Features and Essays 2009


Our World at War (TIME: May 2009) “In honor of its 150th anniversary, the International Committee of the Red Cross asks five great photojournalists to document eight conflicts where the group’s work remains vital. Photography by the photographers of VII”

Aaltonen, Henna

Porsches, Made in Finland (NYT: April 3, 2009) Article: Porsche Finds Fortune From Unlikely Outsourcing


In Whose Name? (Magnum in Motion: June 2009)

Abdul-Ahad, Ghaith

Life Under Civil Unrest (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2009)Somalia

Abdulaziz, Mustafah

“‘Democratization of Credit’ Is Over, Now It’s Payback Time”(WSJ: October 2009)

Kingdom of Animals (MJR blog: April 14, 2009)

The Inauguration of Barack Obama (Burn Magazine: January 24, 2009)

Abramson, Michael

South Side Blues (NYT Lens: October 2009)

Abdul Hadi, Tamara

Aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt (NYT: February 24, 2009) Article: From a Carrier, Another View of America’s Air War in Afghanistan

Ackerman, Michael

Half-Life (Agence Vu: 2009)

Addario, Lynsey

Mumbai- One Year Later (VII Network: December 2009)

Afghan Civilian Casualties (VII Network: August 2009)

War in the DRC (VII Network: July 2009)

Drowning in Opium (NYT: May 5, 2009) Afghanistan

Cutting Off the Taliban’s Bankroll (NYT: April 29, 2009)

Fears of More Misery in Darfur (13 stills) (NYT: March 22, 2009) Article: Expulsion of Aid Groups Raises Risks in Darfur

Women’s Shelters in Afghanistan (NYT: March 3, 2009)“Afghan women in a shelter in Kabul. Until the advent of shelters, a woman in an abusive marriage usually had no one to go to for protection.”Article: In Afghanistan, the Idea of Women’s Rights Starts to Take Hold

The Wounded in Afghanistan (NYT: February 17, 2009) Article: Afghan Civilian Deaths Rose 40 Percent in 2008

Attacks in Kabul (NYT: February 11, 2009)Taliban suicide bombers struck government buildings at three sites in Kabul on Wednesday, killing at least 20 people and wounding 57 in coordinated attacks that demonstrated the ease with which the insurgents can penetrate even Afghanistan’s heavily fortified capital.”

Rape in Congo (audio slideshow narrated by the photographer 4:59) (TIME: January 2009) “Photographer Lynsey Addario documented the use of sexual assault as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo”

Ahntholz, David

Following a Closing, the Struggle to Find Work (NYT: February 9, 2009) Article: Months After Plant Closed, Many Still Struggling

Akash, GMB

Cyclone Aila hits Bangladesh (Panos Pictures: May 2009)

Alesi, Francesco

God Bless Ya (audio slide show 2:52) (NYT: March 26, 2009) Topic: Irish Travellers

Alexander, Jesse

Decommissioned: Turnstile Nuclear Bunker (Foto8: April 30, 2009)

Almeida, Monica

Motor Drive (NYT Lens blog: September 2009) Street Photography

The Candy Maker of Leavenworth (NYT: April 5, 2009)

Instead of a Home, a Motel Room (audio slide show 2:10)(NYT: March 9, 2009)

Alon, Nir

Tipusim in Jerusalem (Project website) “The essence of Jerusalem isn’t hidden under ancient stones. It isn’t masked by a cloud of mysticism and belief. It isn’t buried in pages of history. The essence of Jerusalem is alive in the people that live here and in the uniqueness of each and every one – a diversified and spectacular human mosaic”

Als, Christian

Kibera (Panos: October 2009)

Gaza Devastation (Photographer’s website: February 2009)

Alvarez, Stephen

Shining Light (NYT Lens showcase: December 2009)

Anderson, Christopher

Capitolio (NYT Lens blog: September 2009)

Anderson, Josh

Seeking Work in Morristown, Tenn. (audio slide show 5:50) (NYT: March 22, 2009)

Andrew, Jason

The Twilight Country: The Anonymous Republic of Abkhazia(Reportage by Getty Images: November 2009)

Arthur, Olivia

Cairo’s Muslim Youth (Magnum: April 2009)

Islam’s Soft Revolution (TIME: March 18, 2009) “Photographer Olivia Arthur meets the women of Cairo, whose revolution is culturally conservative, but adapted to the 21st century”

Ashburn, Kristen

The Children of Malawi (TIME: April 14, 2009

The Children of AIDS (Digital Journalist 12/08)

Asselin, Olivier

Backing Off of Guinea (NYT: March 26, 2009)

Avakian, Alexandra

Windows of the Soul (TIME: July 2009) ”Photographer Alexandra Avakian compiles a personal view of Muslim modernity “

Axelsson, Ragnar

Black and Very White (NYT Lens Showcase: December 2009)

Bain Hogg, Jocelyn

Morris Men (VII Network: September 2009)

Fame School – UK (VII Network: March 13, 2009)

Michael Schumacher (VII Network: January 2009)

Balco, Andrej

Life in a Block of Flats:Suburban Slovakia (Lens Culture: April 2009)

Baldwin, Shawn

Libya’s Disillusioned Laborers (audio slide show 2:27) (NYT: March 22, 2009)

A French Oil Giant’s Gamble in Yemen (13 stills) (NYT: February 22, 2009) Article: Total, the French Oil Company, Places Its Bets Globally

Ballon, Nick

Chacaltaya Mountain, Bolivia (Foto8 Story of the Week: October 2009

Baltes, Thomas

Keep Well to the West (Foto8: September 2009) Immigrants and asylum seekers in Calais hoping to enter the UK

Bangert, Christoph

On Patrol With Iraq’s Security Forces (NYT: May 7, 2009)

Babylon, Rediscovered (audio slide show 3:08) (NYT: May 2, 2009)

Deserted (The New Yorker: January 5, 2009) “In the January 5, 2009, issue of the magazine, Jonathan Harr writes about the Sudanese refugee camps in Chad, and the work done by Yvan Sturm, the leader of a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Emergency Response Team. “Many refugees dispersed throughout Darfur, and others headed toward the border with Chad,” Harr writes. “The refugees hoped to return soon to their homeland, but, as the months wore on, more refugees arrived, bearing horrific accounts of janjaweed atrocities in one village after another.” Here is a portfolio of images from the refugee camps, by Christoph Bangert.”

Banks, David Walter

Cannabis Culture (TIME: May 2009)

The Town That Won (NYT: April 21, 2009) Article: One Town’s Rare Ray of Hope: New Auto Plant

Second Chance Comes With a Dose of Discipline (8 stills)(NYT: March 8, 2009) National Guard run Youth Challenge program for high school dropouts in Georgia. Article: Discipline of Military Redirects Dropouts

For Georgia High School Band, a Bus Ride to History (audio slideshow 3:35) (NYT: January 18, 2009)

Banning, Jan

A Look Into Bureuacrats’ Offices (NPR: October 2009)

Bannon, Brendan

Southern Sudan: LRA Violence Leaves People Terrified, Vulnerable(multimedia) (MSF: August 2009)

Barbey, Bruno

Obamania (audio slideshow 3:51) (Magnum in Motion: January 2009)

Baroncini, Marco

The Roma in Rome (NYT Lens showcase: October 2009)

Bazan, Ernesto

Cuba (NYT Lens: September 2009)

Bendiksen, Jonas

Planet Slum (Foreign Policy: November 2009) “Norwegian photojournalist Jonas Bendiksen spent six weeks living in the slums of Nairobi, then Caracas, Mumbai, and Jakarta. His remarkable panoramic images take us inside slum families’ lives, revealing the profound human impulse to fashion not only shelter but a home.”

Bengiveno, Nicole

Breaking Through the Ranks (multimedia) (NYT: September 2009) First Woman Ascends to Top Drill Sergeant Spot

Laying off at the family business audio slide show (NYT: May 7, 2009)

Choosing a Road More Traveled (NYT: April 15,2009) Article: At an Age for Music and Dreams, Real Life Intrudes

Ben Khelifa, Karim

Emerging Iran (Newsweek: May 2009)

Bennett, Caroline

Escaping to Ecuador (Global Post: November 2009) Columbian refugees in Ecuador

Berehulak, Daniel

Slumdog Entrepreneurs (TIME: February 4, 2009) “Dharavi, a slum in Mumbai, is the recycling center of India. In some 15,000 single room factories, thousands of locals handle at least 80% of Mumbai’s plastics as well as everything from tin cans to toy cars. “

Berg, Brian

Demolition and Gentrification : Sulukule, Istanbul (Foto8: October 2009)

Berman, Nina

Silvio Berlusconi and the Politics of Sex (TIME: November 2009)

Marina Orlova (NOOR: July 2009) Life with internet superstar Marina Orlova, of hotforwords.com.

portfolio (NOOR: July 2009) Berman joins NOOR

Double Jeopardy: The Harsh Reality for Iraqi Immigrants Trying to Live in America (Mother Jones: April 27, 2009)

Bickford, Chris

After the Storm (Burn: March 2009)

Bigelow, Todd

High Seas Border Patrol (TIME: March 26, 2009) “From the sea and the air, agents are guarding the waters off San Diego”

Bleasdale, Marcus

Obama Receives Nobel Peace Prize (VII: December 2009)

Congolese Orchestra (VII: November 2009) The “Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste”

Fashion (VII: September 2009)

The Rape of a Nation (VII: July 2009)

A Tale of Two Cities – Part Two (VII: July 2009) Kashmir

A Tale of Two Cities (VII: July 2009) The Conflict in Srinagar, Kashmir

The Bushmeat trade in Kenya (VII: May 2009)

Blenkinsop, Philip

Lords of the Nests (NOOR: September 2009)

Bombay Flying Club

Wasteland (May 2009)

Hell Hole: Jharia’s fiery mines (Globe and Mail: May 2009) No human should have to live here, work here, grow up here…exist here. For almost a century now Jharia coal mines have been burning in the state of Jharkhand, India. It’s one of the largest coal mines in Asia. As the fires spread at a rate of five to six meters a month, thousands of people live with the ground beneath them burning every day.”

