Features and Essays 2010



Starved for Attention (VII: 2010) Galleries to all VII essays shot for MSF’s Starved for Attention



Tibetan Monks in France (Magnum Photos: August 2010)

Tibetans in Exile (Magnum: August 2010)

Monks of Japan (Magnum Photos: 2010)

Abd, Rodrigo

R an R at Kandahar Airfield (TIME: October 2010) Afghanistan

Abdelaziz, Myriam

They Survived the Rwandan Genocide (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Abdullaziz, Mustafah

Ramadan in New York City (WSJ: August 2010)

The Deftones (MJR: 2010)

Fourth of July Parade, Ridgefield Park, NJ (WSJ: July 2010)

Shadows Lengthen by the Sun (MJR: January 2010)

Addario, Lynsey

Muslim Brotherhood (VII Network: December 2010) Egypt

India’s Cities Fail to Keep Up With New Arrivals (NYT: November 2010)

Self-Immolation, Afghanistan (VII Network: November 2010)

The Tale of a Lost Mortgage (TIME: November 2010)

Afghan Women | video (NGM: December 2010 issue)

TB Crisis (audio slideshow) |  TB Crisis (stills) (New Yorker Photo Booth: November 2010)

Suicide in Herat (NYT: November 2010) Afghanistan

As Afghanistan Turns (NYT Magazine: October 2010) Afghanistan’s first TV soap opera

India’s Surrogate Mothers (VII Network: October 2010)

The Female Marines (NYT: October 2010) Afghanistan

Women at War (VII Network: September 2010)

India’s Mining Magnates (NYT: August 2010)

A Failure to Feed (NYT: August 2010) With the Poor Still Starving, India Rethinks Safety Net

A Death Ignites Violence in Kashmir (NYT: July 2010)

A Schoolbus for Shamsia (VII Network: July 2010) Afghanistan

Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone:The Story of Mamma (TIME: June 2010) One woman’s journey from pregnancy to death

Reaching Out to Afghan Women (NYT: May 2010)

Close Quarters (NYT: March 2010) (audio slide show) Quake Accentuated Wealth Chasm in Haiti

Haiti Nights (VII Network: April 2010)

Haiti’s Schools (VII Network: March 2010)

Haitian Amputees (VII Network 2010)

Haiti’s Orphans (VII Network: February 2010)

UNICEF’s Haiti Child Registry (TIME: February 2010)

New Amputees Face Challenges (NYT: February 2010)

Haiti Mourns Its Dead (NYT: February 2010)

The Tamil Question (NYT: February 2010)

The Rescue Brigade (TIME: February 2010)

Robert Gates in Afghanistan (TIME: February 2010)

Sri Lankans Vote in Contentious Election (NYT: January 2010)

A Bitter Contest (NYT: January 2010) General Puts Up a Fight in Sri Lanka’s Election

Akash, GMB

Nothing to Hold On To (Panos Pictures: October 2010)

Ships’ Graveyard (Panos Pictures: August 2010)

The Bitterest Pill (Panos: May 2010)

Alford, Kael

Bottom of ‘da Boot (Panos: October 2010) Kael Alford’s long-term project documents the remote coastal communities in Louisiana affected by environmental degradation, land loss and the BP oil spill.

Bottom of ‘da Boot (Foto8: October 2010) Kael Alford presents her short film on the people that live at the Bottom of ‘da Boot,  Louisiana’s southeastern coast.

Allard, William Albert

Five Decades (NGM: October 2010) “A 48-year contributor to National Geographic, William Albert Allard is widely known for his pioneering use of color photography to capture iconic images and intimate portraits of people throughout the world.”

Amal, Shahidul

Where Death Squads Struck in Bangladesh (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Anderson, Christopher

Hungry in America: A Little Goes a Long Way (AARP.org: November 2010)

The Serbs (Magnum Photos: February 2010)

Andrew, Jason

Riding With the Tea Party (New Yorker: November 2010)

Tea Party Express (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

Jazzland (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010)

Ukraines Strong Men (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010)

Ang, Ying

A City United by Tragedy, Divided by Its Kindness (WSJ: March 2010)

Antebi, Jeff

Haiti (NPR: January 2010)

Appleton, Michael

Katrina Many Times Over (NYT Lens: January 2010) Haiti

Archambault, Charlie

Wisdom From the Century Mark (USNWR: January: 2010)U.S.News & World Report spent time with seven people over 90 whose vitality is testament to lives well lived.

Archibald, Timothy

Son and Father Pierce Autism’s Veil (NYT Lens: November 2010)

Echolilia: A Father’s Photographic Conversation with His Autistic Son (TIME: October 2010)

Argyle, Martin

Gordon Brown’s last moments inside No 10 (Guardian: May 2010)

Ashleigh, Conor

Baby in a Chapel (Foto8: August 2010)

Associated Press

Depth of Field: The War in Afghanistan (AP: April 2010)

Astrada, Walter

Elections in Haiti (Reportage by Getty Images: November 2010)

Haiti Cholera Outbreak (Reportage by Getty Images: November 2010)

Undesired (MediaStorm: October 2010) India

Gender Issues in India (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2010)

Aventurier, Patrick

Golden Pearls (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)


Badawi, Kim

Faerie Land (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2010)

Tent City (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010) Haiti

Taqwacore: Muslim Punk Rock in USA (Getty Images: 2010)

Baden, Evan

Coming to a screen near you (Guardian: January 2010) At home, at school, on the bus – Evan Baden’s photographs show that wherever they are, kids are hooked up to hi-tech gadgets.

Bain Hogg, Jocelyn

World Cup in a Small Room (VII Magazine: 2010)

A World of Their Own (VII Network: June 2010) People watching World Cup in a London pub

Muse (VII Network: June 2010)

Bangert, Christoph

Shooting Film in an Afghan Police Station (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Train From Sarajevo to Belgrade Revived (NYT: January 2010) Train Line Across the Balkans Restitches a Region

Banks, David Walter

The Collapse of a Community Bank (TIME: October 2010)

The Collapse of a Community Bank (TIME: October 2010)

Portraits of the Tea Party Movement (TIME: February 2010)

Banning, Jan

Comfort Women (Panos Pictures: July 2010) Indonesia

Bureaucrats (New Yorker Photo Booth: 2010)

Bureaucratics (Panos: March 2010)

Barbey, Bruno

Dubai 2010 (Magnum: 2010)

Shanghai World Expo (Magnum in Motion: April 2010)


Project website – On going

Bastianelli, Matteo

The Bosnian Identity (Burn: September 2010)

Scarred Recollection (Foto8: June 2010) Bosnia

Bates, James Edward

KKK Project (Project website: 2010)

Baxter, Will

In Cambodia, No Land Title, No Rights (WSJ: October 2010)

East Timor’s Oil, Gas Windfall Offers Opportunity for Growth (WSJ: March 2010)

Bell, Jason

An Englishman in New York (Guardian: August 2010)

Bendiksen, Jonas

The Big Melt: Asia’s Disappearing Glaciers (Magnum: July 2010)

Tibetan Plateau (NGM: April 2010) | Photographing Asia’s Big-Time Meltdown (NPR: April 2010)

Ben Khelifa, Karim

Yemen (NYT Lens Showcase: January 2010)

Belleme, Mike

Summer Camp for Autistic Kids (TIME: April 2010)

Bengiveno, Nicole

Oysters Touch Many From Gulf to Table (NYT: July 2010) Gulf of Mexico

Berman, Nina

Party Till the Last Drop (NOOR: 2010) Las Vegas

Poisoned While Deployed (NOOR: September 2010) US military suffering illnesses having exposed to toxic hazards across Iraq

The Language of Money (NOOR: September 2010)

Tea Party (NOOR: May 2010)

Prosperity Gospel (NOOR: April 2010) 25,000 member, New Birth Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia.

Berruti, Massimo

Scenes from the Pakistan Floods (TIME: September 2010)

Floods in Pakistan (Agence Vu: August 2010)

India and Pakistan’s Water Woes (WSJ: April 2010)

Vaccination Diplomacy (WSJ: January 2010) Afghanistan’s anti-polio campaign bringing Taliban and UN together

Bertelli, Jon Guido

The Last of the Zapatista Fighters (Telegraph: June 2010)

The Last of the Zapatistas (Foto8: May 2010)

Bieber, Jodi

Soweto, South Africa’s trend-setting township (BBC: September 2010)

Women of Afghanistan: Living Under The Taliban Threat (TIME: July 2010)

Soweto (Institute: May 2010)

Bini, Alfredo

Desert Is the Easy Part (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Bischof, Werner

The Korean War (Magnum in Motion: June 2010) 60th anniversary

Bladh, Stefan

The Family (Foto8: April 2010) Photographer Stefan Bladh has been following a Turkish nomadic family for seven years.

Bleasdale, Marcus

Dear Obama: A Message from Victims of LRA (HRW: 2010)

Lord’s Resistance Army: Central African Republic (VII: October 2010)

Conflict and Contrast in Kashmir (VII Magazine: September 2010)

Lord’s Resistance Army , DR Congo (VII: September 2010)

Kashmir Revisited (VII: August 2010)

Unsung Allies Battle Starvation in Africa (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Bluefin Tuna (VII: June 2010)

Djibouti (Starved For Attention: June 2010)

David Cameron (VII: May 2010)

Love in the Time of TB (VII: March 2010) Nepal

Blenkinsop, Philip

The Ark (NOOR: 2010) Philip Blenkinsop went to Bangladesh for the quarterly ‘Dispatches’ in February and March of 2009.

Bolfo, Antonio

NYPD Impact (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2010)

Haiti Reconstruction Six Months Later (multimedia) (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

Boness, Stefan

Southern Street (Panos: November 2010)

Bonet, Pep

Hospice (NOOR: October 2010) Haiti

saut d’eau voodoo festival, haiti (NOOR: Septemb

Child and Maternal Mortality in Nigeria (NOOR: March 2010) Pep Bonet for Save the Children

Remarkable South Africans (NOOR: March 2010)

Haiti’s Shock (NOOR: March 2010)

Motorhead Tour (NOOR: January 2010)

Boston Globe

Afghanistan June 2010 (Boston Globe: June 2010)

Afghanistan May 2010 (Boston Globe Big Picture: May 2010)

Crackdown in Bangkok (Boston Globe Big Picture: May 2010)

Protests turn deadly in Thailand (Boston Globe Big Picture: May 2010)

Vietnam, 35 Years Ago (Boston Globe Big Picture: May 2010)

Welcoming 2010 (Boston Globe Big Picture: January 2010)

Bouvet, Eric

Uzbin Valley (VII Nework: March 2010)

Bower, Carl

Colombia’s Picture-Perfect Beauty Queens (NYT Lens: July 2010) Bower’swebsite

Bozovic, Velibor

Eastern Europe’s Odd Attractions (NYT Lens: May 2010)

Braschler, Mathias and Fischer, Monika

South Africa: Grass roots football article(Guardian: May 2010)

Brault, Philippe

Welcome to Prison Valley (TIME: August 2010) Fremont County,CO has made incarceration into a local specialty industry

Braun, Maximiliano

Savile Row (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2010) ‘The Golden Mile of Tailoring’ in London

Brinson, Kendrick 

Royal Wedding Craze in GA (Luceo: November 2010)

Brooks, Kate

TV Host Targets Afghan Women’s Shelters (WSJ: August 2010)

Bronstein, Paula

Mongolia’s Unforgiving Freeze (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Brown, Michael Christopher

China’s High-Speed Rail (TIME: August 2010)

China (Burn: July 2010)

Ordos, China: A Modern Ghost Town (TIME: March 2010)

Bruce, Andrea

Italy’s “Gypsy Emergency” (VII Network: October 2010)

Afghan Civilian Casualties (VII Network: August 2010)

Daughters of Iraq (Visura: August 2010)

Fragile Democracy: Iraq’s Parliamentary Elections (VII Network: August 2010)

U.S. Special Operations Night Raid in Afghanistan (VII Network: July 2010)

Bringing Dread to Kandahar (WP: May 2010)

Scenes of Everyday Life in Today’s Baghdad (Newsweek: February 2010)

Marines Continue Incursion in Marja, Afghanistan (WP: February 2010)

Iranian Dissidents, Gays Flee to Turkey (Washington Post: February 2010)

Ingushetia (Visura: January 2010)

Brüggemann, Jörg

Same Same But Different (Photographer’s website)

Bungaard, Carstern

Sulawesi Gold Rush (Foto8: February 2010

Burtynsky, Edward

California’s Pipe Dream (NGM: 2010) A heroic system of dams, pumps, and canals can’t stave off a water crisis.

