young Photographers (Alice Smeets blog: April 10, 2009)

Smith. Steve: NY Times Looks for Licensing Revenues in Web Video (MinOnline: March 2010)

Smithson, Aline: Photographing Family (Too Much Chocolate: October 2009)

Soth, Alec :  Top 10 Photobooks of 2009 (LBM blog: December 2009)

Steele-Perkins, Chris: Revealing Afghanistan (Nieman Reports: 2010)

Steele-Perkins, Chris :  enters the private world of carers and those they care for(Guardian: November 2009)

Stockland Martel blog: Is There Hope for the Annual Reports Market? (Stockland Martel blog: May 2010)

Stockland Martel blog: Lauren Greenfield’s stock photography (SM blog: March 2010)

Stone, Helen: Photography for a Cause (EPUK: April 2010) Taking photographs for charities is a delicate balance of fulfilling the brief, respecting your subject and never working for free. The work can also enrich your understanding of human nature, writes Helen Stone.

Strazzante, Scott : on judging the technique and ethics of Andy Spyra’s Kashmir image. “In or Out?”(Scott Strazzante blog: February 2010)

Studies in Photography : Collected Essays on Photography


Taggart, Paul – Kneel Before the Fire (DJ 12/07)

Taggart, Paul – Between the Airport and the Mausoleum (DJ 12/07)

Taggart, Paul – The Sky is Falling (DJ 08/06)

Taggart, Paul – David and Goliath off Antarctica (DJ 02/06)

Daily Telegraph

Street Photography Now article photos (Telegraph: November 2010)

Lucy Davies on Sally Mann’s new monograph (Telegraph: November 2010)

Bottom of ‘Da Boot: Kael Alford (Telegraph: November 2010) Photographer Kael Alford presents her short film on the people that live at the Bottom of ‘da Boot, Louisiana’s southeastern coast.

David Hurn: Passing Time (Telegraph: October 2010)

Telegraph: BPB 2010 review (Telegraph: October 2010)

Telegraph:  Brighton Photo Biennial, 2010 (Telegraph: September 2010) Curators, editors and photographers preview the best of the upcoming shows and events at the BPB.

Telegraph: Simon Roberts: the official election photos (Telegraph: September 2010)

Telegraph: Corinne Day: ‘Be proud of holes in your jumper’ (Telegrap: September 2010)

Telegraph: Introducing Arles photography festival (Telegraph: July 2010)

Telegraph: Say Cheese! (Telegraph: June 2010) Photogs from Parr to Soth have lent their culinary expertise to a not-for-profit initiative.

Telegraph: Beauty of the broken (Telegraph: June 2010) Ruins of Detroit and A Landscape of Wales are two new photographic books which capture the terrible poetry of urban decay.

Telegraph – PhotoEspana 2010 (Telegraph)

Telegraph:  David Birkin: Compound Ghosts (Telegraph: June 2010) David Birkin’s performance photographs wrestle with perception, existence, knowledge and death.

Telegraph:  Tate Modern Exposes Photo Voyerism (BJP: May 2010) Tate Modern in display of voyeurism for photography curator’s debut (Guardian: May 2010)

Telegraph: Bruce Davidson: close encounters photos (Telegraph: May 2010) From the gangs of New York to the civil rights clashes in the Southern states, the photographer Bruce Davidson found dignity in the most desperate situations. A new retrospective brings together more than 50 years of his work. | ‘Outside Inside’ by Bruce Davidson is published by Steidl, £110

Telegraph: A Different Approach to Storytelling (Telegraph: March 2010) Melissa Ludtke and Brian Storm on how photojournalism can evolve to tell compelling visual narratives

Telegraph: Andy Warhol: He Got the Picture slide show (Telegraph: March 2010)

Telegraph: We English Simon Roberts’ photographs of the English at leisure go on show at the National Media Museum. (Telegraph: March 2010)

Telegraph book review: Photography: Inge Morath and Joachim Brohm (Telegraph: February 2010) Lucy Davies salutes the early photographic artists who worked in colour, Inge Morath and Joachim Brohm

Telegraph: Irving Penn: imitated but never outdone (Telegraph: February 2010) Irving Penn revolutionised portrait photography. Seven leading photographers explain his gift for lustre.

Telegraph: Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2010, review (Telegraph: February 2010)

Telegraph: Sophie Ristelhueber: Deutsche Börse Photography Prize (Telegraph: February 2010)

Telegraph: Don McCullin : Deadline Man Walking | slideshow :   article (Telegraph: February 2010)

Telegraph: Pictures of the Year : The Photographers’ Choice (Telegraph: January 2010)

TIME:  Bob Willoughby, legendary Hollywood photographer, dies at 82 (TIME: December 2009) slideshow

Times: Photography under threat: The shooting party’s over (Times: March 2010)

The Times (London) – Daniel Finkelstein on the famous Eddie Adams Vietnam photograph (Times Online: Feb. 1, 2008)

Thrane, Finn: Arctic Incursion: Jacob Aue Sobol’s Sabine (ASX: April 2010)

Turpin, Nick: The Emperor’s New Clothes (Photographer’s blog: November 2010) “As the last weekend of the Brighton Photo Biennial passes, I am left still considering the strange episode that started the festival, the shooting of a photographic series by Carmen Soth the daughter of the established photographer and publisher Alec Soth.”

