Interviews and Talks


VII: The War in Iraq Through Photographer’s Eyes part1part2, part3 (PBS)

12 Photographers Speak – A Collection Of YouTube Videos (Pixsylated: 2010)

16th Joop Swart Masterclass participants interviews (World Press Photo: December 2009)

15th Joop Swart Masterclass (2008) : Peter van Agtmael, Jehad Nga, James Pomerantz, Agnes Dherbeys, Massimo Berruti and others. (World Press Photo: December 2008)

14th Joop Swart Masterclass (2007) : participants talk (video) (World Press Photo)


Abbas (BJP 1854 blog: September 2009)

Abdulaziz, Mustafah (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Abdulaziz, Mustafah (Dazeddigital.com: 2009)

Abdulaziz, Mustafah (Photopol.us: March 2010)

Addario, Lynsey (CNN: November 2010)

Addario, Lynsey (popphoto.com: February 2010)

Addario, Lynsey : NYT Lens blog: On Assignment: The Afganistan Election (NYT: August 2009) Lynsey Addario working in Afghanistan

Addario, Lynsey on her career and the exhibition titled ‘Darfur’ (Todays Zaman: April 10, 2008)

Addario, Lynsey on working in Darfur (youTube) 8min video. It starts in Turkish, but Lynsey does come on after a minute.

Agins, Michelle : On Assignment (NYT Lens: February 2010)

Akinleye, Akintude – Hell from Heaven (CPN: Behind the Lens)

Allard, William Albert (NYT: December 2010)

Anderson, Christopher on Capitolio (Candela Live: January 2010)

Anderson, Christopher (audio and slideshow) (Foto8: January 2010) Talk from November 2009 at HOST gallery in London

Anderson, Christopher on Capitolio (video 2 1/2 minutes) (American University, D.C. : 2009)

Anderson, Christopher (Conscientious: October 2009)

Anderson, Christopher (NYT Lens blog: September 2009)

‘Christopher Anderson on objectivity’ (video 5:51) (Magnum blog: November 1, 2008)

Ang, Ying (NYMPHOTO: September 2009)

Anglès, Daphne : The New York Times’ European Picture Coordinator Daphné Anglès has selected her favourite photojournalism and documentary photography images from those submitted to Editor’s Choice 2 in August by CPN readers around the world (CPN: September 2010)

Antebi, Jeff (CNN: November 2010)

A Photo Student: A Crap Ton of Photography Related Videos!! (APS: August 2010)

Archibald, Timothy (popphoto.com: 2010)

Arthur, Olivia  123 (notodotv.com)

Arthur, Olivia : new Magnum nominee (Magnum Blog: July 6, 2008)

Astrada, Walter (BJP: August 2010)

Autio. Narelle : The Summer of Us (Foto8: March 2010)

Avakian, Alexandra (BJP 1854 blog: September 2009)


Baz, Patrick (NYT Lens: May 2010)(NYT Lens: May 2010)

Bailey, David (BJP: June 2010)

Bailey, David (Guardian: March 2010)

Baker, Ben (Redux: September 2010)

Ballen, Roger (video 10 minutes) (Lens Culture: January 2010)

Ballen, Roger (Audio slideshow 2:56) (NYT Lens Showcase: November 2009)

Ballen, Roger (video 70 minutes) (WTJ blog: November 2009)

Ballen, Roger :  interview (audio) along with 25 of his new photographs in Lens Culture. There’s also an article on Ballen by Jim Casper. (Lens Culture: January 5, 2009)

Barria, Carlos was one of the first photographers to witness the earthquake devastation in Haiti. (audio) (BBC World Service: January 2010)

Basoli, Lourdes (video) (Foto8 YouTube: September 2009)

Bell, Jason (Guardian: August 2010)

Bendiksen, Jonas (YouTube: 2010)


Bendiksen, Jonas discusses his project The Places We Live (2:58) (YouTube)

Benson, Harry (video) (liveBooks: Photographers in Focus: January 2009)

Berman, Nina talked with BJP about her ‘Homeland, USA’ series in Perpignan (BJP/1854 blog: September 2008)

Berman, Nina on NPR’s Lopate show with Ashley Gilbertson

Beste, Peter (YouTube)

Bey, Dawoud : Dawoud Bey and Carrie Mae Weems talk at Aperture (video c.24 minutes) (Vimeo: February 2009)

Bieber, Jodi (Design Indaba: September 2010)

Bieber, Jodi (CBC: August 2010) audio

Bieber, Jodi on the Aisha portrait (BBC: August 2010)

Bieber, Jodi Photographer Jody Bieber talks about the dangers facing Afghan women if U.S. troops leave Afghanistan (CNN: August 2010)

Bieber, Jodi Photographing Aisha for the Cover of TIME  | video 2 minutes (TIME: July 2010) Photographer Jodi Bieber talks about her approach in making the photograph of Aisha, the Afghan woman on TIME’s cover

Bieber, Jodi talks on Portraits of the Women in Afghanistan  | video 7 minutes (TIME: July 2010)

Bieber, Jodi (Foto8: July 2010)

Bieber, Jodi (BJP: June 2010)

BJP: Exodus : BJP profiles five different photographers whose stories focus on the realities of migration, shot by Alixandra Fazzina, Moises Saman, Lauren Greenfield, Kadir van Lohuizen and Espen Rasmussen (BJP: August 2010)

Blanchet, Karl (BJP 1854: May 2010)

Bleasdale, Marcus : My Best Shot (Guardian: September 2010) The documentary photographer talks about capturing child soldiers and conflict zones – and explains why the reason he takes pictures is because he gets angry (video 4:27)

Bleasdale, Marcus (YouTube) Conflict in Congo – The Challenges of Visual Journalism

Bleasdale, Marcus (Starved for Attention: June 2010)

Bleasdale. Marcus says the work of a photojournalist is connecting with new audiences in creative ways. (Telegraph: March 2010)

Bleasdale, Marcus :  ’Career Change : Banker-turned Photojournalist’  by Sally Williams (Daily Telegraph: December 30, 2008) “As an investment banker, Marcus Bleasdale was paid £500,000 a year to sit in front of 10 computers and 25 phones. ‘My job was to produce for the bank,’ he remembers, ‘almost like being a battery chicken, sitting there laying eggs.’ There were perks, of course, and before the age of 30 Bleasdale was the owner of two houses and a 1968 Porsche 911, and he spent weekends skiing in the Alps.Bleasdale is now a photojournalist, and the change in his life could hardly have been more dramatic. He owns a flat, but no car, and at the age of 40 earns £60,000 a year, if he is lucky…”

Blenkinsop, Philip (Zorye: August 2010)

Blenkinsop, Philip (Foto8: March 2010)

Blenkinsop, Philip on photography and integrity (BJP blog: September 2008)

Bolfo, Antonio (BJP: September 2010)

Bonet, Pep – Close Up (Kodak US – podcast)

Bonet, Pep – Learning Through Seeing (Kodak ProPass)

Bonet, Pep – Invisible Trace (CPN: Behind the Lens)

Bonet, Pep – Working on ‘Posithiv+’ (PBS: Frontline/World 2007)

Bower, Carl (Resolve by liveBooks: April 2010) Colombia’s beauty pageant obsession from all angles

Bowman Erin, on NPR (text, audio, slideshow) (NPR All Things Considered: March 2008)

Brauer, M. Scott : Working Abroad (NPPA Visual Student: January 2010)

Brook, Pete (Positive Magazine: April 2010) An interview with Pete Brook of Prison Photography.

