‘Angola’: ”A spoof movie trailer dedicated to the ubiquitous photographic cliché of placing a subject’s face at the bottom of the frame and showing only the eyes. (YouTube video)

Bang Bang Club Teaser trailer (YouTube: 2010)

The Bang Bang Club (23:10) (YouTube)

Bendiksen, Jonas discusses his project The Places We Live (2:58) (YouTube)

Blood Trail : Robert King, a 24-year art graduate aims to become the youngest ever Pulitzer Prize winner. Blood Trail follows Robert over 15 years through Bosnia, Chechnya and Iraq.”

Cooper, Robbie: Watching People Watch Porn (18 minutes) (1854 blog: November 2009) “Last year, photographer Robbie Cooper made waves by filming and photographing kids playing video games, catching moments of joy, exhilaration and despair. Now, he’s capturing similar sentiments from men and women watching porn. The project, commissioned by Wallpaper*, ‘throws up any number of questions about voyeurism and exhibitionism and makes clear the incredible nakedness of the solo sex act,’ says the magazine.”

Crowley, Stephen: White House Spray (1:05) (NYT: January 30, 2009) “At the White House today, news photographers streamed into the Oval Office for what’s known as a “pool spray,” a very brief photo opportunity. This one, in fact, lasted 30 seconds. “

Davidson, Bruce –  Bob Dylan: Beyond Here Lies Nothin (music video 4:00) : Made entirely of  Bruce Davidson’s photographs.

The Develop Photo Youtube Channel

Dimmock, Jessica: Paparazzi! (Vimeo: February 2010)

Eye of the Storm : The Eye of the Storm tells the story of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy through the eyes of five photojournalists, four of whom were in the room when he was shot.

Foto8 YouTube Channel

Frontline Club  – In the Pic with Balazs Gardi & Teru Kuwayama – Two Sides of the Story : From the Frontline Club(video 1h 16 mins) (Viddler: June 2009)

Gilbertson AshleyInterview on YouTube in six parts:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Greene, Stanley: Black Passport (YouTube) A trailer to promote Stanley Greene’s new photo book: Black Passport.

Haviv, Ron: Haiti (1854 blog: March 2010)

Herbaut, Guillaume: “LA ZONE: chronique en terre contaminée” (Institute: May 2010

In Harm’s Way (dev.tv: November 2010) “In Harm’s Way?” – a 47 minute documentary produced by dev.tv travels to Afghanistan, Colombia and DRC to examine today’s humanitarian aid and whether it is becoming a casualty of the current political and economic context.

Joey L: The Mentawai, Behind the Scenes Documentary (Vimeo: 2010)

Kashi, Ed: Three (VII: July 2010) An adaption from his book Three

Kashi, Ed: Curse of the Black Gold (VII: July 2010)

Kelly, GregBeyond Words : Photographers of War (CBC: 2006) NB: Not a direct link. Click: ‘Judge’s Choice’ on the bottom left-hand corner.

Lacar, Marvi: Escape intro clip (Benmarvi Vimeo: August 2010)

Ladefoged, Joachim : The Mirror (YouTube)

LeDuff, Charlie : ‘Pull My Donkey’ featuring Robert Frank

Leibovitz, Annie : Tina Fey by Annie Leibovitz : Behind the Scenes at the Vanity Fair Photo Shoot (0:44) (YouTube: December 2008)

McCullin, Don : 1989 film about London’s homeless (BBC: January 2010)

McHugh, John D: Combat Outpost :exclusive film from the Afghan frontline (11:03) (Guardian: February 16, 2009) ”As US and the UK forces struggle for a way forward in Afghanistan, John D McHugh’s unique film from one of the US military’s most dangerous outposts shows just how western forces are losing ground to the Taliban”

Moby – Wait For Me (video 4:22) (Official Video directed by Jessica Dimmock) (YouTube: February 2010)

Morris, Christopher: Obama’s War (3:41)  (Vimeo video: December 2009) Short film of stills from presidential address at West Point miltary academy

Morris, Christopher: Obama’s Burden (Dispatches: November 2009)

Morris, Christopher: The New Leader (Dispatches: November 2009)

Morris, Christopher : Last Days on the Trail: McCain (3:32) (TIME: November 2008)

Morris, Christopher: The Dear Leader (Dispatches 2008) Morris’ excellent short film about President Bush.

