Features and Essays -2007

100 Eyes

Human Condition


Yemen (Magnum 2007)

Addario, Lynsey

Congo on the Edge of War (NYT: Dec. 13, 2007)

Anderson, Christopher (VII)
Bolivian Elections

War in Lebanon

Silicon Forest: High Tech Siberia

Israel-Palestine (Magnum 2007)

Blackwater USA (Magnum 2007)

Nonfiction (Magnum 2007)

Ashburn, Kristen

(Mediastorm 2007)

Bannon, Brendan

Treating Kala azar in Kenya (MSF 2007)

Barrett, Jane

Young Mums

Bendiksen , Jonas (Magnum)

Canadian Oil Sands Boom (Magnum 2007)

Nepal’s Fragile Peace (Magnum 2007)

Bengiveno, Nicole

American Music: Polka in Nebraska (NYT: Nov.29, 2007)

The World in One School (NYT: Dec. 23,2007)

Bleasdale, Marcus (VII)


Congo Street Children


Congo – Hutus and Tutsis. Never Again?

Sexual Violence In The DRC

Nepal – A Forgotten War On Forgotten Hills

Somalia – A Broken State

Congo Elections

Child Soldiers

Congo – Rape As A War Crime

One Hundred Years Of Darkness

Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Leaders. Congo – Street Children

Chad – Genocide Without Borders

Azerbaijan – Black Gold, Broken Dreams

Nowhere to Hide (Daily Telegraph 11/07)

Congo – The Forgotten War (video from Frontline Club)

Congo at the Crossroads (TIME 2007)

Blenkinsop, Philip

Thailand: Scenes from a Coup (TIME Asia: Sep. 25, 2006)

Bonet, Pep

Posithiv+ : AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa (PBS: Frontline/World 2007)

Boulat, Alexandra (VII)

Born In Paris’ Suburbs

Sandjak – A Yugoslav Enigma

Palestine Hotel 17 th Floor


Sardinian Centenarians

Oil Spill In The Galapagos

Enter Hamas

Afghanistan, A Man’s World

Zion Oil

Paris En Flanant / Wandering Through Paris

Morocco: The Berbers Of The High Atlas

Afghanistan – People At Life’s End

Afghan Refugees In Pakistan

Afghan Women – No Escape

Yves Saint Laurent

Gaza Summer Rain

Iranian Transsexuals

Where Korans Go To Rest

Afghan Women On Campaign

The Albanians

The Arab World – Syria And Jordan

No News From Gaza

At Home With Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh

Emergency Room, Paris

Huda, Gaza’s Icon

Burqa Half Way Up

Europe: Muslims Illustrated

The Death Of Shaima Rezayee

Jenin, Beyond Belief

Jean Paul Gaultier

Paris En Flanant / Wandering Through Paris

Israeli Defense Drill

Iranian Women

Israeli Politics

Gaza Tribute To The Women Of Beit Hanoun

Gaza Tunnels

The Louvre, Paris

Gaza Women On The Front line

Middle East Rappers

Iraq Through The Fall

D-Day: The Lost Heroes

A Nation Is Reborn

Women in the Middle East (video from the Frontline Club)

Capturing Gaza’s Hell (TIME: Oct. 10, 2006)

Bronstein, Paula

After the Quake (TIME: 2006)

Brooks, Kate

Iraqis in Exile

Jihad Rehab Camp (TIME: Oct 15, 2007)

Byer, Renee C.

