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Agencies and Photographers | January 2013


Agencies and Collectives


NOOR January 2013 newsletter

NOOR is looking for a sales and marketing manager

VII January 2013 newsletter

TerraProject newsletter

Cesuralab is now Cesura.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 00.46.50



Prime Collective newsletter

Photo © Tom Stoddart

Photo © Tom Stoddart

Getty Images – Looking back at 2012

AP – Photos of the Year 2012

Aletheia Photo collective newsletter

FotoStrada – best of 2012

Paragon Features

These two things are not agencies, but been meaning to share..

The Agent List

New York Film Academy Photography School


Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 00.55.23

Matthieu Paley

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 00.52.33

Lynn Johnson

Gerd Ludwig

Espen Rasmussen

Elias Edouard

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 00.48.33

Jason Andrew

Sara Naomi Lewkowicz

Luca Sola

Julio Bittencourt

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 00.49.58

Julie Hau

Anne Holmes

Natalie Naccache

Cristiano Bendinelli

Federico Tovoli

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 01.55.01

Diego Ibarra Sanchez

Jonathan Olley

Ariana McLaughlin

Amy Lombard

Vaughn Wallace

Tanner Curtis

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 01.19.15

Pacification by Rafael Fabres (crowfunding on Emphas.is)

Chantal Heijnen

Ulrik Pedersen

Matthew Genitempo

Brian L Frank

Justin Kaneps

Tomas Clavarino

Bradley Secker

David Airob

Richard Marazzi

Lorenzo Tugnoli

Mugur Varzariu

Wiktor Dabkowski

Photo © Nichole Sobecki

Photo © Nichole Sobecki

Nichole Sobecki on Verve

Alessandro Gandolfi on Verve

Conor Ashleigh on Verve

Jesse Neider on Verve

Thomas Vanden Driessche on Verve

John Wendle on Verve

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January 29, 2013 at 2:02 am

Agencies and Photographers | November 2012

Agencies and Collectives

It’s not even December yet, but some Best of 2012s are out already….

VII: Best of 2012: Highlights of a Year in Pictures | ‘VII photographers present their best images, shot or released in 2012’

Best Pictures of the Year from Agence France Presse (Whittier Daily News)

European Pressphoto Agency: The Year in Images (EPA)

Reuters’ best pictures of the year is pretty cool as it includes comments by the photographers and even technical info…

Photo © Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

Photo © Goran Tomasevic / Reuters

Reuters: Best Photos of The Year 2012 (Reuters)

VII Newsletter November 2012

TerraProject Newsletter November 2012

Prime Collective: Newsletter November 2012

NOOR: Evelien Kunst becomes NOOR’s new Managing Director | news on BJP

Magnum event at Frontline Club in London : Magnum Revolution: 65 Years of Fighting for Freedom : Thursday December 13, 2012 7:00 PM

Pioneer photo agency Sipa Press files for bankruptcy protection (BJP)

Katie Orlinsky joins Reportage by Getty Images as a Featured Photographer

Tommaso Protti joins Emerging Talent at Reportage by Getty Images

Firecracker November 2012


Trailer to the upcoming McCulling documentary…Very much looking forward to seeing the film at some point…In the mean time I’ll be reading his autobiography Unreasonable Behaviour.

Trailer to the documentary ‘McCullin’ (Guardian) ‘Watch the world exclusive trailer for David and Jacqui Morris’s documentary on British photographer Don McCullin, whose acclaimed work for the Observer and the Sunday Times in Vietnam, Biafra, Cyprus and Lebanon produced some of the defining images of war. McCullin describes the ‘moral sense of purpose and duty’ behind his work. McCullin is released in the UK on 1 January 2013′

Somewhere to Disappear with Alec Soth

Looks like Contrasto has pushed the publication of James Nachtwey’s Pietas forward until September 2013… Was supposed to come out late October… Shame. Was on my wish list for Santa…

James Nachtwey: Pietas 

Reckoning at the Frontier by Eros Hoagland (Kickstarter crowdfunding) ‘Reckoning at the Frontier is an upcoming photography book that explores the drug war in northern Mexico.’

Workshop : Photographic storytelling with Sebastian Meyer and Anastasia Taylor-Lind : 7 December, London(Guardian) ‘Two eminent, widely published and very different photojournalists give a Guardian Masterclass in telling stories with images.’