Manufactured Landscapes (New Yorker Photo Booth: June 2010)

Buxani, Nana

Citio Damayan (Helsingin Sanomat: September 2010) Philippines


Cacek, Ty

Inside an American Militia (TIME: September 2010) Ohio Defense Force

Cahana, Kitra

Live Power Community Power (Reportage by Getty Images: November 2010)

Welcome to Rainbowland (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010)

Caliz, Alfredo

Los Cocineros (Panos Pictures: September 2010)

Calligro, Sandra

Chronique Afghane (Picture Tank: May 2010)

Canepari, Zackary

Honey Pie (Panos Pictures:  August 2010) Real Dolls

Borderland (Panos Pictures: June 2010)

California Is A Place (Project website: 2010)

Canibano Ercilla, Raul

In the Heart and Soul of Cuba (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Carucci, Elinor

retrospective (Visura: 2010)

Closer (article on the work) / Intimacy (slideshow) (Telegraph: January 2010)

Castelnuovo, Rina

The Unending Story (NYT Lens: May 2010)

Cazalis, Carlos

Cholera in Haiti (multimedia) (Guardian: November 2010)

Chapman, Dean

Karenni (Panos Pictures: August 2010)

Chaskielberg, Alejandro

The High Tide – Islanders Of The Paraná River Delta (The Black Snapper: January 2010)

Chehak, Jesse

Figures in a Western Landscape (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Chelbin, Michael

The Black Eye (New Yorker: October 2010) Wrestlers after the fight

The Black Eye (Telegraph: June 2010)

Chin, Alan

Katrina: The Fifth Anniversary (Newsweek: August 2010)

A Home 8,000 Miles Away (NYT Lens: February 2010)

Choi, Sandy

Daily Life in Yemen (FP: January 2010)

Chung, Dan

North Korea parade marks 65 years of reclusive state’s rule (Guardian: October 2010) The Guardian’s Dan Chung covers North Korea’s lavish military parade

On the election campaign trail with Nick Clegg – part two (Guardian: May 2010)

On the election campaign trail with Nick Clegg (Guardian: April 2010)

Clanet, Celine

Maze (TMC: January 2010) a small Sámi village located at the highest point of the European map, far above the Arctic Circle, in Norwegian Lapland.

Clark, Edmund

Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out (Project website: 2010)

If The Light Goes Out (Guardian: November 2010) Guantanamo

Conrad, Fred R.

Faithful and Fighting (audio slideshow) (NYT: January 2010)Evangelical churches are embracing martial arts to appeal to young men

Panoramic Views From Haiti (NYT: January 2010)

Cox, Dean C.K.

Kyrgyzstan: Protests as Party Questions Result (Eurasianet.org: 2010)

Heightened Security, Calm Kyrgyz Elections in Osh (Eurasianet.org: 2010)

Kyrgyzstan: Internal Migrants Lack Voting Papers (Eurasianet.org: 2010)

Crow, Maisie

A Life Alone (multimedia) (Photographer’s website: 2010)

Crowley, Stephen

A Canine Treatment for P.T.S.D. (NYT: April 2010) Dogs with veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cuthbert, Daniel

Disappearing Cultures & Tradition: The Bushman | PDF(Photographer’s website: November 2010)

Online Gaming Party (BBC: April 2010)

Rethink: The Afrikaner (Photographer’s website: April 2010)


D’Amato, Alfredo

Austerity Greece (Panos: May 2010)

Greece : Euro Danger Zone (Prospekt: April 2010)

Daniels, William

TB Behind Bars (Panos Pictures: October 2010) Kyrgyzstan

Burnin’ and Lootin’ (Panos Pictures: September 2010) Kyrgyzstan

The French Farm: Beautiful But in Danger (TIME: July 2010)

Haiti’s Gingerbread Houses (TIME: July 2010)

Faded Tulips (Panos Pictures: June 2010) Kyrgyzstan

Haiti: Disaster and Recovery (Panos Pictures: March 2010)

Long Soviet Shadows (NYT Lens: January 2010)

Dannemiller, Keith

Coming of Age in Ciudad Juarez (TIME: August 2010)

Das, Sanjit

Learning Curve: American Colleges Rush to Set up Shop in India (TIME: October 2010)

IDs for India (WSJ: September 2010) India hopes to assign its 1.2 billion people a unique 12-digit ID number

Living Amid the Fires (WSJ: April 2010) Fire and Fumes Can’t Drive Indians From Hellish Village

David, Tammy

Crown and Country (Bite Magazine: June 2010)

Davidson, Bruce

The Work of Legendary Photographer Bruce Davidson (TIME: March 2010) A new monograph: Outside Inside, published by Steidl, chronicles his work in a three-volume box set of 800 photographs drawn from Davidson’s immense archive

Time of Change (multimedia) (Magnum in Motion: February 2010) The period from 1961 – 1965 was the defining era of the American civil rights movement. As a participant and observer of this struggle for racial equality, Bruce Davidson chronicled the demonstrations, the protests, the aftermath of the bombings, and the social and political tumult that arose out of the conflict.

de Almeida, Lalo

Inside the City of God (NYT: October 2010) Brazil

Dean, Adam

Election Week in Burma (Panos: November 2010)

Ghost Town in China (NYT: October 2010)

The Red Games (Panos Pictures: September 2010) China

Afganistan {new}  (Veja. com: June 2010)

Afghanistan medevac (Veja.com: June 2010)

Afghanistan (Veja.com: 2010)

Afghanistan Through a Lens (Telegraph: March 2010)

de Bode, Chris

Eyes Wide Shut (Panos Pictures: October 2010) Somalis

Degner, David

Parkour in Egypt (Photographer’s website: May 2010)

de Keyzer, Carl

A Postcard from Congo (New Yorker Photo Booth: June 2010)

Delano, James Whitlow

The Changing Face of Sumo Wrestling (TIME: August 2010)

Delano, Pablo

Cultural Tapestry, Under Wraps (NYT Lens: January 2010)

de Limburg, Clemence

Dwarf World Games (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2010)

de Luigi, Stefano

Fashionable Paris (VII Network: October 2010)

Kenya Drought (VII Magazine August 2010)

The Gold of the Delta (VII Network: July 2010) Italy

Blanco (VII Magazine: 2010)

Somaliland (VII Network: March 2010)

South Korea (VII Network: February 2010)

de Moustier, Gratiane

Aging at Home: The Story of Odile (Telegraph: 2010)

The Chose Few (Reportage by Getty Images: May 2010) Female homosexuality in South Africa

Dench, Peter

Love UK (Telegraph: January 2010) Peter Dench discovers how the English love, where they find it and how they sustain it

Depardon, Raymond

The city as I first saw it … (Guardian: April 2010)

de Viguerie, Veronique

Desert Midwives (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

Militants And Militias in Pakistan (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010)

Dherbeys, Agnes

Red Shirts (updated) (VII Magazine: May 2010)

Explosions in Bangkok Wound Dozens (NYT: April 2010)

Protesters and Police Clash in Bangkok (NYT: April 2010)

In Asia, Hope for Haiti (NYT Lens: February 2010)

Diary: Parisian Transgression (Photographer’s website: February 2010)

Thailand: Paying for Sex(Photographer’s website: January 2010)

Nepal: In The Vice of Wills (Rearviewmirror.it: 2010)

diCampo, Peter

Night in Ghana, Captured by Flashlight (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Out of the Darkness: Wiring a Desert Village (Wired: July 2010)

Diefenbach, Andrea

Children Heading Households in Moldova (NYT Lens: November

di Lauro, Marco

Niger Food Crisis (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2010)

Pumwani Maternity Ward (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2010)

Afghanistan : MERT (TIME: February 2010) Medical Emergency Response Team

Dimmock, Jessica

A Mother’s Devotion (Starved for Attention: June 2010)

Dirven, Tim

Inside Guantánamo Bay (Guardian: March 2010)

Dodds, Kieran

Behind Mugabe’s Iron Curtain (Panos Pictures: August 2010)

Detox (Photographer’s website: May 2010) Audio slideshow

Where the Water Meets the Sky (Panos: May 2010) Zambia

Africans on Safari (Panos Pictures: February 2010)

Dorat, Dean

The Beautiful Game (Foto8: June 2010)

Downing, Larry

The Sorrow of Section 60 (NYT Lens: February 2010) Arlington Cemetar

Drake, Carolyn

Astonishing Confluences in Central Asia (NYT Lens: October 2010)

This Ravaged Land (Panos Pictures: July 2010) Uzbekistan

Paradise Rivers (Panos Pictures: March 2010)

Becoming Chinese (Panos: March 2010)

Return to the Center of the World (Orion Magazine: March 2010) Following two storied rivers through Central Asia

Dundon, Rian

To Be Young and Cool in Burma (TIME: November 2010) The twenty-somethings who will inherit the country’s future

Bing Bing and Me (Foto8: January 2010) Fan Bing Bing is one of Mainland China’s biggest pop stars. An actress and fashion icon, she is most famous for her roles in the widely popular soap operas that are followed devotedly by hundreds of millions of people across China.

Dykinga, Jack

Native Lands (NGM: August 2010 issue) Something remarkable is happening in Indian country; Tribes whose lands were once taken from them are setting an example for how to restore the environment.


Eddie Adams Workshop

Eddie Adams Workshop 2010 Multimedia (Vimeo: 2010)

Effendi, Rena

Turkey: Istanbul Becomes Magnet for Transgender Migration(Eurasianet.org: November 2010)

Refugees and Rural Migrants Struggle on the Edges of Baku(Eurasianet.org: 2010) Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Flood Displaces Thousands (Institute: June 2010)

House of Happiness (Institute: April 2010)

Youth in Tehran (Institute for Artist Management: February 2010)

Pipe Dreams (Foto8: January 2010) A shortfilm made by photographer Rena Effendi on the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline running through Azerbaijan

Trouble on the Line (NYT Lens Showcase: January 2010) In Azerbaijan, every story revolves around oil.