A Mother’s Journey stills / multimedia (2007 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography) (Sacramento Bee 2007)

Living in Fear

CBC Television

Beyond Words: Photographers of War (10min. video) (CBC: 2005)

Chang, Chien-Chi (Magnum)

Empty Orchestra (Magnum-in-Motion: 12/07)

Chung, Dan

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello (Guardian 2007)

du Cille, Michel

Beyond Walter Reed (WP: Nov. 30, 2007)

Cole, Carolyn

AIDS in Africa (LAT 2007) (might request registration)

Liberia (Winner of 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography (Pulitzer.org)

Croslin, Bob

Coast to Coast

The Digital Journalist

Best of Visa Pour L’Image

Franklin, Stuart (Magnum)

Hotel Afrique

Dalton, Scott

No Man’s Land (NYT: May, 21, 2007)

Domeniczky, Tivadar

Jerusalem: A Divided City (TIME: Nov. 21, 2008)

Dudouit, Philippe

The Golden Prison (TIME: Oct. 24, 2006)

Portrait of the Kurdish Rebels (TIME: Oct. 22, 2007)

Dworzak, Thomas (Magnum)

Ghost Town


M*A*S*H Iraq

Chad (Magnum 2007)

Erwitt,Elliott (Magnum)

Personal Best

Franco, Angel

This Land: Friday Night Fights (NYT: Dec. 9,2007)

Freed, Leonard (Magnum)

A Tribute

Fremson, Ruth

Beyond the Veil

Crossing the Line

Friedberg, Jen


Fusco, Paul (Magnum)

Bitter Fruit

Chernobyl Legacy

Garcia Rodero, Cristina

Culto a Maria Lionza (Magnum 2007)

Gauthier, Robert

Breakdown: A Family’s Struggle With Mental Illness (LA Times: Dec. 23, 2007)

Gerbehaye, Cedric

Congo’s Child Soldiers (TIME: Oct. 19, 2007)

Gerszak, Rafal

Raven and Jason

Gilbertson, Ashley

Surgery and Recovery, Then Back to Iraq (NYT: Dec. 22, 2007)

Gilden, Bruce (Magnum)

Coney Island

Glinn, Burt (Magnum)

The Revolution

Grarup, Jan (NOOR)


Darfur: Genocide in Slow Motion (PBS: Frontline/World 2007)

Uganda Flooding (NOOR 2007)

Greenfield, Lauren (VII)

Links to Greenfield’s essays were removed as they no longer worked as a result of her leaving VII – Mikko (08/09)

Grinker, Lori

When Was Is Over (TIME: Nov. 10, 2006)

Harvey, David Allan (Magnum)

Living Proof

Haviv, Ron (VII)

All My Enemies

The Fires Within: Sri Lanka at War

Hill, James

A Photographer’s Journal: Putin’s Russia (NYT: Dec. 1, 2007)

Hoagland, Eros

Securing the Perimeter (TIME: Oct. 6, 2006)

Holloway, David

Modern Day Cowboy Games

Hondros, Chris

A Window on Baghdad (VQR: Summer 2007)

Huggins, J. Adam

From the Ladles of Molten Metal (NYT: Nov. 21, 2007)

Hyman, Jonathan

Memores in the Landscape (TIME: Sep 8, 2006)

Jobard, Olivier

Jones Griffiths, Philip (Magnum)

Viet Nam At Peace

Jufri, Kemal

Indonesia’s Aftershock (TIME Asia:2006)

Kahn, Nikki

A New Home Away From Home (WP 2006)

Kamber, Michael

The Reach of War: The Deadly Search of Missing Soldiers (NYT: May 22, 2008)

Kenneally, Brenda Ann

Knight, Gary (VII)

Darfur – War Without End

Pollution In The Ganges

Kozyrev, Yuri

Talismans (audio slideshow) (TIME: November 11, 2006)

Afghanistan’s Mean Street (TIME: 2006)

An Incident at Al-Dora (TIME: Oct. 27, 2006)

Kratochvil, Antonin (VII)

Aids in Congo

Frank Lucas

Radical Islam In Pakistan


Road Work (fiction)

Ladefoged, Joachim

The Mirror (YouTube video) Audience video of Ladefoged’s multimedia presentation at the VII Photo Seminar in London, April 2007)

The Albanians

Sex Workers in Kinshasa

Tsunami Refugees – Sri Lanka


A Vanishing Way of Life

Paulo Coelho

The Arab World: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Kuwait

Wendy Whelan

Arcade Fire

Athens Olympics 2004

Oil Rig

Bode Miller

Boxer Amir Khan

Tsunami – Sri Lanka

Caribbean Underdog

The Flight from Iraq

Bodybuilding (backstage at the Danish championships)


Hurricane Katrina – One Year Later

Neon Revolution

The Friendly Ocean

Iraqi Refugees in Sweden

Lost in Tokyo

Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Living with AIDS

Go West

Golf in Dubai

Lee, Chang W.