Photo © Maysun


Jordi Ruiz Cicera

David Vintiner

Matilde Gattoni

Hiroyuki Ito

Nicola Lo Calzo

Howard Schatz

Andrew Lichtenstein

Matthew Niederhauser

Lindsay Mackenzie

Andrea Frazzetta

Narciso Contreras

Georgina Cranston

Mark Seager

Matt Carr

Michal Solarski

Laura Pannack new website

Duncan Nicol Robertson

Mark Hartman

Mark Hartman on Verve

Paul Taggart on Verve

Pavel Prokopchik on Verve

Philipp Spalek  on Verve

Daniel Hartley-Allen on Verve

Linda Dorigo on Verve

Pascal Maitre

Matteo di Giovanni

Sebastiano Tomada Piccolomini

Greta Pratt

Toufic Beyhum

Emine Ziyatdinova

Artur Conka

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November 29, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Agencies and Photographers | October 2012

Agencies and Collectives

Congratulations to Reportage by Getty Images for their 5-year anniversary.. Their editors have put together a slideshow to mark the occasion, showcasing work by the agency’s represented and featured photographers. …Includes the below classic by one of my favourites, Shaul Schwarz…

Nairobi, Kenya. 2008. © Shaul Schwarz

Reportage by Getty Images: Five Years Old

E-version of the first issue of the agency’s recently launched Reportage magazine….I picked up a print version in Perpignan…Definitely worth checking out…

Photos © Jonathan Torgovnik

Reportage : Reportage by Getty Images magazine

They have a revamped Tumblr too…

Reportage by Getty Images new Tumblr site

VII: Newsletter November 2012 | Newsletter October 2012

VII Photo’s collaboration with Think Outside the Cell (BJP)

Magnum Photo newsletter

Still two months until the end of the year, but NOOR have already done a Year in Review….

NOOR: Year in Review

NOOR: Newsletter October 2012

NOOR celebrates fifth anniversary with Blurb book project (Blurb blog)

Photo seen on the newsletter © Abbie Trayler-Smith

Panos Pictures Newsletter

Prime Collective: Newsletter October 2012

Terra Project newsletter

This looks terrific. I need to get myself an iPad.

Reuters – The Wider Image App | Reuters’ The Wider Image app (editorsweblog.org) ‘New storytelling for photojournalism’ | Reuters releases Wider Image iPad app (BJP)

Carlyle Group completes Getty Images acquisition (BJP)

Addretouch, post-production


Dedicated website to Stephanie Sinclair’s and Jessica Dimmock’s Too Young To Wed project.

Photo © Stephanie Sinclair

Stephanie Sinclair and Jessica Dimmock : Too Young to Wed

James Nachtwey has a new book out today…

James Nachtwey: Pietas (Contrasto) [link to Amazon]

Group project on Afghanistan by impressive list of contributing photographers

Photo seen on the front page © Jonathan Saruk

Razistan | Land of Secrets

Group project on Scotland…

Document Scotland

Saw a friend mention on Facebook that Stephen Shore just launched his first ever website…If indeed true, certainly worth visiting, no?

Stephen Shore

Manu Brabo

Eric Bouvet

Brian Finke

Mike Berube

Lauren Decicca

Julian Germain

Bharat Sikka

Melissa Cacciola

Vittoria Mentasti

Tarrah Krajnak

Brian Driscoll

Thomas Locke Hobbs

Giulia Marchi

Tadej Znidarcic

Jesse Neider

Zac Baillie

Tim Mitchell

Photo © Misha Friedman

Misha Friedman on Verve

David Chancellor on Verve

Alejandro Kirchuk on Verve

Lexey Swall on Verve

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert on Verve

Massimiliano Clausi on Verve

Mackenzie Reiss on Verve

Pauline Beugnies on Verve

Alvaro Deprit on Verve

Photo © Andew Burton

Andrew Burton on Verve

Allison Joyce on Verve

Andrew Kelly on Verve

Fara Phoebe Zetzsche on Verve

Nadia Sablin on Verve

Myriam Meloni on Verve

Titus Simoens on Verve

Benedicte Desrus on Verve

Maciej Dakowicz: Cardiff After Dark (book) [link to Amazon]

Toby Smith : showreel

Pete Marovich crowdfunding on Kickstarter for project Shadows of the Gullah

Some website updates…

Antonio Olmos new website | new blog

Cathal McNaughton new website

Kiana Hayeri new website

Conor O’Leary new website

Valentin Bianchi new website

James Arthur Allen new website

Marta Wanatko

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October 29, 2012 at 6:02 pm

Agencies and Photographers | August 2012


Photo © Seamus Murphy

VII Photo July newsletter

Magnum Photos newsletter

Noor Images July newsletter

Panos Pictures August newsletter

Prime Collective looking for new members

Prime Collective July newsletter

Aletheia Photos July newsletter


Tom Stoddart : 78Perspectives  | exhibition

Erika Larsen crowdfunding in Emphas.is to make her Sami project into a book… Such beautiful work…her goal is $16,700