Bronstein, Paula (Getty Images podcast)

Bruce, Andrea : ‘She views the world through a camera lens’ by Michael Heinz(JCOnline: April 13, 2009)

Bruce, Andrea interviewed with Stephanie Sinclair by Terrence Smith

Burnett, David (PhotoShelter blog: July 2010)  In the bag with photographer David Burnett

Burnett, David : Iranian revolution (NYT Lens: September 2009)

Burtynsky, Edward on manufactured landscapes (video 34 minutes) (Ted Talks: 2005)

Burtynsky, Edward on his Oil project (Ted Talks: November 2009) video 3:40 “In stunning large-format photographs, Edward Burtynsky follows the path of oil through modern society, from wellhead to pipeline to car engine — and then beyond to the projected peak-oil endgame.”


Campbell, Briony (Contact blog: July 2010)

Canon Professional Network : In Front of the Lens : “Canon talks on film to some of the leading figures in photography including the photographers whose work was exhibited at the 2008 and 2007 Visa pour l’Image festivals of photojournalism in Perpignan, France. Here they reveal their roles in photography, the stories behind their images and their main inspirations. “ MaryAnne Colon ( chair of the World Press Photo 2009 jury), Hady Sy, Dirck Halstead, Jonas Bendiksen (on his work in Mumbai), Jane-Evelyn Atwood, John Stanmeyer (on his work on Malaria).

Caplin, Robert (NYT Lens: August 2010)

Carucci, Elinor (enemiesofgoodart.org: 2010)

Carucci, Elinor (Mattjohnston.org: November 2010)

Carucci, Elinor (Kate Pollard blog: May 2010)

Carucci, Elinor (video) (Art Israel: March 2010)

Carucci,Elinor (BBC Radio 4: January 2010)  Elinor Carucci: Intimacy is at the James Hyman Gallery in London from 7 January to 20 February 2010.

Carucci, Elinor (video) (Telegraph: January 2010)

CBC: The Aftermath Project (CBC: July 2010) “Hour One: The Aftermath Project – Have you ever wondered what happens when the war has ended, the crisis has passed and the story disappears from your newspaper, radio or TV? Prying reporters may have taken their notebooks and microphones and cameras and moved on – but the story doesn’t just end. This week you’ll hear from two photojournalists who have taken on a challenging assignment – to cover the forgotten stories, the stories major news organizations no longer have time and space or money for. It’s called ‘The Aftermath Project’ – dedicated to telling the other half of the story”

Chaskielberg, Alejandro : Brighton Photo Biennial (BJP: October 2010)

Chaskielberg, Alejandro (Culture24.org.uk: September 2010)

Cipriano, Gianni (e-Photo reivew: July 2010)

Clark, Larry : The Kid Stays in the Picture (The Guardian: Feb. 17, 2008)

Close, Chuck (Guernica: July 2010)

Conrad, Fred R. : Life Sentences (NYT Lens: October 2009)

Cook, Kathryn : Working Abroad (NPPA The Visual Student blog: February 2010)

Corbijn, Anton : ‘I know just enough not to look stupid’ (Guardian: November 2010)

Corbijn, Anton (The Quietus: November 2010)

Corbijn, Anton (NYT T Magazine: November 2010)

Critchley, Emma (video 2:23) (Troika Editions)

Crowley, Stephen (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Crowley, Stephen : To Afghanistan, in Darkness and Secrecy (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Cuthbert, Daniel (BJP: June 2010)


D’Agata, Antoine (Vice: November 2010)

David, Tammy (WPP Enter: July 2010)

Davidson, Bruce (NYT: September 2010)

Davidson, Bruce (Nowness: July 2010)

Davidson , Bruce (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Davidson, Bruce (Telegraph: January 2010)

de Bode, Chris (Fotopub: July 2010)

Dench, Peter (Photographymontly.com: November 2010)

Dench, Peter (BJP: June 2010)

de Viguerie, Veronique (Daily Beast: 2010)

Dewener-Plana, Miquel (BJP 1854 blog: September 2009)

Dherbeys, Agnes (VII Magazine: April 2010)

Dimmock, Jessica (Starved For Attention blog: June 2010)

Dimmock, Jessica (PDN Pulse: March 2010)

Dimmock, Jessica (The Photography Post: February 2010)

Dimmock, Jessica (Photoshelter Blog: 2008)

Dispatches: Conversation Between Photography and Policy | part 1part 2part 3 |part 4 part 5 (videos) (Dispatches: 2009)

Dodd, James (BBC: July 2010)

Drake, Carolyn on ‘Paradise Rivers’ (Third Floor gallery Vimeo: July 2010)

Draper, Eric : Article by David Beard: Bush gives fist bump as farewell to official photographer (Boston Globe: January 23, 2009) “Eric Draper spent the last eight years alongside George W. Bush as the chief White House photographer. Draper, 44, who had covered the 2000 campaign for The Associated Press, took the White House from film to digital as he met world leaders and mixed it up with Britian’s Prince Philip”

Duncan, John (Foto8: July 23, 2008)

Dunlop, Nic (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Dworzak, Thomas : Lecture at Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism 2008 (Hannover, Germany, June 2008)


Echeverria, Alinka : Cuba 1959: The Second Front (BJP: July 2010)

Eddie Adams Workshop : Audio archive : Talks by past guest speakers, including Gordon Parks, Eddie Adams, and Peter Turnley.

Effendi, Rena (WPP Enter: July 2010)

Effendi, Rena at HOST Gallery (video 5 minutes) (Foto8 YouTube: January 2010)

Effendi, Rena (audio) (BBC World Service: December 2009)

Eich, Matt (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Eich, Matt (e-photoreview: September 2010)

Eich, Matt (Qufoto 2008)

Eich, Matt (MJR Blog Showcase: July 2008)

Eich, Matt : The Good Struggle (Photoshelter blog: July 2008)

Engstrom, JH (Viceland: August 2010)

Engstrom, JH (BJP: November 2009)

Erwitt, Elliott (Telegraph: October 2010)

Erwitt, Elliott – on the Inauguration (PDN Online: January 26, 2009)

Erwitt, Elliott – interviewed with Burth Glinn by Pia Frankenberg in late 2006 (Magnum Blog: April 22, 2008)

Eskenazi, Jason (A Photo Student: February 2010)

Eskenazi, Jason (audio) (Studio360.org: December 2009)

Eskenazi, Jason (video 6:23) (Habitus Magazine: November 2009)

Eskenazi, Jason on his Wonderland project (audio and text) (NPR: November 2008)

Evans, Adrian : Director, Panos Pictures (Panos Pictures blog: November 2010)

Evers, Frank (The Photography Post: February 2010)


Fazzina, Alixandra (YouTube: 2010)

Fazzina, Alixandra (BBC World Service: September 2010)

Fazzina, Alixandra: Witness to the devastation (Telegraph: September 2010)

Fazzina, Alixandra : Ramadan during the Pakistan floods  (Oxfam: September 2010)

Fazzina, Alixandra on working in Pakistan | slideshow (The Independent: September 2010)

Fazzina, Alixandra (BJP: September 2010)

Fazzina, Alixandra (DRadio Wissen: August 2010)

Fazzina, Alixandra (BBC: August 2010)

Fazzina, Alixandra (YouTube) BBC with Alixandra Fazzina: UNHCR’s 2010 Nansen Refugee Award winner

Ferguson, Adam (NYT Lens: September 2010)

Ferrato, Donna (NYT Lens blog showcase: September 2009)

Fineman, Aaron on 9/11 (video) at The Digital Journalist

Fink, Larry (Pocko: April 2010)

Finley, Colin (multimedia interviews) (Livebooks)

Florio, Jason on his ‘Makasutu: Mecca in the Forest’ exhibition (video 20:15) (WTJ blog: February 10, 2009)

Forsell, Linda at Noordelicht (Foto8: September 2009)

Foto8: Visa Pour L’Image 2010 interviews (Foto8: September 2010)

Foto8: Arles 2010 interviews (Foto8: July 2010)

Foto8 : Three Photographers discuss gangs and youth in London: Shooting Kids (audio) (Foto8: December 2009)

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop instructors (liveBooks: 2010)

Fox, Anna (Foto8: July 2010)

Franck, Martine (Nowness: 2010)

Franco, Angel (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Franco, Angel on 9/11 (video) at The Digital Journalist

Frank, Brian (American Public Media: July 2010) Kai Ryssdal talks to photographer Brian Frank about his travels along the Colorado River, where he photographed the impact of overpopulation, pollution, damming, global warming and apathy on the river and the communities that relied on it.