Turpin, Nick: Street Photography, what is the subject? (sevensevennine.com: April 2010)


Young, Jim:  Remember the days of black and white film? (Reuters photo blog: January 13, 2009) ‘35mm with a Holga’


van Houtryve, Tomas: New Funding Models part 3 (Photographer’s blog: September 2010)

van Houtryve, Tomas: New funding models, Part II – Introducing EMPHAS.IS (Photographer’s blog: August 2010)

van Houtryve, Tomas: Testing New Funding Models for Photojournalism (Photographer’s blog: August 2010)

Verve Photo

Magnus Wennman (Verve Photo: November 2010)

Verve Photo: Katherine Kiviat (Verve: October 2010)

Verve Photo: Lars Lindqvist (Verve: September 2010)

Verve Photo: David Bowen (Verve: September 2010)

Verve Photo: Shen Wei (Verve: September 2010)

Verve Photo: Jenn Warren (Verve: September 2010)

Verve Photo: Jason Larkin(Verve: 2010)

Verve Photo: Brendan Hoffman (Verve: 2010)

Verve Photo: Emily Schiffer (Verve: 2010)

Verve Photo: Mario Tama (Verve: 2010)

Verve Photo: Sarah Elliott (Verve: 2010)

Verve Photo: Meridith Kohut (Verve: August 2010)

Verve Photo: Brent Lewin (Verve: August 2010)

Verve Photo: Eivind H Natvig (Verve: 2010)

Verve Photo: Rian Dundon (Verve: July 2010)

Verve Photo: Anders Hansson (Verve: July 2010)

Verve Photo: Peter Hoffman (Verve: July 2010)

Verve Photo: William Daniels (Verve: July 2010)

Verve Photo: Nicola Lo Calzo (Verve: July 2010)

Verve Photo: Ariel Zambelich (Verve Photo: June 2010)

Verve Photo: Milan Jaros (Verve: June 2010)

Verve Photo: Laure Geerts (Verve: June 2010)

Verve Photo: Andy Spyra (Verve: June 2010)

Verve Photo: Natan Dvir (Verve: June 2010)

Verve Photo: Liz Hingley (Verve: June 2010)

Verve Photo: Michael Kamber (Verve: May 2010)

Verve Photo: Dana Popa (Verve: May 2010)

Verve Photo: Sol Neelman (Verve: May 2010)

Verve Photo: Michelle Frankfurter (Verve: May 2010)

Verve Photo: Isabelle Pateer (Verve: May 2010)

Verve Photo: Petrut Calinescu (Verve: May 2010)

Verve Photo: Doug DuBois (Verve: April 2010)

Verve Photo: Tanya Habjouqa (Verve: April 2010)

Verve Photo: Jens Olof Lasthein (Verve: April 2010)

Verve Photo: Tomasz Gudzowaty (Verve: April 2010)

Verve Photo: Mark Powell (Verve: April 2010)

Verve Photo: Allison Shelley (Verve: April 2010)

Verve Photo: Andrei Pungovschi (Verve: April 2010)

Verve Photo: Matt Black (Verve: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Verena Brandt (Verve: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Massimo Berruti (Verve: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Verve Photo Celebrates Two Years Online (Verve Photo: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Per-Anders Petterson (Verve: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Amber Sigman (Verve: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Stefan Chow (Verve: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Kathryn Obermaier (Verve: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Francesca Cao (Verve: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Celine Clanet (Verve Photo: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Mikko Takkunen (Verve Photo: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Freya Najade (Verve: March 2010)

Verve Photo: Vanessa Winship (Verve: February 2010)

Viceland – Finnish photographer Jouko Lehtola has passed away (Vice: September 2010) He shot honest and stunning portrayal of Finnish youth

Vigilante Journalist: The Face That Launched a Thousand Drones? (The Vigilante Journalist: August 2010)

de Viguerie, Veronique – What We Go Through for a Story (DJ 12/07)

de Viguerie, Veronique – On the Kuchi’s Path (DJ 10/06)

de Viguerie, Veronique – The Gun Village (DJ 05/2006)

Evan Vucci:  Photojournalist: I’m a war-zone tourist (Msnbc: August 2010)

Vucci, Evan: Gift of Training + Shift in Newsroom Thinking = Multimedia Storytelling (Nieman Reports: 2010)


Wall Street Journal: The Photojournalism Paradox (WSJ: August 2010)

White House News Photographers Association : The Eyes on History 2010

White House News Photographers Association Awards – Eyes of History 2009 : Photographer of the Year: Andrea Bruce (The Washington Post) :  Political Photo of the Year: Charles Ommanney (Getty Images for Newsweek)

Wired: A Celebration of Street Photography, as Anti-Terror Backlash Fades (Wired: November 2010)

Wired: New Web Platforms Make It Easy for You to Fund Photojournalism (Wired: September 2010)

Wired: The Story Behind the Legendary Magnum Archive Sale (Wired: February 2010)

Wichita Eagle:  Last Kodachrome roll processed in Parsons (The Wichita Eagle: July 2010) “ Freelance photojournalist Steve McCurry, whose work has graced the pages of National Geographic, laid 36 slides representing the last frames of Kodachrome film on the light board sitting on a counter in Dwayne’s Photo Service in Parsons.”

W, Joshua: Contest Mania (The Digital Journalist: January 2009)

Wolfe, Joshua: Notes for Aspirising Photographers(The Digital Journalist: December 2009)

World Press Photo: Announcement of disqualification (WPP: March 2010)

World Press Photo: winners gallery 2010 (WPP: February 2010)

World Press Photo – Winners gallery 2008


Zimbel, George: A Freelance Photographer vs The New York Times (Georgezimbel.com: 2010)

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