Bonet, Pep

Motorhead (NOOR: November 2009)

Diamonds (NOOR 2009)



A Serbian Photographer’s Memories of Belgrade (TIME: February 12,2009) “In his new book, Serbian photographer Boogie explores the memory of the city he left behind”

Boston Globe

2009 in Pictures (part 3 of 3) (Big Picture blog: December 2009)

2009 in Pictures (part 2 of 3) (Big Picture blog: December 2009)

2009 in Pictures (part 1 of 3) (Big Picture blog: December 2009)

The Inauguration of President Barack Obama (Boston Globe : The Big Picture Blog: January 21, 2009)

Bouvet, Eric

French OMLT in Afghanistan (VII Network: December 2009) French Operational Mentor and Liaison Team in Afghanistan

Juhu Slum – Mumbai, India (VII Network: February 2009)

Obama Mania (VII Network: January 2009)

Braschler, Mathias and Fischer, Monika

Portraits from the Hot Zone (Vanity Fair: December 2009) The human cost of the climatic chaos

Bronstein, Paula

The Portraits of Gitmo Detainees (TIME: August 2009) Released Guantanamo Bay prisoners as they return to Afghanistan

Brooks, Kate

Saudi Women in Focus (TIME: October 2009)

Kate Brooks and Tyler Hicks: Pakistan’s ‘Invisible’ Refugees (NYT: June 2009)

Brown, Michael C.

Sakhalin (Burn Magazine: February 17, 2009) “Photographed predominantly in the broken, rusted, skeletons of communities around Sakhalin Island, Russia, these images explore the enigmatic spirit of a place and its people, long scarred from the Soviet era and left behind in modern times.”

Bruce, Andrea

A Kurdish Tycoon (WP: March 21, 2009)

Hundreds Released from Camp Bucca (WP: March 21, 2009)

Burnett, David

Faces of D – Day (TIME : June 2009) Burnett revisits the Normandy invasion with the help of World War II veterans

A Look Inside a Public Boarding School (TIME: March 26,2009) ”Life at Washington DC’s SEED School”

Burtynsky, Edward

Oil (Foreign Policy: October 2009)

Canepari, Zackary

The Last Days of Pakistani Cinema (TIME: June 2009)

Insurgents Target Punjabi Police (WSJ: May 27,2009) Pakistan

Turning to Madrasas (NYT: May 4, 2009) For Many Pakistani Children, Madrasas Fill a Void

The Heart of Punjab (NYT: April 14, 2009) Article: Insurgents Make Inroads in Key Pakistan Province

A Political Comeback for Nawaz Sharif (NYT: March 24, 2009)

Cardona, Julian

The Fall of Mexico : Juarez Drug Wars (audio slideshow 3:12) (The Atlantic: December 2009 issue)

Cassidy, Kyle

One Nation, Under Gun (audio slide show) (Newsweek: February 2009)

Castelnuovo, Rina

Fervent Believers (NYT: September 2009) West Bank Settlers

Reinforced Playground Opens in Sderot (NYT: March 11, 2009) “The Jewish National Fund has opened a fortified playground in Sderot, Israel, where children can play safely away from rockets and mortar rounds” Article: An Israeli Playground, Armored Against Rockets

Chalisani, Radhika

Puppies Behind Bars – Inmates Sign Up to Train Service Dogs — and Get a Little Something in Return (TIME: July 2009)

Chance. James

Living with the Dead (multimedia) (Burn Magazine: February 23, 2009)

Chang, Chien-Chi

Double Happiness (multimedia) (Magnum in Motion: October 2009)

Escape From North Korea (Magnum in Motion: August 2009)

Chao, Song

Portraits of Chinese Workers (TIME: December 2009) LED factory in Shenzhen

Cheng, James

The Faces of Foreclosure (MSNBC: October 2009)

Ching, Chien-min

China’s Electronic Waste Village (TIME: January 7, 2009) “Guiyu, China breaks down much of the world’s discarded electronics, slowly poisoning itself in the process. Photographs by Chien-min Chung / Reportage by Getty .”

Clark, Edmund

Guantanamo (Lens Culture: September 2009)

Clark, James

Downturn (Foto8: December 2009)

Clarke, Warren

Branding for Wombats (TIME: March 12, 2009) ”An Australia mining company pays for the rescue of the endangered northern hairy-nosed wombat — and gets wombat naming rights in return”

Conrad, Fred R.

Life Sentences: Life Sentences (NYT Lens: October 2009)

Cook, Kathryn

The Ghosts of Armenia (NYT Lens Blog: May 28, 2009)

Costantini, Fabrizio

Shrinking Flint, Mich. (NYT: April 22, 2009) Article: An Effort to Save a City by Shrinking It

Councill, Andrew

The President’s Mailman (NYT: April 20, 2009)

Creutzmann, Sven

Sugar Millionaires (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2009) Cuba

Crowley, Stephen

West Wing Takes Its Work to the Air (NYT: March 7, 2008) The White House always travels with the president.

D’Agata, Antoine

Georgian Spring(Magnum in Motion: October 2009)

Dakowicz, Maciej

Giving Kolkata’s Homeless Kids a Chance (TIME: July 2009)

Daniel, Julien

A New Look at Old Shanghai (TIME: September 2009)

Davidson, Bruce

Brooklyn Gang – “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” by Bob Dylan (Magnum in Motion: May 2009)

Dean, Adam

The Long War (The National (UAE): April 2009) Korengal Valley Afghanistan

Delaney, John

The Golden Eagle Hunters of Mongolia (TIME: February 10,2009)Photographer John Delaney travels to the remote reaches of Asia to document a dying Kazakh skill.”

Delano,James Whitlow

A Thirsting Planet (NYT Lens showcase: December 2009)

de Luigi, Stefano

Somaliland (VII Network: December 2009)

Vietnam (VII Network: July 2009)

Liberia Tortoise Community (VII: April 2009) “VII Network photographer, Stefano De Luigi, recently spent time documenting the rebuilding of war survivors’ lives in Tortoise community, Monrovia, Liberia. “

Dennis, Danfung

Battle for Hearts and Minds (Project website: 2009)

The Resilience of Kandahar (10 stills) (NYT: January 13, 2008) Article by Dexter Filkins: “KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — One morning two months ago, Shamsia Husseini and her sister were walking through the muddy streets to the local girls school when a man pulled alongside them on a motorcycle and posed what seemed like an ordinary question.“Are you going to school? Then the man pulled Shamsia’s burqa from her head and sprayed her face with burning acid…”

Denton, Bryan

A Moderate Path in a bin Laden Birthplace (NYT: October 2009) Yemen

Children of God (Eleanor Magazine: March 30, 2009)

Fighting Terrorism in Saudi Arabia (8 stills) (NYT: March 22, 2009)

The Mahdi Scouts: Youth of Hizballah (TIME: January 29, 2009)“Photographer Bryan Denton gets a rare glimpse inside the Lebanese group’s flourishing youth movement

Depardon, Raymond

A Famed War Photographer Comes to N.Y.C.’ (TIME: January 9, 2009) “The photographer Raymond Depardon was a stranger in a foreign land when he arrived in New York in 1980. To quell his loneliness he roamed the streets photographing the people he encountered. From the book Manhattan Out published by Steidl”

Depoorter, Bieke

Trans Siberian Living Rooms (Bite! Magazine: 2009)

Dherbeys, Agnes

Deep South Thailand (Photographer’s website: 2009)

diCampo, Peter

Traveling with Ghana’s Kayayo Girls (audio slide show 4:07) (TIME: October 2009)

Music Festival in Mali (audio slide show) (TIME: February 17, 2009) “Photographer Peter DiCampo treks past Timbuktu to attend the Festival au Desert, an annual gathering of African musicians set in the dunes of the Sahara.”

de Gea, Beatrice

Childbirth in Tanzania (NYT: May 2009)

de Viguerie, Veronique

Femicide in Guatemala (Reportage by Getty Images: August 2009)

di Luigi, Stefano

Drought in Kenya (VII Network: November 2009)

Nigeria Counterfeit Medicine (VII Network: January 2009)

Dimmock, Jessica

Coler Hospital (VII Network: November 2009) Coler Hospital in NYC, once known as the Hospital for the Incurables.

Boston General Hospital (VII Network: September 2009)

Go-Go Anna (VII Network: July 2009) Anna Copacabana is a performance artist in Manhattan

India 2009 (VII Network: July 2009)

The Renegade Cabaret (audio slideshow) (NYT: June 2009)

Paparazzi (VII Network: 2009) Topic: Paparazzi in LA

Dodds, Kieran

Release the Bats (Panos Pictures: July 2009) Zambia Kasanka National

Domaniczky, Tivadar

Dreams Into Reality (VII Network: November 2009)

Israel and the Palestinian Territories (VII Network: July 2009)

Breathing Dust – Gaza Strip (VII Network: March 2009)

Donald, Michael

Longbow House, Hoxton (Foto8 Story of the Week: January 26, 2009) “This is a story about one community in Hoxton, in London. It is about the memories they have associated with the derelict and then demolished block of flats they used to live in. The block of flats, Longbow House, was built in 1929 and demolished in 2003 as part of the ongoing redevelopment of Hoxton. The residents had opted out of Hackney Council tenancy in 1999 and once the building was demolished, almost all were rehoused locally in newly built or refurbished houses or flats. ”

Donati, Simone

Return to the Motherland (Foto8: June 2009)

Dove, Travis

Called to the Holy Mountain (NGM: 2009) High on their holy cliffs, monks are defiant, zealous, prayerful. Meanwhile, the outside world creeps closer.