Frank, Robert : On the Road : Robert Frank discusses his book, “The Americans,” with Philip Gefter. The book is an intimate visual chronicle of common people in ordinary situations drawn from several trips he made through his adopted country in the mid-1950s. (Related Article) (NYT: December 14, 2008)

Frank,Robert at the Lincoln Center (audio 37 min.) (WNYC: May 13, 2008) You can stream the audio from the WNYC’s website or download it on to your computer.

Frank, Robert in Charlie LeDuff’s Vanity Fair article ‘Robert Frank’s Unsentimental Journey’ (text) (Vanity Fair: April 2008)

Fremson, Ruth on 9/11 (video) at The Digital Journalist


Galella, Ron (nj.com: 2010)

Gallagher, Sean (BBC: November 2010)

Garanger, Marc (NYPH: May 2010)

Gardi, Balazs (Daily Telegraph: November 2009)

Gilbertson, Ashley and Campbell Robertson in conversation with New York Times’  Baghdad Correspondent Stephen Farrell (article and video 7:43) (NYT Baghdad Bureau Blog: November 6, 2008) “Ashley Gilbertson is a freelance photographer who has worked in Iraq since 2002, largely on assignment for The New York Times. Last year, he published his first book, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: A Photographer’s Chronicle of the Iraq War. Campbell Robertson is a culture reporter for The New York Times. He will return to Iraq later this month.”

Gill. Stephen (Telegraph: June 2010)

Garcia,Mannie – ‘The man who made an icon’ (The Guardian: February 15, 2009)

Gentile, Keith : Agency Access (APE: May 2010) Agency Access

Gerszak, Rafal (e-Photoreview Vimeo: November 2010)

Gilbertson, Ashley (e-photoreview.com: June 2010)

Gilbertson, Ashley (VII: 2010) Consequences of War

Gilbertson, Ashley on NPR’s Lopate show with Nina Berman

Gilbertson, Ashley – interview in Chicago (YouTube)  – 6 short videos

Gilden, Bruce : Transcript of a Magnum organised Twitter Q&A (Nikita Pavlov blog: March 3, 2009)

Gilkey, Davidy on Photographing Haiti (audio slideshow) (NPR: January 2010) “NPR’s David Gilkey traveled to Haiti just after the earthquake left the capital in ruins. Back in D.C., he reflects on his experiences photographing amid the wreckage.”

Glinn, Burt – interviewed with Elliot Erwitt by Pia Frankenberg in late 2006 (Magnum Blog: April 22, 2008)

Goddard, Wade : curator and director of War Photo Limited gallery in Croatia (Zorye: April 2010)

Godfrey, Ilan (verbal.co.za: February 2010)

Nan Goldin (YouTube)


Goldin, Nan : ‘My camera has saved my life’ (Guardian: May 22, 2008)

Golon, MaryAnne : Jury chair about the winner : After the judging was concluded jury chair MaryAnne Golon reflected on the World Press Photo of the Year 2008. Watch a short video. (video 2:16) (World Press Photo: February 13, 2009)

Golon, Maryanne – Director of Photography at TIME magazine (CPN: In Focus)

Graham, Paul (SeeSaw Mag: July 2010)

Grarup. Jan (Prison Photography: March 2010)

Grarup, Jan – Working on the Darfur feature (PBS: Frontline/World)

Greene, Stanley (NYT Lens: July 2010)

Greene, Stanley (PBS Tavis Smiley: July 2010)

Greenfield, Lauren (Institute: 2010)

Greenfield, Lauren (BJP: June 2010)

Greenfield. Lauren : The Story Behind the Shot (PDN Inside: May 2010)

Greenfield, Lauren (Stocklandmartelblog.com: February 2010)

Greenfield, Lauren – The New Documentarian(PopPhoto 2006)

Greenfield, Lauren and Evers, Frank – In Focus (CPN: In Focus)


Interview with Lauren Greenfield (HBO)

Greenfield, Lauren : Storyteller (Apple Pro Profiles)

Griffin, David on how photography connects us with the world (video 15 minutes) (TED talks: February 2008) “The photo director for National Geographic, David Griffin knows the power of photography to connect us to our world. In a talk filled with glorious images, he talks about how we all use photos to tell our stories.”  more info David Griffin.

Griffiths, Philip Jones – Vietnam Trilogy (Frontline Club – Events video: January 24, 3008) (might ask for a registration)


Handschuh, David on 9/11 (video) at The Digital Journalist

Harris, Naomi (BJP: 2007)

Harvey, David Allan : Divided Soul (Youtube)

Harvey, David Alan: Photographing Andrew Wyeth (National Geographic: February 9, 2009) Interview by David Griffin

Haviv, Ron (DVA foto: September 2010)

Haviv, Ron (Starved for Attention blog: June 2010)

Haviv, Ron (Journalism Now: June 2010)

Haviv, Ron (NYT Lens: January 2010) Haiti

Haviv, Ron : Saving Film From Serbian Warlord Arkan (audio) (liveBooks Resolve blog: August 2009)

Haviv, Ron on the Charlie Rose Show (2001)

Heinz, Lauren : Foto8 Editor (video) (Foto8 YouTube: September 2009)

Heisler, Todd (NYT Lens: April 2010) video

Heisler, Todd (audio) (Photophanatics: September 2009)

Heisler, Todd : NYT Lens blog: Shoptalk with Todd Heisler (NYT: August 2009)

Henriksen, Ryan : 64th College Photographer of the Year (CPOY: November 2010)

Henriksen, Ryan C. : College Photographer of the Year 2009 (NPPA Visual Student: December 2009)

Herbaut, Guillaume (Institute blog: September 2010)

Hetherington, Tim Talks About Medal of Honor Recipient Salvatore Giunta (Youtube: 2010)

Hetherington, Tim (BBC: October 2010)

Hetherington, Tim (MSNBC Morning Joe: September 2010)

Hetherington, Tim (Guernica: September 2010)

Hetherington, Tim talks about his documentary Restrepo (NPR: June 2010)

“If you are interested in mass communication, then you have to stop thinking of yourself as a photographer. We live in a post-photographic world. If you are interested in photography, then you are interested in something — in terms of mass communication — that is past. I am interested in reaching as many people as possible.” – Tim Hetherington

Hetherington, Tim (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Hetherington Tim (video) (VF: December 2007) Pushing back the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan’s strategically crucial Korengal Valley is one of the U.S. Army’s deadliest challenges. For “Into the Valley of Death” (January 2008), Sebastian Junger dug in with the men of Second Platoon, whose humor, courage, and camaraderie come under daily fire. In this video, which features battlefront footage shot by Junger and photographer Tim Hetherington for ABC News, Junger and Hetherington talk about their experiences in Afghanistan while working on the story.