Eich, Matt

Sin and Salvation in Baptist Town (Luceo blog: November 2010)

Carry Me Ohio (burn: June 2010)

Trouble in the Water (Immunemedia: April 2010)

Teen Unemployment (TIME: January 2010) The recession has put a damper on the earning power of younger workers

Elliott, Kate

A Modern Bohemian (Visura Magazine Spotlight: June

Epstein, Mitch

What is American Power? (Project website: 2010)

Erwitt, Misha

Flags (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Essick, Peter

Viking Weather—The Changing Face of Greenland (NGM: June 2010) As Greenland returns to the warm climate that allowed Vikings to colonize it in the Middle Ages, its isolated and dependent people dream of greener fields and pastures—and also of oil from ice-free waters.

Estrin, James

Faltering Hope in Haiti (NYT: May 2010)


Fadek, Timothy

9/11 Artifacts at JFK Airport (WSJ: November 2010)

Mongolia (Le Figaro: November 2010)

From Coat Factory to Controversy (New York Magazine: August 2010) Ground Zero Mosque

Falkenberg, Katie

Mission Crest (LA Times: June 2010) High Desert subdivision becomes a ghost town where people still live

Fatemi, Hossein

The Surge (Panos: October 2010) Afghanistan

Fazzina, Alixandra

The Paper Mill (NOOR: September 2010)

an instrument of advocacy (Telegraph: September 2010)

Pakistan (Le Monde: August 2010)

Pakistan Floods (YouTube: August 2010)

Flooding in Pakistan (NOOR: August 2010)

Kbyer Pakhtunwa Floods (Photographer’s PhotoShelter: August 2010)

Deadend Sands (NOOR: July 2010) Pakistan

Running From the Taliban (NOOR: July 2010)

A Million Shillings : Escape from Somalia (NOOR: July 2010)

Ferguson, Adam

In Afghanistan, Passing as a Boy (NYT: September 2010) Where Boys Are Prized, Girls Live the Part

Kandahar (NYT: September 2010)

Tragedy in Marjah, Witness to a Civilian Casualty (TIME: August 2010)

A Civilian Casualty in Afghanistan (TIME: August 2010) Marjah

Afghan Women Fear Loss of Rights if the Taliban Return (NYT: July 2010)

A Private Army Guards an Afghan Highway (NYT: June 2010)

Inside the Battle for Hearts and Minds (TIME: April 2010) Afghanistan

The Resurgence of the Hazaras (NYT: January 2010) Afghanistan

Ferry, Stephen

Human Right Watch: Deadly Threats: Successors to the Paramilitaries in Colombia(multimedia) (HRW: February 2010) Multimedia produced by Human Rights
Watch in collaboration with photographer Stephen Ferry about the threats that Colombians face from new paramilitary groups : Through photos and audio interviews, Human Rights Watch researcher Maria McFarland and Ferry tell the very personal stories of Colombians living under threat.

It Couldn’t Be, It Is (NYT Lens Showcase: January 2010) Stephen Ferry in Colombia

Flanders, Ian

Cruising (Fatuusmorgana.com: 2010)

Fohlen, Corentin

A Tenuous Existence (NYT: August 2010) Expulsion of Roma Raises Questions in France

Foreign Policy

Postcard From Hell (FP: July 2010)

The Shooting War (FP: March 2010) An exclusive collection of work by the world’s most acclaimed conflict photographers.


Summershow 2010 (Foto8: July 2010)

Fox, Judith

Loving and living with Alzheimer’s (BBC: March 2010)

Franco, Angel

After Quake, Panic and Death in a Haitian Prison (NYT: May 2010)

Franck, Martine

Women (Nowness: 2010)

Pictures Within Pictures (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Frank, Brian L

Wind of Change in Havana (WSJ: October 2010)

Frankfurter, Michelle

Destino (Burn: November 2010)

Franklin, Stuart

Turkish Hazelnut Harvest (Magnum Photos: August 2010)

Life in Grand Isle after the BP oil spill (Guardian: July 2010) The Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin visits Louisiana where the Grand Isle community is dealing with the aftermath of the spill.

Landmine Detecting Rats (Magnum: June 2010) Tanzania

Frayer, Kevin

Soldiers of the Afghanistan National Army (MSNBC: July 2010) In southern Aghanistan nearly all Afghan soldiers are foreigners too |

Freedman, Stuart

Shadow People (Panos Pictures: August 2010) Delhi

The Indian Coffee House (Panos: May 2010)

Fremson, Ruth

An Orphan Family in Haiti (NYT: July 2010) Fremson in NYT Lens

French, Howard W.

Discovering Shanghai’s Secret City (NYT Lens: May 2010)

Friedlander, Lee

America by Car (New Yorker Photo Booth: September 2010)

Friedman-Rudovsky, Noah

Beneath Bolivia’s Salt Flats: Lithium Wealth (TIME: October 2010)

Fukada, Shiho

Nightlife Still Lively in Baghdad Neighborhood (NYT: November 2010)

Tensions in Western Chinese Region (NYT: September 2010) Uighurs

China’s Affluence Island (NYT: March 2010) On China’s Hainan Island, the Boom Is Deafening

Fukase, Masahisa

Ravens (Guardian: May 2010)

Furrer, Mariella

A Quiet Bridge to Young Victims (NYT Lens: March 2010)



Tito’s Bunker (VII Magazine: July 2010)

Tito’s Bunker (VII Network: April 2010)

Precious possessions in Pakistan Video |Slideshow (Telegraph: April 2010)

Objects Identify Long-Dead Victims of Bosnian War (audio slideshow) (TIME: February 2010)

Gallagher, Sean

Korean Reflections (Photographer’s website: November 2010)

Threatened Waters (project website 2010)

Education In The Mangroves (Vimeo: 2010)

Education In The Mangroves (Vimeo: 2010)

The Chinese Alligator: Species On The Brink (Photographer’s Vimeo: September 2010) As China continues its rapid economic development, the wetlands of the country are increasingly coming under threat.

Gandolfi, Alessandro

On a Surfe sur gaza (Vsd.fr: May 2010)

Gannaway, Preston

Chosen Ones (Photographer’s Vimeo: September 2010) In China, children with albinism face a bleak future. Often abandoned and ostracized, most will never be educated, marry or find a job in their country. Adoption offers hope for a chosen few.

Garanger, Marc

Unwilling Subjects in the Algerian War (NYT Lens: May 2010)

Garbasz. Yishay

In my Mother’s Footsteps (related article(Telegraph: January 2010)Yishay Garbasz retraces her mother’s Holocaust.

Garcia, Ricardo

U.S. Casualties in the Arghanab Valley (PDN: June 2010) Related Columbia Journalism Review article

Garcia Rawlins, Carlos

Venezuela Cracks Down on Illegal Mining (TIME: August 2010)

Gardi, Balazs

The Valley (Vimeo: June 2010) Bala Embedded photographer Balazs Gardi reports from the Korengal Valley.

Facing Water Crisis – Karachi (VII Network: February 2010)

Garen, Micah

Marja’s Hearts and Minds (VF: August 2010)

Georgiou, George

Young Turks (Panos Pictures: October 2010)

Modern Turkey (NYT Lens: August 2010)

Gerbehaye, Cedric

Birth Pains for Southern Sudan (TIME: September 2010)

No Relief and Little Attention (NYT Lens Showcase: January 2010)Congo

Ghitis, Danny

The Land of Oś (Photographer’s website: August 2010)

Polish President Elections (Photographer’s PhotoShelter: June 2010)

Poland in Transition (Pangea Photo: June 2010)

A Thin Line (Pangea Photo: April 2010) Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria died in a plane crash with 94 others on their way to a memorial service in Russia

Gilbertson, Ashley

Down (VII Magazine: November 2010)

President Obama (VII Network: November 2010)

Inside the West Wing (NYT: October 2010)

Survival in an Emergency Room (NYT Lens: October 2010)

MRE Rations (VII Network: September 2010)

A Taste of Home in Foil Packets and Powder (NYT: September 2010) Troops from nearly 50 lands dine on combat meals in Afghanistan — each reminding them of where they’d rather be.

Shell Shock (VII Magazine: August 2010)

Bedrooms of the Fallen (Project website: August 2010)

Veteran’s Hotline (VII Network: July 2010)

A Welcome Voice on a Desperate Night (NYT Lens: July 2010)

More Veterans Turn to Suicide Hotline for Help (NYT: July 2010)

Bedrooms of the Fallen (VII Network: April 2010)

The Shrine Down the Hall (NYT Magazine: March 2010) Bedrooms of America’s Young War Dead / Related NYT Lens article

Gilden, Bruce

Picnic with Sergey (Magnum in Motion: October 2010)

Haiti Now and Every Day (Magnum in Motion: June 2010)

Haitian Earthquake Aftermath (Magnum Photos: April 2010)

Gangster Typers and Tough Guys (multimedia) (Magnum in Motion: February 2010)

Gilkey, David

Friend of Foe? (NPR: July 2010) War in Afghanistan

Under Fire, The Fight Heats Up In Afghanistan (NPR: July 2010)

Training For War (NPR: March 2010) Army Preps For Next Afghan Target: Kandahar

Gillanders, David

Street Children in Ukraine (Reportage by Getty Images: August 2010)

Girard, Greg

David and Solomon (NGM: December 2010 issue)

Gjestvang, Andrea

Greenland, Beautiful and Buffeted (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Glasier, Frederick W.

Discovering the Soul of the Ringlings’ Circus (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Gleis, Nick

Private Jets (Telegraph: August 2010)

Golden, Melissa

The Surreal Remains of Six Flags New Orleans (TIME: August 2010)

Goldfarb, Michael

Haiti: How They live (audio slideshow) (MSF: April)

Gong, Mark

Cuban Life (Burn: May 2010)

Goto, Masaru

Thailand Divided (Photographer’s PhotoShelter archive: May 2010)

Gudin, Laurent

Senegalese Wrestling (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2010)

Grarup, Jan

Nuclear Waste Transport (NOOR: November 2010)

Bangkok Events (NOOR: May 2010)

Exiled by Weather (NYT Lens: February 2010) In East Africa, millions of Somalis, Ethiopians and Eritreans have left their homes and villages in recent years. They now face starvation or disease.

Haiti (NOOR: January 2010)

Yemen(NOOR: 2010)

Greene, Stanley

Nightmare Republic (NOOR: October 2010) Haiti

Cannes (NOOR: May 2010)

Greenfield, Lauren

Favorite Places (New York Times Magazine: October 2010)

UT Football (Institute: April 2010)

Fashion Portfolio Slideshow (with captions) (New York Magazine: February 2010) Entire print edit on the Institute website

Fashion Show (video) (New York Magazine: February 2010) Photographer Lauren Greenfield compiled her Fashion Week photography into this video

Grignet, Brigitte

Chiloe: La Cruz del Sur (Visura: January 2010)

Griffiths, Stuart

Portraits of Isolation (Guardian: January 2010) Stuart Griffiths, ex-Para and now a photographer, is the subject of Isolation, a film made by Luke Seomore and Joe Bull about his extraordinary life. After leaving the army, Griffiths found himself homeless, a fate he shared with a quarter of all British ex-soldiers. The film explores the fate of British soldiers who have left the service through injury and illness, many of whom feel they have been let down by the institutions for which they sacrificed so much. His moving portraits of ex-soldiers tell their own story.