Drake, Carolyn

The Other Tibet (NGM: 2009) The Uygurs, Muslim people of China’s resource-rich far west, are becoming strangers in their own land as Han Chinese pour in. Like the Tibetans, who face similar pressures, some Uygurs see a chance for a better life, but others protest the disintegration of their culture, even at the risk of death.


INNOCENCE – Sri Lanka’s former child soldiers (DuckRabbit blog: February 13, 2009)

Dworzak, Thomas

The Prodigal Son (audio slide show 1:55) (The New Yorker: April 13 , 2009 issue)

Epstein, Mitch

Power Shots (Eye Magazine blog: December 2009)

Mitch Epstein’s Power (NYT Lens: October 2009) Related article

Estrin, James

Night Watch (NYT: June 2009) All-Night Care for Dementia’s Restless Minds

Fadek, Timothy

Dark Secrets (pdfx12 Vol 28) the link is to a page where you can download the story as a pdf.

Farnood, Mohammad

Behind the Scenes with Mousavi (TIME: June 2009)Photographer Mohammad Farnood gets a look at the man who challenged Ahmadinejad


Pakistan Beneath the Surface (TIME: May 2009)

Feit, Candace

Violence in Kashmir (NYT: August 2009)

Ferguson, Adam

The War in Afghanistan Up Close (TIME: October 2009) Intimate images of U.S. troops: A photographer’s perspective

Mumbai Picking Up the Pieces (TIME: May 2009)

The Threat of Black Carbon (NYT: April 16,2009) Article: Third-World Stove Soot Is Target in Climate Fight

US Troops Brave Afghanistan’s Deadly Korengal Valley (TIME: April 8, 2009) “Photographer Adam Ferguson embeds with the First Infantry as they battle insurgents in the “Valley of Death””

Treasure Hunting in Afghanistan (TIME: February 27, 2009)

Ferrari, Luca

The Big Issue and Addiction in Wales (black and white slideshow to music 3:14) (Foto8 Story of the Week: February  11. 2009) “I started this work in 2003 in Newport in South Wales. The project was first aimed at documenting The Big Issue vendors’ lives, homeless people selling The Big Issue street magazine. I interrupted the project in 2004 and started it again in Cardiff in 2006. Lillo, an Italian drug addict, was the first person who I met in Newport. Thanks to Lillo I came into contact with the world of drug addiction and alcoholism. During the time spent with Lillo and his friends I realised that what really interested me was the human condition of addiction.”

Foreign Policy

Afghanistan 2009: A Year in Photos (FP: December 2009)


The Year and Decade in Pictures (Foto8: December 2009)

Franco, Angel

Without Papers, Looking for a Future (audio slide show 3:17) (NYT: April 25, 2009) Part of NYT series on newest immigrants

Frank, Brian L.

Mexico City Prepares to Reawaken (WSJ: May 5, 2009)

Frank, Jona

Of God and Politics (audio slide show) (Newsweek 2009) Jona Frank narrates us through her book Right, about a Christian College in Virginia.

Franklin, Stuart

Photographing ‘Tank Man’ (TIME : June 2009) Franklin recounts Tiananmen events that led to making of his iconic photo

London locks down ahead of G20 summit (Magnum: March 31,

After the Conflict: Inside Gaza (Magnum: March 2009)

Fremson, Ruth

Breaking the Gender Bar in Boxing (NYT: August 2009) India

Older Recruits Find New Jobs in Army Ranks (NYT: June 2009)

Indians Go to the Polls (NYT: April 16,2009) Article: Local Issues Dominate as India Votes

Olympics for the Unemployed (NYT: March 31, 2009) Article: Taking Their Unemployed Status and Running With It, in a Race

India Struggles with Hunger (audio slideshow 3:14) (NYT: March 13, 2009)

Guiding Women With a Gandhian Approach (NYT: March 7, 2009) Article: An Empire for Poor Working Women, Guided by a Gandhian Approach

Fukada, Shiho

Tibetan Area a Tinderbox for China-India Tensions (NYT: September 2009)

A City, and People, at a Crossroads (NYT: May 2009) To Protect Ancient City, China Will Raze It

End of Labor Town – Dumping Ground of Old Men in Japan (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2009)


A Day of Mourning in Tibet (9 stills) (NYT: February 25, 2009) Article: Tibetans Greet New Year in Solemn Opposition

Furlong, Christopher

Eton College (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2009)

Gafic, Ziyah

Bosnia: Generation Zero (VII Network: November 2009)

Illiteracy in Pakistan (VII Network: November 2009)

Iran (VII Network: September 2009)

Gallagher, Sean

Shifting Sands (NYT Lens Showcase: December 2009) China

Galustov, Mikhail

Chechnya 2009 (TIME: August 2009) Daily life in Grozny under strongman President Ramzan Kadyrov

Gardi, Balazs

Facing Water Crisis – Rio de Janeiro (VII Network: November 2009)

X-Fighters (VII Network: September 2009)

Facing Water Crisis – Colorado River (VII Network: September 2009)

Facing Water Crisis – Pakistan (VII Network: July 2009)

Facing Water Crisis – Australia (VII Network: May 2009)

Garcia Rodero, Cristina

Between Heaven and Earth (multimedia) (Magnum in Motion: December 2009)

Gazzilli, Guido

The Aquila Earthquake (Foto8 Story of the Week: 23 Apr 2009) “In the night between the 5th and the 6th of April, the centre of Italy was shaken by a powerful earthquake. It came in the middle of the night, causing destruction and killing 294 people. It was so powerful that most of the small villages around Aquila were fully destroyed. Many questions remain unanswered. Would it have been possible to reduce the damage? Was everything done in order to prevent the disaster? Did they build structures, like the university hostel (where many students died), according to the law? But what matters now for the survivors is to bring their cities back to life as soon as possible, working hard and standing proud. Walking around the streets between ruins, sacred images, corpses and personal effects, gave me an glimpse into understanding of what is happening to the people of Aquila.”

Georgiou, George

Fault lines: Turkey East West (Panos Pictures: May 2009)

In the Shadow of The Bear (Panos Pictures: May 2009) Georgia

Geraghty, Kate

Jakarta’s Monkey Performers (multimedia) (SMH: September 2009)

Sexual Warfare: Rape in DRC (multimedia) (Sydney Morning Herald: July 2009)

Gerrard, Sophie

Living in the Shadow of Volcan de Fuego (Foto8: July 2009)

Gilbertson, Ashley

Dress Rehearsal (VII Network: December 2009) “Inside Central Louisiana’s Fort Polk military base, 100,000 acres of snake-infested pine forest is designated as a training area, known as “The Box”, where, each month, about 5,000 soldiers readying for tours in Afghanistan or Iraq, are trained in a full dress rehearsal for war.”

An Army Town Copes with PTSD (TIME: November 2009)

After the Fall (VII Network: June 2009) NYC recession

The Cleveland Clinic’s Smarter Approach to Health Care (TIME: June 2009)

Suicide in the Recruiters’ Ranks (TIME: April 2, 2009) “The pressure to sign up new soldiers can be deadly”

The Life and Lonely Death of Noah Pierce : “In 2003, Noah Pierce joined the Army, and left his hometown of Sparta, Minnesota a quiet gentle boy of eighteen. He completed two tours of duty in Iraq, and came home with severe post traumatic stress disorder. Immense guilt and despair went untreated and ignored by Veterans Affairs, and on July 25, 2007, Noah drove to his favorite hangout in the woods, wedged his dog-tag between his temple and a pistol, and shot himself. Noah is one of the estimated 690 veterans of the War on Terror to commit suicide each month” (VII Network: 2009. N.B. photographed earlier)

Down on Wall Street  : “On September 14, 2008, financial markets around the world plummeted, heralding the beginning of the current economic crisis. Bear Sterns and Lehmann Bros. went bankrupt and dozens of other banks were faced with the same fate. These pictures were taken on and around Wall Street over the months that followed while the markets fluctuated wildly. It remains to be seen if President Obama’s stimulus package will stabilize, and buoy, the economy. Shot exclusively for Vanity Fair.” (VII Network 2009. N.B. photographed earlier)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot : “Gilbertson has focused almost exclusively on the War in Iraq since 2002, covering the conflict from pre-Occupation through the Surge of 2008. A selection of this work, as well as essays detailing Gilbertson’s experiences, were published as the acclaimed 2007 book, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: A Photographer’s Chronicle of the Iraq War.” (VII Network 2009. N.B. photographed earlier)

Gilden, Bruce

Detroit Troubled City (Magnum in Motion: May 2009) Magnum blog entry on the story.

‘Bruce Has a Ball’ (video and stills 9:40) (Magnum in Motion: February 2009) “At the Texas State Society “Black Tie & Boots” inauguration affair, Washington D.C., January 19th, 2009.”