Hetherington, Tim on his Liberia project (BBC: 2009)

Hetherington, Tim talk at HOST Gallery (audio 1h13mins) (Foto8: 2009)

Hetherington, Tim at NYPH (video c. 45 minutes) (What’s the Jackanory: May 2009)

Hicks, Tyler : Kandahar (NYT Lens blog: October 2009)

Hill, James (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Hingley, Lix : A journey through Soho Road (Telegraph: October 2010)

Hinterseer, Claudia : NOOR (Youtube)

Hopper, Dennis (A Photo Student: 2010 )

Hornstra, Rob (BJP: August 2010)

Hornstra, Rob interviewed at NYPH. Rob is part of the Dutch Doc exhibition (Institute: May 2010)

Hornstra, Rob talks about financing his projects (audio 3:22) (NYPH: March 2010)

Howe, Andy (Zorye: October 2010) Andy Howe, British soldier in Afghanistan talking about war and photography, Prvic, Croatia

Howe, Jason P. – ‘My Girlfriend’s Secret Life’ (Marie Claire: September 2009) Howe tells about Marylin,a Colombian female assassin.

Huey, Aaron : America’s native prisoners of war (TED Talks: 2010) about 15 minutes

Huey, Aaron (Ted Talks YouTube channel: 2010)

Huey, Aaron : Still Wounded (NYT Lens: October 2009) Native American reservation in South Dakota

Huffaker, Sandy : Traveling Light and Ready for Everything (PhotoShelter blog: 2010)


Itkoff, Michael (GuatePhoto: June 2010)


JR : Ted Prize (Ted: 2010)

Jaar, Alfredo (BJP 1854 blog: September 2009)

Johansen, Eirik on Sawdust Mountain (Aperture blog: August 2009)

Johnson, Stella : 100 Words: Stella Johnson On Philoxenia (NPR: September 2010) “100 Words” is a series in which photographers describe their work, in their own words.

Jones Griffiths, Philip (The Independent: Jan. 21, 2008)


Kamber, Michael : Military Censorship (Bagnewsnotes: October 2010)

Kamber, Michael (Leica blog: August 2010)

Kamber, Michael (YouTube: 2010)

Kander, Nadav (Hatjecantz.de: July 2010)

Kander, Nadav : Yangtze the long river (10 minutes) (YouTube: 2009)

Kander, Nadav : Obama’s People (gallery and audio interview) (Lens Culture: April 2009)

Ed Kashi (Youtube)

Kashi, Ed : A Photographer’s Journey Near and Far (FORA.tv: August 2010)

Kashi, Ed (ABC News: 2010)

Kashi, Ed (BJP: July 2010)

Kashi, Ed on his environmental photography projects in the Niger delta and Madagascar (Guardian: May 2010) audio slideshow 7:54

Kashi, Ed (Foto8: March 2010)

Kashi, Ed (Telegraph: January 2010)

Kelly, Stephen JB (Planet Mag: 2010)

Kenneally, Brenda Ann (Visura: 2010)

Kennerly, David Hume (Oregonlive.com: November 2010)

Kennerly, David Hume : Witness to the End, Photographer Reflects on Vietnam (PBS: April 2010)

Kikai, Hiroh (Eyecurious: 2010)

Kitwood, Dan (BJP: July 2010)

Klein, Jonathan : Photos that changed the world (Ted Talks: 2010)

Klein, Jonathan : Man behind Getty (thejc.com: December 2009)

Klein, William (BJP: September 2010) Visa Pour L’Image

Klein, William (1000 Words blog: 2010)

Klich, Kent (Foto8: March 2010) World Press winner Kent Klich’s recently published Gaza Photo Album offers a series of pictures examining the aftermath of the Israeli army’s Operation Cast Lead.

Knight, Gary – Darfur’s War Without End (video from Frontline Club)

Knight, Gary -reflecting on leading the jury to choose World Press Photo winners (World Press Photo)

Koudelka, Josef interviewed by Sean O’Hagan (Observer: August 24, 2008) “Forty years on from the 1968 Soviet invasion of Prague, we meet Josef Koudelka, the man who captured the most startling images of that dramatic week, then went on to become one of the greatest photojournalists of our time”

Kraft, Brooks : TIME magazine’s Brooks Kraft and Christopher Morris discuss photographing President Bush (audio slideshow) (TIME: January 19, 2009)

Kramer, Stella (on portfolio reviews) : A Reviewers Eye View (WTJ Blog: December 2008) Info on Stella Kramer from her website : “Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor Stella Kramer has worked with such top publications as The New York Times, Newsweek and People magazine. Through lecturers and seminars about the world of editorial photography; group and individual portfolio and website reviews; Ms. Kramer has shared her expertise with audiences around the country.” Her blog.

Kratochvil, Antonin : World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass lecture (WPP: November 2010)

Kratochvil. Antonin (VII Magazine: June 2010)

Kratocvhil, Antonin (Outside Magazine: September 2009 issue)

Kratochvil, Antonin : Lecture at Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism 2008 (video) (Hannover, Germany, June 18, 2008)

Kratochvil, Antonin (text) (CBC 2005)


Kratochvil, Antonin (Photoshelter Blog: April 2008)

Kurtis, Seba (Contact Editions Vimeo: 2009)


Laban-Mattei, Olivier (BJP: September 2010)

Laban-Mattei, Olivier talks about photographing the haiti earthquake (YouTube: 2010)

Laforet, Vincent (A Photo Editor: February 2010) Vincent Laforet Goes Beyond the Still

Landreth. Molly and Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America (DVA foto: May 2010)

Lange, James M. : The War at home (DVA Foto: January 2010)

Larsen, Erikaslideshow (fulbright.state.gov: 2010)

Larsen, Erika (Feature Shoot: 2008)

Larsen, Erika (Redux video: 2010)

Larsen. Erika : Among the Sámi (Trueslant.com: January 2010)

Lasthein, Jens Olof (Leica Blog: June 2010)

Lauro, Marco di – Casualties of the Nameless (CPN: Behind the Lens)

Leibovitz, Annie (NYT: 2007)

Leibovitz, Annie : The View From Behind The Lens (audio 7:18) (NPR:November 18, 2008)

Lens Culture : Audio interviews section

Leroy, Jean-Francois (BJP blog: September 2008)

Leroy, Jean-Francois – The Man Behind Visa Pour L’Image (Part 1) at The Digital Journalist

Leroy, Jean-Francois – The Man Behind Visa Pour L’Image (Part 2) at The Digital Journalist

Levy, John on photojournalism and why it matters (audio only) (Foto8) “Jon Levy, founder of Foto8 speaks about what Foto8 stands for, how it came to be, and why photojournalism matters. This recording is taken from a series of talks given during a day long symposium held in April 2008 in Bradford England at the National Media Museum.” If you can’t access the page directly, go to the foto8 site and the blogs section.

Lewin, Brent (GuatePhoto: June 2010)

Lewin, Brent (Miss Rosen Blog: June 2010)

Lewin, Brent (Missrosen blog: 2010)

Liu, Gloriann on her work ‘The Other Afghanistan’ (audio) (World Affairs Council)

liveBooks RESOLVE blog interviews : Matt Eich/Luceo, Tim Hussin, Mustafah Abdulaziz/MJR and Matt Craig/MJR

Lowy, Ben (Computer love blog: November 2010)

Lowy, Benjamin (YouTube)


Lowy, Ben (audio 3:44 and text) (NYT Lens: September 2009)

Lowy, Ben(APhotoADay: February 9, 2009)

Lowy, Ben talks with Andrew Hetherington about his big New York Magazine Look supplement assignment (video 22 mins) (Vimeo: 2008)

Lowy, Ben – Shooting Digital in Iraq (Ron Galbraith DPI: June 13, 2004)

Lubell, Mark (gholubowicz.com: August 2010) In this fourth video of the “Sortir du Cadre” (Think outside the box) Interview series, Mark Lubell gives an insight of Magnum inMotion its strategy and goes further to explore the state of the photojournalism and its future.