Bangkok street battles escalate (Guardian: May 2010)

Sony World Photography awards winners 2010 (Guardian: April 2010) | Guardian Eyewitness – Paolo Pellegrin: Dressing for Oscar (Guardian: April 2010)

Gualazzini, Marco

LaoStar TV (Foto8: May 2010)

Gumpert, Robert

American Prison Tattoos (Foto8: July 2010)

Guo, Eric

Meisa (Telegraph: July 2010)

The Yi (Photographer’s Flickr)

Guttenfelder: David

Robot Invasion Japan (NYT Lens: September 2010)

iPhone Polaroids from Afghanistan (AP: March 2010)


The magic of a Magnum photograph (Guardian: February 2010)


Halpern, Gregory

Living Wage Campaign (TMC Sunday Showcase: March 2010)

Halsman, Philippe

Jumpology (Vanity Fair: April 2010)

Hammond, Robin

The Prize of Gold (Panos Pictures: October 2010) Zimbabwe

As I See It (Panos Pictures: August 2010)

Congo’s Resilient Rape Survivors (Daily Beast: July 2010)

Haner, Josh

Portraits of people spearheading a campaign to address impact of head trauma on former NFL players (NYT: April 2010)

Hansen, Christian

Haiti (MJR: April 2010)

Christian Hansen (Too Much Chocolate showcase: January 2010)

Harris, Naomi

Welcome to the Chicken Swap (TIME: July 2010) Fowl fanciers gather in New Tripoli, Pa.

Hasan, Khaled

Stone Women (Economica: July 2010) Day Laborers in Bangladesh

Hayes White, Sean

Village Rowner (multimedia) (Photographer’s website: 2010) For 25 years Gosport’s Rowner Estate has been a point of contention, and after much deliberation demolition has begun and residents are leaving through choice or eviction.

Haviv, Ron

Cholera Epidemic in Haiti (VII: November 2010)

Invisible Lines: Death in Juarez (VII: October 2010)

Terrifying Normalcy (Starved for Attention: June 2010) Bangladesh

Haiti (VII: January 2010)

Henley, Mark

Shanghai’d (Panos Pictures: April 2010)

Heisler, Todd

How the Alzheimer’s Gene Affects a Colombian Family (NYT: June 2010)

Choosing to Stay, Fighting to Rebuild (audio slideshow) (NYT: April 2010) Haiti

Portraying Moscow With a Camera Phone (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Growing Risk in Haiti (NYT: February 2010)

Henderson, Roderik

Transvoid (NPR: July 2010)

Henner, Mishka and Lock, Liz

Flower Power (Panos: May 2010)

Herbaut, Guillaume

Slavic Union (English Russia: 2010)

Ciudad Juarez (Institute: April 2010)

Hetherington, Tim

Infidel (NYT Lens: October 2010) A Family Album: American Soldiers at War

Restrepo (Visura: August 2010)

Death Valley Days article (NYT: June 2010) About Restrepo documentary

Tim Hetherington : In focus (New Yorker: April 2010)

Vital Structures (Panos Pictures: February 2010)

The Killing Fields (Panos Pictures: February 2010)

Hicks, Tyler

The Swat Valley, After the Flood (NYT: September 2010) Pakistan

Challenging the Opium Harvest (NYT: May 2010)

AIDS in Uganda (NYT: May 2010)

Kurdish Spring Festival Is Political, Too (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Into the Maw at Marja (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Winning the Peace in Marja (NYT: March 2010)

Marines Sweep for Taliban Fighters in Marja (NYT: February 2010)

Taliban Snipers Bedevil Troops in Marja (NYT: February 2010)

Under Fire in Marja (NYT: February 2010)

Marines Battle Taliban Fighters in Offensive (NYT: February 2010) Afghanistan

‘Operation Moshtarak’ Begins (NYT: February 2010) Coalition Begins Major Afghan Offensive

An Enemy Evaporates (NYT: February 2010) Afghanistan

From Marines, A Softer Approach (NYT: January 2010) Afghanistan

Luck Trumps Death (NYT: January 2010) Afghanistan

Hilltou, Jessica

Passion and Imagination in African Football (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Hilton, Jane

Dead Eagle Trail (New Yorker Photo Booth: July 2010)

Dead Eagle Trail (Foto8: April 2010)

Dead Eagle Trail (Telegraph: April 2010) Their way of life may be in terminal decline but, as a new book of photographs by Jane Hilton shows, America’s cowboys are dying with their boots on.

Hingley, Liz

Under Gods (Photographer’s website: 2010)

Under Gods (Foto8: May 2010)

Hoagland, Eros

Taliban Make Inroads in Strategic Province (NYT: July 2010)

Guarding an Ethnic Fault Line in Iraq (NYT: January 2010)

Hoagland, Lee

CSP75 (Visura Magazine Spotlight: March 2010)

Hoffman, Brendan

Baseball Scout’s Ordeal: 13 Years in Cuban Prison (WSJ: April 2010)

Hogsholt, David

Haenyeo : Korean Sea Diving Women (Reportage by Getty Images: February 2010)

Holst, Christian

Life Under Military Regime of Burma (Myanmar) (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2010)

Hougaard, Niels

Blockade on Gaza (JP Foto: June 2010)

Holt, Christian 

Aung San Suu Kyi on the day of her release and the days following(Reportage by Getty Images: November 2010)

Holt, Kate

Healthcare in Kandahar (BBC: March 2010)

Hondros, Chris

101st Airborne in Afghanistan (Newsnet5.com: October 2010)

Firefight in Afghanistan (Montreal Gazette: July 2010) Hondros NYT Lens

Afghanistan, seen through a Humvee window (MSNBC: June 2010)

My window onto Kandahar (Tampabay.com: June 2010) M-ATV vehicle in Kandahar, Afghanistan

“I Am So Happy He’s Not Dead” (FP: February 2010) Haiti

Huey, Aaron

Postcard from South Dakota: In the Shadow of Wounded Knee (New Yorker: November 2010)

Hugo, Pieter

A Global Graveyard for Dead Computers in Ghana (NYT Mag: August 2010)

Humphreys, Brent

Le Tour (PDN Photo of the Day: July 2010)  Project website

Hussin, Tim

Much Ado About Straightening: Old Black Salons Face New Rivals (WSJ: May 2010)


Ingram, Jessica

A Civil Rights Memorial (Visura Magazine Spotlight: May 2010)

Itkoff, Michael

Between Two Lakes (Visura Magazine Spotlight: May 2010)

Ito, Hiroyuki

New York, New York, New York, New York (NYT Lens: April 2010)


Jacobson, Jeff

A Cancer Survivor and His Kodachrome (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Bottom Feeders in Orlando (Institute: April 2010)

Jin, Justin

The Uranium Hunters (Panos Pictures: August 2010)

Joey L

The Cradle of Mankind (TIME: February 2010) Portraits of tribespeople from Ethiopia’s Omo Valley

Johanessen, Jan

It’s All About Jobs (Panos: October 2010)

Johnson, Eric

Bellevue (Photographer’s Vimeo: 2010)

Johnson, Krisanne

Postcard from Johannesburg (New Yorker Photo Booth: June 2010)


Kalashnikova, Irina

North Korea (Reportage by Getty Images: August 2010)

Kamber, Michael

A Living Wage (NYT: July 2010) An American-owned factory in the Dominican Republic committed to pay a living wage

Kander, Nadav

My Body as a Work of Art (More: June 2010)

The New Tories (audio slideshow 9:42) (Guardian: March 2010) The new generation of Tory candidates

Kaphle, Anup

In Nepal, Impasse Leaves Maoists in Limbo (Washington Post: July 2010) A heated debate between Nepal’s government and the Maoists over how to integrate thousands of former rebels into the national forces has brought the Himalayan nation to a standstill.

Kardianos, Zisis

Feastday (burn: June 2010)

Kashi, Ed

Oil and Conflict in the Niger Delta (VII Magazine: October 2010)

Punjab (VII: October 2010) Pakistan

Agent Orange’s Enduring Legacy (VII: July 2010)

The Sandwich Generation (MediaStorm: July 2010) Now with added Epilogue

Pakistan (NPR: July 2010) “Photographer Ed Kashi has had a busy year.When he wasn’t on TV discussing the oil spill — as it pertains to his photo series on oil in the Niger delta — he might have been accepting a Prix Pictet award. Or shooting on assignment in Madagascar. Or shaking hands after joining the prestigious photo agency VII. To top it off, his photos are in National Geographic magazine this month.”

Madagascar (VII: July 2010)

Pakistan’s Heartland Under Threat (NGM: July 2010) West meets East in prosperous, populous Punjab. But the Taliban wants to change the status quo.

Curse of the Black Gold (Telegraph: March 2010)

Curse of the Black Gold (Foto8: March 2010)

Syria Changes, to a Point (NYT Lens: February 2010)

Kelly, Stephen

Qi Lihe Districtarticle (Telegraph: April 2010) Desertification in China

Kiilsgaard, Carl

At Home With the Homeschoolers (TIME: February 2010)

Kirby Smith, Michael

An All-Volunteer Ambulance Corps Grows in Brooklyn (TIME: January 2010)

Kleinhenz, Laura

A Donated Kidney Saves a Life (TIME: April 2010) The miraculous year of kidney patient Matt Hinerfeld

Kohut, Meredith

Stitching a Life From the Scraps of Others (NYT: September 2010) Left Behind in Venezuela to Piece Lives From Scraps

Venezuela’s Climate of Crime (NYT: August 2010)

Preserving Papiamentu (NYT: July 2010) Curacao

Guyana (NYT: May 2010)

Indigenous Venezuelan Tradition Sparks Debate (NYT: April 2010)

Political Graffiti (NYT: April 2010) Venezuelan government is using art to promote its ideology.

A Rescued Menagerie (NYT: March 2010) Columbia

Kosorukov, Gleb

Ukrainian Coal Miners (Guardian: February 2010) Portraits

Kozyrev, Yuri

Kandahar (NOOR: October 2010) Afghanistan

The Presumption of Guilt (TIME: September 2010)  Dagestan

Going Home from Iraq (TIME: August 2010)

Dagestan and Russia’s Long War (TIME: August 2010)

Dzerzhinsk (NOOR: June 2010) The most poisonous town on earth

Kratochvil, Antonin

Moscow Nights (VII Magazine: May 2010)

Guinea-Bissau: Drug Trafficking (VII: May 2010)

Guinea-Bissau: A Cocaine Hub (NYT Mag: April 2010)

Defending Darfur (VII: March 2010)

Come Selma, We Have to Run (audio slideshow)  (VII: 2010)

Kubota, Hiroji

North Korea, 2010 (Magnum Photos: October 2010)

Kuo, Eugene

Uzbekistan (Photographer’s website: 2010)


Labadessa, Steve

Profiles of ‘Open Carry’ Gun-Law Advocates (TIME: June 2010)

Laban-Mattei, Olivier 

Haiti Braces for an Election (WSJ: November 2010)

Lach, Adam

Poland Grieves, but With Few Tears (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Ladefoged, Joachim

Mirror (VII Magazine: November 2010)

Albanians (VII Magazine: July 2010)

 Lambertson, Andre

Earning the Trust of Haitians With H.I.V. (NYT Lens: November 2010) Haiti

Larkin, Jason

Past Perfect (Panos: May 2010)

 Larsen, Erica

Lavvos and Reindeer (multimedia) (Photographer’s website: 2010)

Latif, Adrees

Pakistan (Reuters: 2010)

LA Times

Haiti: Coping with the Aftermath (LAT: January 2010) Hi-res images from Los Angeles Times photographers Carolyn Cole and Rick Loomis.