Faces of Joy (audio slideshow 2:57) (Magnum in Motion: January 2009) Topic: Obama inauguration

Gilkey, David

NPR’s Photographer Reports From Afghanistan (NPR: July 2009)

Gillanders, David

The Ba’ (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2009)

Giroudon, Baptiste

Portraits of Democracy (Foto8: November 2009)

Gladieu, Stephan

Real Dolls and iDollators (Reportage by Getty Images: November 2009)

The Women of Standing Rock (Reportage by Getty Images: November 2009) Sioux women in North/South Dakota

Golovchenko, Kirill

The Ukrainian Breakthrough (audio slide show 2:10) (Foto8 Story of the Week: April 16, 2009)

Gonzalez, David

Revisiting the Bronx, 35 Millimeters at a Time (NYT: August 2009)

Grannan, Katy

A Powerful Truth (NYT: August 2009) How educating girls and empowering women can help fight poverty and extremism

Graville, Ben

In and Out the Old Bailey (Foto8: June 2009)

Grarup, Jan

Dalai Lama (NOOR: June 2009)

Gaza Conflict (NOOR: February 2009) “Jan Grarup arrived in Rafah, Gaza, on 16 January and documented the devastation inflicted there and in Gaza City. “

Green, Stanley

Empire of Dirt (NOOR: 2009) Topic: Darfur crisis

Greenfield, Lauren

Foreclosure: Death of the American Dream (Vimeo: 2009)

Dubai’s Improbable Tale (NYT Lens Showcase: November 2009)

Way in the Game (15 stills) (NYT Magazine: March 22, 2009 issue) Article: Allonzo Trier Is in the Game


Death and destruction on the cocaine trail (audio slide show 4:28) (Guardian: March 9, 2009)Rory Carroll traces the bloody route of Latin America’s most profitable drug, from being produced in the Andes to being fished out of the sea as ‘white lobster’ by smugglers across the globe”

Hammond, Robin

The Halls of Prejudice (Panos: October 2009)

Zimbabwe’s Blood Diamonds (Panos Pictures: September 2009)

of Rage (Panos Pictures: June 2009) Tamils in UK

An Unforgivable Truth(Panos Pictures 2009)

Sri Lanka: the camps (Panos Pictures: May 2009)

Haner, Josh

Struggling in the Suburbs (NYT: April 18, 2009) Article: Struggling to Rise in Suburbs Where Failing Means Fitting In

For Students Learning English, a World Apart (NYT: March 15, 2009) Article: Where Education and Assimilation Collide

Haviv, Ron

Maja and Winter’s Tail (VII: October 2009) Maja Kazazic whose leg was blown off by a bomb during the war in Bosnia in 1993

Afghan Elections (VII: August 2009)

David Remnick (VII: June 2009) The editor of The New Yorker Magazine

Congo (VII: March 19, 2009)

Heisler, Todd

Scenes From an Empty City (NYT: July 2009) “July 3 Snapshots: The City Empties Out”

Immigrant Influx Tests a Minneapolis Hospital (NYT: March 29,,2009) Article: Foreign Ways and War Scars Test Hospital

Marc Tremitiere: The Baby Deliverer (audio slide show 2:43) (NYT: March 6, 2009)

Joe Manniello: The Bus-Depot Barber (multimedia) (NYT: February 27, 2009)

One in 8 Million: Omika Jikaria – The A Type Teenager (audio slide show) (NYT: February 12, 2009)

‘One in 8 Million’ : Georgiana DePalma Detone : The Mozzarella Maker (audio slide show 2:34) (NYT: February 6, 2009)

‘One in 8 Million’: Henrique Prince: The Subway Busker (audio slide show 2:24) (NYT: January 30, 2009)

One in 8 Million (audio slide shows) (NYT: January 19, 2009)

Hemmerle, Sean

New York City Goes Green (TIME: April 3, 2009) “PlaNYC will make the US’ largest metropolis more eco-friendly. TIME photographer Sean Hemmerle documents the amazing efforts behind New York’s plan.”

Hetherington, Andrew

A Room With a View (audio slideshow) (WTJ Blog: November 2009)

Hetherington, Tim A

Long Story Bit by Bit – Liberia Retold (video 1:30) (Foto8: September 2009)

No Condition Is Permanent (Panos Pictures: June 2009) Liberia

Hicks, Tyler

While Thousands Gather (NYT Lens: November 2009)

Kandahar (NYT Lens blog: October 2009)

A Precarious Election in Afghanistan (NYT: August 2009)

Kate Brooks and Tyler Hicks: Pakistan’s ‘Invisible’ Refugees (NYT: June 2009)

Improving the Afghan Army (NYT: June 8, 2009)

Embedded at Firebase Vimoto (NYT: April 30, 2009) Korengal Valley, Afghanistan

An Ambush and a Comrade Lost (audio slide show 2:46) (NYT: April 20, 2009) Article: Pinned Down, a Sprint to Escape Taliban Zone

A Changing War (NYT: April 13, 2009) Topic: Afghanistan

The Sanctuary Border (NYT: February 24, 2009) Article: Strikes Worsen Qaeda Threat, Pakistan Says

Commandos in the Tribal Areas (8 stills) (NYT: February 23, 2009) Article: Secret U.S. Unit Trains Commandos in Pakistan

The War in El Atatra (NYT: February 3, 2008) “The fighting in El Atatra tells the story of Israel’s offensive, with each side giving a very different version.”

Gaza Ebbs Toward Normalcy (NYT: January 26, 2009)

Ruins and Resumption (11 color stills) (NYT: January 25, 2009)“Palestinian residents are returning to their homes in areas surrounding Gaza City. One week after the war between Israel and Hamas stopped — with each side declaring a unilateral cease-fire — Gaza remains in a kind of stupor.”

Gaza and Hamas Begin Recovery (NYT: January 23, 2009)

Hill, James

Ballet at the Vaganova (audio slide show) (NYT: May 20, 2009) Ballet in St. Petersburg, Russia

Budapest’s Fragile Prosperity (audio slide show 3:03) (NYT: April 26, 2009)

After the Gulag (NYT: January 1, 2009) “To many, images of Russian prisons have been formed by literature, from Dostoyevsky and Chekhov to Solzhenitsyn’s devastating portrait of the gulag. Prison Colony No. 7, a high-security jail 500 kilometers northwest of Moscow, stands in stark contrast.”

Hoagland, Eros

The Battle in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province (TIME: August 2009)

The British Military Presence in Helmand (NYT: July 2009) Afghanistan

Recession Slows Migration From Mexico (NYT: May 15, 2009)

The Streets of Ciudad Juarez (TIME: April 21, 2009) “The battle to control the flow of drugs from Mexico through Texas escalates into an unofficial war between the cops and the cartels.”

Hoepker, Thomas

Pictures From a Vanishing Country (multimedia) (Magnum in Motion: November 2009)

Huey, Aaron

Still Wounded (NYT Lens: October 2009) Native American reservation in South Dakota

Hogsholt, David

Promised Land: African Traders in China (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2009)

Miss Tiffany Universe 2009 (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2009)

Nigeriatown (audio slideshow narrated by Evan Osnos 3:38) (The New Yorker: February 9, 2009 issue) “In this issue of the magazine, Evan Osnos writes about African merchants living in China. Here, Osnos narrates an audio slide show about the economic, social, and religious life of African migrants in Guangzhou. With photographs by David Hogsholt.”

Hugo, Pieter

Tableaux of Nollywood (TIME: September 2009) Photographer Pieter Hugo photographs actors from Nigeria’s film industry

Hura, Sohrab

Life is Elsewhere (pdf download at Sendspace.com) (pdfx12 Vol. 30)

Hussin, Tim

Kids with Guns (audio slide show 2:19)  (timhussin.com)

Hutchens, Jeff

Mood on the Street (Reportage by Getty Images: May 2009) Wall Street

Isett, Stuart

Dog Meditation (NYT: April 8, 2009) Article: Bonding With Their Downward-Facing Humans

Johnson, Channing

The Parishioners of St. Stans Stand Vigil (TIME: January 8, 2009) “A Catholic flock refuses to give up its Adams, Massachusetts home”


Faces of the favelas (BBC: June 2009) Giant portraits in Rio


Burma’s Slowly Shifting Landscape (TIME: June 2009)

Kamber, Michael

Confronting Deadlier I.E.D.s in Afghanistan (NYT: July 2009)

Islamist Versus Islamist (NYT: May 23, 2009) For Somalia, Chaos Breeds Religious War

Kander, Nadav

2009 Prix Pictet Prize winning photographs (BBC: October 2009)

Obama’s People (audio slideshow 4:04) (NYT: January 13, 2009)

Kanter, Doug

The Sagging Trash Market (NYT: March 12, 2009) “The multibillion-dollar recycling industry has gone into a nosedive because of the global economic crisis and a concurrent drop in commodity prices. In China, the world’s largest garbage importer, paper piles up at a recycling center in Beijing. “ Article: China’s Big Recycling Market Is Sagging

Kantor, Dina

Finnish and Jewish ( audio slide show) (Forward: November 2009)

Karen, Anthony


America Unmasked (The Independent: February 21, 2009)“America unmasked: The images that reveal the Ku Klux Klan is alive and kicking in 2009. The USA has a new president but an old problem – and nothing typifies it like today’s Ku Klux Klan. The photographer Anthony Karen gained unprecedented access to the ‘Invisible Empire’” Article by Leonard Doyle

Kari, Anna

Taming a Devastating Illness with a Simple Pill (TIME: August 2009) Zinc tablets help African communities fight diarrhea

Kashi, Ed

Syria (NGM: 2009) 

Keasler, Misty

Welcome to Crawford Texas, 2009 (TIME: March 4, 2009) “After eight years as the antiwar movement’s epicenter, George W. Bush’s home away from home slowly returns to normal.”


