Tutorials and Tips

10 Tips for Photo Workshop Students (Foundry Photojournalism Workshop blog: June 2010)

10 Things All Staff Photographers Must Do Right Now (PhotoShelter: January 2010)

26 Important photo essays (A Photo Student blog: November 2009)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Learning Center

Adobe Lightroom 3 (Beta 2) Video: Ice-Climbing Shoot with Adventure Photographer Tyler Stableford (PDN Gear Guide: May 2010)

Adobe : Photoshop Lightroom Tutorials (Photoshop Lightroom Design Center)

Advice about researching complicated photo essays from Pulitzer grant winner Sean Gallagher.

A lightmeter application for the iPhone 3GS (Figital Revolution: March 2010)

Anderson, Jon : Grant Writing 101 (Lightstalkers)

A Photo Editor: My Guide to Photography Contests (APE: July 2010) “If you had to recommend three contests a year to submit to, which would they be?” APE: “PDN, CA and the American Photography book.”

A Photo Editor: Showing Wedding Photography With Editorial And Commercial Work (APE: June 2010)

Apple : Seminars and Events (registration)

Apple : Video Tutorial: Producing in Final Cut Pro by Brian Storm at Apple website (r)

Apple : The Podcast Recipe: Producing a Successful Show (r)

Apple : Overview and New Features of Aperture 1.5 (r)

Apple : Aperture for iPhoto Users (r)

Apple : Extending Aperture 1.5 (r)

Benson, Harry : How to take Better Low-Light Photos (NYT Gadgetwise blog: February 2010)

Bey, Dawoud : Advice to a Young Artist (Dawoud Bey blog: December 20, 2008)

BJP: Protect & survive (BJP: July 2010)

BJP: Continuous lighting for HD-DSLRs (BJP: July 2010)

Bloom, Philip: How to record sound with the Canon 5dmk2 and a great plug in for Final Cut for auto synching (Philip Bloom: 2009)

Brent Lewin’s 3D Imagery (Applied Arts Wire: 2010)

Canon Digital Learning Center : VII Members trying out S90, G11, and 7D (Canon: May 2010)

Committee to Protect Journalists: On Assignment: Covering Conflicts Safely : Guide for reporting in hazardous situation (CPJ.org)

Degner, David: 13 Photography Portfolio Website Options (Incendiary Image: May 2010)

Dennis, Danfung: How I have covered the war in Afghanistan with 5d mk II (DSLR News Shooter: 2009)

Emphas.is : funding

Foto8 : A Guide to Pricing Your Photographs (pdf) –  Originally meant for participating photographers  in the Foto8 Summershow 2008, but I think the guide can be useful for any photographer not used to selling their prints.

Foto8 : Portfolio reviews. Foto8 is going to run monthly portfolio reviews with various industry people. Ten people at a time. 15 minute sessions. Cost: £30. Check their website for more details.

Four Free online slideshow creators (10,000 Words blog: February 3. 2009)

Free downloadable document on proposing exhibitions on Sophie Wright’s website’s How To page (Sophie Wright)

Freelance Advice (NPPA Visual Student: January 2010)

Freelance Journalism : A Survival Guide (Owni.fr)

Gallagher, Sean: Where is the Best Place in Beijing to Buy Photo Equipment? (Gallagher blog: March 2010)

Getty Images : Copyright and Content Licensing

Grantseeking advice (Foundation Center)

Hostile environment training : AKE (UK) :  Centurion (US) : Lightstalkers thread on the subject : Rory Peck Training Fund “This fund exists for the sole purpose of providing bursaries to enable freelance media workers worldwide to take safety training courses.”

How to make a pinhole camera (Kodak)

How to DIY Sound Blimp (picturedujour.com)DIY Sound Blimp (prophotocoalition.com)

How to Color Correct Footage From Your Canon 5Dor 7D With After Effects (video 19:09)(Grayscalegorilla: November 2009)

How to get meetings with magazines (Too Much Chocolate blog: October 2009)

How to photograph cycling (Guardian: 2009)

Kamber, Michael Advice for Young Photographers

Kamber, Michael : Michael Kamber’s Leica M8 Field Test , Iraq.

Ken Stone : Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro

Knight Digita Media Center Tutorials : Berkeley University (US)

Kodak : Baggage X-ray Scanning Effects on Film

Koren, Ziv: Road Test : Canon 5D mkII (CPN: December 2008)

Kramer, Stella : A Reviewers Eye View (WTJ Blog: December 2008) “Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor Stella Kramer has worked with such top publications as The New York Times, Newsweek and People magazine. Through lecturers and seminars about the world of editorial photography; group and individual portfolio and website reviews; Ms. Kramer has shared her expertise with audiences around the country.”