Laub, Gillian

Her Body, My Baby (Institute: February 2010)

Leibovitz, Annie

Playing for the World (VF: June 2010) World Cup Stars | Behind the Scenes video of the shoot

Hollywood Portfolio 2010 (Vanity Fair: March 2010 issue) Behind the Scenes

Levene, David

David Cameron on the campaign trail (Guardian: May 2010)

Eight months with London’s Air Ambulance (Guardian: February 2010)

Haiti Earthquake Devastation (Guardian: January 2010)

Levin, Andy

Coney Island (NYT Lens: August 2010)

Thousands of Birds Die on Louisiana’s Raccoon Island (TIME: August 2010)

Lewin, Brent

Want Not Waste Not (Visura Spotlight: April 2010)

Elephant in the Room (Foto8: January 2010) Portraits of Bangkok’s urban street elephants

Light, Ken

A Photographer’s Trail to Appalachia (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Lima, Mauricio

Soldiers’ Tattoos in Marjah, Afghanistan (TIME: August 2010)

Apocalypse Afghanistan (TIME: June 2010)

US Marines in Afghanistan (Sacramento Bee: May 2010)

Lindquist, Ariana

Churches Sprout In Rural China (NPR: July 2010)

Liste, Sebastian

Urban Quilumbo (Fotovisura blog: September 2010)

Longari, Marco

Hamas’ Recruitment Day (TIME: February 2010) Hamas Police Academy in Gaza City

Loomis, Rick

Troops ramp up presence in Kandahar (LA Times: May 2010)

Lowenstein, Jon

Los Deportados (NOOR: May 2010) Thousands of Mexican and Central American migrants are returned to their home countries each year by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE.

Voices in the Hall (NOOR: April 2010)

The Return of Jean and Maurice (NOOR: 2010) Haitian émigrés Maurice Bonhomme and Jean Cayamitte return

Aftershock Haiti (NOOR: February 2010)

Lowy, Ben

Uranium Ghost Town (New Yorker: September 2010)

The Fish Are Flying — Literally — at the Redneck Fishing Tournament(TIME: August 2010)

Oil on Water (PDN Photo of the Day: July 2010)

BOOM (GQ: June 2010) Deepwater horizon oil spill

Haiti Aftermath (VII Network: April 2010)

Ghost Town (New Yorker: March 2010) How the Great Recession is still shaking Martinsville, Virginia.

Tent City (VII Network: February 2010)

Ludy, Gina

The Landscape of Learning is Changing (Telegraph: April 2010) Gina Lundy documents an old comprehensive school demolished and replaced by a City Academy.

Ludwig, Gerd

Salton Sea (Institute: February 2010)

Lutton, Matt

Unending Divisions of the Bosnian War (NYT Lens: July 2010)



Where Artists and Writers Live and Work (Slate: August 2010)

World Cup 2010 (Magnum in Motion: June 2010)

World Water Day (Magnum in Motion: March 2010)

Haiti (Magnum in Motion: January 2010)

Mahoney, Charlie

The Last Bullring (BBC: July 2010)

An End to Bullfighting (Photographer’s PhotoShelter Archive) |Looming Bullfighting Ban in Barcelona (Corbis: 2010)

Maitre, Pascal

The Pierced Heart of Madagascar (NGM: September 2010)

Malecki, Piotr

The Postman (Panos Pictures: February 2010)

Majoli, Alex

Caribbean Passages (Magnum in Motion: February 2010) Jamaican immigrants in the UK

West Indies in London (Magnum Photos : January 2010)

Malecki Piotr

The Local (Panos Pictures: October 2010)

Malmström, Henrik

On Borrowed Time (Foto8: September 2010)

On Borrowed Time (Visura Spotlight: July 2010) Young woman’s  battle with ovarian cancer

Manson, Sheri

Here Comes Ms. Senior America (TIME: July 2010)

Markov, Dmitry

Awkward Age (burn Magazine: April 2010)

Marchand, Yves and Meffre, Romain

Tattered Palaces (NYT Lens: May 2010)

Marovich, Pete

The ‘Plain People’ (Zuma Press: February 2010)

Martin, Ian

Hidden Minority: South Africa’s White Poor (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010)

Mathews, Chloe Dewe

Banger Boys (Foto8: April 2010)

Banger Boys of Britain (Telegraph: March 2010)

Mayer, Aric

The Aesthetics of Catastrophe (Vimeo: September 2010) Photographing the aftermath of Katrina

Maximishin, Sergey

The Ukranians (Panos Pictures: February 2010)

Maxon, Justin

When the Spirit Moves (Burn: July 2010)

Shadows Lengthen by the Sun (MJR: January 2010)

McClelland, Nicholas Hegel 

Tea Party Souvenirs (TIME: October 2010)

McConnell, Andrew

The Cataracts (Panos: November 2010) DRC

Ghosts of the Sahara (FT Magazine: July 2010)

The Last Colony (Panos Pictures: June 2010)

McConnell, Gareth

Treating Soldier Stress (TIME: August 2010)

McCurry, Steve

Lost Nomads (NGM: February 2010)

McDonald, Erica

A Place for Us (Mother Jones: March 2010) For decades, New York’s adult homes have profited by keeping the mentally ill in squalor.

McDonough, Matt

Mental Asylums (NYT Lens: August 2010)

McGinley, Ryan

The Highfliers (NYT Magazine: February 2010) Olympians

McHugh, John D

Exploring the Queen’s Palace in Kabul (BBC: March 2010) Multimedia photojournalist and filmmaker John D McHugh travelled to Afghanistan in February 2010. He was there to cover the conflict, but during the trip he managed to gain rare access to the off-limits Queen’s Palace – a former seat of Afghanistan’s royal family – also known as Tajbeg. He says the building and its turbulent past represents the sad history of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s Army (Channel4: April 2010)

McNally, Joe

The 21st Century Grid (NGM: July 2010) Can we fix the infrastructure that powers our lives?  [NB the slideshow includes one image by Vincent Laforet]


(Laurentiu Diaconu-Colintineanu, Natasha Elkington, Leah Thompson): Exodus (MediaStorm: August 2010) Exodus tells the story of Diana Ortiz, 45, who spent over half her life in prison.

Mendel, Gideon

Pakistan floods: water torture (Guardian: October 2010)

Meyer, Sebastien

Smuggling Between Iran and Iraq (TIME: March 2010)

Iraq Prepares to Vote (TIME: March 2010)

Meyerowitz, Joel

Ground Zero – Out of Ashes (TIME: November 2010)

Miller, Greg

The Poll Workers (TIME: October 2010) The men and women charged with ensuring the integrity of the voting process

Mills, Doug

At the State of the Union (NYT: January 2010) Panorama from last night’s State of the Union Address

Milton, Lianne

Tattoos as Protection (LA Times: May 2010)

Mirczak, Katarzyna

Preserving the Criminal Code (Foto8: July 2010) “The tattoo collection at the Department of Forensic Medicine at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland consists of 60 objects preserved in formaldehyde, a method devised by one of the experts employed by the Department at the turn of 20th century.”

Mitchel, Julio

Precarious Survival on the Lower East Side (NYT Lens: November 2010)

Mohadjerin, Mashid

In Tajikistan, Women Fill a Void (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Mohan, Palani

Hanuman’s Army (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010) Indian wrestlers

Molinari, Jonangelo

Dog Days (Guardian: February  2010)

Mollica, Mimi

Senegals Changing Urban Landscape (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Montero, Paulo Jorge Ferreira

Profound Azores (Visura Spotlight: July 2010)

Monteleone, Davide

Inside Star City, Russia’s Cosmonaut Training Center (TIME: July 2010) The once secret Soviet military complex

Documenting the Chechen Struggles (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Moore, John

Detained [2] (NYT Lens: October 2010)

In American Custody (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Military Chaplains in Afghanistan (Sacramento Bee: March 2010)

Morel, Daniel

This Isn’t Show Business (NYT Lens: January 2010) Haiti

Morris, Christopher

South Korea (VII: August 2010)

Cars (VII Magazine: August 2010)

The Dominican Republic’s Rising Baseball Players (TIME: July 2010)

Black Tide (VII Magazine: June 2010) Deepwater Horizon oil spill

A Murder by the Border (TIME: June 2010) Arizona

Obama’s Burden (Telegraph21: May 2010) video

Ashton Kutcher (VII: May 2010)

Behind the Scenes with Ashton Kutcher (TIME: April 2010)

Rockin’ with Taylor Swift (TIME: April 2010)

Frida Giannini (VII: February 2010) Gucci designer

Mosse, Richard

Postcard from Eastern Congo (New Yorker Photo Booth: May 2010)

The Tent Cities of Haiti (TIME: May 2010)

Commerce Comes to the Aid of Haiti (TIME: April 2010)

Saddam’s Palaces Today (TIME: March 2010)

Mott, Justin

Addiction in Cambodia (NYT: February 2010)

Movila, Cristian

Inside a Romanian Drug House (TIME: September 2010)

Jagged Lines (e-Photoreview: August 2010) introduction by Jamie Wellford – Newsweek

Moxon, Andy

Dispatches from the UK Heroin Underground (TIME: April 2010)


Haiti Earthquake (MSF: January 2010)

Mthethwa, Zwelethu

Zwelethu Mthethwa’s Intimate View Of South Africa (NPR: July 2010)


Drained by Rising Waters (NYT Lens showcase: January 2010) Three Gorges hydroelectric project on the Yangtze River

Munita, Tomas

A Workers’ Revolt Endures in Peru (NYT: August 2010)

The Aftermath in Chile (NYT: March 2010)

Murphy, Seamus

Phoenix: Afghanistan 1994-2010 (VII Magazine: August 2010)

Diamond Mining in Angola (VII Network: July 2010)

Phoenix (VII Network: June 2010) Afghanistan 1994-2010

My Fair Lady (VII Network: June 2010) Royal Ascot is one of the world’s most famous race meetings

Nigeria: God’s Country (VII Network: March 2010)

Bombay: Maximum City (VII Network: February 2010)

Murray, James and Karla

Down at the Corner Store (Newsweek: 2010)


Nabrdalik, Maciek

Auschwitz-Birkenau (VII Network: August 2010)

Presidential Campaign of Jaroslaw Kaczynski (VII Network: July 2010)

One Last Sitting for Holocaust Survivors (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Nachtwey, James

Mandela’s Children (National Geographic Magazine: June 2010) South Africa is a vibrant, multiethnic democracy striving, with mixed success, to fulfill its promise.

The Moment: Thailand (TIME: May 2010) Nachtwey shoots the violent end to the standoff in downtown Bangkok

Thailand’s Red Shirts (TIME: April 2010) James Nachtwey documents the surging anti-government movement

TB (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Email From Haiti (VII: February 2010)

Haiti: out of the Ruins (TIME: January 2010)

Struggle to Live (audio slide show 10 minutes) (burn Magazine: January 2010)

Nadel, Adam

Where Malaria Still Kills (NYT: February 2010) Photos part of an exhibition opening at UN on March 15

Nahr, Dominic

Keeping Africa’s Deserts at Bay (TIME: December 2010)

If you want to travel, wait on the sea coast (Magnum: November 2010) Kenya

Bombings Show Support for al Qaeda (WSJ: July 2010)

The Most Malarial Town on Earth (TIME: June 2010) Uganda

What Soccer Means to South Africa (TIME: June 2010) Soccer is deeply woven into the culture and politics of SA

Agony and Ivory (Telegraph: March 2010) The devastating effect of China’s lust for ivory on the African elephant.