(photographers Cotton Coulson and Sisse Brimberg): Hope in the Antarctic (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2009)

Kelly, Stephen JB

Qi Lihe District (Foto8: October 2009)

Kenneally, Brenda Ann

The Upstate Girls (Project website) Preview The Movie

The Upstate Girls (NYT Lens blog: October 2009)

Knight, Gary

Poverty Postcards (VII: May 2009)


India Poverty (VII: March 2, 2009)

Kohut, Meredith

A Pilgrimage to Sorte Mountain (NYT: October 2009) Venezuela

Kozyrev, Yuri

Afghanistan Drugs (NOOR: November 2009)

Camp Bucca (NOOR: June 2009)

Iraq Portraits (NOOR: February 2009)

Krainin, Todd

Explorers Train to Fight Terrorists, and More (NYT: May 13, 2009) “The Explorers, a coeducational affiliate of the Boy Scouts, have long prepared teenage members to become police officers and firefighters. Since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, many Explorer posts, working with local and federal law enforcement agencies, have added programs to train members in confronting terrorism, illegal immigration and border violence. “

Kratochvil, Antonin

Eric Bogosian (VII: June 2009)

Frederick Seidel (VII:  May 2009)

The New Jobless (VII: April 22, 2009)

Glaciers (VII: April 2009)

Metallica (VII: January 2009)

Kurzen, Benedicte

A Holiday Reflects a Racial Divide (NYT: December 2009) South Africa

Johannesburg Prepares for Soccer’s World Cup (TIME: June 2009)

Crime in Diepsloot (NYT: June 2009) “ Constant Fear and Mob Rule in South Africa Slum”

South Africa: Fifteen Years On (TIME: April 7, 2009)“Photographer Benedicte Kurzen explores the state of the nation — from the wealthy malls of Johannesburg to the mud huts of the Eastern Cape — as South Africa approaches a critical national election”

DR Congo – Kiwanja Killings (VII: 2009)

Returning to Zimbabwe’s Classrooms, For Now (9 stills)(NYT: March 19, 2009) Article: Fragile Signs of Hope Emerging in the Gloom of Mugabe’s Rule

Seruka Centre – Coming Out of the Dark in Burundi (audio slide show 3:10) (MSF: 2009)

Laurent Nkunda (VII Mentor Program: January 2009)

Kuwajima, Ikuru

Crimean Cossack Cadet Corps (MJR Showcase: December 2009)

Ladefoged, Joachim

Russian Belles (VII: June 2009) Russians dominate women’s tennis

Shakira (VII: June 2009)

Valeri Gergiev (VII: March 19, 2009)

Lane, Christopher

Ms Senior America (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2009)

Laub, Gillian

Nancy Pelosi (TIME: December 2009)

Lawrence, Wayne

On the Beach (NYT Lens Showcase: December 2009)

Lay-Dorsey, Patricia

Falling Into Place (NYT Lens Showcase: November 2009) Intimate self-portraits reveal a woman living life as if it were a work of art.

Lee, Thomas

Tuna in Trouble (TIME: October 2009) Tuna populations around the world are being fished more aggressively. Even General Santos, the so-called Tuna Capital of the Philippines, sashimi export and canneries have been hit by a downturn in the number of fish coming to port.

Leibovitz, Annie

Enter Obama (Vanity Fair: March 2009 issue) Julian Sancton on Leibovitz’s shoot.

Lemberger, Evi

Indian Summer (Foto8: August 2009) “Evi Lemberger goes in search of Moscow’s new generation of optimistic, culture-obsessed youth.”

Lezmi, Frederic

West Into East (NYT Lens showcase: December 2009)

Lott, Joshua

After Being Laid Off, an Unexpected Career Change (audio slide show 2:17) (NYT: March 1, 2009)

Lowenstein, Jon

Tent City (NOOR: July 2009) Portraits of undocumented Latin American immigrants inmates in Phoenix

Lowy, Ben

Afghan High (VII Network: December 2009)

China Railroad (VII Network: November 2009) China’s $300 billion high-speed train system

Las Vegas (VII Network: September 2009)

Salton Sea (VII Network: September 2009)

Hard Times Las Vegas (TIME: August 2009) Lowy tracks the highs and lows of America’s premier casino city

Afghan Kite Flyers (VII Network: July 2009)

Kurdistan (VII Network: July 2009)

The House Obama Built (VII Network: April 2009)

Lu, Guang

Pollution in China (China Hush: October 2009) “October 14, 2009, the 30thannual awards ceremony of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund took place at the Asia Society in New York City. Lu Guang from People’s Republic of China won the $30,000 W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography for his documentary project “Pollution in China.”

Infernal Landscapes (NYT Lens: October 2009)

Luceo Images

Our Year in Photos (Luceo: December 2009)

Lyon, Danny

A Photographer’s Journey (NYT: April 26, 2009)

Macdiarmid, Peter

London’s Tube After Midnight (TIME: January 9, 2009) “The world’s oldest underground railway, the London Underground is undergoing a multibillion pound upgrade. We mind the gap and took a peek at the work. Photos by Peter Macdiarmid / Getty .”

Mahoney, Charlie 

A Troubled Paradise (multimedia) (Bombayflightacademy: December 2009) Maldives

Maitre, Pascal

Shattered Somalia (NGM: 2009

Majoli, Alex

Georgian Spring (Magnum in Motion: October 2009)

Peace TV (multimedia 1:34) (Magnum in Motion March 9, 2009)

Israel Gaza Conflict (73 stills) (Magnum Photos: January 2009)

Mantoani, Tim

Behind Photographs (NPR: April 14, 2009) “A photographer’s job is to document life — both the big moments and the small. Tim Mantoani has taken it a step further: He’s photographing photographers with their photographs! His series, “Behind Photographs,” is currently on exhibit at the ongoing Month of Photography Los Angeles event. “

Masi, Alex

Bhopal 25 Years Later (TIME: December 2009)

Marchand, Yves and Meffre, Romaine


Detroit Reliquary (TIME: February 26, 2009) “Two French photographers immortalize the remains of the motor city on film”

Mark, Mary Ellen

Set Pieces (Vanity Fair: July 2009) Movie set photography

Martin, Claire

East Side: Vancouver, BC (Foto8 Story of the Week: March 19, 2009)

Maxon, Justin

Freed From Guantanamo (NYT: June 2009) Out of Guantánamo, Uighurs Bask in Bermuda

A Day On L.A.’s Skid Row (audio slide show 3:33) (NPR: April 2009)

After Gang Life (Newsweek: February 2009) “Two men try to escape L.A. gang life”

Mendel, Gideon

Kindgmead Eyes (Project website: November 2009)

Deadly Cargo (audio slideshow 4:04) (Guardian: February 18, 2009)Gideon Mendel photographs the small settlement of Chirundu, on the Zambezi river at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. A transit point on the trucking route from South Africa to east Africa, Chirundu is well known as an HIV/Aids transmission hotspot. Of a population of 4,000, more than 350 people are sex workers. Every day the hundreds of drivers trying to cross the border face huge congestion, and many end up spending days or even weeks waiting for customs clearance. And every night, more than 500 trucks are parked in the customs yard and along the road out of town …”

Meiselas, Susan

In Silence (Magnum in Motion: October 2009) Maternal Mortality in India

Mermelstein, Jeff

Heads Up (NYT Lens Showcase: December 2009) Related exhibition

Milson, Lianne

A New Hope: Indonesia After The Tsunami (NPR: December 2009)

Mirzoyan, Karen

Georgia: South Ossetians Cling to Arms (EurasiaNet.org: September 2009)

Monk, Sophy

Gamblers All (Foto8: June 2009)

Montazeri, Javad

Megacities: Healthcare in Tehran (TIME: January 29, 2009)“Women play a critical role in the healthcare of the citizens of Iran’s largest city, where population has rocketed to 8 million people in the last 50 years. “

Monteleone, Davide

Iraqi Kurdistan: Life After War (Foto8: July 2009)

Moore, John

Guantanamo’s Last Days (TIME: November 2009)

Moral, Alfonso

Destitute in Kabul: Afghanistan’s Drug Addicts (Foto8: May 2009)

Morenatti, Emilio

The Battle Over Bajaur (NYT: March 9, 2009) Article: Pakistan Asserts Fragile Control Over Former Taliban Area

Morgan, James

The Kazakh Eagle Hunters (Foto8: May 2009)

Morris, Christopher

Obama’s West Point Speech: The View from the Stage (TIME: December 2009)

Two French Cities (VII: July 2009)

Haute Couture 2009 (VII: July 2009)

Cartier (VII: May 2009) “The Cartier brand is synonymous with luxury, as Christopher Morris discovered when he stepped into the renowned French jeweler and watchmaker’s glamorous boutique (and atelier) on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, France.”

Karl Lagerfeld (VII: April 2009)

Inside the Presidency (VII: February 2009)

New America (VII: February 2009)

Mosse, Richard

The Tunnel Economy of the Gaza Strip (TIME: October 2009)

Mott, Justin

In Vietnam, an Education Deferred (NYT: October 2009) HIV Orphans in Vietnam

Movila, Cristian

Romania, Still Beneath A Cloud (NYT Lens: December 2009)


Year in Pictures (msnbc: December 2009)

Muhammad, Ozier

Difficult Decisions on End-of-Life Care (NYT: December 2009)

Munita, Tomas

A Peruvian Town in Limbo (NYT: June 2009) “ In the Andes, a Toxic Site Also Provides a Livelihood”

The Driest Place on Earth (8 stills) (NYT: March 15, 2009) Article: Chilean Town Withers in Free Market for Water

Murphy, Seamus

Providence (VII Network: December 2009) “Lake Providence, a small, mostly African-American town in Louisiana.”

ANA (VII Network: November 2009) The Afghan National Army

Bodahna:An Afghan Obsession (VII Network: October 2009)Bodahna,small quails, hold a fascination for men in Afghanistan

The Sons of Stonecutter Street, Kabul (VII Network: September 2009)

A Darkness Visible (Digital Journalist: August 2009)

North by Northeast (The New Yorker : August 2009) Russian Far East

Voices of Hope: The Kenyan Boys Choir (VII Network: July 2009)


East of the Sun (Dispatches: February 2009)

A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan (Project website)

Musi, Vincent J.