Luce, Kirsten (NYT Lens: October 2010)

Luczakowska, Aga : Turning Point series (NYT Lens: August 2010)

Lu, Guang (China Hush: November 2009) The winner of W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography

Lu, Guang : Infernal Landscapes (NYT Lens: October 2009)

LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism 2010: lectures from Suau, Kashi, Drake, Burnett etc (Lumix FYP: July 2010)

Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism lectures : Antonin Kratochvil, Steve McCurry, Vanessa Winship, Thomas Dworzak etc.


Magnum – Interview with new nominees Sanguinetti, Aue Sobol, and Sobotzky (Magnum blog: Sep. 7, 2007)

Mahoney, Charlie (BJP: August 2010)

Mahoney, Charlie (Qufoto 2009)

Maitre, Pascal (Visa Pour L’Image: 2008)

Majali, Laith Part 1Part 2 (Leica blog: June: 2010)

Mann, Sally (Guardian: May 2010) slideshow

Mann, Sally (Charlie Rose Show: 2003)

Marinovich, Greg (CPN: July 2010)

Martin , Claire (BJP: July 2010) “Documentary work is difficult to publish,” says Claire Martin

Masturzo. Pietro (World Press Photo: May 2010)

Masturzo.Pietro (Rearviewmirror: March 2010) World Press Photo winner

Mathews, Chloe Dewe (Contact editions on Vimeo: March 2010)

Mayes, Stephen – VII Photo and Canon: Finding new ways of reaching new audiences  (BJP: October 2010)

Mayes, Stephen – VII (The Photoletariat: September 2010)

Mayes, Stephen (Bulb by Gerald Holubowitz: July 2010)

Mayes, Stephen (VII) : Inventing Twenty-First Century Photojournalism (PDN: August 2009)

Mayes, Stephen Keynote Lecture at World Press Photo Awards 2009 (49 minutes)(Lens Culture: May 2009)

Mark, Mary Ellen (The Oregonian: August 2010)

Mark, Mary Ellen (Mamiya blog: April 2010)

Mark, Mary Ellen (LA Weekly: February 18, 2009)

Maxon, Justin (NYT Lens: October 2010)

McCullin, Don (Telegraph: October 2010)

McCullin, Don on photojournalism (BJP: July 2010) Legendary photojournalist Don McCullin is one of the patrons of the Ian Parry Scholarship, so BJP caught up with him at the recent judging

McCullin, Don (Guardian: March 2010)

McCullin, Don (Youtube: 2010)

McCullin, Don (YouTube)

McCullin, Don : ‘Shaped by War’ (audio slideshow) (BBC: February 201o)

McCullin, Don on BBC Radio 3 (text transcript and a link to audio) (BBC3 Radio: June 2008)

McCurry, Steve (Phaidon: 2010) The legendary photo-journalist and Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry spoke to Phaidon.com about the stories behind some of his iconic photographs taken from around the world.

McCurry, Steve (Youtube: 2010)

McCurry, Steve (CNN: September 2010)

McCurry, Steve talks about the background to a few of his well known shots (BBC: July 2010)

McCurry. Steve (Telegraph: June 2010)

McCurry, Steve : Lecture at Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism 2008 (Hannover, Germany, June 2008)

McCurry, Steve – Interview with Photo District News (PDN: Jan. 23, 2008)

McGinley, Ryan (Dossier: March 2010)

McNally, Michele – Assistant Managing Editor for Photography, New York Times (NYT: June 21, 2006)

Meiselas, Susan (Blurb blog: 2010)

Meiselas, Susan : Expanding the Circle: The Engaged Photographer (multimedia 6 minutes) (Open Society Institute: January 2010)

Melcher, Paul (gholubowicz.com: 2010)

Meyerowitz, Joel (Telegraph: March 2010)

Mielnikiewicz, Justyna (NYT Lens Blog: September 2009)

Milach, Rafal (Modern Photo: 2009)

Mills. Doug (audio) (NYT Lens: February 2010)

Mills, Doug : NYT Lens Blog: On Assignment: Doug Mills (NYT: August 2009

Mills, Doug on 9/11 (audio) at The Digital Journalist

Moore, Andrew L : Detroit Disassembled (Western Reserve Public Media)


Moore, John (Getty Images podcast)

Morris, Errol :  Film Legend Errol Morris Salutes New Graduates At 2010 Commencement(Berkeley.edu: May 2010)

Morris, Chrostophe: Mr President (VII Magazine: October 2010)

Morris, Christopher (Zorye.si: March 2010)

Morris, Christopher and Haviv, Ron on conflict photography (at 7:22 minutes in) (tvslo.si: March 2010)

Morris, Christopher (DVA Foto: January 2010)

Morris, Christopher : TIME magazine’s Brooks Kraft and Christopher Morris discuss photographing President Bush (audio slideshow) (TIME: January 19, 2009)

Morris, Christopher – White House Photographer (TIME: Oct. 3, 2006)

Mosse, Richard (Milky Blacks blog: 2010)

Mosse, Richard (bldgblog: 2009)

Mosse, Richard (Whitehot Magazine: December 2009)

Motamedi, Roxanne from Getty Images (LA Times: 2010)

Movila, Cristian : NYT Lens – Showcase: Cristian Movila, a 26-year-old freelance photographer in Bucharest (NYT: September 2009)

Mullinger, James – Photo Editor, GQ Magazine (Professional Photographer: 2010)

Mthethwa, Zwelethu (larissaleclair.com: July 2010)


Nachtwey, James on the impact of images (PDN Pulse: October 2009)

Nachtwey, James : War Photographer (3:40) (YouTube) This is a clip from the documentary in which Nachtwey talks being a war photographer.

Nachtwey, James on 9/11 (text) at The Digital Journalist

Nachtwey, James on 9/11 (video) at The Digital Journalist

Nachtwey, James, TED Prize wish: Share a Vital Story with the World

Nachtwey, James in conversation with Elizabeth Farnsworth in Newshour with Jim Lehrer (PBS: May 16, 2008)


Nachtwey, James (video) (Epson America)

Nachtwey James in Charlie Rose : A panel discussion on photography and journalism in Iraq (Kate Brooks, Yuri Kozyrev, James Nachtwey, Robert Nickelsberg) (video) (Charlie Rose : May 26, 2003)

James Nachtwey on his book ‘Inferno’ (text) (Salon: April 10, 2000)

Nahr, Dominic : Working Abroad (NPPA Visual Student: January 2010)

Nahr, Dominic (Radio France International: September 2009)

Nahr, Dominic (1854 Blog: August 2009)

Nahr, Dominic : NYT Lens Blog: Showcase: Dominic Nahr (NYT: August 2009)

Najade, Freya (ePhotoreview Vimeo: June 2010)

National Media Museum Podcasts

Nelson, Zed (Professional Photographer: November 2010)

Nelson, Zed (Professional Photographer: August 2010)

Nelson, Zed : Host Podcast (Foto8: February 2010)

New Yorker : The staff photographers Martin Schoeller and Steve Pyke talk about how they got their start in photography, how they research their subjects, and how assignments for The New Yorker differ from work for other magazines (audio 11:54) (The New Yorker: Jan 12, 2009 issue)

NYT : Talk to the Newsroom: Assistant Managing Editor Michele McNally, who oversees photography for The New York Times, is answering questions from readers (NYT: June 2009)

New York Times : Photographers’ Journal : Joao Silva, Max Becherer, Franco Pagetti, Johan Spanner, and Ashley Gilbertson discuss working in Iraq (audio slideshow 7:15) (NYT: Jan 1, 2009)

Nga, Jehad (BJP: June 2010)

Nga,Jehad : In the Picture with Jehad Nga. Somalia Through the Lens (video 61 min)(Frontline Club events video: September 5, 2008) “Jehad Nga is one of the most talented emerging photographers on the international scene and for the last three years has worked intensely in and around Mogadishu. For one night only he will present a selection of images from his portfolio and talk about operating as a photographer in one of the world’s most dangerous environments”

Nga, Jehad on working in Iraq (CPJ.org)

Nga, Jehad on his career and work so far (Eyemazing: Issue 4/08) NB: not a direct link. Click his name on the list artists.