China’s Industrial Revolution (NYT: Dec. 29, 2007)

China – Outsourcing Pollution ( NYT: Dec. 21 , 2007)

China – Fishing for Prosperity (NYT: Dec. 15, 2007)

China – Business as Usual (NYT: Nov. 24, 2007)

China – The World’s Smoke Stack ( NYT: Aug. 26, 2007)

China – A Lake in Crisis ( NYT: Oct. 14, 2007)

Lichtenstein, Andrew

Never Coming Home

Litherland, Chip

Jesus on the Broadway

Loomis, Rick

A Quiet Night’s Menace (LAT: Nov. 2007)

Lowy, Ben

Residents of the Mark Twain Hotel

Lyttle, Melissa

Kids in Chaos


2007 Nominees

Burma – Behind The Conflict

No Whisper No Sigh

September 11

Maguire, Leo





S&M 1




Majoli, Alex (Magnum)

Libera Me

Requiem in Samba

Manos, Constantine (Magnum)

American Color

Masi, Alex

Million Dollar Squatters

McCurry, Steve (Magnum)

The Aesthetic Hunter

McCarthy, G.J.

Nerves of Steel

Meiselas, Susan (Magnum)

Costly Dream

Moore, John

The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto (NYT: Dec. 28, 2007)

Morris, Christopher (VII)

Hillary Clinton

America (VII: 12/07)

Exposing North Korea (TIME: 2005)

Paradise Lost? (TIME: Sep. 2006)

Nactwey, James

Crime in Middle America (TIME: December 2, 2006)

Saving Lives on the Front Lines (National Geographic: December 2006)


Burma Aftermath (TIME: Oct. 10, 2007)

Kashmir: State of Unrest (TIME:1999)

Shattered (TIME: Sep. 12, 2001)

Nga, Jehad

Moroccan Prisons (NYT: Dec. 31, 2007)


Four Years in Iraq (Newsweek: 2007)

New York Times

2007 – The Year in Pictures (NYT: Dec. 30, 2007)

Nickelsberg, Robert

The 10th Mountain Division (TIME: 2006)

Nosh, Farah

US Military Deserters (TIME: Nov. 9, 2007)

The Oregonian

Living to the End

Paassen, Kevin Van

Mount Hope – Life and Death at the Hospital (pdf) (Globe and Mail: December 5, 2005)

Cruel Toll (Globe and Mail: May 2007)

Page, Warrick

The West Bank Barrier

D-Day: 60th Anniversary

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Taliban Rising

The Death of Lollywood

Pakistan Fisherfolk




Pagetti, Franco (VII)

Iraq (2003-2007)

Journey Into Baghdad (TIME: Aug. 7, 2006)

Iraqi No Man’s Land (TIME: Nov. 28, 2007)

Parke, Trent (Magnum)

Minutes to Midnight

Parker, Evan

Life on the Nine

Pellegrin, Paolo (Magnum)

From Every Angle (The New York Magazine : Look: November 26, 2007) “Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin captures the beauty, chaos, and drama of the runways.”