Nachtwey, James: XDR-TB (3:34) (YouTube)

Nachtwey, James: A message from James Nachtwey (1:16) (YouTube)

National Geographic: Who Murdered the Virunga Gorillas ? ( 7 minutes ) (NG: July 2008) “Photographer Brent Stirton and writer Mark Jenkins unravel the mystery at the root of the Virunga gorilla massacre.”

Parke, Trent talks about his The Christmas Tree Bucket exhibition (video 6:14)(Vimeo: December 2008)

Parr, Martin talks about Parrworld (Guardian: October 2009)

PDN Pulse: “Every Paper in the Country Is Waiting for Your Pictures” (PDN Pulse: February 25, 2009)

Rasmussen, Espen: The Hunt for Diamonds (YouTube)

Restrepo movie website and trailer | iPhone and mobile compatible trailer available here. : “In 2007 photographer Tim Hetherington and writer Sebastian Junger were commissioned by Vanity Fair to report on the US soldiers fighting in the Korengal valley in Afghanistan. The dispatches they sent back – in stills, words and film footage – were seen by millions both in the magazine and on the ABC nightly news in America. Hetherington’s image of a soldier in the forward operating base of “Restrepo” won him the 2008 World Press Photo of the Year and a short video installation Sleeping Soldiers was first shown to wide acclaim by Foto8 at the NY Photo festival 2009. Restrepo, a feature length documentary about the soldiers who were stationed at this isolated and continually attacked outpost, received its screen premiere at the Sundance film festival in Park City, Utah in January 2010 where it was awarded the top honour for Best US Documentary Film.” Text from Foto8

Charlie Rose Show A panel discussion on photography and journalism in Iraq (Kate Brooks, Yuri Kozyrev, James Nachtwey, Robert Nickelsberg) (video) (Charlie Rose : May 26, 2003)

Shooting Robert King

Somewhere to Disappear

Soth, Alec: Iowa Bird Story (NYT: April 2010) In the second part of the Continental Picture Show series, Alec Soth attempts to take a worthy photograph for a 114-year-old woman in Iowa.

Soth, Alec :  Inside Alec Soth’s studio ( 9:21) (WTJ blog: April 13, 2009)

Stiegemeier, Sean:  timelapse video of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano shot on the 5D Mark II using a motorized dolly.(PDN Pulse: May 2010)

Suau, Anthony  on the Fall of Berlin Wall (TIME: November 2009)

Suau, Anthony : Visual Nomad (Leica: May 2009)

Sugano, Dai: Left Behind (5:55) (San Jose Mercury News:  2008) Topic: Child poverty in Mumbai

The Life and Death of Kevin Carter (Vimeo)

Van Agtmael, Peter: Five Years in Iraq (Daylight Magazine: March 2008)

van der Elsken, Ed : Streetlife Amsterdam 1975 Photography (YouTube)

van Houtryve, Tomas: Twenty-First Century Communists (Vimeo by Panos Pictures: 2009)

Weber, Nathan: Haiti (Vimeo: March 2010)

Weegee The Famous (Sidetv.net Channel 7: March 2010)

Winogrand, Gary : Visions and Images (30:16) (YouTube) “Interviewer: Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel. Part of the Diamonstein-Spielvogel Video Archive in the Duke University Libraries”

WNYC Street Shots : Bruce Gilden (YouTube)

Zoriah : In Harm’s Way – War Photographers Zoriah and Alissa Everett (YouTube)

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