Nichola, Michael (National Geographic) on photographing Redwoods (CPN: September 2010)

Niederhausee, Matthew Matthew shoots his first video for the New York Times on a 5DmkII (DLSR News Shooter.com: 2010)

Norfolk, Simon (herefordphotofest.wordpress.com: November 2010)

NOOR (Kodak ProPass Magazine 2008)

NPPA Visual Student: Two of a Kind, Photographer Couples: Jenn Ackerman and Tim Gruber (NPPA Visual Student: February 2010)

NPR: LOOK3: Virginia Town celebrates the Photograph (text and video) (NPR.org: June 18, 2008) “The town hosted the second annualLook3: Festival of the Photograph — a three-day arts festival celebrating photography as a medium and the photographic community.The event drew internationally renowned photojournalists and art photographers to the historic town center for full days of lectures, exhibitions and outdoor projections. The festival was founded by Charlottesville residents Jessica Nagle and veteran photographer Nick Nichols, who also serves as editor-at-large at National Geographic magazine. Nichols had hosted backyard slideshows for his peers for years, and says he was inspired by the success of those evenings to bring photography to a wider audience.”

Nuri, Auyb : Fixing Iraq (video) (NYT Magazine 2007)

NYPH: NYPH’09 Interviews w/Curators & Founders (New York Photo Festival: March 2009)


O’Neill, Claire : NPR Picture Show (NYPH blog: April 2010)

OPEN-i Angkor festival Webinar (Vimeo: November 2010)

OPEN-i Webinar: Photographing the Personal (Vimeo) “This session featured work by photographers that have stayed close to home by documenting their own families, each using their cameras as tools to help them document and understand grief and illness, and their work is as much about them as about their family. The photographers reflect on their experiences, and reflect on trying to be a photographer as well as a sister or brother, daughter or son. Photographers:  Leonie PurchasPhilip Toledano Sohrab HuraBriony Campbell

O’Reilly, Finbarr (BJP: July 2010)

O’Reilly, Finbarr : Congo on the Wire (Cbc.ca: May 2010) Audio slideshow narrated by O’Reilly  on his Congo exhibition in Toronto

O’Reilly, Finbarr on his Congo exhibition, currently up in France (Reuters blog: October 2009)

O’Reilly, Finbarr talks about his work (video) (Ryerson University, 2006)

Orlinsky, Katie (NYT Lens Blog: July 2009)

Ou, Ed :  A Dozen Promising Photographers : The World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass (NYT Lens: November 2010)

Ou, Ed (NYPH: March 2010)


Pannack, Laura (Telegraph: August 2010)

Pannack, Laura (Wired Raw File blog: August 2010)

Pannack, Laura (NYPH: March 2010)

Pannack, Laura (Contact Editions: March 2010)

Panos Profile voices (Panos Pictures: July 2010) we asked our photographers to pick out one picture and say what it means to them

Panos photographers Stephan Van Fleteren, Alfredo Caliz, Liz Lock and Mishka Henner discuss their work.  (Telegraph: June 2010)

Papageorge, Tod (Foto8: November 2009)

Pappis, Jean Pierre : Polaris Images (gholubowicz.com: 2010)

Parke, Trent talks about his The Christmas Tree Bucket exhibition (video 6:14)(Vimeo: December 2008)


Parke, Trent (Enter: June 2005) More info on Trent.

Parr, Martin (Phaidon: November 2010)

Parr, Martin in conversation with Alec Soth (Daylight Multimedia Podcast: October 2010)

Parr, Martin : BPB New Documents (BJP: October 2010)

Parr, Martin : In Conversation: Martin Parr on curating the Brighton Photo Biennial 2010 (Jotta: September 2010)

Parr, Martin : Q&A: Martin Parr on Brighton Photo Biennial (BJP: September 2010)

Parr, Martin (Telegraph: September 2010)

Parr, Martin : My Media (Guardian: September 2010)

Parr, Martin (APS: September 2010)

Parr, Martin (BJP: November 2009)

Parr, Martin : Why Photojournalism Must ‘Get Modern’. (PDN: July 31, 2008)

Paskova, Yana (NYT Lens: August 2010)

Patterson, Adam (e-photoreview: June 2010)

Patterson, Adam (video) (Foto8 YouTube: September 2009)

Peck, Steve -Picture Editor, Wired Magazine (Professional Photographer: 2010)

Pellegrin, Paolo (Vogue Italy: July 2010)

Pellegrin, Paolo (Nowness.com: June 2010)

Pellegrin, Paolo (NYT Lens: March 2010)

Pellegrin, Paolo – Witness to History (The Independent: Feb. 16, 2008)

Pellegrin, Paolo – The Photohumanist  (text) (PDN 2006)

Pensinger, Doug : “We want to capture every moment of the game” (BJP: July 2010) “Doug Pensinger is one of the 39 photographers Getty Images sent to South Africa to cover the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Ahead of the Spain-Holland final, he answered our questions about being on the side of the pitch for the world’s most watched sporting event”

Perawongmetha, Athit (Visa Pour L’Image: 2010) Getty Images

Petersen, Anders (Vice: July 2010)

Petersen, Anders and JH Engstrom (BJP: November 2009)

Petterson, Per-Anders – Inside the Heart of Darkness (CPN: Behind the Lens)

Phelps, Andrew (e-photoreview: September 2010)

Plachy, Sylvia – excerpts from a speech (audio) (Lens Culture 2005)

Platon (YouTube)

Platon, Martin Schoeller & Jill Greenburg on rules of journalistic portrait photography (NPR: May 2010)

Platon : Eddie Adams Workshop 2008 (Vincent Laforet Blog: November 26, 2008)

Platon : Home and Away (audio 9:48)) (New Yorker: September 28, 2008) “In this week’s issue, the photographer Platon has a portfolio of photographs of members of the military and their families. Here Platon discusses his subjects and his pictures.”