Evacuation (multimedia) (Magnum-in-Motion)

Guantanamo (multimedia) (MiM)

Iranian Martyrs (Magnum 2007)

Islamic Iran (Magnum 2007)

Facets of Romania (Magnum 2007)

Beyond the Pyramids (Magnum 2007)

Liberia: On the Edge of Peace (Magnum 2007)

Darfur II (Magnum 2007)

Perry, Richard

Border Crossings: Poor to Poor (NYT: Dec. 26, 2006)

Photo District News

30 2007

30 2006

Pomerantz, James

Caspian Dreams


Pakistan Earthquake

The Ninth Ward


King for a Day

Rasmussen, Espen

The Hunt for Diamonds (YouTube video)

Roberts, Simon

Fast in Karts (TIME: Sep. 18, 2007)

Inside Eton (TIME Europe: June 18, 2006)

Images from the book Motherland (Lens Culture)

Motherland (official site for the book)

Sikka, Bharat

Bombay Dreams (TIME Asia: 2006)

Silva, Joao

The Baghdad Awakening (NYT: Dec. 12, 2007)

Sinco, Luis

Slaby, Matt

$30 and Some Film

Smith, Sean

Iraq – The Real Story (Guardian Films 2007)

Soth, Alec (Magnum)


Spanner, John

Neighbourhood Watch (New Yorker: Nov. 19, 2007)

Stanmeyer, John (VII)

Aids in India


Recovering from the Tsunami (TIME: 2006)

Kashmir: Cold Mountains (TIME: 2006)

Steele-Perkins, Chris (Magnum)

Pakistan 2005: When The Earth Quaked

Stone, Les


Tannenbaum, Allan

9/11: Still Killing (TIME:2006)

Testa, Andrew (Panos)

Endgame in Kosovo

Thompson, Hazel (Freelance/ Eyevine)

Sexual Violence in Eastern Congo (NYT: Oct. 6, 2007)


Aftermath of an Assassination (TIME: Dec. 2007)

A Snapshot of America (TIME: Nov. 12, 2007)

Alexandra Boulat: A Tribute (TIME: Oct. 8, 2007)

The Best Photos of the Year 2006

The Most Militarized Border (TIME: 2006)

Capturing a War (TIME: 2006)

The Best Photos of the Year 2005

The Best Photos of the Year 2003

Afghanistan Today (By Boulat, Morris, Nachtwey, Stanmeyer) (TIME:2002)

The Best Photos of the Year 2001

The Best Photos of the Year 2000

Towell, Larry (Magnum)

In The Wake of Katrina

Land and Identity

Remote Area Medical Mission, Appalachia (Magnum 2007)

Usher, Chris

Helping to Heal (TIME: 2007)

Van Agtmael, Peter

Unseen War: Photos from Iraq and Afghanistan (ABC News 2007)

Scared, Bored, and Lonely: The Horror Written on the Latrine Walls (ABC News 2007)

Van Houtryve, Tomas

The Forgotten Soldiers (NYT: 12/07)

Van Lohuizen, Kadir

A Diamond’s Journey

Beijing’s Changing Skyline (TIME: Sep. 19, 2007)

Life Returns to Lebanon (TIME: Sep. 1, 2006)

Vink, John (Magnum)

Khmer Boxing

Terre Rouge

Disabled Volleyball World Cup

Cambodians’ Privatisation Of Its Cultural Privation (Magnum 2007)

Washington Post

The Best of the Post 2007 (WP: Dec. 2007)

Webb, Alex (Magnum)


Weber, Donald

Bastard Eden: Chernobyl at Twenty

Genocide in Slow Motion: Eastern Chad

Zek: In the Prison in the East (work in progress)

Welcome to My Country: Turkish Kurdistan

Underclass and Its Bosses: Ukraine

Tsunami: Thailand

Wheatley, Simon (Magnum)

Inner City Youth (multimedia (Magnum-in-Motion)

Another Knife, Another Life (Magnum 2007)

The E14 Movement (Magnum)

England. 2002-2004. Lambeth Walk (Magnum)

Netherlands. 1999-2004. Amsterdam: Liberal Limits (Magnum)

Winter, Damon

A Dilemma in the Arctic

The Surgical Option (NYT: Nov. 24, 2007)

World Picture Network

Week in Pictures

Yamauchi, Hiroshi

Urban Spieces

Zizola, Francesco (Noor)

Fighting to Save the Children From Malaria (MSF 2007)

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