Uganda’s HIV Crisis (WSJ: 2010)

Haiti (WSJ: January 2010)

Nelson, Zed

Drones (Institute: October 2010)

The Family (Institute: September 2010)

Rio Grande (Institute: August 2010)

Walking the Line (Monocle: 2010) Israel

Senegal Skin Lightening (Institute: July 2010)

Bodies Altered in Pursuit of Beauty (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Frontier Israel (Institute: March 2010)

Leisure World (Institute: March 2010)

Toxic Texas (Institute: February 2010)


Iconic War Photographs : Civil War to Afghanistan (Newsweek: 2010)

New Yorker Photo Booth

The Road Back to New Orleans (work by Stanley Greene and Kadir van Lohuizen) (New Yorker: August 2010)

Starved for Attention (New Yorker: 2010) VII and MSF’s Starved for

Alvaro Ybarra Zavala’s Apocalypse (New Yorker: April 2010)

Joel Meyerowitz Shoots New York City Parks (New Yorker: April 2010)

New York Review of Books

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Genius at Work (New York Review of Books: April 2010)

New York, Moody City (New York Review of Books: MArch 2010)  A new exhibition of street photography at Milwaukee Art Museum

New York Times

Documenting the Life of 20-Somethings (NYT Mag: August 2010) 13 young photographers document their generation using iPhones

India Faces Broader Revolt in Kashmir (NYT: August 2010) Photographer’s name not mentioned… for security reasons possibly

Shawn Baldwin and Kadir van Lohuizen: Locked in Gaza (NYT: July 2010)

Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank (NYT: July 2010)

A Year At War (NYT: June 2010) “Some 30,000 American soldiers are taking part in the Afghanistan surge. Here are the stories of the men and women of First Battalion, 87th Infantry of the 10th Mountain Division. Over the next year, The New York Times will follow their journey”

Moment (NYT Lens: May 2010)

From Many Instants, a Moment (NYT Lens: May 2010) With more than a bit of promotional hyperbole, we invited everyone with a camera to take a picture on Sunday, May 2, at 15:00 hours U.T.C. and submit it to The New York Times. For our part, we promised to cobble these together into a mosaic portrait of one “Moment in Time” around the world.

Eugene Smith and the Jazz Loft Project (NYT: March 2010)

Among the Ruins, Education Is Also Lost (NYT: March 2010) Haiti : photos by Lynsey Addario and Todd Heisler

An African Panorama (NYT: Lens: March 2010)

Great Performers in Film (NYT Mag: February 2010) Including ‘The Run-Up ‘ : Nine days Jeff Bridges by Peter Van Agtmael and ‘Backstage Pass’ by Antonin Kratochvil

Suddenly Long Ago (NYT Lens: January 2010) January 20, 2009 : Asked to capture “hope” and “change,” 132 photographers in 79 countries answered in many ways. One chose to depict a man minutes after he was released from prison in Italy; another pointed her camera to a newborn baby in a Palestinian hospital. Few portrayed President Obama, even though it was his election night victory speech that had inspired Yoshiaka Koga, editor-in-chief of the international news magazine Courrier Japonin Tokyo.

Haiti’s Earthquake (NYT: January 2010)

Nga, Jehad

Soldiers of Convenience (NYT: September 2010) Somalia

Turkana (Telegraph: May 2010)

U.N. Fears Congo Is Overcome by Violence (NYT: May 2010)

An Island of the Unwanted (NYT: ) Rwanda Pursues Dissenters and the Homeless

A Notorious Militia (NYT: March 2010) The Lord’s Resistance Army, Congo

Between War and Peace(NYT: January 2010) Darfur

Nickelsberg, Robert

Robert Nickelsberg: On The Streets With The LAPD (TIME: August 2010) multimedia 4:28

American Muslim Teens (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2010)

Niederhauser, Matthew

China’s New Tomorrowland (FP: August 2010)

Beijing Continues Its March of Modernization (NYT: July 2010)

Norfolk, Simon

The Desert War in Yemen (NYT Magazine: July 2010) Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan?

Soy Una Raya En El Mar (Insitute: July 2010)

Data Centers Overloads (INSTITUTE: March 2010)

Norris Webb, Rebecca

Violet Isle (Visura Magazine: 2010)

Noy, Frederic

The Sirens of Sudan (NYT Lens: June 2010)


Oghanna, Ayman

A New Attitude in Sadr City (NYT: October 2010) Baghdad’s Shiite Heart Beats Freely as War Ebbs

In Iraq, Business Starts To Bounce Back (NYT: October 2010)

Okahara, Kosuke

Ibasyo – Self-Injury Among Young Japanese Girls (Photographer’s website: June 2010)

Tearing Apart : Red shirts unrest in Bangkok (Photographer’s website: June 2010)

Any given day – living for the moment in Medellin’s new drug war(Photographer’s website: June 2010)

Ommanney, Charles

Haiti (Newsweek: January 2010)

Opton, Suzanne

Soldier’s Face (Project face: 2010)

O’Reilly, Finbarr

Afghanistan’s Graffiti Wars (TIME: November 2010)

White Poverty in South Africa (Reuters: September 2010)

Rwanda’s Dressed-Up Polling Stations (TIME: August 2010)

Poverty, and Little Sympathy, in South Africa (NYT Lens: June 2010) If there was one thing Finbarr O’Reilly sought to emphasize when he began reporting on white poverty in South Africa, it was that color shouldn’t have a voice in the conversation. | The story from the Reuters blog

Ortiz, KC

Dancing With The Dead (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010) Madagaskar

The Jungle Hmong: A Forgotten Ally on the Run (TIME: Juluy 2010)

Ou, Ed

Child Soldiers (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2010) Somalia

In Cameroon, Samuel Eto’o Reigns as Uncrowned King (TIME: June 2010) Football fever grips the soccer star’s hometown

Unstable Madagascar (NYT: May 2010)

Escape From Civil Unrest (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010) Somaliland

Kyrgyzstan’s Struggle for Power (TIME: April 2010)


Pagetti, Franco

The Malnutrition That Shouldn’t Be (Starved for Attention [MSF with VII]: June 2010) DRC

My window onto Kandahar (Tampabay.com: June 2010) M-ATV vehicle in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Kunar: Enemy Central (VII: March 2010) Afghanistan’s eastern Kunar province

Afghan Landscapes (VII: March 2010)

Afghanistan’s Agony (VII: February 2010)

Brothers in Arms (VII: February 2010) American and Afghan soldiers side-by-side

Paglen, Trevor

Invisible (New Yorker Photo Booth: August 2010) Invisible: Covert Operations and Classified Landscapes,” a new book by the artist Trevor Paglen, is an album of the visual side of secret worlds.

Palu, Louie

Total War (VQR: Spring 2010) Afghanistan

Pannack, Laura

The secret world of young British naturists (Guardian: October 2010)

Panos Pictures

The British election (Panos Pictures: April 2010)

Haiti Earthquake (Panos Pictures: January 2010)

Parr, Martin

The Village Fete (Magnum Photos: November 2010)

Black Country Stories (Photographer’s blog: November 2010)

China Beaches (Magnum: October 2010)

Rich in India (Magnum Photos: June 2010)

Parsons, Andrew

David Cameron (Guardian: November 2010)

Inside the World of David Cameron (TIME: May 2010)

Patrizi, Paolo

European Starlings (Esquire Russia: 2010)

A Notorious Fact of Italian Life (Bite! Magazine: May 2010)

Patterson, Adam

Camp Hope To Hell and Back (Panos Pictures: October 2010) Chilean miners

Pellegrin, Paolo

Storm (Magnum Photos: July 2010) Pellgrin’s new book: Storm

The Eco Brigade (Nowness.com: June 2010)

Gaza on My Mind (Newsweek: June 2010)

Gaza Under Blockade (Magnum Photo: May 2010)

Gaza Strip article (Telegraph: May 2010)

Iranian Memoir (Magnum in Motion: April 2010)

Water, Water is not Everywhere (NPR: April 2010)

Waters Wars (Magnum: 2010)

Parting the Waters (National Geographic Magazine: March 2010) A source of conflict between Israel and its neighbors for decades, the Jordan River is now depleted by drought, pollution, and overuse. Could the fight to save it forge a path toward peace?

Earthquake Aftermath in Haiti (Magnum Photos: February 2010)

Petit, Pierre

Reflections of Paris (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Pettersson, Per-Anders

South Africa, Still the Beloved Country (NYT Lens: May 2010)

In Transition (Visura Magazine: 2010)

Pflaeging, Sascha

US Women Combat Veterans (BBC: August 2010)

Phillips, Gareth

Rogue Tailor Needles Savile Row, Gets Himself a (Law)Suit (WSJ: August 2010)

U.K. Reaches Its Limit on Binge Drinking (WSJ: April 2010) Cardiff Nights

Pina, Joao

On the Hunt for the Next Gisele (NYT: June 2010) More than half of Brazil’s models are found around Rio Grande do Sul

Pin-Fat, Olivier

In-Land, Out Cast (Foto8: July 2010)

Pinkhassov, Gueorgui

From Baku with Love (Guardian: February 2010)


Burmese Refugees (New Yorker: October 2010)

Honoring Heroes of Civil-Rights Era (New Yorker: February 2010) An interactive portfolio about the civil-rights era, with contemporary portraits by Platon

Platt, Spencer

Haiti Cholera (MSF: November 2010)

Keeping Pace With the Tour de France (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Pope, Wes

Pinhole Americana (NPR: May 2010)

Power, Mark

Portraits of Poland in Transition (Guardian: August 2010) Mark Power’s photographs of contemporary Poland depict a country in limbo: desolate, half-finished, but slowly being colonised by the consumerist west.

The Shipping Forecast (multimedia) (Magnum in Motion: 2010)

Power, Peter

Port-au-Prince Diary (multimedia) (Globe and Mail: January 2010) Globe photographer Peter Power reflects on the moments of beauty and hope he’s encountered amid the devastation in Haiti’s capital

Price, Caitlin Teal 

Washed Up (New Yorker Photo Booth: November 2010)

Price, Jake

Life in a Camp in Haiti (BBC: May 2010)

Prickett, Ivor

Gali (Vimeo: October 2010)

Pyke, Steve

Philosophers | article (NYT: October 2010)


Quinton, Ben

St Andrews: A British Education in Kenya (Foto8: September 2010)


Rai, Raghu

Images of India (Guardian: January 2010) Acclaimed Magnum photographer Raghu Rai has spent 40 years photographing India. Here is a selection from his forthcoming exhibition at Aicon Gallery, London

Ramazzotti, Sergio

Afghanistan 2.0 (L’Espresso: October 2010)

North Korea – Inside the Utopia (Parallelozero: 2010)


South Africaarticle (Guardian: May 2010)

Rasmussen, Espen

The Many Faces of Ukraine (Panos Pictures: October 2010)

Redlinski, Piotr

Nocturnalist | Until Dawn (NYT: August 2010) NYC by night

Reis, Rogerio

Surreal Selves in Rio (NYT Lens Showcase: February 2010)

Remy, Julie

MSF Work in Haiti (MSF UK: January 2010)

Reportage by Getty Images

David Hogsholt’s China portfolio (Reportage by Getty Images: August 2010)

Haiti(Getty Images: February 2010)


Best of the Year (Reuters Full Focus blog: November 2010) Reuters photographers produce over half a million images every year. Some pictures define an event, others capture a moment revealing an aspect of the human condition. In the series below, Reuters photographers offer unique insight into some of our best pictures of the year.