Specialty Yarn Manufacturer (TIME: April 16, 2009) “Bucking an economic trend, Patrick Yarns remains profitable by spinning a wide range of products for a diverse group of customers”

Mutani, Filippo

Phantom of the City: Recession in London (Foto8 Story of the Week: March 12, 2009)

Nabrdalik, Maciek

New Yorkers (VII Mentor: June 2009)

Nachtwey, James

Indonesia: Facing Down the Fanatics (National Geographic: September 2009) A more tolerant Islam is confronting extremism in the world’s most populous Muslim country.


Can Change Come to Congo? (15 black and white stills) (TIME: February 11, 2009) “Photographer James Nachtwey witnesses the fallout from years of war and plunder”

Nahr, Dominic

Kenya’s Border Threat (NYT: July 2009)

Naughten, Jim

Re-Enactors Take On the World Wars (TIME: November 2009) Photographer Jim Naughten immortalizes the men and women who gather annually to transform themselves into characters from the First and Second World Wars.

New York Times

2009 The Year in Pictures (NYT: December 2009)

Settlers in the West Bank (NYT: June 1, 2009)

NYT (photographers Eros Hoagland and Jim Ross): Google’s Multicultural Workforce (NYT: April 12, 2009)

Todd Heisler and Andrew Testa: Obama Goes to Europe (NYT: April 1, 2009)

Few Resources, Little Hope in Myanmar (IHT: March 31, 2009) (HIV/AIDS) Photographer’s name not mentioned for some reason…

Chris Hinkle and Damon Winter: Drug Violence Invades Tuscon (8 stills) (NYT: March 23, 2009) Article: Drug Cartel Violence Spills Into U.S. From Mexico

Photographer’s Journal: A War’s Many Angles (Includes audio slideshows: Moises Saman: Israel (black and white stills) and Tyler Hicks: Gaza (colour stills) (NYT: January 25, 2009)

Concert at the Lincoln Memorial (NYT: January 18, 2009)

Preparing for the Inauguration (NYT: January 16, 2009)

2008 – The Year in Pictures

Photographers’ Journal (Photos by Joao Silva, Max Becherer, Franco Pagetti, Johan Spanner, and Ashley Gilbertson) (audio slideshow 7:15) (NYT: Jan 1, 2009) Topic: Working in Iraq.

Nga, Jehad

South Sudan at a Crossroads (audio slideshow) ( NYT: December 2009)

After Years of Chaos, a Ruler May Have a Chance (NYT: September 2009) Somalia

A Devastating Drought Sweeps Across Kenya (NYT: September 2009)

Leaving Iraq – Views from Troops and Translators (audio slide shows)(NYT: April 2009)

Camp Bucca From the Inside (NYT: March 8, 2009) “Scores of outposts in Iraq have closed as American forces regroup on larger bases as a prelude to withdrawing from virtually all cities by June. The United States plans to close its prison at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq and turn the inmates over to the Iraqi authorities, and commanders are considering using the base as a way station for troops heading home.” Article: 6 Years In, Troops Glimpse Real Path Out of Iraq

The Re-Packaging of Abu Ghraib (NYT: February 22, 2009) “Iraq’s Ministry of Justice allowed reporters rare access on Saturday to the Abu Ghraib prison, which has been partly renovated by the Iraqis and now holds about 400 prisoners after a new influx on Friday. The cellblocks that were once the scene of prisoner torture, abuse and humiliation by soldiers and contractors in 2003 and 2004 were newly painted in a glossy cream color. “

Nickelsberg, Robert

Six Years in Iraq (17 stills) (TIME: March 2009)“Photographer Robert Nickelsberg has covered the war from before it began”

Nikolaeva, Vesselina

No Man’s Land: One the Border of Bulgaria and Turkey (Foto8: October 2009)

Nishijima, Atsushi “Jima”

4 Parts Dream (FOTO8: April 22, 2009) “This six minute short film, consisting entirely of re-photographed still images and conversations with the photographer, Atsushi “Jima” Nishijima, is an ironic observation of men, women, places, and things in Japan. Both funny and insightful, Jima’s spoken and visual observations take us on a journey into the absurd, the instinctual, and the psychological world of a photographer. www.jimagraphy.comwww.bluecoup.com (Running time: 6mins 17sec, Format: Quicktime Movie. File size: 69mb) Note the film will begin playing while it is still loading (broadband recommended) ”

Nistratov, Valery

Unification: Abkhazia and South Ossetia (audio slide show 3: 24) (Foto8 Story of the Week: March 4, 2009)


The Visual Student: Photos of the Year/Decade Part 1Part 2 (NPPA: December 2009)

Obermann, Bernd

Also Known as Clinton (NYT: February 15, 2009) “At one time, Hell’s Kitchen was true to its name. But over time, the area has come up. “

Oeil Public

Pictures of the Year 2008

Oerlemans, Jeroen

Swat Valley Crisis (Panos Pictures: June 2009) Pakistan

Okahara, Kosuke

A Long Way to Paradise (Newsweek Japan: November 2009)

Olson, Scott

Life in the Afghan National Army (TIME: December 2009)

Ommanney, Charles

Inside the Obama White House (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2009)

Sexual Predator Shantytown (Newsweek: August 2009) Sex offenders banished under bridge in Miami

Obama, Offstage (Newsweek: January 2009)

O’Reilly, Finbarr

The Search for Gold in Congo (NYT: February 23, 2009) Times Topic: Congo

Orlinsky, Katie

Love at the Russian Tearoom (NYT: April 3, 2009) Article: Valerie Durollari and Ken Biberaj

Addio Amato Opera (audio slideshow 3:32) (NYT: January 12, 2009)

Orr, Francine

Diamond in the Rough (multimedia) (LA Times: May 2009)

Stars in the ring – and outside it (audio slide show) (LA TImes: March 2009) Lucha libre wrestling

Ortiz, Carlos Javier

Too Young To Die (Ebony: April 14, 2009)

Ou, Ed

Under a Nuclear Cloud (Reportage by Getty Images: March 31, 2009)

Page, Warrick

Ghosts in a Landscape (Reportage by Getty Images: May 2009) 65 years on and the bloodstains of D-Day are still visible.

Pagetti, Franco

The Last Tonnaroti (VII: July 2009) Tuna Fishing in the Mediterranean

Matthew Williamson (VII: May 2009) Fashion Designer

Survivors – Iraq 2008 (VII: March 19, 2009)

Challenges in a New Presidential Era (VII: January 2009)

Parr, Martin

Playas (Magnum in Motion: May 2009)

IDEX Arms Fair (Magnum: March 2009)

Partyka, Justin

The East Anglians (Foto8: October 2009)

Payne, Christopher

Emptied, but Still Secret (NYT Lens Showcase: November 2009) “A six-year project of the haunted world of abandoned state mental hospitals.”

Pellegrin, Paolo

Muslims in China (Magnum Photos: 2009)

on assignment for the NYT Magazine revisiting the Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans (NYT Lens Blog: August 2009)

The Changing Face of Iran (Magnum: June 2009)

The Changing Face of Iran (Newsweek 2009)

Great Performers (New York Times Magazine: February 5 2009) “Eight of this year’s biggest stars captured in the moments between fame and film.”


Washington DC (audio slideshow 2:59) (Magnum in Motion: January 2009)

Petterson, Per-Anders

Swaziland’s Paper Reed Dance (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2009)

Zumaland (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2009)

Phillips, Cara

Singular Beauty (Newsweek: April 2009) ” An artist turns her camera on the cosmetic surgery industry”

Phillips, Gareth

showcase (MJR Showcase: September 2009) Gareth Phillips is a documentary photographer based out of Cardiff, South Wales but working extensively throughout the world. His most recent travels have taken him throughout Australia, South East Asia and Europe. Gareth shoots regularly for The Guardian and The Sunday Times in the UK and in 2007 was commended  by  the Ian Parry scholarship.

Pickett, Holly

A Hidden World Of Addicts In Afghanistan (12 stills plus audio 4:21 reported by Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson/NPR) (NPR: April 2009)

Pillitz, Christopher

Nicaragua – 30 Years Since Sandinista Revolution (Reportage by Getty Images: June 2009)

Pina, Joao

The Gangs of Rio (audio slideshow) (New Yorker: September 2009)

Violence Rio (Photographer’s website: February 2009)

Pin-Fat, Olivier

In-Land Out-Cast (Prospekt: 2009)

Pinkhassov, Gueorgui

Georgian Spring (Magnum in Motion: October 2009)


Portraits of Power (New Yorker: December 7, 2009 issue) Interactive portfolio of portraits of world leaders,with audio commentary

First Dance (Slide show to instrumental music 2:00) (New Yorker: February 2, 2009 issue) Portraits from the Obama Inaugural balls

Poiron, Caroline

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault (TIME: February 19, 2009) ”Photographer Caroline Poiron tracks embryos of plant life from their origin on a farm in Hyderabad, India to the “doomsday” repository in Norway”

Polidori, Robert

Home of the United Nations (audio slideshow) (New Yorker: September 2009) Robert Polidori discusses the architecture of the UN, its headquarters,and his own approach to photography.

Power, Mark

Georgian Spring (Magnum in Motion: November 2009)

Prickett, Ivor

The Quiet After the Storm (PDFX12 Volume 27) N.B. You have to download the story as a pdf file from the page where the link leads you.