Lightstalkers: Digital portfolios and editors (LS thread: 2010)

Lightstalkers: Advice for first-time embeds to Afghanistan (LS: May 2010)

Lisa Pritchard : Ask an Agent (BJP 1854: May 2010)

Mac Software Recommendations for Invoicing and client tracking (Lightstalkers: 2009)

Magnum : Alec Soth: ‘Wear Good Shoes: Advice to Young Photographers’ (Magnum blog: November 15, 2008) Download and print the full article as a PDF.

Mahoney, Charlie: Canon 5D mkII Iso Settings and Noise (dokumentary fotografr: February 2010)

McNally, Michele: Advice for a Young Photojournalist (DVAFOTO blog: June 2009)

MediaPhone Book : “You’ve discovered the best place on the web for photographers to exchange information about media companies. The primary use for this wiki is for Media Companies to tell photographers the best way to contact them and for photographers to exchange contact information”

MediaStorm: MediaStorm’s Guide To iPad Compression for the Web (MediaStorm blog: May 2010)

MediaStorm : Gathering Audio : Multimedia Tools : Producing in Final Cut Pro

MFA Application Portfolio Editing (A Photo Student blog: December 2009)

Milnor, Daniel: The Portfolio Review (Smogranch blog: November 2009)

Morris, Christopher et al : Experimenting with the 5d mkII (Lightstalkers thread: December 2009)

Movies About Photography (APS blog: November 2009)

New Media Photographer : Understanding new media, social media and the business of photography (pdf)

NPPA : Independent Photographer’s Toolkit

NUJ Rate for the Job (UK) : “These rates have been reported by members of the National Union of Journalists and others, and printed in the Freelance, newsletter of London Freelance Branch.”

Photo Assistant List

Photo.net: Self-Promotion and Marketing (Photo.net)

Photo.net : Point and Shoots : Yashica T4, Contax T2, and Nikon 35Ti

PhotoShelter: 15 Digital Point and Shoot Cameras Used by Pros (PhotoShelter: July 2010)

PhotoShelter: The Top 11 Things Photographers Wish They Learned in Photo School(PhotoShelter: June 2010)

PhotoShelter: Steal These Marketing Ideas (PhotoShelter: June 2010)

PhotoShelter: 10 Ways a Photographer Can Improve Business By Trusting Their Clients(PhotoShelter: May 2010)

PhotoShelter: 10 Ways to Make A Photo Editor Fall In Love With You (PhotoShelter: May 2010)

PhotoShelter: 13 Ways to Piss Off A Photo Editor (PhotoShelter: May 2010)

PhotoShelter:  Photography Blog Handbook (PhotoShelter: April 2010)

PhotoShelter: The Mix – The Marketing Formula of Successful Photographers (PhotoShelter: April 2010)

PhotoShelter: The 7 Common Tax Mistakes Made By Photographers (PhotoShelter: March 2010)

Photoshelter: 8 Ways To Get More Work From Existing Clients (Photoshelter blog: February 2010)

Photoshelter:  Social Media Guide for Photographers (PhotoShelter 2010)

Photoshelter: How to Store Your Digital Photos (Photoshelter blog: June 2009)

Photoshelter: Digital Asset Management for Pro Photographers (Photoshelter blog: June 2009)

Photoshelter : Free SEO toolkit

Photoshelter : 10 Things You Should Know About Stock Photography (Photoshelter Blog: July 3, 2008) What is Stock Photography (Photoshelter blog: June 12, 2008) : School of Stock

Pritchard. Lisa : The benefits of a printed portfolio (BJP: June 2010)

Required Reading (A Photo Student blog: August 2009)

Slaby, Matt: Making a Story Pitch (Luceo: October 2010)

Smeets, Alice: Advice for  Other Young Photographers (Alice Smeets blog: April 10, 2009)

Stock Photo Rights : Helpful information about copyright and licensing stock imagery (Stockphotorights.com)

Strobist: Travel, Light (Strobist: February 2010)

Think Tank Photo: Multimedia DSLR Buyers Guide (Think Tank Photo: 2010)

Times: Ten tips for budding photojournalists (Times: July 2010)

Tooth, Roger: How to get your pictures printed in the Guardian – Interview with Demotix(Youtube)

Turner, Neil: Image manipulation – a five step scale of what is, and what is not acceptable. (EPUK: 2010)

UK Newspaper email addresses (Editorial Photographers UK)

Van Houtryve. Tomas: Testing Leica M9 in Paris (Photographer’s blog: January 2010)

Vitale, Ami  is using PhotoShelter (PhotoShelter blog: March 2010)

Vitale, Ami: Tools for the Freelancer (amivitale.com: March 2010)

Working with NGOs by Erica McDonald (Lightstalkers: February 3, 2009)

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