Thailand in Turmoil (Reuters: May 2010)

Scenes from Haiti (Reuters; January 2010)

Reyes, Ruben 

An Ancient Culture in Mountainous Mexico (NYT Lens: November 2010)

Richter, Andy

Obesity Rehab: The Teens of Wellspring Academy (audio slideshow 6:22) (TIME: February 2010)

Rivkin, Amanda

Romathan Roma (Gypsy) Theater, Slovakia (Photographer’s PhotoShelter archive: June 2010)

The Second Age of Castro (Foreign Policy: April 2010) Daily life in Raúl’s Cuba.

Afghan Bowling Tournament, Washington DC (Photographer’s PhotoShelter archive: 2010)

GITMO, USA (Photographer’s PhotoShelter archive: January 2010)

Roberts, Ben

The Gathering Clouds (Picture Tank: April 2010)

Roberts, Simon

A Snap Election (Telegraph: September 2010)

Leisure as a National Mirror (NYT Lens: February 2010) We English

Polyarnye Nochi (article on the work) / slide show(Telegraph: January 2010)

We English (Visura: January 2010)

Rochkind, David

TB Moldova (BBC: November 2010)

Tuberculosis: challenge and treatment article (Telegraph: March 2010)

World TB Day (BBC: March 2010)

Rodriguez, Joseph

Personal Violence (Visura: August 2010)

Roemers, Martin

Kabul Portraits (Panos: October 2010)

Rolling Stone

On The Ground With Runaway General Stanley McChrystal (Rolling Stone: June 2010)

Romanoff, Dana

Wild No More: The Future of Americans Wild Horses (Reportage by Getty Images: May 2010)

Rorandelli, Rocco

In the Tobacco Industry, Two Worlds (NYT Lens: August 2010)

Ros, Lorena

Belief Is My Bond (Institute: March 2010)

The Cult of the Man They Call Messiah (Institute: March 2010)

Roslan, Rahlam 

Living in Malaysia’s Melting Pot (TIME: August)

Ryan, Mae 

Nearing Death,Nuns Contemplate the Other Side (TIME: November 2010)


Sabrie, Gilles

Celebrating Id al-Fitr Under Watchful Eyes of China (NYT: September 2010) Kashgar, China

Sacramento Bee

Daily Life in Pakistan (Sacramento Bee: June 2010)

US Marines in Afghanistan (Sacramento Bee: May 2010)

Saman, Moises

Haitian Cholera Epidemic (Magnum Photos: November 2010)

Haiti’s Second Calamity: Scenes from the Cholera Outbreak (TIME: November 2010)

Iraq Legacy (Magnum: October 2010)

At Iraqi Port, Chaos and Corruption Reign (NYT: September 2010)

Iraq’s Resting Places (NYT: August 2010)

Kuwait’s Abused Domestic Workers (Magnum: August 2010)

Domestic Abuse (NYT: August 2010) Ramadan highlights difficulties facing domestic workers in Kuwait

The Child Tobacco Farmers of Kazakhstan (TIME: July 2010)

War on Drugs in Peru (NYT: June 2010)

Turning Tides in Afghanistan (NYT: April 2010)

A Perilous Route to Marja (NYT Lens: March 2010)

A New Flag Waves in Marja (NYT: February 2010)

A Treacherous Highway (NYT: February 2010) Afghanistan

Resurrecting Local Militia (NYT: January 2010) Afghanistan

Sanders, Dave

From Darfur to Brooklyn (NYT: April 2010)

In Brooklyn, Hope for a Home Far Away (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Sarfati, Lise

The New Life (Youtube: 2010)

Schiffer, Emily

Cheyenne River (Burn: May 2010)

Schoeller, Martin

Female Bodybuilders (New Yorker: July 2010)

The Hadza (NGM: 2009) They grow no food, raise no livestock, and live without rules or calendars. They are living a hunter-gatherer existence that is little changed from 10,000 years ago. What do they know that we’ve forgotten?

Close-Up (MediaStorm: 2010)

Schwarz, Shaul

Narcocorridos: Singing Songs of Drug Violence (video) (TIME: October 2010)

Are Narcocorridos the Latin gangsta rap? (TIME: October 2010)

Shaul Schwartz and Julie Platner: Breach of Faith (multimedia) (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

Tensions Rise Near Ground Zero on the 9/11 Anniversary (TIME: September 2010)

A Mexican Meth Gang Wages a Holy Drug War (TIME: June 2010)

Troubled Spirits (National Geographic Magazine: May 2010) In Mexico, the harsh realities of daily life have elevated unholy saints, who now stand beside traditional icons.

Images from Hell (DJ: February 2010) Haiti

Aftermath Haiti’s Quake: A Photographer’s Vision (TIME: January 2010) TIME’s Shaul Schwarz documents the humanitarian crisis caused by the catastrophe WARNING: Some of the photographs that follow contain extremely graphic content

Segade, Lourdes

Hard Times for Spanish Farm Workers (NYT: May 2010)

Seibert, Andreas

Scenes of a Stagnant Japanese Economy (TIME: July 2010)

 Sessini, Jerome 

Northern Mexico’s State of Anarchy (WSJ: November 2010)

Shambroom, Paul

Treasure, Landscapes of the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (Institute: April 2010)

Shrines (Institute: March 2010)

Shell, Callie

President Obama One Year In (TIME: January 2010) An intimate look at the Commander in Chief on the day before the one-year anniversary of his administration

Sheng, Jeff

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (audio slideshow) (NYT: March 2010)

Shield, Alexanders and  Eckersley, William

US 80: A Photographic Road Trip (Telegraph: September 2010)

Shoba,Nebojsa Seric

Quiet Sites Where Battles Once Raged (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Sidibé,  Malick

Post-Colonial Mali (Telegraph: March 2010)

Tomas Van Houtryve: Vietnam: Market Leninism (VII Network: July 2010)

Sikka, Bharat

Holy Water: Controversy on the Ganges (TIME: July 2010) An Indian dam has left many villagers without access to enough water

Silva, Joao

On Patrol in Kandahar (NYT: November 2010)

Bushmen Resettle on Outskirts of Reserve (NYT: November 2010)

Simon, Taryn

Contraband (New York Times Magazine: July 2010)

Sinclair, Stephanie

Polygamy in America: An intimate look into the FLDS (VII: August 2010)

Female Circumcision (VII Magazine: June 2010)

Polygamy in America (POYi : Community Awareness Award: 2010)

The Polygamists (NGM: February 2010 issue) Related article

Siva, Sami

The New ‘Kashmiri Intifadeh’ (TIME: August 2010) New generation of protesters want one thing:Indian army to leave Kashmir

Slaby, Matt

Crabbing in the Gulf after BP Oil Disaster (TIME: July 2010)

The Perspectives of Temple Grandin (TIME: April 2010)

Smith, Paul

Lost (Panos: November 2010) Colombi

Sean Smith

Afghanistan (Guardian: July 2010)

Smith, Toby

Madagascar undercover (Telegraph: April 2010)

Illegal Logging in Madagascar (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010)

Snapp, Trevor

Building Up Southern Sudan (Newsweek: September 2010)

Sochor, Jan

Palo: African Ritual in Cuba (Photographer’s website: 2010)

Sokol, Brian

Fighting the Naxals: India’s Enduring War (TIME: October 2010)

Solomon, Rosalind

Singular Journey (NYT Lens: May 2010)

Søndergaard, Trine

Fano Portraits (New Yorker Photo Booth: June 2010)

Soth, Alec

From Here to There: Alec Soth’s America (PDN Photo of the Day: November 2010)

California Treasure Hunt (NYT: July 2010)

Las Vegas Birthday slideshow (Vimeo: January 2010)


Photo: Veronica Sanchis Bencomo

Source Magazine Graduate Photography 2010 online : Work from this years’ UK and Ireland photography degree graduates.

Souza, Pete

Obama White House March – April 2010 (Flickr: May 2010)

Obama Healthcare Reform (Guardian: March 2010)

The First Year (Whitehouse.gov: January 2010) President Obama’s first year in office

Spyra, Andy

Postcard from Kashmir (New Yorker Photo Booth: October 2010)

Fifteen Years After the Bosnian War (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

The Shadows of Srebrenica (Foreign Policy: July 2010) 15 years on, haunting images of the massacre that shamed Europe.

Kashmir (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010)

Stanmeyer, John

Amazon Ablaze (VII Magazine: 2010)

Bali (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Little Family in Afghanistan (VII: August 2010)

A Solution From Within (Starved for Attention: July 2010) Mexico

Sacred Waters (NGM: 2010) From the droplets in a baptismal font to the scattering of ashes on a holy river, water blesses our lives.

The End of Plenty (NGM: 2010) Special Report—The Global Food Crisis

Star Reese, Andrea

Finding Community in the Shadows (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Steber, Maggie

A Second Death in Haitian Cemetary (NYT Lens: May 2010)

The Secrets of Sleep (NGM: May 2010) From birth, we spend a third of our lives asleep. After decades of research, we’re still not sure why.

A Culture in Jeopardy (NYT Lens: January 2010) Haiti

No End of Trouble. Ever. (NYT Lens: January 2010) Haiti

Steele-Perkins, Chris

England, My England (Guardian: June 2010) Chris Steele-Perkins’s view of England

Ghana’s Football Dreams (Magnum: 2010)

Steinmetz, George

Sudan’s Shaky Peace (NGM: November 2010 issue)

A Sea of Dunes (NGM: July 2010) Conjured by wind and water, a magical sandscape on the northeastern coast of Brazil is no mirage.

Steinz, Bjoern

Journey to the Pole of Cold (Panos: November 2010) Yakutia, Russia

Stelitano, Francesco

Mumbaikar: Notes from an Economic Power (Foto8: January 2010)

Stevens, Bruno

Haiti (colour) / Haiti (black and white) (Photographer’s PhotoShelter archive: February 2010)

Stirton, Brent

Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2010)

Pastoralists in Transition (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2010) Kenya

Stoddart, Tom

UK Prime Minister David Cameron (Reportage by Getty Images: May 2010)

 Stok, Jan-Joseph 

Blood Mobiles (Foto8: November 2010) Democratic Republic of Congo

Stoughton, Cecil 

Behind the Scenes with JFK: Images from the Archive of His Personal Photographer (TIME: November 2010)

Stuart, Matt

London, Very Dry, With a Twist (NYT Lens: November 2010)

Stultiens, Andrea

Intensive Care (Foto8: April 2010)

Suau, Anthony 

The Tale of a Lost Mortgage (TIME: November 2010)

A Detroit Food Bank Gets Food To Where It’s Needed Most (TIME: November 2010)

Scenes from the Stewart Colbert Rally (TIME: November 2010)

Sywenkyj, Joseph

A Mission in the Desert (NYT: July 2010)


Takahashi, Kuni

Training Soldiers in Pakistan (NYT: July 2010)

Hindus Begin to Return to Kashmir Valley (NYT: June 2010)

Takkunen, Mikko

On Holiday with Martin Parr (FT: October 2010)

Post-War Recovery in Sierra Leone (Visura Spotlight: March 2010)

Tama, Mario

Katrina (TIME: August 2010)

Ward by Ward, New Orleans Marches Back (NYT Lens: August 2010)

Tarlé, Dominique

‘Main Street’ Revisited and Rethought (NYT: May 2010)  The slideshow has one photograph by Chris Walter.