Platt, Spencer (Getty Images podcast)

Photographers in Conflict

Pomerantz, James (At Lenght blog: February 2010)

Pomerantz, James (A Photography Blog: August 2009)

Popa, Dana (Little Brown Mushroom: July 2010)

Popa, Dana (Hotshoe blog: March 2010)

Power, Mark (BJP: September 2010)

Power, Mark  and Cockrill, Daniel : Host Gallery (Foto8: February 2010)

Prickett, Ivor (BBC: November 2010)

Prickett, Ivor (Conscientious Extended: November 2010)

Prickett, Ivor (BJP: September 2010)

Prickett, Ivor (Contact Editions Vimeo: 2009)

Pritchard, Lisa : Ask an Agent: What work wins commissions? (BJP: November 2010)

Pritchard, Lisa : Ask an Agent: Going professional? (BJP: August 2010)

Pritchard. Lisa : The benefits of a printed portfolio (BJP: June 2010)

Pritchard, Lisa : Ask an Agent (BJP 1854: May 2010)

Pritchard, Lisa : Ask an Agent: Model release forms (BJP 1854 blog: March 2010)

Pritchard, Lisa: How to make the jump into commercial photography? (BJP: March 2010)

Pritchard, Lisa (BJP: February 2010)

Professional Photographer: 25 Bad Boys of Photography (PP: August 2010) Professional Photographer editor Grant Scott and deputy editor Eleanor O’Kane are joined by photographer Peter Dench in a discussion of the list of ‘ The 25 Bad Boys of Photography’ in the August issue of the magazine. The debate centres on the diverse lives of the photographers who made the final list, including Guy Bourdin, David Bailey, Helmut Newton, David Hockney and Wolfgang Tillmans, whose acceptance of the Turner Prize in 2000 was widely criticised.


Rai, Raghu (Guardian: January 2010) Photographer Raghu Rai has spent over four decades charting the changing faces of India, from Mrs Gandhi and Mother Teresa to the victims of Bhopal. As two exhibitions featuring his work open in London, he talks about his life behind the lens

Reed, Eli : discussion (video 12:33) (Vimeo 2010) A discussion with Eli Reed, Roxanne Evans, Adam Semien and Michael Hurd on what it means to be black in today’s America.

Reed. Lou : The photographer (The Independent: November 2009)

Richards, Eugene (CPN: May 2010)

Richards, Eugene : World Press Photo – Sem Presser Lecture: Books by Eugene Richards (WPP: May 2010) On 1 May, during the Awards Days weekend celebration, US photographer Eugene Richards delivered the World Press Photo Sem Press Lecture to a full house at Felix Meritis. In the 75-minute lecture titled ‘Books’, Richards discussed his career in photography and the reason he publishes much of his work in books. He put an emphasis on two of his recent works The Blue Room and War is Personal. Read thebiography of Eugene Richards. View the photo gallery of War is Personal, which was awarded first prize in Contemporary Issues in the 2010 contest.

Richards, Eugene on War is Personal (BJP 1854 blog: September 2009)

Richards, Eugene (British Journal of Photography: November 2009)

Richards, Eugene : The Blue Room (Foto8: August 2009) “Eugene Richards was at HOST Gallery in London to present his new book The Blue Room. ‘The dream assignment’, as he called it, has produced photographs that speak of a time past, echoing the stories of those who once lived here. (Duration: 13mins)”

Richards. Eugene – The Compassionate Eye (4:13) (YouTube 2007)

Richards, Eugene on “War is Personal” (PDN: February 29,2008)

Richards, Eugene interviewed about his book the Fat Baby (audio : 48 minutes) (Connection.org: August 27, 2004) The page has the the link to the audio.

Ristelhgueber, Sophie (Foto8: March 2010)

Rivkin, Amanda (Fortnighthjournal.com: October 2010)

Rivkin, Amanda (NYT Lens: August 2010)

Rivkin, Amanda (National Geographic Radio: April 2010) Photographer and National Geographic Young Explorer Grantee Amanda Rivkin recently returned from Cuba. Rivkin joins Boyd to talk about her work documenting everyday life in Cuba. | Amanda’s Cuba photos in Foreign Policy

Roberts, Ben (Contact Editions Vimeo: 2009)

Roberts, Simon video | short Q&A (Troika Editions: November 2010)

Roberts, Simon (Croydon Guardian: November 2010)

Roberts, Simon (YouTube: 2010)

Roberts, Simon : Photography as Visual Anthropology in Russia and England (multimedia 9 minutes) (Lens Culture: January 2010)

Roberts, Simon (Telegraph: January 2010)

Roberts, Simon (Online Photographer: November 2009)

Roberts, Simon (Foto8: September 2009)

Roberts, Simon – Interview in Daily Telegraph (DT: Feb. 24, 2007)

Roberts, Simon– Interview in Lens Culture (audio) (Lens Culture)

Rodriguez, Joseph : Social Worker with a Camera (NYT Lens: October 2009)

Rosenfield, Lance (ProPublica: July 2010)

Rosing, Norbert (YouTube)

Ruff, Thomas : Video of Thomas Ruff Speaking at Aperture NY (A Photo Student : February 2010)


Ryan, Kathy in the Charlie Rose show (video) (Charlie Rose: June 7, 1996)


Salgado, Sebastiao : The Eye of The Photojournalist (NYT Mag: 1991)

Salgado, Sebastiao (YouTube)

Salgado, Sebastiao : The Photographer as Activist (video) (YouTube: 2004) A conversation with Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism adjunct professor Ken Light and Photo Critic and Curator Fred Ritchin.

Salgado’s best shot (Guardian: May 28, 2009)

Saman, Moises (CJR: October 2010)

Sanguinetti, Alessandra (591Photography Blog: October 2009)

Sarfati, Lise (ASX)

Serpytyte, Indre (Conscientious: 2010)

Schapiro, Steve : on the set of Taxi Driver (Guardian: November 2010)

Shore, Stephen (BJP: November 2010)

Shore, Stephen (Artinfo.com: February 2010)

Siegal, Erin (jasminedefoore.com: July 2010)

Silberfaden, Nicholas (BJP: July 2010)

Silva, Joao : “Acting Despite Fear” (NYT Lens: October 2010) “

Simon, Taryn (1000words: May 2010)

Simon, Taryn (Ted Talks: 2009)

Sinclair, Stephanie (Planet Mag: March 2010)

Sinclair, Stephanie interviewed with Andrea Bruce Woodall by Terence Smith

Sinclair, Stephanie interviewed by PBS: POV

Smith, Patti (WNYC: January 2010) Poet and performer Patti Smith discusses her long friendship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpew, hich began with a chance meeting in Brooklyn in 1967. Her book Just Kids: From Brooklyn to the Chelsea Hotel, a Life of Art and Friendship. is an account life in New York in the late 1960s and 1970s, and a portrait of the passion to create that fueled the rise of two young artists.

Smith, Sean – Iraq in Focus (Frontline Club – Events video: Februayry 29, 2008) (might ask for a registration)

Smith, Toby (Telegraph: April 2010)

Smolan, Rick : Rick Smolan tells the story of a girl (Ted Talks: 2008) Photographer Rick Smolan tells the unforgettable story of a young Amerasian girl, a fateful photograph, and an adoption saga with a twist. | found via duckrabbit

Soames, Sally (sojournposse.com: July 2010)

Soth, Alec & Martin Parr in conversation (Daylight Multimedia Podcast: October 2010)

Soth, Alec : Q&A interview for Brighton Photography Biennial (Telegraph: September 2010) Alec Soth will be presenting work made in collaboration with his seven year old daughter for this year’s Brighton Photo Biennial.