Photo © Erika Larsen

Erika Larsen: Sami – Walking with Reindeer  | Crowfunding on Emphas.is

David Chancellor: Hunters | Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Photo © Tara Todras-Whitehill

Tara Todras-Whitehill

Sergey Ponomarev

Carolyn Drake

Giulio Piscitelli

Luke Wolagiewicz

Erin Siegal on Verve

Micah Albert on Verve

Ethan Knight on Verve

Sally Ryan on Verve

Åsa Sjöström on Verve

Jeff Rich on Verve

Photo © olsonfarlow.com

Olson & Farlow

Pietro Paolini on Verve

Monika Bulaj on Verve

Giuliano Camarda on Verve

Thilde Jensen on Verve

Marco Shoul on Verve

Jerome Lorieau on Verve

Jed Conklin on Verve

Photo © Guy Martin

Guy Martin

Stuart Matthews

Chiara Tocci

Photos © Sarah Elliott

Sarah Elliott

Adriana Zehbrauskas

Juan Delgado

Photo © Manuel Vazquez

Manuel Vazquez

Lucas Foglia

Alena Zhandarova

Spencer Murphy

Rick Pushinsky: Office | book 

Elizabeth D Herman’s ‘Best Shot’ in the Guardian

Sean Hemmerle

Christaan Felber

Joseph Turp

Titus Simoens

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August 14, 2012 at 5:48 pm

Agencies and Photographers | 3 July 2012


David Cambell: Photo agencies and ethics: the individual and the collective 

Magnum Photos have a new website, which I personally found to be, sadly, anything but an improvement…slow, confusing, and most annoyingly all the old links don’t seem to work anymore…

Magnum Photos

Institute have relaunched their website too..


After Corbis pulls out of Visa Pour l’Image, director asks, ‘Where are all the photo agencies? (BJP)

VII Photo : July newsletter

VII Photo : June newsletter

Magnum Photos : newsletter

NOOR : June newsletter

Panos Pictures : July Newsletter

Magnum Photos adds new members (BJP)

Reportage by Getty Images : Sebastian Liste and Toby Smith join core roster : Jerome Sessi leaves Reportage

Alejandro Chaskielberg joins DMB Media

Prime Collective : June newsletter

Terra Project

John Parkinson Agency

Luz Photo


New Magnum nominees’ websites

Photo © Jerome Sessini

Jerome Sessini

Bieke Depoorter

Zoe Strauss

I rarely used to be too interested in portraiture, but recently I’ve found myself looking at portrait photography quite a bit.  Brigitte Lacombe is one of them. She’s a photographer, whose work I often see in Newsweek (The Martin Amis photo seen below was printed in last week’s issue). I didn’t know anything about her though. Only having visited Lacombe’s website did I realise that she is in fact somebody who has been around for a long long time. Live and learn…

Martin Amis, Brooklyn, NY, 2012
Photo © Brigitte Lacombe

Brigitte Lacombe

Director Benh Zeitlin shot at Coney Island, New York.
Photo © Steve Schofield

Steve Schofield : website : blog

Jason Bell 

Rick Pushinsky :  website : blog

Ed Kashi : Photojournalisms for iPad

Juan Sierra

James Morgan

Two great Iranian photographers…

Photo © Newsha Tavakolian

Newsha Tavakolian 

Photo © Kiana Hayeri

Kiana Hayeri

Carlos Moreno

Photo © John Vink

John Vink : Quest for Land App

Stephen Shames: Bronx Boys for iPad

Pete Pin

Andrew Hinderaker

Nick Cobbing relaunched his website some time ago…

Photo © Nick Cobbing

Nick Cobbing

Some photographers’ sites, most of which I’ve recently visited for the first time…

Paul S. Amundsen

Marko Drobnjakovic

Irina Ruppert

Maxim Dondyuk

Andrew Querner

Chloe Borkett

Isadora Kosofsky

Alexi Hobbs

Tanya Habjouqa

Ian C. Bates

Julian Wainwright

Sophia Evans

Wyatt Erskine

Eduardo de Francisco

Marco Kesseler

Ross Mantle

Alex Pavlou

Norma Manly

Alex Potter

Theodore Kaye

Clint McLean

Nikos Pilos

Ricardo Garcia Vilanova

Jiri Makovec

Djamila Grossman

Written by Mikko Takkunen

July 3, 2012 at 12:36 pm