The Rolling Stones at Villa Nellcôte (Guardian: May 2010)

Out of Exile (Vanity Fair: 2010) Never-before-seen pictures of the Stones recording Exile on Main Street

Tatlow, Dermot

America’s Sick Heartland (Panos: March 2010)

Taylor-Lind, Anastasia

Women of the Cossack Resurgence (VII Mentor: October 20100

School for female Cossacks (Guardian: August 2010) Winner of 2009 GU/RPS Joan Wakelin award

Gaza’s Zoos (VII Mentor: 2010)

Tavakolian, Newsha

A Quiet Song, With Feeling (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Teh, Ian

Merging Boundaries (Panos Pictures: December 2010) Sino-Russian-North Korean border

The Island (Panos: October 2010) “This project is a road trip around the coastal regions of England, Wales and Scotland, which together make up an island that is the largest in Europe and the ninth largest in the world.”

Dark Clouds [multimedia] (Panos Pictures: August 2010) China

Traces (Panos Pictures: August 2010) Industrial hinterlands of four remote provinces in northern China


Foto8 Summershow (Telegraph: August 2010) Ten shortlisted photographers plus winner Laura Pannack choose their own Best in Show

Sally Mann (Telegraph: July 2010)

Steve McCurry (Telegraph: June 2010)

Magenta Flash Forward: United States (Telegraph: March 2010)

Flash Forward: Canada (Telegraph: February 2010)


Italian Coastline (burn: December 2010)

Testa, Andrew

On the Road With Gordon Brown (NYT: April 2010)

Thibodeaux, Brandon

Hellzapoppin (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2010)

Hellzapoppin Traveling Freak Show (MJR: February 2010)


The Two Burmas (TIME: July 201)

Bangkok Street Fighting Intensifies (TIME: May 2010)

Exhibit: Photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson (TIME: April 2010)

Immigration in Europe (TIME: February 2010)

Haiti’s Earthquake Destruction: TIME Exclusive Photographs (TIME: January 2010) Pictures from Timothy Fadek and Shaul Schwarz,
TIME’s photographers in Port-au-Prince

Los Angeles — Portrait of a City (TIME: January 2010) A collection of photographs from Benedict Taschen’s new book, Los Angeles — Portrait of a City

Toledano, Phillip

Days With My Fatherarticle (Guardian: May 2010)

Torfinn, Sven

Proposed Road in Serengeti National Park (NYT: October 2010) Tanzania

The Road to Europe (Panos Pictures: February 2010)

Towell, Larry

Haiti: Part 1 Scenes from Emergency WardsHaiti Part 2 Fragments of a City (Magnum Photos: 2010)

Trayler-Smith, Abbie

iPhoneistan (Panos Pictures: October 2010) Afghanistan

Turnley, Peter 

Calcutta (The Online Photographer: 2010)

Tyrell, Tina

Tony Express (VF: May 2010) This year’s contenders for Broadway’s biggest prize include accomplished veterans, bright-eyed newbies, and a smattering of Hollywood superstars (Jude! Catherine! Frasier!). VF.com surveys the scenery-chewers.

Twomey, Robyn

Woman Soldier: June Moss (TIME: July 2010) An Iraq veteran describes her experiences with war and its aftermath

Tzortzinis, Angelos

The Greeks’ Spring of Protest (TIME: July 2010)


Usborne, Martin

Mute Faces (Foto8: October 2010) Dogs in cars

US News and World Report

Year in Photos 2009 (USN&WR: January 2010)


Ybarra Zavala, Alvaro

Colombian Emeralds (Reportage by Getty Images: November 2010)

E-Waste in Ghana (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2010)

Haiti Earthquake (Reportage by Getty Images: January 2010)

 Young, Jim

Presidential Polaroids (Reuters Full Focus blog: November 2010)


van Agtmael, Peter

Scenes from a Midterm-Election Road Trip (TIME: October 2010)

Operation New Dawn (Magnum Photos: September 2010)

Iraq Going Forward (TIME: September 2010)

The Oil Spill Spreads (TIME: June 2010)

A Soldier’s Final Journey Home (TIME: March 2010) A year after the U.S. lifted the ban on media coverage of the return of dead service members, a rare glimpse into the last journey of a fallen soldier

David Simon’s New Orleans (NYT Magazine: March 2010)

The Convoy to Nowhere (WSJ: January 2010) Haiti

Five Years in Iraq (audio slideshow 5:25) (PBS: POV: January 2010)ABOUT THE AUTHOR Peter van Agtmael graduated from Yale University in 2003 with a degree in history. Following graduation, he spent a year in China on the Charles P. Howland fellowship photographing the effects of the Three Gorges Dam. He became a freelance photographer at the end of 2004. Since the beginning of 2006, he has documented the consequences of America’s Wars, at home and abroad. A monograph of the work, “2nd Tour Hope I Don’t Die” will be published in 2009. In 2008, he helped organize the exhibition and book “Battlespace,” a retrospective of unseen work from 22 photographers covering Iraq and Afghanistan. He is represented by Magnum Photos.

2nd Tour Hope I don’t Die (Magnum in Motion: January 2010)

Vander Brug, Brian

Brazil’s Juma Reserve (audio slideshow) (LA Times: February 2010)

Haiti (LA Times: January 2010)

Vanfleteren, Stephan

The DR Congo at 50 (BBC: June 2010)

Congo, 50 Years, 50 Faces (Guardian: June 2010)

Van Houtryve, Tomas

Fighting Famine with Peanuts (VII Network: November 2010)

The American Ballet Theater in Cuba (WSJ: November 2010)

Kalmykia, Chess and Buddhism (VII Network: October 2010)

North Korea (Lens Culture: October 2010)

Storm in the Swat Valley (VII Magazine: September 2010)

Mao Incorporated (VII Network: July 2010) China

North Korea: Secrets and Lies (VII Network: July 2010)

Vietnam: Market Leninism (VII Network: July 2010)

Belgium (Photographer’s PhotoShelter archive: July 2010)

The Alien Beauty of Socotra (TIME: June 2010) An island off Yemen is home to 100s of plants found nowhere else

Maostolgia (Foreign Policy: May/June 2010)

Moldova – The Outsiders (POYi 67: Third Place: Issue Reporting Picture Story: February 2010)

van Lohuizen, Kadir

Fragile Progess (NOOR: November 2010) Iraq

Iraq’a Fragile Progress (TIME: October 2010)

The New American Diaspora (AARP.org: August 2010) 5 years later, Katrina survivors are adjusting to new lives in Houston.

Gaza Water Scarcity (NOOR: August 2010)

Picking Up the Pieces (NOOR: July 2010) Haiti earthquake aftermath

Prisoners of History (NOOR: April 2010)

Vermeulen, Corine

Detroit School Kids’ Dreams of the Future (TIME: January 2010)

Verdickt, Franky

A Precurious Position: The Labourers of China (Foto8: March 2010)

Vernaschi, Marco

Child Sacrifice : Uganda (Photographer’s PhotoShelter: January 2010)

Verso Images

Grozny – A Tale of Many Cities (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Vink, John

30 Years for a Trial (Magnum in Motion: July 2010)

Voeten, Teun

Tunnel People (Panos Pictures: September 2010) New York’s tunnel people

Vogel, Franck

Zeru, Zeru, Being Albino in Tanzania (Visura Magazine: August 2010)

Yuan, Liu

Rare Visions of Rural North Korea (TIME: June 2010)


Wasif, Munem

One year on from Cyclone Aila (BBC: May 2010) Bangladesh

Old Dhaka (Zonezero.com: 2010)

Webb, Alex

The Iron Silk Road (Magnum: November 2010)

The New Silk Road is Made of Iron (NPR: August 2010) The Southern Caucasus

The New Silk Road (NGM: August 2010 issue) A railroad through the southern Caucasus will soon connect Europe and Asia, fueling dreams and discord in the region.

Violet Isle (Visura Magazine: 2010)

Weber, Donald

Interrogations (VII Network: July 2010)

Women’s Micro Financing in Afghanistan (VII Network: April 2010)

Gamma City, Into the Half-Life (VII Network: February 2010) Zholtye Vody, Ukraine, once the hub of uranium mining

Weber, Martin

A Map of Latin American Dreams (Reportage by Getty Images: August 2010)

Weese, Carl

Dark Screens, Bright Memories (NYT: January 2010) Drive-In Theatres

Welsh, Alex

We Out Here (MJR Showcase: February 2010)

White House

State of the Union (Whitehouse.gov: January 2010)

Wilcox Frazier, Danny

Battleground Ohio (TIME: July 2010)

Wiltse, Lisa

Bolivia’s Cholita Wrestlers (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2010)

Beach Life (NPR: February 2010)

The Mennonites of Manitoba, Bolivia (Reportage by Getty Images: February 2010)

Winter, Damon

Finding the Right Tool to Tell a War Story (NYT Lens: November 2010)

Park vs. Park (NYT: July 2010) Which is better: Central Park or Prospect Park?

A Tent City (NYT: March 2010) Haiti

Haiti: A Cracked System, a Shaken Psyche (NYT: March 2010)

Urban Flight in Haiti (NYT: March 2010)

Images from Hell (DJ: February 2010) Haiti

Giving Birth in Haiti (NYT: January 2010)

Where is the Help? (NYT Lens: January 2010)

Prayers in the Dark (NYT Lens: January 2010)

Winter, Steve

India’s Grassland Kingdom (NGM: July 2010) Kaziranga National Park shelters tigers, buffalo, and rhinos.

Wohlstadter, Natalie

Chinatown (Visura Spotlight: March 2010)

Woods, Ollie

Red Star, Black Gold (Foto8: February 2010)

Wright, Alison

Tibetan Nomads, Remote in a Remote Land (NYT Lens: April 2010)

Writtle, Matt

Child prisoners in Cambodia (audio slideshow) (Guardian: February 2010)

World Press Photo

Joop Swart Masterclass 2010 essays (WPP: November 2010)

Winners gallery 2010 (WPP: February 2010)


WSJ Photographers Document Chaos in Haiti: January 18, 2010 (WSJ: January 2010)

WSJ Photographers Document 4th Day of Crisis (WSJ: January 2010) Photos by Dominic Nahr and Julie Platner


Zachmann, Patrick

Disneyland in Shanghai (Magnum: June 2010) World Expo

World Expo Shanghai (Washington Post: May 2010)


The Urbanisation of the World’s Refugees (TIME: March 2010)


Gulf Portraits (NPR: August 2010)

Zizola, Francesco

Sarino Damiano (NOOR: August 2010)

Jordan River (NOOR: April 2010)

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September 11, 2011 at 9:00 am

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