Soth, Alec (Walker Art.org: August 2010)

Soth, Alec 1 | 2 (mnoriginal.com)

Soth, Alec (bigredandshiny.com: 2009)

Star Reese, Andrea (BJP: September 2010)

Steidl, Gerhard (Conscientious: November 2009)

Steinz, Bjoern (Olympus Magazine: 2010)

Smith, Toby (NYPH: March 2010)

Spencer, Ewen (Dazed Digital: March 2010)

Sprague, Jonathan (Redux Pictures: April 2010)

Spyra, Andy : Interview with Andy Spyra, Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award 2010 winner (Leica blog: May 2010)

Stevens, Bruno [part 2] (Leica blog: June 2010)

Stevens, Bruno (Leica blog: June 2010)

Stirton, Brent : Behind the Lens (CNP: July 2008)

Stirton, Brent (Getty Images podcast)

Stirton, Brent (BJP blog: September 7, 2008) “On the face of it, Brent Stirton’s portfolio is riven with contradictions. Having started out as a war photographer, he’s since shot Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s first child and more recently found fame with a set of images of African gorillas. But, says this year’s Visa d’Or Features winner, to him there’s no contrast. There’s just the 21st century world as the best way to get his message across in it. Diane Smyth found out more.”

Stock, Dennis : Woodstock Generation (text, audio, photo gallery) (NPR: 2009)

Strazzante, Scott interviewed by G.J. MacCarthy (Sport Shooter 2005)

Suau, Anthony : Special Profile of World Press Photo of the Year 2008 winner Anthony Suau(World Press Photo: September 2009)

Suau, Anthony : ‘Shooting A Foreclosure: A Photographer’s View’ (audio 4:53) (NPR: February 20, 2009) “An image of a police officer securing a vacated foreclosed home has won the World Press Photo of the Year award. Photographer Anthony Suau tells Alex Cohen why he framed the shot as he did and what he feels it symbolizes.”

Suau, Anthony : ’When I took this picture, I knew it was the one’ (BJP Online: February 13, 2009) “Twenty-two years after his first win, US photographer Anthony Suau has secured a second World Press Photo title for portraying the current economic crisis and its devastating effect on the city of Cleveland. Suau tells Olivier Laurent how he’s been following a story no one seemed interested in one year ago.”

Suau, Anthony : World Press Photo Winner Struggling To Find Work (PDN Online: February 13, 2009)

Subotzky, Mikhael (Conscientious blog: February 18, 2009) Interview by Jörg Colberg

Sullivan, Aidan (YouTube)


Takahashi, Kuni (Chicago Tribune: November 2010) ”10 Questions with Kuni Takahashi”, a Mumbai-based photojournalist, former Trib photog shares experience freelancing

Takkunen, Mikko (Assignment Chicago: August 2010) Tuesday Tips: 10 Questions With…Mikko Takkunen

Takkunen, Mikko (GuatePhoto: June 2010)

Takkunen, Mikko (Six Degrees: May 2010)

Tama, Mario : New Orleans’ Deep Roots Bolstered Katrina Recovery (PBS: August 2010)

Taylor-Lind, Anastasia (Digital Photo Pro: 2010)

Teh, Ian (Invisible Photographer: October 2010)

Thode, Scott : VII Magazine editor(The Photography Post: July 2010)

Toledano, Phillip talks about Days with my Father on CNN  (CNN: 2010) Project website

Toledano, Phillip (New Yorker Photo Booth: June 2010)


Tooth, Roger (Head of Photography, Guardian) talks about the World Press Photo 2008 exhibition (video 3:19) (Guardian: November 17, 2008)

Torgovnik, Jonathan on WNYC the Leonard Lopate Show (Exposures : an Aperture blog: March 3, 2009)

Towell, Larry : Transcript of Larry Towell Q&A on Twitter (Magnum blog: March 13, 2009)

Trotter, John (NYT Lens Blog: August 2009)

Tunbjörk, Tun – Beyond Backstage (Agence Vu)

Turpin, Nick (BJP: July 2010)

Turnley, Peter on Haiti 6 months after the earthquake (CNN: July 2010)


Usborne, Martin (BJP: October 2010)

UCD Clinton Institute of American Studies: Photo Editors Roger Tooth, Monica Allende, Ray Wells interviewed (UCD Institute)


Ya, Marcus (NYT Lens: November 2010)


van Agtmael, Peter (NYT Lens: October 2010)

van Agtmael, Peter (YouTube: March 2010)

Van Agtmael, Peter (NYT Lens: November 2009)

Van Agtmael, Peter interviewed by JM Colberg

Van Agtmael, Peter : new Magnum nominee (Magnum Blog: July 6, 2008)

Van Agtmael, Peter : Photographer’s Notebook (ABC News: October 3, 2007)

Van Agtmael, Peter(Smithsonian.com: October 2006)

van Houtryve, Tomas : Maostalgia (Photographer’s blog: May 2010) Radio Interview about The Great Leap Backwards on CBC’s Dispatches : “An interview about my photography of Red Tourism in China was recently broadcast on Canadian Radio as part of the CBC foreign affairs program, Dispatches.” The Maostalgia photos on Foreign Policy website. | via van Houtryve’s Twitter

Vernaschi, Marco : Guinea Bissau (Pbs.org: 2009)

Vernaschi, Marco (Vigilante Journalist: April 2010)

Visura Magazine: In Conversation series (Visura Magazine: August 2010) a collection of photographer interviews

Voulgaropoulos, George (abc.net.au: April 2010)


Wasif, Munem (BJP: September 2010)

Wasif,Munem (Lens Culture: July 2009) Includes a slideshow

Wasif, Munem talked with BJP at Perpignan (BJP/1854 blog: September 2008)

Webb, Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb (liveBooks Resolve blog: November 2009)

Webb, Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb :  when to start and when to end a project (Two Looks blog: 2010)

Webb, Alex : A Conversation with Alex Webb about InSight America (text) (Magnum Blog: October 27, 2008)

Weber, Donald (e-Photoreview: November 2010)

Weber, Donald (Colinpantall.com: 2010)

Weber, Donald (video c. 30 minutes in three parts) (YouTube) “Donald Weber, documentary photographer with VII Network talks about his work, inspiration and life as a documentary photographer in Russia.”

Wheatley, Simon (CafeBabel.co.uk: 2007)

Williamson, Michael on 9/11 (video) at The Digital Journalist

Winogrand, Garry (ASX)

Winogrand, Garry : Visions and Images (30:16) (YouTube) “Interviewer: Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel. Part of the Diamonstein-Spielvogel Video Archive in the Duke University Libraries”

Winship.Vanessa (Conscientious blog: September 2009)

Winship, Vanessa: Lecture at Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism 2008 (Hannover, Germany, June 2008)

Winter, Damon (NYT Lens: June 2010)

Winter, Damon (NYT Lens: February 2010)

Winter, Damon (Too Much Chocolate blog: November 2009)

Winter, Damon :  On Covering Obama (PDN: December 3, 2008)

Woods, Paolo (e-photoreview: October 2010)

World Press Photo 2010 – First Week of Judging (WPP: February 2010) audio slideshow,jury chair Ayperi Karabuda Ecer reflects on the progress

World Press Photo : The Award Interviews : The Story Behind the Photographs

World Press Photo : Sem Press lecture 2009 by Nan Goldin (May 2009) “On 2 May, the first of the 2009 Awards Days, Nan Goldin delivered the World Press Photo Sem Presser Lecture. Art and documentary photographer Goldin, who became known for her participatory work on subcultures and gender, broke new ground in photography and inspired a generation of artists. She illustrated the lecture with slides from various phases of her career. Listen to what she had to say in our recording of the lecture, which took its title, Chasing a Ghost, from one of her exhibitions. “

Wylie, Donovan (BJP: July 2010)

WTJ: Dinner for Five Photographers : Episodes 12 /3 (WTJ blog: February 2010)


Zalmai (BJP 1854 Blog: September 2009)

Zizola, Francesco (la7.it: 2010) NB in Italian, unfortunately, for us non-Italian speakers

Zoriah (PetaPixel: June 2010)

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