Rafiqui, Asim

Portraits of Survival (Virginia Quarterly Review: Summer 2009) Gaza

Rasmussen, Espen

Oil Slick (Panos Pictures: August 2009)


American Youth (TIME: May 2009) ”A fascinating new collection of photographs explores the extraordinary world between college and adulthood. By the photographers of Redux”

Renaldi, Richard

Inside a Mormon Ward (TIME: June 2009) Renaldi visits with the families of the church’s Alameda, California church

Richards, Eugene

The Blue Room (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2009)

War is Personal (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2009)

Richter, Andy

The Gift of Hearing (TIME: March 20, 2009) “The Starkey Foundation brings a simple miracle to the developing world”

Rivkin, Amanda

Obamaland (Eleanor Mag: March 13, 2009)

One Final Day in Office (audio slideshow 2:14) (NYT: January 30, 2009) TOPIC: Blagojevich

Roberts, Simon

The English at Leisure (Guardian: August 2009) Simon Roberts set off with his family to photograph England at play.

Enduring Beauty (New Yorker: August 2009) “This week in the magazine, Ian Frazier writes about his journey across Siberia; the article is accompanied by photographs by Simon Roberts. In this audio slide show, Roberts shares images from his yearlong journey through Siberia starting in July 2004 (which is also documented in his book “Motherland”) and discusses how he worked to present the landscape as 19th-century Russian painters and post-Soviet inhabitants see it.”

Robichon, Franck

A Cash Offer to Leave Japan (NYT: April 23, 2009) Article: Japan Pays Foreign Workers to Go Home

Rodriguez, Joseph

Joseph Rodriguez : Social Worker with a Camera (NYT Lens: October 2009)

Roemers, Martin

The Cold Thaw (Newsweek Japan: 2009)

Romanoff, Dana

No Man Land (Reportage by Getty Images: May 19, 2009) The effect of immigration to the US on rural Mexico

Ros, Lorena

Strong City (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2009) The Lord Our Righteousness, a cult in Clayton, New Mexico

Rourke, Matt

Grocery Auction (TIME: April 16, 2009) “As consumers seek relief from the recession, auctions for food and other necessities gain in popularity. Photographer Matt Rourke checks out the bidding at a sale in Dallas, Pennsylvania”

Rubenstein, Michael

Ten Things You Should Know About the Nano (TIME: March 23, 2009)

Rubincam, Liz

Millions of Seedlings (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2009) Tree planting in British Columbia

Ryan, Sally

Former Failing School Serves as National Model (NYT: June 1, 2009)Article: Tough Challenges Face a Reshaper of Schools

Sabrie, Gilles

The Cultural Demolition of Kashgar, China (TIME: December 2009)Ancient Silk Road city is threatened by modernization

Sakamaki, Q.

USA, Detroit: Once an Icon of American Prosperity (Gaia Photos: November 2009)

The Shifting Sands of Xinjiang (TIME: October 2009) Uighur life in China

Salgado,  Sebastião

Nature, Nurtured (NYT: May 29, 2009) “Sebastião Salgado, the Brazilian photojournalist, has been traveling to remote, sparsely populated jungle and desert locations for his ecological work in progress “Genesis.”

Saman, Moises

A Conflicted Mission in Congo (NYT: December 2009)

Afghanistan in Free Fall (NYT Lens: December 2009)

For Germany, A Grim Reality (NYT: October 2009)

We Are Roma (Open Society Institute: October 2009)

No Refuge, Migrants in Greece (Human Rights Watch: October 2009)

Hopeful Signs in Malawi (NYT: September 2009)

The Lost Boys of Afghanistan (NYT: August 2009)

The Shrinking Euphrates (NYT: July 2009)

Worrying Signs for Post-Withdrawal Falluja (NYT: June 2009)Rumblings Threaten to Disrupt Script for U.S. Withdrawal

The Salvadoran Dream (Panos Pictures: May 2009)

Colombia’s Indians Displaced (audio slide show 1:59) (NYT: April 21, 2009)

Inside Peru’s Cocaine War (NYT: March 13, 2009)

Schroeder, Dennis

Columbine 10 Years Later: The Evidence (TIME: April 17, 2009) “Photographs from a public display of items related to the tragic 1999 school shooting. “

Schwarz, Shaul

(with Julie Platner): Bound for Success (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2009) Peter Acworth, fetish porn entrepreneur

Bloodshed in Juarez (Reportage by Getty Images: March 2009)

Seiber, Andreas

From Somewhere to Nowhere: China’s Internal Migrants (multimedia)(TIME: October 2009)

Shell, Callie

Barack Obama’s First Year in the White House (TIME: December 2009) “A TIME photographer shares her thoughts about what it is like to photograph the President of the United States”

Backstage with Hillary Clinton (TIME: November 2009)

Behind the Scenes with Michelle Obama (TIME: May 2009)

Obama’s 100 Days: Behind-the-Scenes Photos (TIME: April 22, 2009) ”TIME photographer Callie Shell documents the President’s historic start on the job”

Behind the Scenes with Obama in Iraq (TIME: April 8, 2009) “TIME photographer Callie Shell follows the President on his first visit to the war-torn nation as Commander in Chief”

Behind the Scenes with Obama in Europe (TIME: April 2009) “TIME photographer Callie Shell gets a glimpse behind the protocol curtain as the President and First Lady visit Germany and the Czech Republic”

Behind the Scenes of Obama’s Big Day (TIME: January 20, 2009)“TIME photographer Callie Shell gets a glimpse of history”

Silberfaden, Nicolas

The UFO Congress (TIME: April 7, 2009) “Photographer Nicolas Silberfaden attends the annual conference of world UFOlogists”

Silva, Joao

An Impoverished Education (NYT: September 2009) South Africa

In Afghanistan, a Constant Battle Against Hidden Dangers (NYT: May 23, 2009)

Recovering From the Airstrikes (NYT: May 15, 2009) Afghanistan

An Island Divided (NYT: February 1, 2009) Topic: Madagascar

Zimbabwean Refugees in South Africa (NYT: January 24, 2009)

Sinai, Uriel

Life in the West Bank Settlements (TIME: July 2009)

Silverstone, Marilyn

The East Was Tugging At My Soul (Magnum in Motion: December 2009)

Sinclair, Stephanie

From Morocco, With Love (VII: October 2009) Notions of love and romance in Morocco

The Young Women of the Polygamist F.L.D.S. (VII: March 2009)

Slaby, Matt

Gun Culture USA (TIME: March 18, 2009)

Smeets, Alice

Haitians Fear Next Big Storm (9 stills) (NYT: March 24, 2009) Article: Living in a Sea of Mud, and Drowning in Dread

Smith, Sean

Black Watch in Afghanistan (Guardian: August 2009) British soldiers from the Black Watch in Helmand province

Sobol, Jacob Aue

Bangkok (Magnum: June 2009)

Sochor, Jan

Haiti: Hunger and Rage (Foto8 Story of the Week: February 20, 2009) “Although the Caribbean islands are widely considered a holiday paradise, Haiti, a state lying on the Hispaniola island in the Greater Antilles, evokes a picture in complete contrast to this. Hundreds of years of slavery and colonialism and the regime of the Duvalier family dictatorship in the last century, accompanied by mass violence, has left Haiti in a hopeless state, and the poorest nation of the Americas.”

Soth, Alec

Georgian Spring (Magnum in Motion: November 2009)

The Last Days of W (5:09) (Magnum in Motion: April 1, 2009)

Spanner, Johan

Iraq’s Widows (NYT: February 23, 2009) Article: Iraq’s War Widows Face Dire Need With Little Aid

Speck, Ben

Rising the Rails (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2009)

Spottorno, Carlos

Oil Quest (Reportage by Getty Images: July 2009) China

St. Petersburg Times

St. Petersburg Times photographers’ favorite images of 2009) (St. Petersburg Times: December 2009)

Stanmayer, John

Amazon Ablaze — Global Climate Change (VII: October 2009)

The End of Plenty (VII: October 2009) Stanmeyer chronicled the causes and effects of rising food prices.

Starkov, Igor

Magnitogorsk – Steel City in Decline (Newsweek 2009)

Steber, Maggie

Poor in Palm Beach. It’s Relative. (NYT: April 12, 2009) Article: Recession Pain, Even in Palm Beach

After Foreclosure, Refusing to Leave (audio slide show 2:32) (NYT: April 9, 2009)

Selling Cars, and Hope, at a Chevy Dealer (audio slide show 2:46) (NYT: April 8, 2009)

Steele-Perkins, Chris

Tokyo Love Hello (Magnum in Motion 2009)

Stockdale, Jane

G20 Protests in London (der Freitag: April 3, 2009)

Stoddart, Tom

European Agriculture (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2009) Shot in 2008

Blood Minerals (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2009)

Trail of Tears (Reportage by Getty Images: August 2009) Funerals of British Afghanistan casualties

Cambridge University’s Annual May Balls (TIME: June 2009) Cambridge University celebrates its 800th anniversary in 2009

Stravato, Michael

With No Job, A Family Struggles (audio slide show 3:15) (NYT: November 2009)

Drought at the Brown Ranch (NYT: February 12, 2009) Article: Texas Ranchers and Farmers Struggle in Drought

A Drug War Across the River (NYT: January 23, 2009) Topic: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, which has always been dangerous, has become a battleground for drug cartels. El Paso, where many Juárez residents work, is one of the safest cities in the United States

Suau,  Anthony

Twenty Years Later (NYT: November 2009)

The Housing Meltdown (The Digital Journalist: March 2009)

Best Photos of the Year, 2008: The American Economy: Down and Out (TIME: February 12, 2008) “TIME Photographer Anthony Suau wins the prestigious World Press Photo of the Year Award for an image of a family being evicted from their Cleveland home. The picture was part of his essay on the fallout from the financial meltdown”

Sywenkyj, Joseph

Quiet Depression Sweeps Ukraine (NYT: April 8, 2009) Article: Economic Crisis Sweeps Eastern Ukraine

Tama, Mario

New Orleans After Katrina (Guernica: September 2009)

Tavakolian, Newsha

Iran Elections Turn Bitter (NYT: June 8, 2009)

Taveras, Caroll

Mezcal: Por Todo Mal (Foto8: August 2009)

Taylor-Lind, Anastasia

The Cidermen (audio slideshow 3:50) (Foto8 Story of the Week: January 12, 2009)

Teh, Ian

The Vanishing (Panos Pictures: May 2009) The Three Gorges Dam project

Templeton, Casey

An Untested Last Hope (audio slide show 3:46) (NYT: May 17, 2009) Searching cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease

Testa, Andrew

Kosovo, Year 1 (audio slide show 4:53) (NYT: February 2009)


General Stanley McChrystal in Afghanistan (TIME: December 2009)

The Year in Pictures 2009 (TIME: December 2009)

Ansel Adams in Color (TIME: October 2009)

Heroin’s Globan Reach (TIME: October 2009) Images by various different photographers

‘Georgian Spring, A Magnum Journal’ (TIME: October 2009)

The Farm Security Administration and the dawn of Kodakchrome(multimedia) (TIME: September 2009)

TIME: Gianni Giansanti: The Pope’s Photographer (TIME: March 19, 2009) ”A retrospective of the late Italian photographer, who spent thirty years covering the Vatican”

Barack Obama’s Inauguration (TIME: January 20, 2009)

Photographing the President (TIME: January 19, 2009) Brooks Kraft and Christopher Morris discuss photographing President Bush

Pictures of the Year 2008

Tomaniczky, Tivadar

Operation Cast Lead (VII Network: January 2009)

Torfinn, Sven

Building a new Sudan (Panos Pictures: May 2009)

Torgovnik: Jonathan

The Amato Opera Theatre (Reportage by Getty Images: May 2009) 3rd prize stories in Arts and Entertainment  in this year’s World Press Photo

Rwandan Children Born of Rape (Newsweek: April 2009)

Towell, Larry

Afghanistan: Cities of Mud (Magnum: March 31, 2009)

Train of Thought (audio slide show 2:10) (Magnum in Motion: March 11 2009)

Trayler-Smith, Abbie

Still Human, Still Here (multimedia c. 5min.) (Foto8: March 20, 2009)   11 stills from the above story can also be seen on the BBC website here.

Basra’s Back in Business (TIME: February 17, 2009) “Their mission in the Iraqi city was marred by violence, but British troops are preparing to leave a city that’s bouncing back. Photographer Abbie Trayler-Smith accompanied TIME’s Catherine Mayer to see how Basrawis are rebuilding their lives”

Trieb, Erin

Inside the Apartment of Nidal Malik Hasan (TIME: November 2009) A glimpse into the home of the Fort Hood gunman

Behind The Frontlines (MSNBC: October 2009) Afghanistan

Ulrich, Brian

Dark Stores (TIME: March 10, 2009) ”Photographer Brian Ulrich’s images explore the haunted shells of America’s devastated retail landscap

Vernaschi, Marco

From Birth, Death (NYT Lens: September 2009)

Viguerie, Veronique de

Afghan Policewomen (Reportage by Getty Images: November 2009)

Nigeria’s Oil Pirates (Reportage by Getty Images: September 2009)

van Agtmael, Peter

‘2nd Tour, I Hope I Don’t Die’ (NYT Lens: November 2009)

Two Weeks in Forever (NYT Magazine: October 2009) American Marines in Southern Afghanistan (audio slide show 3:06)

American Wars (Fader: September 2009)

A Photographer’s Personal Journey Through War (TIME: September 2009) “In his brave, haunting new book, 2nd Tour Hope I Don’t Die, American photographer Peter van Agtmael bears witness to war and all it touches”

New Era (multimedia 3:37) (Magnum in Motion: February 26, 2009) “As thousands of people gather in Washington for Inauguration Day, Peter van Agtmael takes a reality check and shoots his way through the ecstatic crowds.” Peter van Agtmael’s portfolio

Vander Brug,  Brian

Imperial Valley’s deepening desperation (audio slide show) (LA Times: April 2009)

van Houtryve, Tomas

2009 The Year in Pictures (Photographer’s website: December 2009)

Rare Pictures from Inside North Korea (TIME: August 2009) An unfilitered view of life inside the reclusive nation

The Land of No Smiles (Foreign Policy: May/June 2009 issue)“Renowned documentary photographer Tomas van Houtryve entered North Korea by posing as a businessman looking to open a chocolate factory. Despite 24-hour surveillance by North Korean minders, he took arresting photographs of Pyongyang and its people—images rarely captured and even more rarely distributed in the West. They show stark glimmers of everyday life in the world’s last gulag”

Vanity Fair

Windows on the Wars (VF: December 2009) A decade ago, America was flush and at peace. Then came the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the retaliatory invasion of Afghanistan, and the controversial “war of choice” in Iraq. With the U.S. and its allies still grappling for solutions, this selection of indelible images shows history unfolding on a human scale.

van Lohuizen, Kadir

Katrina Diaspora (NOOR: June 2009)

China Slowdown (NOOR: May 2009)

Vernaschi, Marco

Drug Trafficking in Guinea-Bissau (Lens Culture: October 2009) Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2009 winner

Vitale, Ami

The Streets of Srinagar (audio slide show 2:25) (The New Yorker: March 3, 2009 issue) “ Steve Coll discusses tensions and the recent election in Kashmir’s summer capital, and visits a village graveyard where local police bring unidentified rebel fighters. With photographs by Ami Vitale.”

von der Fecht, Hannes

The People of Pingelap (multimedia 3:54) (Foto8 Story of the Week: February 25, 2009) “Pingelap is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, a part of the Federate States of Micronesia. About 240 people live on this atoll. Ten per cent of them have a genetic form of colour blindness, achromatopsia, meaning their sight is extremely diffused and their eyes very sensitive to light. This disease is locally known as “Maskun”, which in Pingelapese language means “to not see”.”

Vourloumis, Eirini

A Little Traveling Music (NYT: May 17, 2009) NYC Subway

Philly Fight Night (11 stills) (NYT: March 6, 2009) “The Philly Fight Night was started in 2005 by students of the Wharton School and Penn Law School of the University of Pennsylvania. The annual fight night is a charity-driven event to raise money for the Philadelphia Boys & Girls Club and has now raised more than $40,000.”

Walker, Craig F.

The making of an American soldier (Guardian: November 2009)“When Ian Fisher signed up for the US army aged 18 at the height of the Iraq war in 2007, photographer Craig F Walker began documenting his journey from boy to soldier. The resulting album tells a powerful story of growing up at war”

The Wall Street Journal

The Year’s Best Photos – 2009 (WSJ: December 2009)

Waselchuk, Lori

A Hospice Program for Prison Inmate (Newsweek: 2009)

Wattrelot, Marc

Divided Desert: Balochistan Province (Foto8: December 2009)Pakistan

Weber, Donald

Chernobyl Stalkers (VII Network: February 2009)

Webster, Will

Russian Artisan Architecture (Reportage by Getty Images: April 2009)

White, Tom

Closing Down Main Street (The New York Times: March 24, 2009) Article: A Town Reborn Faces a New Threat

Whittaker, Max

Pinched by a Paycut (multimedia) (NYT: May 2009)

Wilcox Frazier, Danny

Driftless (MediaStorm: May 2009)

Willms, Ian

Walking the Streets of Detroit (Foto8: April 9, 2008)

Wilson, Jim

Inside California’s Tent Cities (NYT: March 26 2009)

Winter, Damon

A Vision of History (NYT: April 20, 2009)

Boxing Through Adversity (NYT: February 8, 2009) “The trainer Ray Hawk has formed a professional boxing network to give American Indians a chance to rise above lives of hardship.” “ Hawk, 54, opened a boxing gym on the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation in Fort Thompson, S.D., in 2008 after fighting his way through teenage Tough Man competitions and unsanctioned brawls. In the late 1970s, he said, he served a four-year prison stint for manslaughter. A born-again Christian who has been sober for seven years, he now trains promising young boxers.”

Winters, Dan

2009 Person of the Year: Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank Ben Bernanke (TIME: December 2009) Inside the World of Ben Bernanke (TIME: December 2009)

Wolf, Michael

A Room of Everyone’s Own (NYT Lens: November 2009)

Woods, Paolo

Asian Crossroads in Africa (NYT Lens Showcase: December 2009)

Iran, Beyond Stereotypes (NYT Lens Showcase: November 2009)

China Comes to Africa (TIME: March 11, 2009) “In the last decade, trade between China and Africa has mushroomed to over $106 billion. In his new book, La Chinafrique photographer Paolo Woods explores how the Chinese are changing life on the vast continent”

World Press Photo

2009 Joop Swart Masterclass : Touch (World Press Photo: November 2009)

Ybarra Zavala, Alvaro

Gun Men of the Bolivarian Revolution (Reportage by Getty Images: December 2009)

Plan Oxigeno in Colombia (Reportage by Getty Images: October 2009)

Afghanistan – Awaiting Obama (Reportage by Getty Images: May 2009)

Yoder:, Dave

On and Off the Catwalk (NYT Lens: September 2009)


The Human Toll (Newsweek: February 2009) Afghanistan

Zizola, Francesco

A Paradise in Peril: The Maldives (NOOR: 2009)

Beach Culture (NOOR 2009)

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